tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Master Submits

The Master Submits


© This is written by me, and can be reproduced for your enjoyment, however not if it is reproduced on an internet pay site, or any other medium; without compensation for me --- the writer.


This story is fiction. It is meant to be read by adults. Children under the age of 18, please leave. All the characters in this story are of my own imagination, and not real in any sense of the word. Any similarities to that of living people is pure coincidental. However, one fan of my prior erotic stories, was instrumental in making this story possible. I appreciate the help he lent me.

Story Summary: After meeting online, Timmy wanted to find a perfect Master to make him submit - did he find one? Or did he have to take the situation into his own hands?

Read on - and I hope you enjoy this story.


Online lots of people take on roles - ones that they might not possess in real life, and that is how Tim and I began to chat. While jumping from room to room in the internet chat area, Tim, or Timmy as he was called at that time - sent a personal message to me mostly to search out if I was looking for a new slave. Not wanting to say "yes or no" to his question - I began to enquire things about him. Sure, they were just question and answers - but because I was the one asking the questions, he assumed I was a Dominant Master. Truth be told - I was just a bit inexperienced with guys. I had been Master to a woman before - and even slave to one too - both roles are quite entertaining when you have something fun on their body to play with. But now, I was being looked at - as a Master. I had never really been with a guy before. This young stud (albeit a shorter guy) was calling me Sir and Master. I got carried away with the idea. I could have a slave. Even a male slave can suck on my cock - and lick my balls the way I like. So I thought 'why not'?

Timmy described himself - as a lightweight bodybuilder type. While he works out at the gym 4 days a week, he couldn't do anything about his height or dominant presence. He got used to the idea of everyone else being taller, bigger and stronger. His photos showed off his muscular chest and arms - while hints of 6 pack abs were present under his high riding tank top. His height was only 5' 6" and yet he weighed a powerful 165 pounds of muscle. At only 28 years old, he was respectful and called me Sir online as we spoke.

I began to think that since we were only 82 miles apart, we could meet for a weekend evening and have some fun. He was totally in agreement. I liked being called Sir, and liked how polite he was online. I started to gather together some toys for our meeting: cuffs, dog collar, ball gag, some rubbers and even a pair of G-string underwear which I thought made my cock and balls look more impressive. I was going to be a Master. What a way to begin any relationship - it was nice that I was already older than him, and taller and weighed more. He would be like a young boy to me and my experience, or so I thought. But that is the trick, I didn't HAVE ANY EXPERIENCE.

The weekend came, and I drove to the hotel we had agreed to meet. It was only 30 miles from his home, and thus a little further from mine, but it was away from both of our regular lives to make it interesting. A cheap hotel in a bigger city - no one seems to care what you are doing, none the less, I told him I would be dressed in casual appearance, and I told him to do the same. I didn't want anyone to see a boy with leather on - going with another man to his hotel room. I had already explained what I looked like, and shared some photos too, but when I met Timmy - I towered over him. I shook his hand, and noticed he had a firm grip. But at 6' 3" 210 pounds, I looked like a giant standing close to him.

Shortly we went off to the hotel room where we could get into the roles we had previously chosen. Timmy stripped down to his underwear and I put the cuffs on his wrists then attached them to the headboard with some rope, thus stretching his arms up over his head. Before cuffing his ankles - I pulled down his underwear to reveal a massive cock. This cock lumbered against his leg and a pair of huge balls accompanied his long, thick cock. They just didn't look like they belonged to a small guy like him. He even chuckled a little when I was staring at his impressive manhood.

"Guess you found something you like about me. I forgot to tell you - I have an imposing cock." He explained.

I was in awe - it was cut, and thick, about 50% as thick as I am when I am hard, and while soft - it was already bigger than I am hard. I tried not to drool but rather locked his ankles in the cuffs and tied them to the other corners of the bed. But I was drawn back to that cock. I touched it, and dared it to come to life! Timmy watched me intently - noticing how I was not like all the other Dominants who he had read about. I wasn't rough and demanding. I was gentle and unsure of what to do next. I touched his cock and balls like my fingers might break it. He just grinned at me lying on the bed - helpless to my overall advances. I wrapped my hand around it, and felt it start to firm up. Slowly, I jerked it - softly stroking the massive meat until it was nearly at attention. I asked "How big is it when it's hard?"

