The Master Program Ch. 04


"Master Program, I've been thinking about how to implement changes on an automated basis. To do this, I want to categorise the women I've modified into sluts," he thought out loud at the program, "now, thinking about that conversation Alex and Imogen had on their date, the one about masturbating; I've identified four ways I'd like to classify by; having casual sex, masturbating, having sex with another girl and participating in group sex. These could be ranked in order of how much more likely the given girl is to these things than the average girl."

"Categorising by these qualities is possible, but indexing these to the average female of the same age range may not be the most effective method possible. For example, subject Alexandra Leyland has a far greater predisposition to masturbating than subject Imogen Daniels, but when indexed against the average 18-25 year old female this would be categorised as the fourth trait on the list for both subjects."

"OK..." he replied, then thought for a few minutes before continuing, "OK, so we'll set all the traits to have a value between 0 and 1. Hmmm... let's start with lesbianism; index that where 1 means that if the subject is presented with a man and woman of an equal level of attractiveness one hundred times, they would choose to sleep with the woman one hundred times, 0 would mean they choose the man one hundred times. Index group sex in the same way, but the choice is between two equally attractive guys and a guy who is twice as attractive as the couple, where 1 is choosing the threesome and 0 is the one-on-one sex. Oh, I suppose to be fair, there should be.... choices between, guy versus two guys, girl versus two girls... guy versus a guy and a girl and girl versus a guy and a girl, then the results of these should be weighted depending on the lesbian index. We've got casual sex too; 1 is casual sex versus sex with a boyfriend. with a fuck buddy. Finally, masturbation... choice between masturbating and sex? No, that won't work. How many times they do it a day? No, that's gonna be way higher than 1. Suggestions?"

"If used as a proxy for pleasure by sexual climax versus pleasure by tactile interaction, masturbation can be an effective measure. The suggested method would be to take one hundred scenarios where the subject must choose between masturbation, knowing they have enough time to come to orgasm, or sex with a partner who is attractive to the subject, but unlikely to bring them to climax. 1 would be masturbation chosen every time, 0 would be chosen never."

"OK, do it. Then suggest to me how you can categorise women, starting with Imogen and Alex."

"Running scenarios," informed the Master Program, continuing several seconds later, "Complete. I suggest categorising women into two main groups; those with 0.5 or greater preference for casual sex over sex with a familiar partner as category 1, those with less than 0.5 as category 2. This leaves three further traits to order descending from the trait with the highest preference. There are six possible combinations, which can be labelled from A to F, as displayed on screen."

AGroup sex-Lesbian-Masturbation

BGroup sex-Masturbation-Lesbian

CMasturbation -Lesbian-Group sex

DMasturbation -Group sex-Lesbian

ELesbian-Group sex-Masturbation

FLesbian-Masturbation -Group sex

"Analysis of the traits that make up each combination and the resulting personalities; categories A, B and C most suit your preferences. Category D is very similar to category B, but will result in a less satisfactory outcome. Categories E and F are both similar to category C, but the outcome will result in a lower preference for the subject to engage in sexual relations with a male subject. Subject Imogen Daniels is categorised as 1A. Subject Alexandra Leyland is categorised as 1C."

"OK, so when designing someone, limit them to categories A, B or C. So, why is Imogen a 1A and Alex is a 1C?"

"Subject Imogen Daniels strongly desires new sexual experiences with the ultimate goal of finding new ways to achieve sexual gratification. As a result, she has a 0.98 preference for casual sex, 0.85 preference for group sex, 0.39 preference for lesbian sex and 0.28 preference for masturbation. Subject Alexandra Leyland's strongest desire is for her own sexual gratification; she has a 0.65 preference for casual sex, 0.82 preference for masturbation, 0.61 preference for lesbian sex and a 0.55 preference for group sex."

"If Imogen has a less than 50% preference for lesbian sex, why does she have a girlfriend? And if Alex wants pleasure so much, why does she want group sex less than lesbian sex, or is she just bisexual?"

"Subject Imogen Daniels has had a lot less experience with females than with males, so her strong desire for new experiences drives her relationship with subject Alexandra Leyland. Furthermore, Imogen's awareness of the enhanced desire males have for bisexual females makes the relationship even more desirable for her. Alexandra is aware that females are often more capable at pleasuring other females than males are, because females can imagine what they themselves find pleasurable and apply their experience during lesbian sex. Group sex can frequently be male centric, so Alexandra does not necessarily see it as a way to get the most pleasure, despite the greater variety of partners involved."

