The Master Program Ch. 04


"Hey Steve, come in," came Sophie's voice. Stephen entered to find her kneeling in front of her mirror, touching up her eye make-up. She stood up as soon as he was inside and turned round to face her. Her dress was peach coloured and loose enough to slightly billow from the force of her turning round. Once the hem floated back down he noticed it just finished above her knees, and he could see the straps from her bra alongside the straps of her dress. His first reaction was to use the Master Program to get her to remove her underwear and put on something shorter but he decided against it; he was doing this to help her, to make her get over Robbie, not for his own pleasure.

"You look nice, I'm not sure I've seen that shirt before. So where are we going?"

"Oh yeah, thanks, I don't wear it often, you look really nice too! Anyway, there's this pub slash restaurant not too far from here, the Wrotham Arms, it supposedly does really good food."

"Yeah I might have heard of that actually, good choice," she replied as she slipped into a pair of sequined purple heels, "near Wrotham Road right? That's near enough for heels." She gave him a kiss on the cheek, causing him to blush brightly and Stephen begun his first real date.

During the walk to the pub the flatmates conversed about everyday life, like how revision was going and when Alice was coming back to their flat; apparently she had texted Sophie to say she wouldn't be back for the next two weeks. Stephen felt the strong contrast between this and his experiences with Imogen, who nearly exclusively spoke about sexual things with him. It felt both mundane and exciting at the same time; mundane because he thought about the wild group sex she was about to have whilst he was speculating when the writers of How I Met Your Mother would finally, finally reveal how Ted meets his kids' mother, but it was also exciting because it felt real; he was around an attractive girl who wanted to be with him for him, rather than his magic computer program. The pair had each ordered a drink and were deciding what to eat when Sophie brought up Robbie for the first time. She mentioned that Robbie would have loved the fried egg-topped burger but she caught herself and apologised. There was silence for a few seconds that threatened to become horribly awkward but Sophie spoke again.

"Well since I should probably avoid talking about my love life, let's deflect onto yours," announced Sophie, with a cheeky, and incredibly sexy in a cutesy sort of way, smile, "rumour has it, and by rumour I mean Brian, as in Julie's boyfriend Brian, told me you and Imogen had a... third."


"You, her and another girl... I didn't believe it at first, but I remember you saying you and her were kinda seeing other people as well as each other?"

"Oh... um... yes," said Stephen getting a little embarrassed, and somewhat unsure if he should talk about other women around his 'date'.

"Sorry," replied Sophie, with a mock embarrassed look, "Am I prying too much?"

"Well Imogen and I just found this girl when we were out the other night actually, remember, I asked you if you wanted to come?"

"Oh yeah... well I'm glad I didn't tag along and cramp your style... unless," Sophie gave him a look of scrutiny, "this isn't you trying to test the water is it?" She giggled, but seemed a little serious.

"Oh, no! Not at all."

"Just kidding, I'm just teasing you, Mr. Stud," said Sophie, stroking his arm when he gave her a worried look.

"I mean... would you ever want to have sex with a girl? Because, Imogen kinda said she finds you hot," Stephen said this, but his voice became to falter as Sophie's smile faded.

She laughed awkwardly, then replied, "Not really, well into girls, just yeah, that'd be weird. Sorry no."

"Joking!" said Stephen, half trying to convince himself.


The conversation went silent again and Sophie looked distinctly uncomfortable. They still hadn't ordered their food and Stephen noticed she was eyeing the direction of the door. Nervously, Stephen excused himself, claiming he needed the loo. Instead, he hid in the corridor that led to the toilets and took out his phone.

"Master Program, when I get back to the table rewind the conversation back to when Sophie called me 'Mr. Stud'."

Giving himself another few seconds to get over the awkward feeling in his stomach, Stephen returned, and again without fail, the Master program had granted his request. "Just kidding, I'm just teasing you, Mr. Stud," said Sophie, stroking his arm as she had before.

Stephen paused to think for a second, and seeing his power of unlimited chances felt a little daring, "Hmmm... sounds to me like you're the one trying to get in on the action," confidently speaking this time, followed by his own look of posed cheekiness.