"9 ½ inches when firm" he replied. "You still have on your clothes; don't you think you should be naked too? You've got me tied up here - and I haven't seen what you've got to offer."

That sounded like a good idea, so I slipped off my shirt and revealed my softly adorned hairs on my chest. Then I dropped my pants to reveal a royal blue satin G-string pouch that covered up my own cock and balls.

Timmy smiled, and said "That looks pretty. Show me what you have inside!"

I wasn't excited in the least, and dropping that pouch surely didn't do anything to impress him. Hard, I am just a tad over 5" when measuring along the top of the base to the tip of my dick, and right now, I wasn't even close to being hard. I am not sure if he knew just how insignificant I felt at that moment. "No, I think we'll keep it a mystery for now."

I wasn't sure what to do - but I tried tickling him, and touching him, and calling him Slave - and Timmy all the time. I just wanted my cock to get hard - before I pulled it out and showed him. Of course, I was not in my own element. My cock was not excited over having a guy tied to the bed. A girl - now that would have been fun. I would have dove between her legs, and slurped on her pussy - till she came at least 3 times. Then when she was totally wet - I could fuck her silly. But a guy? I really wasn't sure what to do with him.


Timmy suddenly said he needed to be untied.

"Why? I haven't got you to beg to be collared by me, and I haven't played with your body near enough to suit me!" I objected.

"Well, if we had been smart - we would have used the bathroom before all this - but I was rushing to become a slave - and only interested in being tied down before I changed my mind. Now unless you brought a bedpan with you in that little bag of goodies - I can tell you that when my bladder is full, no little bathroom paper cup is going to hold all my pee. This is the only bed in the room - I suggest we not ruin it by peeing all over it." he sarcastically countered.

Instead of unlocking the Velcro cuffs and leaving them attached to his extremities, I set his wrists and legs free and left the cuffs still open - but attached to the bed at the other end. He scampered to the bathroom and was about to use the toilet - when he called out to me "Joe, come here!"

I came to the edge of the bathroom door, and slowly looked at his naked shaved body. "Yes?" I inquired.

"Come over here and hold my dick while I piss." Timmy said.

I looked at him, it wasn't quite a demand - but it sure wasn't a polite request or begging. It was more of a 'do this' kind of statement.

"Why? Do you have trouble peeing?" I laughed back at him, not really wanting to hold his dick while he urinated.

"Well, a Master might want to keep a slave cuffed in his presence. You need to know how to aim a cock at the bowl and allow the captured one to release the pressure. Here, I will hold my hands behind my back as if they are out of the way - while you do this." He smiled at me - and waited for me to come into the room and take his cock like he had suggested.

I didn't think about it much at the moment - but I was setting him free when he told me (so he can pee) and now was doing as he wanted - holding his thick cock - while he pees. It felt totally weird - it filled my hand - and my fingers barely wrapped around it as I aimed it toward the bowl. It felt heavy in my palm.

Once he had unloaded his bladder, he turned to me and said "your turn, I will show you what it feels like" I figured why not. But he insisted on holding it while I went. Of course, that only made it twice as hard to urinate. Getting frustrated while waiting - he let out a few comments concerning the size of my cock in his hands. I trickled out a little stream - and then it went dry. "If it were bigger, you could piss easier."

It felt so weird letting someone else hold my cock while guiding its stream toward the bowl. I had my hands behind my back like he had done. I moved my hands back to the front of my body - with an attempt to 'take over' the act of urinating. He shocked me, by slapping my hands and telling me to put them back behind me. I am not sure if it was the way he was handling me - or what - but I put my hands down at my sides, not behind my back, but either way - they were no longer in his way.

He shook it a little as if I was through and it started growing harder in his palm.

"See, you like it when I do that." He stroked the top of the shaft like it was a pet. "Is that all the bigger it gets?"

I shifted nervously from foot to foot and told him "Hey, I am not done - I am just a little nervous. I still need to pee some more. Besides, it can grow a bit bigger."

"Sure it can boy!" he laughed.

