tagMind ControlThe Master Program Ch. 06

The Master Program Ch. 06


The idea for this story comes from JR Parz and the Master PC stories. I write this inspired by his original work.

Chapter 6: Michael Mackenzies's Girlfriend

"OK, sweetie, don't forget to call us regularly."

"Yes, Mum."

"And that Sophie is a lovely girl. Though that dress she wore that last time she came round was a little short. I mean she has lovely legs to show off, so I suppose if I had legs like that..."

"Mum, stop fishing for compliments, you look fine," replied Stephen a little exasperated. He had found her self-deprecation a little annoying before, but after the Master Program had run health boosting routines on all his friends and family, his mum actually looked like a very good example of a slim and healthy middle-aged woman. Yes, she had a bit of a tummy and her hips were a little wide, but no more than you'd expect for a woman over the age of forty.

"OK, OK. Anyway, I just don't know if Sophie would like the unwanted attention, but I'm sure she's a sensible enough girl. Just don't let her get anymore tattoos; those bows on the back of her thighs might look a bit silly when she's older."

"OK, Mum, train on the platform," he said, giving his Mum a quick hug and made his way past the barriers.

He took a window seat and his mind began to recall the events of the summer. Sophie and Stephen alternated visiting each other's homes, but he had gone to her home a lot fewer times than she had been to his. The main reason had been that Stephen had felt guilty whenever Sophie's parents had brought up her tattoos or sense of dress, as if it was something she had been doing for years, but really it was his meddling. However, the insane sex was enough to counter-balance the guilt.

Imogen had reached her century in early August, as a threesome between herself and two guys, a milestone that she continued to talk about for several weeks after. She had even slept with a few other girls, mostly when out with Ruth. Most of her prolific sex life was now captured on video; he had now set up a server in his cache which served only to save recordings of his sluts' sexual experiences. He had had to restrict the recordings mostly to compilations of the best bits, especially since Imogen alone was averaging sex with over 5 partners a day whilst Alex and Ruth were now having three or foursomes, with each other and sometimes with Imogen, three or more times a week. Ruth had also found herself a girlfriend; Abelle Mortel, a French girl she and Alex had slept with that Stephen had found particularly hot, and as such decided to modify her; the only modification he had made during the summer. The result was a romantic nympho, like Sophie, who looked similar to Elle Macpherson, if Elle had been brunette with F-cup breasts.

Sophie hadn't yet slept with another guy, she had kissed around twenty women and even fingered one on a club dance floor, but tonight she was going to sleep with her first girl, Imogen. He had intended to do it earlier, but Imogen had slept her way into a 6-week internship up North, followed by a sex holiday in Malia with Ruth and Alex, so he left the planning of it until they were all back in London. It had become tricky to keep the list of Imogen's sexual exploits up to date, especially when she was in Malia, sleeping with several new guys a day, so he had programmed all his sluts to send an email to his new server, which would then automatically update their lists. This had the added benefit of giving him a surprise every time he looked at the tally.

Outside of sexual exploits, Stephen had noticed a lot of changes in the people closest to him. Like his mother, the rest of his family looked fitter and healthier than they had before; his Dad's neck pain was gone and his sister ran her 10K fifteen minutes quicker than she expected. Academics amongst his friends had also improved greatly; Sophie, Imogen and Stephen had all gained firsts on their exams, with Stephen pushing a 90% average. Alex had quit her job at the bar when she blew away her competition at an interview for a job working at the British Museum and Ruth was finishing up her dissertation in Media Studies, but her performance to date had impressed her supervisor so much that he had helped her secure a role in the production department of the BBC.

Stephen, Sophie and Alice had all chosen to stay living in their current flat; Sophie because of Stephen and Alice because she didn't need the stress of finding a new place to live on top of trying to figure out which relationship she wanted to continue. Imogen's flatmate Julie had decided to live with her boyfriend, so she was in the process of moving out. Imogen had taken the opportunity to have Alex move into her room, while Ruth and Abelle were going to take Julie's room. When Imogen announced the plan to move four of his sluts into one flat, he realised that deep down he was getting bored with Sophie. He was scared to admit it to himself, but he started to feel that as a slut, she was outshone by Imogen and as a friend she was not any more special than she had been before transformation. He had considered either reverting her back or turning her sluttier, but before resorting to that, he had wondered if he could spice up his relationship by turning his own flat into a sex pad.