This time she giggled, very genuinely, and replied, "I'll think about it. Anyway, who was the girl? Just a random? Did the two of them... you know?"

"Actually... they didn't let me join in for the first half of the night."

"Wow... I..."

Stephen gave her a second to continue but then coaxed her on when she stayed silent, "You what?"

"I kinda... and I want to make this clear, this is just a fantasy, I'm not asking to join in but I've always thought it was a fun idea."

"A threesome?"

"No, well maybe, I suppose, but I meant lesbian sex in general."

"Really?!" asked Stephen, who took a few seconds to close his mouth. He was about question her contrary statement from earlier but then remembered that from her perspective that part of the conversation had not happened.

"Yeah since I pried into your life, I can tell you a secret, but Stephen, if you tell anyone, I'll kill you!"

"You've had..."

"NO!" she interrupted and shook her head with a smile on her face, "Perv. I have... sometimes, watched porn of girls... with girls."


"No, we're not talking about that anymore," demanded Sophie, looking embarrassed but also pleased with herself. The two of them sat in silence for a few seconds, but this time the silence was comfortable, and after a short session of laughing between them, a waitress came to serve them.

For the next half hour the conversation returned to things of a less sexual nature. They had eaten most of their meals when Sophie brought up a friend of hers from her school, "Yeah, she got fake boobs last year."

"Oh, how come?"

"She said she always wanted really big boobs."

"Were they small before?"

"Maybe Bs? I mean a cup-size smaller than mine?"

Stephen looked at Sophie's breasts then realised what he was doing and jerked his head back to purposefully make eye-contact with her. She openly laughed and wiggled her chest.

"Um... so what are they now?" asked Stephen bashfully.

"Ds, I think, or double Ds. Pretty big."

Stephen nodded, unsure what to say, even with unlimited chances he knew talking about the sizes of breasts to a girl was dangerous. Sophie however, seemed like she wanted to pursue the subject, "What do you think? I mean, say a girl... of my size... getting a boob job?"

"Well, big breasts are great... and all... but it seems expensive and it's invasive and stuff, for boobs, and well, I mean yours are good already. I mean I assume they are. I mean that they are from the few times I've seen them. Unintentionally."

Sophie burst out in laughter, "Oh Steve, you're so cute, they're just breasts, you don't have to get in such a tizzy over them! Maybe I should let you touch them and then you'll stop getting in such a tongue twister over them."

"Touch? You mean your breasts?"

"You're too easy," she said, still laughing, "anyway, I'm just curious, as to what you think, because my mum has huge ones, so I assumed I would too, and these are kinda average, which I'm fine with now, but when I was younger I always thought about getting really big DDs or Es."

"Hey, as I said, you're hot the way you are, but I can never talk a woman out of bigger breasts." Stephen rolled his eyes at himself to make sure Sophie knew he was joking, but then redirected the subject to Alice's return in order to avoid situations that might make him too horny to hold polite conversation.

Their chatter returned to things of a non-sexual nature and remained that way for the next hour and a half, when they returned to their flat. Sophie put on a film for them to watch, which lasted until midnight, then announced her intention to go to sleep. They held hands whilst walking the bathroom door, which was between both of their bedrooms, then Sophie leaned in and kissed Stephen on the cheek.

"Night Steve. I enjoyed myself, but you know it has barely been two weeks since Robbie and I broke up. If this was a date, it was wonderful, but I'm not sure I'll fit in with your crazy life with Imogen."

"I..." he paused to think about what to say and just decided he would sleep on whatever decision he could make to win her round, especially if he was to use some newfound help to get there, "Goodnight."

Three days passed and Stephen had decided to leave things with Sophie as they were. The two of them had become a lot closer as friends, but without using the Master Program, he wasn't sure how he could get out of the friend zone. He felt himself succumbing to its temptations on Thursday afternoon, when his phone buzzed with a text message; it was from Imogen. He had seen her twice since his date with Sophie, both times making sure Sophie was out the house before Imogen visited; he still hadn't decided how he wanted to play the Sophie-Imogen dynamic. He had assumed it would be a 32nd name to add to the list, however, reading through the message it was a lot more exciting and it had given him the distraction from Sophie he was looking for.