I felt insulted. I had just been called boy by a younger man. Not only was he younger, but I was taller, and weighed more. The only thing I didn't have - was a 9 ½" penis hanging between my legs. "Hey - watch it with the 'boy' talk! Some guys are sensitive about things like that."

He only smarted off again with a smirk "I can see why!"

I don't know what it was - the way I was letting him hold me - while sarcastically encouraging me to piss, or maybe since my hands were at my side, or maybe it was his demeaning tone as he held my dick in his hand. But I suddenly did not feel very dominant at the moment. I felt small and insignificant in his hands. I couldn't say anything back to him - my dick WAS smaller than his. This was a fact, that I had absolutely no control over. I finally let go a stream that emptied my own bladder. Relieved that I had done what I came into the bathroom to do, I let out a long hard sigh.

Instead of letting go of my dick, he gripped it a little tighter - and started to pull it along toward the hotel room. "I am going to take real good care of you! Come along!" Naturally, I was forced to follow. It wasn't like he was demanding me to follow - I was just meekly doing what he wanted. I wasn't stopping him from taking the reins and leading me. In this case, the reins were the dick attached to my body.

I started to try to take control again - and said as we approached the bed, "Let's get you back into bondage so I can have some fun."

"No, just you wait. I have a better idea - one that you seem better suited for." He held my cock firm and pulsated his fist with every one of my heartbeats. "I think a Master should be pleasured by his slave, don't you agree?"

I stammered out "Yes"

"I think a slave should make his Master's cock hard - and ready to burst!" He squeezed my cock a little more - then cupped my balls with his other hand. "The Master's balls should be licked, sucked and adored."

I was getting so hard - by thinking of him sucking me. He had possession of my cock and balls. They were his - while he was playing with them. It felt so good. I just meekly stood there and enjoyed his rubbing of my cock.

"A slave should be ready to go down on the Master - any time he demands it. Isn't that right?" he gleamed at me, while he watched my face - and tugged on my stiff cock.

It felt so good - I just tamely answered "Yesssss"

He turned me around so my calves were against the bed - and then with one full push - knocked me backward onto the bed. As he did so - he said "Lay down so that you can experience the pleasure of a good cock milking."

It was like I was in a dream - I was getting man handled and loved it. My new slave was about to milk a cock. I stretched out and spread my legs wide so he can get between them and worship my cock. But he surprised me, by hopping on my stomach and while reaching for my wrist tried to pull it toward the open Velcro cuff above my head.

I thought he was playing around, and did not put up a lot of resistance - until I realized he really intended on slipping my hand into that cuff. I started to fight back - resist. But he had leverage over me; and his arms were little stronger than mine. We tussled for moment, and I managed to roll over slightly. He allowed my arm to go down instead of up. I was pulling it toward my waist, and he originally was pulling it toward the cuff. By letting it go down I thought I had won part of the battle, when in reality - he just rolled me back over. Now, my arm, wrist, and hand were all trapped between the bed and my back. His weight on my waist added the extra pressure to 'keep it pinned there.' Then he used his extra arm to pull my left arm up over my head and pin it to the bed. While there, he wrapped the Velcro cuff around my wrist and managed to get it closed before I broke free with my other arm. The Velcro was not tight - but still able to hold my arm above me. I started trying to yank on the Velcro to set my wrist free - but Timmy was busy looping the other cuff on my right wrist.

I was protesting and squirming - but my dick was hard as a rock - throbbing and enjoying the added friction between his skin and mine as he sat upon my stomach. This did not go un-noticed by him as he eased up my chest and swung his hand behind him to grab onto the base of my erect cock. "I think my boy likes this!" Timmy snickered down at me.

I raised my legs - and tried to cross them over his head and neck - to pull them back to the bed and knock him off of me. Letting go of my firm dick, he caught my legs & held onto my ankles forcing my knees nearly up to my chin. I was a pretzel in his grasp, and not at all comfortable. "Try that again Boy - and I will tie your legs so they are over your head - and spank your bottom till you BEG me to stop."

"Timmy - this is not funny. You were going to submit to me. I didn't say anything about getting tied up by you!" I groaned as he held my ankles and kept my legs from squirming too much.