"OK, I get it, so a 1A likes being pleasured, but it's also very important who is giving the pleasure. A 1C loves being pleasured and isn't fussed who does it. Does that mean a 1B is more focussed on who they have sex with rather than always gaining their own pleasure?"


"So if each one had their ideal threesome, 1A would be a guy and girl, 1C would be two girls and 1B would be two guys?"


"Interesting so category 2, how does that work?"

"Some females find it easier to get pleasure with familiar partners, within the category, A, B and C remain largely the same. For example, a 2A would try to gain new experiences by having as many sexual partners of both genders as possible."

"OK makes sense, but let's give these categories names, hmmm..." pondered Stephen, "Category 1 can be called slutty, whilst category 2, they are the romantics," Stephen sniggered at this, knowing that any women of either category he designed would not be romantically inclined in anyway, "So sub-categories, let's call the As... sex addicts? But they're all sex addicts, so, what's the other word for it... hypersexuals. So Imogen is a slutty hypersexual; I like it. Bs, they're like ditzy sluts who want lots of pleasure... I think nympho sounds about right; Alex the slutty nympho. Finally, we have group C, let's call them whores. That feels right."

A drop down menu appeared at the top of the screen, with 'Slutty' and 'Romantic' as the two options. Stephen hovered over slutty, and it expanded rightwards to show 'Hypersexuals', 'Nymphos' and 'Whores'. Hovering over Hypersexuals caused that too to expand rightwards and show Imogen's name.

"OK, this is good, but the reason I wanted to make these categories, is to provide some variation to future women that are designed automatically by you. So, let's assign some attributes to the various categories. I want the hypersexuals to all be very exhibitionist and obsessed with looking sexy. Use Imogen as a template. They are the most likely to have all the piercings she has, but at the very least belly piercings and one nipple piercing, ring or bar. All hypersexuals should have a tramp stamp and at least one other tattoo, but no more than twenty tattoos. Leave them with no, or very little pubic hair. They are also the most likely to have fake breasts and if they do, give them really big ones. Finally, when they so wear clothes, red and blacks are their favourite, and they usually wear things with easy access for others. More importantly, it should be obvious that it's easy access to others."

"Next, use Alex as the template for the nymphos. Lots of masturbation; very, very indiscreet about it. Nymphos are very likely to have piercings, most of all clit hood and/or nipples, because they increase sensitivity in those areas. Give them very girly tattoos, at least three medium sized ones or bigger, but not likely to have more than six or seven tattoos in total. They like very figure-hugging pink clothing, again easy access, for masturbating easily, but not necessarily as obvious as the hypersexuals. Give them no preference for or against breast augmentation."

"Whores. I don't really have a template for them, so this one's gonna be a bit more vague, but you've gained my trust with your creative licence so far..." he paused and thought deeply about how he imagined a cock-crazed girl would look and act like, "Well, we'll go with preference for very tight clothing. It doesn't matter about easy access, because they want to attract guys and then have their pick of who they want; so no need to rush for things. Colours shouldn't be too outrageous, creams, pastels, blue maybe? They're very flirty and happy to show off that they have had lots of sexual experience. They can also be quite exhibitionist but again this is to show off, as opposed to the other two types, who are immodest because they don't feel it's inappropriate to be so open about sex. These women will have some body modification but this is, on average, less than the other two categories. For instance, it's unlikely that may have less than fake tan, dyed hair and just a couple of tattoos, but they probably won't have more than five or six medium tattoos and a couple of piercings, especially not if they have a fake breasts."

"I suppose the biggest difference between a romantic and a slut would be the number of sexual partners, but..." he paused to think about how he enjoyed feeling jealous when Imogen talked about her other fuck buddies, "make them very open about how many partners they have and who they are. Like their Facebook profile picture might be a picture of them with one guy, while their phone background might be with a different guy. And on their personal computer they might have obviously labelled sex tapes; for example, me_and_guy_a.avi next to one called threesome_with_guyb_and_guyc.avi. Oh... oh... and maybe, sometimes a tattoo of the name of a short term lover? Is that too tacky? I suppose no tackier than huge fake boobs and tramp stamp."

