tagMatureThe Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 46

The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 46


Chapter 46

Cynthia's Tales -- Part 3

Hayes Beach ran along Pacific side of the spur of land that formed the south end of Regal Bay proper. The spur, little more than a rocky outcropping, ran a bit more than three-quarters of a mile, starting at Van Winkle Park. Hayes Beach was very secluded, located nearly at the tip of the spur, and its sands only stretched about the length of a football field. Getting to the beach, one had to walk along the rough trail after parking at Van Winkle Park. For these reasons, it became the perfect place for the libertine locals to sun bathe in the nude.

Cynthia Price enjoyed going out to Hayes Beach in the summer months. As a matter of fact, any time it was warm enough for her throughout the year, she might be found lying under the sun in only her birthday suit. At times her son would join her, at others a girl-friend or two could be seen lying out beside the beautiful blonde professor. Her favorite times wee when she could lie under the sun's radiance alone, without the distractions that came with being naked in front of others. Not that it had ever been an issue for her.

On this day, Cynthia had journeyed out shortly after ten. It was mid-week, and the weather report called for an overcast, grey day, with the chance of afternoon showers. It was 75 degrees by her car's digital thermometer when she parked, and the sun was out, though clouds could be seen building over the Pacific to the south. With a beach bag in hand, Cynthia set out for Hayes Beach, dressed in a light summer dress, walking shoes, and a wide-brimmed floppy beach hat. She noticed that there were no other cars at that end of the lot, where the beach goers usually parked. She'd have the strand of sand all to herself, for at least a while.

Carrying her beach bag, an orange and white carry-all that had her sun screen lotion, a large beach towel, her pocket purse with phone and ID, and sandals, Cynthia made her way along the rough-hewn path that wound down from the lot onto the base of the spur. For the first hundred yards or so, the path ran along the east side, facing the bay. She noticed a few jet skiers running up and down the calm waters of the bay, as well as a couple of small sailing skiffs. She followed the path to where it branched, and took the westerly route, up and over the top of the spur towards the Pacific Ocean. As she peaked, the gust of wind from the ocean nearly tossed her hat away, but she grabbed it before it got away.

As Cynthia started down towards the sands of Hayes Beach, she took notice that she would have the entire length of the narrow beach to herself, at least for the next few hours. About halfway along, where a large rocky finger jutted upward near the crest of the spur, Cynthia dropped her bag and began to shed her clothing. Within moments, the blonde, big-breasted middle-aged beauty was standing in the warm morning sun nude for all the world to see, and appreciate.

Following a semi-ritual of hers, Cynthia took a few moments to stretch, bending and lunging, until she felt ready to enter the choppy waters. She wouldn't be going in too deep, as she wasn't the best of swimmers even in a pool, let alone in the ocean waves. She went in just up to her naval and then returned, until she waded along ankle deep in the warm ocean waters. A single jet ski rider had ventured out of the bay and was now jumping the waves like a dirt bike racer. She paused to watch for a moment, and then continued on.

Cynthia walked along north towards the point, and then back south. On her next stroll north, she saw that the rider of the jet ski had beached the small craft a few hundred feet away. Again she paused, and noticed the rider approaching on foot. He was now as naked as she was, and his manhood swung noticeably between his thighs as he neared. The closer he came to her, the stiffer it grew, pointing the way.

"Great. Another guy thinking this is a hook-up beach." She stood in the ankle-lapping water, waiting and watching. As he neared, Cynthia thought she recognized the man.

"Professor Price!" The man waved, and as he neared she in fact did recognize him. He was Miguel Dominguez, a former student of hers and the son of her colleague, Dr. Yasmina Dominguez.

"Miguel? Is that you?" she asked as he drew up to stand in front of her. She couldn't help but take in his handsome, almost Antonio Banderas like features. Not to mention the seven or eight inch cock that sprang erect from his thick, dark pubic forest.

Miguel reached for her hand and in pure Latino fashion, he bowed and gave the back of her hand a light kiss. "At your service, Ma'am," he said. He released her hand and took a step back, his eyes running down her body and back up, his smile widening as he went.

"So good to see you, again," he said with a grin and wink.

"I don't think we've the pleasure," Cynthia smiled, her own eyes taking in his physique. His body was evenly tanned, as was her own, showing that he also spent time at Hayes Beach. His manhood, fully erect and aimed into her belly, was a good 7 or 8 inches, with a long, veiny shaft and dark knob. She could feel her nipples harden and tighten on her breasts, and was sure Miguel took notice, since his eyes were locked onto them.

It wasn't usual for people to have public sex on Hayes Beach. In fact, Cynthia had only participated a handful of times over the years, and even then, it had been at night. It was even rarer for a couple to engage during the morning hours. This would be one of those rare days, Cynthia realized as neither of them seemed to have much to say. She brought her eyes up to meet his, and after a moment to take in his deep brown eyes and sly grin on his lips, Cynthia stepped close and he pulled her mouth to his.

As Miguel's arms went around her shoulders, Cynthia felt the point of his cock press into her belly, just above her pubic mound. Their tongues engaged as his hands ran down her sides. Their bodies drew tighter together as his arms wrapped around her waist, and her breasts smashed against his hairy chest. Her nipples hardened against his flesh. He rolled his hips and his cock slipped downward. She parted her thighs and it stroked across her slot.