"Stevie... i met this girl on my date with alex. her name is ru. alex and i were wanting to see if we can get her to join us. its been a week since she said hey and she kinda implied she was lesbian. so do you think i should text her. can you invite someone on a threeway date is that wierd???? xxx"

Stephen's jaw dropped. He wasn't sure why these things still shocked him but he was just glad he wasn't desensitised. He remembered seeing Ru whilst watching the video of Imogen's and Alex's date; she was the girl that approached the couple as they were leaving Zizzi. He pulled up her profile, Ruth Jones, on the Master Program to inspect her properly. He began thinking about how to modify her when his mind drifted onto Alex. He had spent some time designing her, yet he had only seen her once since then, the night they had sex, and even then that was before his modifications. He knew, of course, that he could engineer plenty of situations where the two (or three including Imogen) could be together, but it was undoubtedly the case that Alex was Imogen's girlfriend, not his. Sensing that Ruth would be the same, he decided against his process of bringing the girl to his flat and tampering with her in fine detail. Instead, a plan began to form in his head; Imogen was sort of his unwitting partner-in-crime. He couldn't tell her about the Master Program; well he could, but he didn't want to, but he could make this process more autonomous.

His first idea was to give Imogen the power to call the 'Ask-on-a-date' routine whenever she needed to. She wouldn't know she was doing it on a consciously level, but it would enhance her chances of getting Ruth to go on a three-way lesbian date. His next was a little more complex. One of the problems with bringing women to the flat for modification was the fact that Sophie was here, and within the next 10 days or so, Alice would be too. He needed a base of operations that was not here. Somewhere he could store a cache of tattoo ink, piercing jewellery, sex toys, skimpy outfits and basically anything else needed to undertake modifications. He asked the Master program to find him a place, giving it the criteria that it should be relatively nearby, unused and easily accessible. He knew it might be a big task, considering that in London space is at a premium, so to find somewhere convenient and empty might be almost impossible. However, the Master Program dutifully informed him that it would scan various databases for title deeds, rental agreements and building plans, to find potentially empty rooms or proprieties. Once it compiled a list of those it would then read the minds of those nearby to assess how frequently that place was visited. The program informed him that the process would take a few hours, so in the meanwhile he opened Excel and started to compile his own list of things he would need, so that he could work out the cost to him.

ItemCost (one)Cost (fifty)

Tattoo Ink£10£500

Body Jewellery£15£750

Toys (three each)£60£3000

Clothes (five each)£200£10000

Breast Implants??


Stephen looked at the cost of financing fifty slutty women. He knew he could easily save the money by planning for fewer women or by buying fewer clothes for them, but he didn't want this to be a half-job if he was going to turn it into an automatic process. His conversation with Sophie on Sunday had made him add breast implants to the list. With the power to make a woman's breasts any size of his choice, fake breasts seemed like a redundancy but there was something about them that seemed sexy in their own way. Large natural breasts were sexy too, but he had decided he wanted to get possession of some breast implants, maybe fifteen or twenty pairs, as well as the fifteen grand needed to buy the rest of the stuff. He didn't like the idea of stealing things, but he justified acquiring cosmetic surgery supplies away by telling himself that cosmetic surgery was both unnecessary and overpriced, so twenty pairs of implants going missing wouldn't be missed. He instructed the Master Program to search for ways to get access to the implants after it was done with the search for his new cache room.

Not knowing much about breast augmentation, Stephen opened his browser so that he could research the topic. Stephen felt a little more in the know about breast augmentation after an hour; he knew what he wanted to get now, but the Master Program had still not finished either of its tasks, so he didn't know where to get them just yet. Moving to his next goal he Googled for casinos and poker games nearby. He started scrolling through the results when an online betting website caught his eye.

"Master Program... do you think you could help me increase my chances of winning bets?"

"Whilst it is impossible to predict future events with 100% certainty, for certain types of events, like a sporting match, for example, I can evaluate the mindset, fitness and tactics of the players playing the game in question with greater insight and detail than available elsewhere. Consequently, this extra information can be used to do better than the odds presented by bookmakers. The use of well chosen 'accumulators', bets dependent on several results, can further increase odds. I can provide suggested bets that should pay out more frequently than chosen without my assistance."