"Let's get something straight here and now. From this point forward, my name is Sir Tim, just plain Sir, or Master! From now on - your name is BOY, unless I decide to dress you in panties and call you Josephine." Tim said as he started explaining the situation.

"What about all that talk about a slave should make his Master's cock hard - and lick and suck his balls whenever he wants. Remember, you just said a slave should be ready to go down on his Master. I thought you were going to go down on ME!" I whined

"You agreed with me. A slave should be ready to serve his Master's cock anytime. But you were not READY to be my MASTER - were you?" He asked while letting go of my legs and scooting a little forward - inching that huge slab of meat - closer and closer to my mouth. "You have absolutely NO CLUE how to handle me. Yeah, I wanted to have a Master to serve, and as Timmy- I was willing to look up to you - as an older, taller, heavier but pretty fit - MAN. But you know nothing about being dominant. So in that VOID - I have taken control. And you are going to learn to serve MY cock - ANYTIME I want! You are a natural - you did whatever I said, even when I was tied up. So I realized that since you were in awe of my cock - and only had a little boy's cock comparatively speaking, that I couldn't in all fairness - submit to you. Instead, I am going to teach you what its like to serve a MAN."

"But I was only being nice to you. I didn't want to scare you - or make you nervous." I tried to explain why I was so slow to act.

"You don't have to be scared to act. You just have to learn as the sub - that - you are a sub. Anything the Man wants - he should get. Right now, I don't feel much like listening to you talk - and all - I would rather hear your suction noises on my cock!" Tim scooted a little closer to my face - and started waving his meat in front of my wide open eyes.

I gulped - as I realized just what he wanted me to do.

"Open up Boy! I got a nice tube steak for ya!" Tim taunted.

When I refused to open my mouth - he hoisted that cock above my face - and let me see how tall it was from base of his balls to the tip. Then he told me "Lift your head up and kiss the base of this powerful cock. Show me what a good boy you can be and I will be gentle when I fuck your mouth."

Silly me - after being trapped, my pride got the best of me - and I flatly refused.

He didn't argue - and he didn't do anything to encourage me to change my mind. He just climbed off my prone body and loosened up the straps holding onto the cuffs around each wrist. That being done, he grabbed me by the waist and pulled me further down toward the middle of the bed. He re-tied the straps holding my arms from getting free. But now, my feet were now at the footboard and slightly uncomfortable that way. He began to cuff my ankle with one of the cuffs and did the same with the other. He was taking his time - ignoring my chatter about setting me free. He then took the other end of the strap and pulled it up over my head and started tying it to the headboard. Now, my leg was pulled back over my head, and I was being folded in two. Doing the same to the other leg; he now had me tied so my dick was laying on my stomach - and my ass was open and totally exposed. I was beginning to think he might try to rape me; that is something we both agreed would not happen. But then, I also was supposed to be the boss - but look at where I am now.

Moving around so his body was now in between my arms and legs, as they both were over my head - I could feel his weight pressing my wrists deep into the bed. He hovered over my face - and I had to look up at him - and the snicker on his face - as he drew his cock into one hand - and started to whack it against my face. God, that was humiliating. Tim was smacking his fat sausage of a cock against my face - my eyes closed, and my mouth and nose seemed to be taking the brunt of his smacks. This did not hurt anything except my pride. But for at least 2 or 3 minutes he continued to slap his now hardening dick against my face. After not saying a word while he did this - he suddenly started to inform me of my new role. "You are a BOY - and that BOY cock of yours is hard. I can see it leaking pre-cum onto your chest. Admit it to me - you like my powerful cock spanking your face - don't you boy?"

I grunted out something - but did not either agree or disagree.

"You're role now - is to suck my cock - my balls and adore them for the time you are here." He held his cock off my face - and told me, "Lift up - and kiss my balls, then as I lower my shaft to your face, I want you to kiss it while telling me how much of a boy you are - compared to my man sized cock."

Again, I refused.

He laid his balls over my eyes - and his cock ran down beyond my chin - and he sat there like that for a moment - enjoying the thrill of a boy slave at his control. Then out of nowhere, he smacked my exposed ass with his hand.

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