tagBDSMThe Master Visits

The Master Visits


As she wakes this morning she smiles, the thought of what is coming today has teased her in her dreams and now she wakes the smile from her dreams still on her face. She can not believe she has taken this chance, but she has and for some reason she knows it is special...

She gets up and walks into the kitchen, her mind alive with the thoughts of what will come her way this weekend. She stands looking out the window wondering where He is now, He called and told her He was on His way earlier...so she waits for Him the anxiety beginning to gnaw inside of her she shivers and smiles.

She sits on the side of the bed daydreaming now, she knows she needs to get ready for Him, but she sits her mind wandering. She knows He is to call her again when He gets close and she will have plenty of time then to do what needs doing she can not keep focused on what is going on about her, her mind is full of dreams and ideas she hopes to come true...

As she sits daydreaming the phone rings, her heart beats faster as her hand reaches for it now. She hears His voice, so tempting and sexy to her ears, He tells her He is about 45 minutes from her now and will call when He gets close. She tells Him she will be ready for Him and her heart beats faster with each word...

As she lathers herself in the shower, her hands linger over her breasts, the nipples taut and tender she smiles as she feels the shiver run through her. She runs her hands down between her legs the floral essence rising in the steam around her. She feels the flush of her skin as she smiles at her own touch. Her mind dreaming of Him she breathes deeply and feels the tingle as it moves over her.

She stands in front of the foggy mirror her mind wandering as she dries off, her heart beating faster now she smiles and walks into the bedroom. She sits on the side of the bed and prepares for Him. The smell of her light perfume fills the room as she dresses her skin soft and fragrant from the potions she uses.

She looks at the clock and knows He is close now, she looks around the room to make sure all is in its place and ready for Him. Her cuffs and chains and things ready to be played with. She smiles and knows that what she needs is coming.

She walks through the house and waits, knowing He will call her soon. The anxiety she feels tickles at her heart and makes her smile, she has not felt anxious in a long while. As she hears the phone ring a nervous flutter fills her stomach and she wonders where it comes from.

He talks to her asking for the directions to where she is. He laughs and she smiles she feels a shudder run through her as He speaks to her, she hears Him tell her He is almost there and to hang up the phone and come to the door...She stands and waits to hear His knock, the nervous flutter making her wonder grow as she opens the door and sees Him there.

He walks in and past her, the smile on His face makes her heart skip and again she feels the flutter in her stomach...His presence fills the room and she breaths in His scent and looks at His face and as her eyes meet His she knows she has done the right thing, this chance was worth the taking.

They sit on the sofa and as they talk the words float past her as she daydreams as He speaks. She laughs at Him and blushes time and time again, He has touched deep inside of her somewhere she thought untouchable. She feels a stirring inside of her and knows she has lost a piece of herself to this Master already...

He looks at her and in a low voice tells her she has on to many clothes. He speaks again and tells her once more and this time she looks at Him and blushes, her eyes smiling at His she tells him, "Yes Master" He tells her to go and do something about it so she gets up and goes to the back to undress.

She comes back to the den and once more He tells her she has on too many clothes. Smiling and with a slight blush on her cheeks she goes once more to the bedroom and this time comes back in nothing but her T-shirt... She walks to the sofa and sits beside Him. He smiles and tells her that is better and pulls her close to Him.

She feels a rush of sensation as she touches Him, his scent filling her nose. As His fingers touch her she feels a throbbing begin deep inside of her. His hands move lightly over her skin and she wiggles slightly beside Him the throbbing deep inside of her growing...

He moves now and sits up and moves to take His boots off, she reaches for them and asks Him can she take them off for Him. He sits back and lifts His feet one at a time to her lap and she unlaces His boots and removes them for Him. He stretches out then next to her and once more pulls her close to Him. As His hands move over her she and caress her she busies her own hands, touching him, running her fingers over His stomach feeling the softness of His skin.

She catches her breath and His hands move to His jeans and unbutton them, as He lowers the zipper she watches with a smile on her face. His hand releases his cock from its confines and she moans soft and low and bends over Him.