He turned on his Macbook and brought up Alice Howard's avatar, and decided to solve her upcoming dilemma; she had two boyfriends, who for the first time were going to both be in London at the same time. Back in May, he had inquired to the Master Program if she was likely to break up with one of them before the summer was over and it informed him there were some circumstances where that would occur. He wrote a program that prevented her from being in any of those situations until she was back at university. Now that it was just a week away, he decided it was time to implement his plan.

He typed the commands into the program so that he didn't have to announce bizarre things to the carriage. He instructed the program to run Alice through the modification script, specifying that it should also make modifications to Mark and Zack, her boyfriends, so that they would both accept simultaneously being in a relationship with Alice but be completely faithful to her. She, however, should always be looking for more fuck buddies, calling and treating at least two of them at any one time like proper boyfriends. Her special characteristic was that she considered group sex and group relationships as her norm, with very little interest in one-on-one sex unless it led to more group sex, and she could only really imagine a future where she had at least two husbands. He committed the changes to happen tomorrow, when she was due to come back to London.

Stephen unlocked the door to his flat and was pleasantly surprised by what he was walking in on. Sophie, completely naked, was sitting by the kitchen table, furiously gyrating against the rabbit she was holding between her legs. Pleasured gasps were loudly being emitted both from her mouth and whatever she was watching on her laptop, which had drowned out the sound of his arrival. She opened her eyes to look at the screen but then caught sight of Stephen. She pulled out her toy and ran over to Stephen.

"Steve! You're here! Yay!" she exclaimed, wrapping her arms so tightly round him that he felt the wetness from her vibrator on the back of his neck. She kissed him and then released her grasp, so that she could brandish her rabbit at him, "Look, I'm using your birthday present to me, while wearing the bracelet you got me. I love them so much. I think I'm actually falling in love with this toy."

"That's good to hear, glad you like them."

"Love them," she corrected, giggling a little, "I've also finished watching all the porn you gave me."

"Wow, but your birthday was less than a month ago. Fifty hours in three and a half weeks, not bad."

"I had to masturbate a LOT to get through it all," she said, her smile extending as far across her face as it was possible, "but watching that many women fuck each other has made me so jealous; when is Imogen getting here?"

She ran over to the table, moved her laptop to one of the chairs and then hopped backwards onto the table-top. She beckoned him over; he obliged by pulling his hard-on out of his fly and then walked over to her so he could enter her. He started thrusting and then answered her question, "She's going to be here quite soon; she's got to get back to her flat in the evening and help Julie finish moving out."

Sophie wrapped her legs tightly and ignored his response for the next few minutes while she focused on climaxing. Panting, she gave a silly sad face and replied, "oh... so she's not staying for long? That's a shame. And how soon is soon?"

"Like ten minutes? I texted her just before I got on the tube."

Sophie's eyes unglazed as a look of surprise took over her face, "What?! I've got to get ready! You're going to like what I've got for this." She dashed off to her room and shut the door behind her. He had learned not to interrupt her dress up; just patiently wait and make his appreciation shown when she emerged. He wheeled his suitcase into his room and started unpacking his stuff with a lackadaisical attitude.

The flat door knocked and Stephen leisurely hung up the shirt he had just retrieved from his suitcase before making any sort of motion out of his room. He had barely made it a step into the communal room when Sophie charged out of hers. He had only seen her from behind but he could see she was wearing just a pair of black heels and some thigh high stockings that just obscured the bows tattooed on the back of her thighs. She opened the door pretending to be casual but her façade faltered when she kissed Imogen with more eagerness than she had shown Stephen. Imogen seemed as taken aback as Stephen had been but reciprocated the kiss once she caught herself.

Entering the room, Imogen smiled at Stephen, "Hey Stevie," then looked at Sophie, "nice chain by the way, I want one."

Stephen wondered what she was talking about when he caught sight of the silver chain that connected her nipple rings and suspended a little pink heart in the middle of her cleavage. Imogen removed her coat to reveal it was the only thing she was wearing, apart from a pair of red heels. Knowing she was here to introduce Sophie to the world of faux-bisexualism, Imogen wasted no time. She kissed Sophie while caressing her breasts, to which Sophie reacted by 'uhn'-ing and undulating her body. Sophie manoeuvred them towards her bedroom; Stephen followed them but he suspected they wouldn't have noticed his absence if he hadn't.