"OK, well it's Thursday now, so tomorrow evening I can make a set of bets on the weekend's football matches, those should pay out by Monday morning, where I can go and scope out the site of my new cache and start buying items to fill it." Battling anticipation so strong that he actually programmed himself to stop thinking about it, Stephen pulled up his lecture notes and tried his best to focus on studying.

The first thing Stephen did upon awaking on Monday morning was log onto his betting accounts; he had registered and played on three separate websites, so he could check his results. Having gambled £1,200 of his poker winnings, he was nervous to see what he had won. He had made bets on fifteen accumulators, six of which had failed, one pretty badly, but the remaining nine had paid out a combined total of £8,650. He started up the Master Program and requested the results he had run on Thursday. His first bit of good news was that the program had found him a base relatively near to his flat. It was 20 minutes away at a brisk walk, located above a Chinese takeaway down a quiet side street. The Master Program informed him that it was a small studio flat that had failed a health & safety inspection due to bad electrics. The landlord had not had the finances to fix the place and he hadn't been able to sell it yet, so it had been left empty and would likely be that way until the landlord returned from Monaco, which would not be for at least six months. His next piece of good news was that a cosmetic surgery clinic near Baker Street held a large store of breast implants, and the Master Program had supplied him with a method to access the store to get what he needed. His final piece of good news had come from Imogen, she and Alex were going on a date with Ruth on Tuesday evening, which meant he could test out his new system this afternoon.

By 11am Stephen found himself outside Portland Place Cosmetic Medical Centre. The Master Program guided him to a delivery entrance just as the security guard on duty 'decided' to nip to the toilet. He crept down a couple of corridors, though his caution was unnecessary thanks to subconscious prompts from the Master Program alerting him if any when people were near, until he found Store Room G. At the back he found two whole shelves of breast implants; one for saline implants, the other for silicone ones. All the implants were kept in individual sterile packaging, with labels describing their size and shape. He knew that 800cc was the largest size of implant available, without requesting custom made ones, so he searched for these first. He could find twenty-five pairs at this size; twelve were silicone and thirteen were saline. All twelve of the silicone implants were 'high' or 'moderate' profile, which gave them a better cleavage and made them look more fake, at least that seemed the case from the pictures he found on Google Images, so he grabbed eight of them. Only seven of the saline implants were high profile, but he found five more in sizes 700-750cc; though they were smaller, saline implants could be overfilled to much larger sizes, in contrast to the statically sized silicone ones. He packed the twenty pairs of breast implants into his camping rucksack, along with syringes totalling 15000cc of saline solution to fill the saline implant shells. His exit was as smoothly executed as his entrance; next stop was a sex shop in Soho, followed by a wander down Oxford Street to buy some women's clothes.

Four hours, twenty sex toys and a bag full of skirts, tops and dresses later, Stephen was walking down Hadley Close until he found the door up to his soon-to-be cache. Using subconscious instructions from the Master Program, he broke into the flat with a lock-picking kit and retrieved the spare key from a nearly empty cutlery drawer. He dumped his bag on the floor and removed three battery powered lamps so that he could light the dingy room without having to rely on the 'unsafe' electrical system of the flat. His cache came with a dusty wardrobe in the corner, which had a small chest of drawers inside it, and a one-person dining table. He headed to a nearby Poundland where he bought a table cover, a hand-held vacuum cleaner, amongst some other cleaning products, and 20 clothes hangers before returning to his cache. He gave the room a superficial clean and then began to arrange all his purchases; tops and dresses were hung in the wardrobe, skirts and other bottoms into the top two drawers of the chest of drawers, breast implants went into the bottom drawer and toys, jewellery and ink went on the freshly dressed dining table. Happy with his cache, he was ready to leave. He locked the door, hid the key by placing it on top of the door frame; not very secure, but the Master Program was instructed not to let anyone try to enter the cache unless it was Stephen or a girl who was to be modified, and headed back to his flat, ready to test out his new automated system on Ruth.

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