Her tongue reaching out and tasting Him gently she hears him moan and feels His hand in her hair. She smiles and shivers deep inside at the taste of Him. She runs her tongue around His cock and then slowly her mouth closes over Him taking Him inside of her. Her mouth moves over Him, Her tongue teasing His shaft as her lips close over Him and move up and down. His hand grasps her hair and she feels Him growing as she sucks His cock gently.

Her one hand stroking his leg and then his crotch she continues to suck His cock. He moans and the hold He has on her tightens just a bit. He moans low and His hips move slightly as she takes him in deeper now. Then He pulls her off and His cock falls from her grasp, she licks her lips and moans and He shifts about.

He tells her that is enough and then He tells her to go to the bedroom and get undressed and sit on the bed and wait for Him. She rises slowly from beside Him and with a smile moves to do as He tells her.

She walks back to the bedroom, she feels the wetness between her legs as she goes. She feels the throbbing strengthen as she removes all she has left on, she tosses it to the end of the bed and sits waiting for Him.

He comes in and walks to the rack on the wall that holds her toys... He looks at things there and picks up the leather wrist cuffs, turning around He walks to her and tells her to raise her hands. She looks up at His face as He fastens the cuffs one at a time to her wrists.

She feels the rush of adrenaline flow through her as the leather encircles her wrists. Her heart beats faster and she realizes that the nervous flutter has disappeared now and in its place she feels a need growing.

With her wrists encased in the leather and fur he stands in front of her and removes His clothes as well. She sits and watches Him the throbbing between her legs increasing as she sees His cock free of its confine and so close to her lips now... She moans softly and feels a hunger come over her, He moves closer to her and runs His hands through her hair. She knows what He wants now...

She smiles and moans softly as her tongue reaches out from between her lips and tastes Him once more. Her hands move around him and as she grasps His butt cheeks and pulls Him closer to her He smiles and moans. His hips tighten as He thrusts into her His hands in her hair He holds her close and still. His cock buried deep inside of her warm mouth, her tongue teasing the shaft as she sits there full of Him.

As He pushes deeper He feels her start to gag and He thrust once more and then pulls back. She tales a deep breath and swallows hard, then once more her lips part and she takes Him in again. This time her tongue teases Him as she moves back and forth, the constant rhythm of his cock moving in and out causing her to moan and her hands grasp Him to her closer again.

He pulls back from her once more and as his cock drops from her mouth, she licks her lips and looks up at him, He reaches for her nipple clamps and smiles at her. She sits the wetness between her legs growing now and waits for Him to do as He desires.

He stands before her, reaching out He pinches her nipples between his fingers and pulls them up and out He clamps them with the clips. She wiggles slightly as she sits and the pain rushes through her, a good pain, one she welcomes and it excites her. She moans and closes her eyes for a moment she feels the throbbing grow between her legs as if the clamps connect to her there.

As He pulls on the chain attached to the clamps and lifts her heavy breasts upward, He hears her breath catch in her chest as she inhales deeply moaning softly. He tugs at the chain once more her nipples taut and she squirms in her seat the pleasure of the pain stirring in her a deep need. She exhales slowly and opens her eyes and looking up at him smiles, He smiles at her and she leans forward, her tongue reaching out once more to tease the tip of His cock.

With both of His hands on her breasts, he tweaks the nipples encased in the metal clamps and pulls her to Him. She opens her mouth and takes His cock inside of her once more. His hands pull at her and as His cock sinks deep in her throat she grasps Him once more from behind pulling Him deeper inside.

He thrusts into her harder now, she feels the urgency in her own crotch grow and she knows He feels the need just as well... His hips thrusting at her His hands pulling at her breasts the pain and pleasure becomes one.

He stands before her His cock deep in her mouth and suddenly He pulls back from her. He turns around and reaches for the handcuffs behind Him on the rack and then tells her to stand up and turn around. She stands and He pulls her hands behind her clasping them there He bends her over the bed, face down her hands drawn behind her He comes at her from behind now.

He reaches between her legs and feels the wetness, it seeps down the inside of her legs and His fingers find their way inside of her teasing her. Bent over her legs spread and her ass in the air His hand spanks her ass and she wiggles back and forth beneath his touch.

With his fingers buried deep in her cunt He spanks her again and again, her breasts pinched by the clamps she feels the pleasure as it shudders through her. He grasps her cuffs and pulls her up from the bed lowering her to kneel in the floor. She sits and waits while he unlocks her wrists from one another and tells her to lie on the bed now on her back.

