tagBDSMThe Master's Den: April's Awakening

The Master's Den: April's Awakening


April Kirby had always been the submissive type. Ever since she could remember the thought of being helpless turned her on. As a little girl she would strip her Barbie dolls and tie them up, letting big bad Ken have his way with them, and when she was growing up she would often have dreams where she was lost, naked, in a garden full of strange men. It scared and delighted her at the same time.

She was pretty sure she knew where these thoughts came from. One late night when she was quite young she snuck downstairs to watch TV. She remembered sitting close to the screen, keeping the volume very low so she wouldn't get caught. Flipping through the cable channels she happened upon a film on Cinemax. She knew this was the type of show her parents wouldn't let her watch, which made it the perfect choice.

April watched intently as this man grabbed a beautiful redheaded woman, and roughly forced her onto a bed. He tore her clothes off while she struggled and begged him to let her go. At first April was worried for the woman. It seemed something terrible was being done to her, but as the man started to tie her up the woman seemed to relax a little, and enjoy it.

When the man got naked April's mouth fell open wide. This was the first time she saw a man naked. She stared at him as he climbed on top of the woman. He pushed himself into her, and the woman let out a painful moan. He was very forceful, slapping her, grabbing her hair, and even choking her. It was shocking, but what really confused April was the woman's reaction. She cried, and begged, struggling to get free, but at the same time her moans sounded wonderful.

As he continued to thrust into her the woman's cries for help turned to screams of joy. April's eyes focused on his hands as they wrapped around the woman's neck, his body violently pounding against her. The red heads feet arched sharply, every muscle in her legs growing tight and her entire body began to shake. The sounds she made as she came flooded April with a strange mixture of fear, arousal and jealousy. When she got back to her bedroom April noticed that her panties were damp, which led to other delightful discoveries.

To this day she can remember that scene, and ever since the thought of being helpless like that redhead made her tingle. So it was no surprise that when April began having sex she took the submissive role.

As a horny teen girl April found her way into the beds of two boys in her school. The first one was as new to sex as she was, and being creative in the bedroom was out of the question. April would lay there, submissive while he fumbled his way through his masculine role. The night she asked him to tie her down marked the end of their brief relationship. He wasn't ready for such a request, which shocked her. She would have thought all guys would get into that, but clearly she was mistaken.

Her next boyfriend, David, was a year ahead of her, and more experienced. He'd been with one girl before her, so he was more comfortable when it came to sex. She swooned when he would pin her wrists to the bed, and one night he yanked her hair when fucking her from behind, and she came on the spot. When she asked him to tie her down to the bed the first time she was relieved to see he was into it.

Pretty soon he would tie her down every time they had sex, which was great, but April found herself wanting to try other submissive things. One night, when they couldn't go to their homes because their parents were there, April suggested they park in a nearby ally and fuck in the backseat. It was fun, the risk of being caught, but he insisted they keep their clothes on in case somebody came by, and the option for being tied up was pretty much non-existent.

One night they found themselves without a bedroom again, and they headed for the ally they had claimed as their home away from home. As David pulled his car into position behind two houses April made up her mind to push things farther. They were making out in the backseat, hands groping one another in the shadows. Suddenly April pulled off her shirt and tossed it into the front seat. She moved quickly to keep him from stopping her. To her delight he didn't. She arched her back as he nibbled and sucked on her nipples.

From her position she could see out of the windows, and the sight of cars driving by the ally excited her. She pushed David aside, and quickly pulled her shoes off, tossing them into the front seat as well. He knew what she was about to do, and she could see a slight panic on his face. Not wanting to give him a chance to stop her she yanked her pants and panties off together, discarding them with one toss. She laid there on the backseat, and giggled at his nervous expression.

David looked out of the windows worried somebody would walk up to the car. She pressed her advantage, spreading her legs wide apart, pressing one foot against the roof, and the other against the driver's headrest. His eyes looked down at her exposed, wet pussy, and he forgot about the risks. It took him a moment to free his cock from his jeans, and slide it deep inside her. April was amazed at how good it felt, better than the bedroom, not because he was doing anything different, but because she was totally exposed in public. Her arousal grew.

Secretly she was happy he kept his clothes on. Something about being the only one naked made her feel even more helpless. When a pair of headlights flashed across them for a moment April felt dizzy. She watched as a car used the entrance to the ally to turn around, and she felt a slight sadness when it drove away. She knew she had to go farther.

April leaned forward, gently pushing him back. "Tie me up."

"Are you crazy?" David started to climb back on top of her, but April's hands stopped him.

"I want you to tie me up." April's blue eyes gleamed in the dim light of the street lamps, and she gave him her best pouty face. This always worked.

He zipped up his jeans, and opened the car door. The light came on lighting them up. She shivered with excitement, knowing anybody could easily see her naked body in that moment. Too soon he closed it, plunging the car back into semi-darkness. She watched as he went to the trunk and pulled out a long rope. In seconds the light flashed again as he climbed back inside.

"Are you sure?" David asked, his voice timid, and nervous.

"Hurry up!" she demanded. He grabbed her arms, and lifted them above her head. He wrapped the rope firmly around her wrists and tied them to the handle above the door. She flinched for a moment as the roughness of the rope stung her. In the bedroom they always used scarves, which didn't hurt.

David saw her wince. "Sorry, does it hurt?"