Their lesbian play began with Sophie giving head to Imogen after Sophie had announced her desperation to lick out a girl. Imogen suggested a sixty-nine pretty swiftly though, approaching the task like she was an enthusiastic mentor; at one point, when Stephen tried to enter Sophie, Imogen actually shooed him off, so he wouldn't 'distract her', offering her own tunnel 'as long as he didn't get in the way'. Moving on from the sixty-nine after an orgasm each, Stephen was side-lined again, this time so the girls could start tribbing. Imogen instructed Sophie to lie down and angle one of her legs into the air so that she could grind her pussy right up against Sophie. Stephen had seen Alex, Imogen, Ruth and Abelle indulge in this position many times, in many combinations, but today he enjoyed a fresh twist when Imogen grabbed Sophie's nipple chain as if she was riding a horse. As she and Sophie indulged in a near-mutual orgasm, Imogen ordered Stephen to look in her left coat pocket, where he found a strap-on. Sophie's thrill at the toy reminded him of his own excitement when he first saw Alex take Imogen from behind, with what was possibly the very same sex-aid.

Sophie proceeded to fuck Imogen in the missionary position, with their chests held closely together because Imogen was involuntarily tugging downwards on the nipple chain with both hands. Once she had come, she wrapped all her limbs round Sophie's back and used her own hips to orientate Sophie's upwards in what he knew to be an invitation to join. After both Sophie and Stephen came, Imogen announced her need to leave.

"That was good, you're a natural Sophie! Actually, I think Julie should be finished up really soon, I'm only going back to say bye really, so I was wondering... Alex is coming over with the last of her things so we could say bye to Julie, fuck for a bit, then have a good old lesbian threesome."

"Yippie!" exclaimed Sophie, "But if we brought Steve we could have a foursome?" Stephen liked this idea as he realised that he had never had more than two women at one time, despite having made five sex addicts for himself to play with.

"Sorry Stevie," apologised Imogen with a pretend frown, "no boys allowed in the flat until everyone's been there at least a week. A lesbian-only zone; it's the only way we'd ever leave the house; instead of just inviting guys round for group sex we'll have to go and find dick elsewhere."

"Oooo, that's a fun rule. Can I go Steve?" asked Sophie, without waiting for answer before walking towards the door with Imogen.

Also not waiting for his answer, Imogen spoke to Sophie, "We will be going to a guy's house after though; a fuck buddy of Alex and mine. You're more than welcome to join."

"Uh no! I can't cheat on Steve but thanks."

Stephen wasn't sure if he appreciated Sophie's gesture or found it very boring, so he just told her it was her decision and gave her a kiss when she declined again. Sophie grabbed her bag and came back to give Stephen a kiss while Imogen pulled on her coat. She excitedly dashed towards the door and grabbed the hand of Imogen, who was waiting in the hallway.


"Yes Steve," she replied, grinning impatiently.


Sophie looked at her naked body and giggled, "Whoops! I almost did this in his house once and just missed being caught by his Dad!" she told Imogen, whilst retrieving her coat with no sense of urgency despite being in a public corridor. She waved goodbye and shut the door, coat still in hand rather than covering her exposed body, leaving Stephen to finish unpacking.

Stephen was watching the video of Alex, Imogen and Sophie whilst Sophie was getting ready. She had told him about her favourite moment last evening and he had searched for that first. Sophie and Alex were lying on their backs with a double-ended dildo between their grinding pussies. Imogen was straddling Sophie's face, whilst also leaning forward so she could pump the dildo that was in the other two. Imogen started coming when the noise of the hair drier from Sophie's room ended. He finished himself off, pulled on his pyjama bottoms and grabbed his towel. As he stepped out of his bedroom he saw Alice standing by the front door, next to a naked Sophie.

"Hey Soph," greeted Alice, before giving Sophie a quick open-mouthed kiss, then saw Stephen, "Hey Steve, I'm not interrupting anything am I?"

"No, I was just going to grab a shower but that can wait. How was your summer?"

"It was good, thanks, but don't wait around on my account. I've just come to drop my stuff then I need to meet Mark... and suggest that when Zack gets back tomorrow... that they both be my boyfriends. Will be tricky. I might change into something sluttier..."