"In general, apply all the routines I've created but you can tweak them a little to suit the woman, and the category she has applied to her. You can choose the category but choose it so you have to perform the smallest number of changes on the subject. Breast size should not be less than DD but there is no maximum size; just make sure they don't get so big they hang down low onto the stomach and if they are fake that they don't have a completely inhuman shape. You can make facial changes to make them more attractive to me, but not so drastic that they aren't recognisable as themselves anymore. I'm forgetting something... ah, the 'interesting quirk' part of the slut routine. Ignore that bit unless I am specially choosing and altering this person."

"So I suppose... I'd like you to run this on fifty women over a period of few weeks; women Imogen or I would then meet at some point in the near future. However, let's test this out on Ruth first but pretend this is a completely automatic system. Go." A map came up on the screen showing Ruth in Clapham, in south London, after a couple of minutes she started moving slowly, towards Clapham Junction train station, where she stopped moving again. Stephen found something to watch on BBC iPlayer and began to tab between the map and the video he was streaming.

When she eventually arrived at the Hadley cache, Stephen activated Live Mode. She reached for the key above the door and entered his cache like she had been there a thousand times before. She walked into the middle of the room, dropped the bag she was carrying and began to undress. Once naked, her body began to change; she was a little skinny for his tastes at first, with small breasts, but she started to gain some weight so that she was still slim but not so slim that he could see her sternum. Her breasts followed, swelling to a D-cup according to the modification sliders. She walked over to the wardrobe and checked the bottom drawer of the chest inside. She ruffled around until she withdrew two saline shells and then returned to her standing position. He watched unsure what was going to happen, when he noticed a deep gouge forming on the outside of her right breast and he realised how the implant was going to be inserted.

"Ah! Turn live mode off until she's done with the implants!" he exclaimed and switched to iPlayer for the next couple of minutes. He tabbed back a few times, until Live Mode switched itself back on. He didn't immediately get to see her new breasts because she throwing away the saline syringes and packaging for the implants into a bin under the sink but when she finally did turn round he involuntarily let out a huge glob of drool. He looked at the breast slider to see it had split into two options; one for 'natural' which was set to D and the second was 'augmented' which was set to HH. Next to the augmented slider was an 'i' within a blue circle, hovering over it revealed the caption 'click for implant information'. He flowed the instruction which caused a pop-up box to appear, informing him that Ruth's breast implants were 800cc high profile saline implants that had been overfilled to 950cc. Staring at her disproportionately large breasts he saw holes form on either sides of her nipples, through the bottom of her belly button and in her clit hood. He watched the familiar process of putting on body jewellery; two silver bars in the nipples, a curved bar tipped with blue ball bearings into her belly piercing and a silver ring, also with a blue ball bearing, attached to her hood. Seconds after placing the ring, she drank from several ink bottles then walked back over to the wardrobe as fuzzy tattoos gained definition.

Stephen watched Ruth pack her own clothes into her bag, along with a couple of items from the wardrobe. From the table she fetched two rabbits and a slim vibrator, which also went into her bag, before she started to pull on a tight short-sleeved shirt. He ordered her to stop and stand upright so he could zoom in on her and inspect. She had a tramp stamp; it was smaller than either Imogen's or Alex's and was a delicate swirl design with several colours, focussed on the pinky-red end of the spectrum, her left shoulder had the outline of what was perhaps Tinkerbell the fair, a daisy chain crept from the outer edge of her vulva up towards her hip bone across the right side of her body and a little orange star rested on the inner edge of her right heel. Satisfied, he allowed her to continue getting dressed. The shirt was far too tight for her inflated chest, so she pulled the shirt tails up so they were right under her breasts and then tied them together. It barely covered her and when she reached down to step into her pair of pink denim short-shorts the inner edges of her areolas slipped out from the shirt; Ruth either didn't notice or she didn't care enough to fix it. Her shorts were tight too, which meant they sat comfortably on her hips without even needing to do up the button. Fly zipped over her completely smooth nether regions, she pulled the shorts up as high as they would go and slightly folded them over at the waist, leaving the very top and bottom of her buttocks just on show. She slung her bag onto her shoulder and left the cache, locking the door behind her. The test had worked; he was ready to start altering the very world around him.

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