She moves to lie back on the bed and He moves to the rack once more and retrieves the other set of handcuffs from there. He moves to the side of the bed and attaches the cuffs to the headboard, then walks from one side to the other and attaches her cuffed wrists to the chains and stands back now looking at her as she lay there.

The nipple clamps still on her He reaches out and pinches them making her wiggle and squirm against her binds. He leans over her again this time His hand pulls her head towards him as He grasps her hair. He reaches down and kisses her lips once, deep and hard. She moans and wiggles and He knows what He needs...

He releases her hair and moves back to stand over her. He spreads her legs and then moves between them, His fingers run up and down over her swollen lips, wet and ready for attention she moves beneath His touch. He teases her clit with a tug now and again, His fingers venturing in a bit deeper with each stroke her hips squirm ever so slightly as His fingers work there way into her warm wet cunt. She pulls against the chains holding her and moans.

He asks her how she feels and she tells Him...her wiggling and moans give her away. She is ready for Him, He moves two and then three fingers inside of her. He is venturing deeper with each thrust of His fingers inside. He moves into her now with four fingers...she wiggles and grinds into his hand as it moves inside of her his fingers gently tickling her inside now. He flexes his fingers and moves His hand deeper now, he wiggles it back and forth and she stretches out her hope move about faster now as she tries to wiggle Him in deeper...

He eases His hand on up inside of her wet pussy, reaching and feeling deep in her warmth his fingers searching for the magic spot He knows is there. He wiggles gently pushing deeper still until His wrist feels her wet lips on it. He feels her shiver as he buries his hand inside of her His fingers fluttering about inside of her until they find the spot.

She arches her back wildly as His hand sinks in and finally the touch of pleasure He was trying for hits her. She shudders and stretches out, her moan low and begging, begging Him for more...then for mercy... He feels the gush of her pleasure, it runs down the inside of her thighs and He feels its warmth and smiles...

He sits back and pulls His hand from her slowly easing out through the warm wet lips. He listens to her as she moans and wiggles about her hands chained still she begs to touch Him. He moves between her legs and strokes His cock. He moves towards her His cock finding its way to her waiting wet warmth...he slides inside of her slowly, the twitch of her muscles draws Him in deeper and once more He pulls back. This time He pushes inside of her deep his hips thrusting harder He feels it deep inside of her as she moans and wiggles under Him. He thrust into her time and time again, slowly then faster. The rhythm He feels building brings Him closer and closer to the ecstasy He wants.

He pulls out of her now and leans back on his heels as he sits between her legs. He then moves over her and lays to her side...He reaches up and unchains her cuffs from the headboard. He tells her to get on top now, and she breathes out deeply, catching her breath she tells him "Yes Master ". Then she rises up, before mounting Him she stops and smiles, her tongue tastes his cock, the taste of her on Him sweet to her, she moans and leans down taking His still hard cock into her mouth as she closes over it slowly moaning softly as she goes.

She straddles him as He lies there smiling up at her. She feels His cock as it pushes inside of her, she moans and her hips move back and forth as He plunges up into her. Together they move, He taunts her on and on, telling her what she feels, pushing her to let go. She moans deeper and then she feels it coming. The warm fluid runs from her and drenches Him as feels His cock plunge deeper inside of her. As she moans and cums He taunts her, calling her names and she cums again, flooding over Him once more. She feels weak from the cumming her body shudders and she pumps up and down still. Then she moans once more and as He thrust up and she meets Him. The orgasm rocks her, taking her...

She moves off of Him and lays down her breasts heave as she moans of the pleasure she has felt. The shiver of orgasm still tingling through her she looks up and leans forward again, her mouth wanting another taste of Him... she moans and her lips part to take in His cock. Once more she tastes him and her together on her lips. His hips thrust up and his hand grasps her hair pulling her to Him. Her mouth full of Him she swallows tasting His essence as it trickles down her throat.

He lets go of her hair and she falls away from Him. They lay next to each other the sound of each other breathing floating around them. The two of them moan and wiggle about a little, settling in, letting the wave of the orgasms shiver through them...so very good...

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