Stephen looked at what Alice was wearing; a tight pair of jeans and cropped tank top. Underneath, however, was a g-string, the sides and back of which were riding high above her jeans, and a bra, that was highly visible since the top was so skimpy. He hadn't seen underwear on any of his sluts so far; in fact, he didn't think any of them owned any. Sophie certainly didn't; her complaint was that they never had any sexy bras in her size. She and the other sluts were programmed to only wear underwear to be provocative and it seemed only Alice was small enough to buy any that fit her. Small by Master Program standards that is; she was still at least an E cup but this looked modest next to Sophie. Stephen hadn't noticed a tramp stamp; the first of his sluts not to have one, but he did notice some tribal markings poking out over her pubic area. Stephen excused himself and Alice turned to talk to Sophie about Mark and Zack, but not before tugging on Sophie's nipple chain and registering her approval of it.

Twenty minutes later, Sophie was riding Stephen on the sofa; he was wearing a t-shirt and a pair of jeans that were round his calves, Sophie was wearing a pair of heels. She had started wearing just heels a lot at his request; Stephen wasn't sure if he found it more appealing that Sophie wore heels to please him, or if he was more aroused by Imogen, who was internally compelled to always wear heels. He was enjoying the sights and sounds of Sophie's orgasm when the door to Alice's room opened. Stephen had assumed that when Sophie had pulled him onto the sofa and mounted him that meant Alice had left, but clearly, that wasn't the case. He thought that Sophie hadn't noticed Alice due to being in a state of climax, but as soon as she regained voluntary muscle control, she looked at Alice, who was walking their way.

"Hey, is my bag there?" asked Alice, reacting in no way to the fact they were having sex.

"No, I think," replied Sophie, taking a pause to gasp, "It's by the door."

"Yup, I see it."

"Good luck," said Sophie.

"Thanks," replied Alice, leaning in to kiss Sophie quickly, "As I said, if you're going to tell a boyfriend something difficult, do it during sex." She gave Stephen a kiss too, her tongue entering just long enough for him to notice a stud through it.

As Alice moved off, Sophie bucked as fast as she could, making herself cum a few minutes later. Taking a few deep breaths, she spoke, "So, I have something I need to tell you."

"OK," he replied, looking at her quizzically.

She made intense eye contact with him, making each hip gyration bigger but slower, "So, I kinda cheated on you."

"OK... when? How? Who?"

"Two weeks ago, I was at this party, you know Jenna's brother's house party."

"OK. I do."

"Well, this guy was asking me about my nipple rings, because you could see them through my top."

Stephen nodded.

Sophie let a short groan and her eyes rolled for a second, like they always did when she found a good position, "uh... so yeah he asked if I had any more so I showed him about by clit hood. He asked what it felt like and I told him it feels pretty good to have something right next to your sensitive place," she paused to gasp again, "then he said, what I thought was completely innocently, was that he'd always wondered how it felt to touch one compared to a no piercing. So I really didn't see the harm in letting him have a feel. That's all it was at first but then I got wet really fast. I started wanking him off and would have moved onto more but someone walked into the kitchen, where we were, so we stopped. I am so so so sorry, but I was so horny; straight after I had to go to the toilet and finish myself off."

"Yeah, OK," replied Stephen, not really sure what to say. Sophie looked incredibly guilty, but she also had that look on her face that signalled she might be leading up to another orgasm. He hadn't ever restricted the Attraction Routine not to work on Sophie and he had increased her libido to the levels of the other sluts, so he wasn't surprised this happened. He could have tweaked the routine so it was lesbian-only for Sophie but as he had run her through the standard modification process he hadn't had to think about these details back then. The fact that it was he who had made her this way had made him feel he should forgive her despite his annoyance, "You're pretty slutty, so I suppose this was bound to happen. So, just, forget about it I suppose."

She leant forward to hug him and swung her hips up and down and fast as she could. She whimpered her gratitude into his ear, but he wasn't entirely sure if it related to her current climax or his forgiveness. She calmed down and started to caress Stephen's back whilst kissing his chest. He instantly forgot her unfaithfulness and was enjoying the intimate position, readying himself to come when Sophie's muffled voice came from his shoulder.

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