"Yes, but I like it." She smiled at him again as he moved down to her right foot. He tied it to the driver's side headrest. Again the rope stung, and the pain made her swoon. He took the left foot and tied it to the door handle. It was an awkward position, and not very comfortable, which suited her just fine. She struggled to see if she could get free, and finding she couldn't April felt a delightful chill run through her.

David struggled to get into a position that would let him fuck her. The ropes, and angle made it very difficult. There wasn't enough room for him to fit beneath her, making any kind of sexual contact impossible. April saw the problem, and told him to go down on her instead. He struggled again to get into position, but it was no good.

Frustrated, and on the verge of what she knew would be an amazing experience April made a daring suggestion. "Open the door, and kneel outside."

David's chin dropped. He was about to say no. April did her best to throw a cute tantrum, wriggling in place, begging him. "Please David, just do it!"

The door flew open again, and the bright light made her feel like she was on display. He got on his knees and leaned in the car, gripping her thighs in his hands. She watched as he bent close, running his tongue along her pussy. It felt amazing. Her breath quickened as he ran small circles around her clit.

The mixture of being tied, being exposed and being probed by David's tongue was almost too much. April started moaning loudly and in moments she felt her body tingle. She braced herself as a powerful orgasm flooded her. The moans turned to screams of pleasure, and again she saw a flash of that beautiful redhead from the movie. This was amazing!

She rocked forward, lifting her hips and pushing her pussy against David's face as best she could. Another flood of pleasure started, and this time her screams were louder. She thought she would die if he kept doing what he was doing, and she was ready for it. That's when two unexpected things happened at once.

A loud squelching noise sounded quickly in the ally, and a bright white light shined through the windows.

A police car had pulled up next to them. A voice boomed from the loud speaker. "Step away from the car."

David stood up, and stepped out of view. April strained to see what was going on, but the white floodlight was on her, making it hard to see anything. She could only imagine how easy she was to see her from outside, and for a moment the thought delighted her.

The officers stepped out of the car, and one of them started talking to David. The other one walked up to the open car door, and knelt down. He pointed a flashlight at April, as if she needed more light on her. She watched as his eyes ran all over her body. He could see everything, and again April liked it.

"Are you OK?" The officer's voice was calm, and polite. "Did he hurt you?"

"I'm fine. We were just having fun." April smiled at the officer, but his face changed. He didn't look polite anymore, annoyance replacing his expression.

"You think this is fun? Doing this in public where anybody can see you?" He was annoyed, and this time he looked her over slowly, clearly enjoying the sight, trying to make her embarrassed.

April was a little embarrassed, but what the officer didn't realize was that she loved it. The other officer walked up to the door, and looked at her too. "Get her out of the car."

The first officer leaned into the car. Instead of untying her legs first, he stretched his body across hers reaching for her hands. She could feel his weight against her legs, and noticed he pressed himself slightly against her prone, naked pussy. April knew that most women would probably feel violated in that moment, but she loved every moment of it. Clearly she was crazy, out of her mind with longing. Then she realized that most women would never put themselves in this position to start with, and she couldn't help but laugh.

"Do you think this if funny?" The officer's voice sounded angry and rough. He released her hands and slid slowly off of her, his buckle actually scratching against her clit and lips. As he did his face came very close to her pussy and for a moment she thought he was going to lick it. She had to fight the urge to raise it up to meet him.

"No sir. Sorry." April's mind raced. Part of her wanted him to take her right there. She imagined both officers having their way with her while David was forced to watch. Again she felt the wetness run down her ass, and she knew the officer could see it. They locked eyes and the officer smiled sarcastically. As he untied her legs April did her best to snap herself out of this delusion. She was in big trouble here, but instead of being worried her lust was in control, and that was a problem.

Once she was free the officer told her to step out of the car. April stood up, and was led to the front of the car. The floodlight was aimed right at her, making her a naked beacon in the night. She looked around and noticed that several neighbors were standing in the ally, watching her. She couldn't see David, and a moment of real panic flooded her. She was truly helpless, naked, and on display. Then it happened again. Her passion took over, and she found herself enjoying the situation.

They made her stand there in the light for what seemed like ages. At first April had tried to cover he pussy with her hands, but as she began to enjoy this more, she let her hands drop to her sides, leaving her totally exposed.

David was sitting in the back of the car, which is why April couldn't see him. He kept looking out at his girlfriend lit up like a billboard. He could see the neighbors pointing and talking, and he felt a mixture of jealousy and fear.

Finally they pulled David out of the car. They told him they were going to let him go, and lectured him about not doing this again. He watched as they made April get dressed in front of everyone. He noticed that she didn't look scared, and that made him angry.

The drive home that night was very quiet. April couldn't stop running the scenario through her head, enjoying all the things that could have happened, while David grew more and more upset. He pulled up in front of her house, and she leaned in to kiss him. It was clear that she was still horny, and trying to get him aroused.

Her hand ran between his legs, pressing on his cock. He was confused, and shocked. He pushed her hand away, and turned to face her. His expression said it all. This was too much for him to take. April learned that she had pushed too far. Just like with her first boyfriend, David wasn't ready to embrace her perversions. That would be their last date.

April curled up naked in bed that night. She knew she should be upset that David broke up with her, but her mind kept returning to what had happened. She felt her nipples harden against the sheets, and as she ran her fingers across her wet pussy she began to imagine the officers forcing her to her knees, yanking her blond hair, and forcing her to take them one after the other. This time she omitted David from the fantasy, and in that moment she realized, and accepted that her kinks were out of the ordinary, and clearly in control, and she was fine with that.

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