"Hhhmmmm," she sighed into Miguel's mouth. She stroked his thick head of dark hair. He grabbed hold of her ass and pulled her tighter to him. She pulled her mouth from his to catch her breathe. Miguel dropped to his knees before her, and then lower still. He pulled her to him and began to kiss the tops of her thighs, and then across the mound of her pubic bone.

"Oooohhh, Miguel!" Cynthia cried as his tongue flicked out and began to attack her clit. She stepped a bit wider apart and he ran his mouth down her pussy. She felt his tongue open her labia and then begin to stroke through her folds. "Aaaahhh!" she moaned into the breeze. She continued to stroke his hair, looking down at the younger man as he serviced her with his mouth. She had not come out to Hayes Beach with the intention of having sex, and rarely did. Miguel, however, was insistent. The way his tongue worked her pussy displayed that.

Cynthia's pussy was leaking within minutes, and Miguel was devouring every drop. She began to sway and swoon, and asked, "Are you that hungry, or would you like to put that prick of yours to work?"

Miguel pulled out of her crotch smiling and replied, "I think I'd like to replace my tongue with my cock, yes."

"Lay down," she ordered him. Miguel followed her direction and lay across the soft sand, just feet from the rolling waves. His cock stood upright from the forest of his pubic hair as Cynthia moved to straddle him.

"You got my pussy fired up, and now it's time for you to do something about it." She dropped to her knees and reached between her thighs to take his cock in hand. Lining herself up, she pushed down, taking him in. It took her three tries until she had Miguel's entire length inside her pussy.

"Oooohhh, yeeaahhh!" Miguel moaned as her pussy took control of his cock. Cynthia was quick to begin fucking herself upon is post, picking up a good rhythm that had her ass cheek popping against his thighs with every plunge downward. "Ooohh, god, so good!" he added. He had her hips in his hands as if to guide her pace, but it was obvious to him that she was in charge.

Cynthia leaned forward and let her heavy breasts swing in his face. Miguel found her c-cups with his hands, and then pulled a thick nipple into his mouth as she continued to rock on his lap. "That's it. Suck that nipple, baby," she sighed. She sat upright and Miguel followed until he was seated in the sand, his mouth still attached to her right tit while she rode his cock steadily.

After a few moments, Miguel fell back and Cynthia planted her feet into the sand to either side of his hips. She reached back and in a crab-like pose, began to work her cunt up and down his cock, giving him a wide-open view of her pussy gobbling up his dick. She stopped and began to run her pussy fore and back, stirring him within her juices. Miguel reached between her thighs and began to run her clit with his thumb. Her pussy twitched around his shaft and leaked a bit more cream. She returned to fucking herself upon his prick, in complete control as well as enjoying every inch her Latin lover had for her.

Cynthia's thighs began to burn from the exertion and she looked down into Miguel's eyes, seeing anticipation and exhilaration in them. "Take me from behind," she told him.

"It will be my pleasure!" Miguel excitedly announced. Cynthia eased herself from his manhood, momentarily joined by a long strand of creamy girl-goo that dripped from her gaping hole to the tip of his prick. She went to her hands and knees beside him, and Miguel moved like a man on fire to take up position behind her raised, ample ass. His hands grabbed hold and pulled her back to him. His slickened cock pushed back inside her warm grip with ease to the very root, until his heavy balls pressed against Cynthia's hard clit.

"Now fuck me, you bastard!" Cynthia demanded over her shoulder. "Fuck me like you mean it!"

With a powerful forward thrust, Miguel buried himself to the root within Cynthia's damp and eager cunt. "Ohhh, fuck!" she groaned. "Yeeaahhh!" he roared triumphantly. Miguel's fingers dug into her ass flesh and he began to drive hard and deep into her, taking her in the eternal, primal fashion.

Cynthia's hands dug furrows in the wet sand as Miguel rocked her on his cock. Her mouth hung open, her breasts hung below, and her clit sparked with every slap of his scrotum. Her orgasm was very close within seconds. She fucked back against him, meeting his thrusts with her own. The breeze picked up and the tickle of sand drying across her back fought for her attention, but Cynthia was concentrating entirely on the pulsing of Miguel's powerful young cock working her over. She looked back at his fine Latino features and saw his face screwed up tight, fighting for control. Still he pummeled her with long, deep strokes.

Miguel suddenly stopped thrusting and bent forward. He reached beneath her and cupped he left breast in one hand while planting a series of kisses across her shoulders. His cock throbbed within her but refrained from spilling its thick cream. Cynthia wagged her butt but let her young lover regain what little control he had left. She turned her face to his and they kissed, however awkwardly, for a handful of seconds before she began to rock on his post once again. Miguel, huffing for breath, pushed up and as Cynthia fucked herself upon him, he began to return the favor.

"Aaahh! Aahh! Aahh!" Cynthia groaned as Miguel's manhood sent her pussy into a quivering climax. She tossed her head back and howled, "Ooooohhhhhh!" while working her hips side to side and up and down, getting his piston to slam against every inch of her hot interior walls. Her entire body vibrated as Miguel rushed towards his own release.

"Oooohhh, Goooddddd! Uuunnngggghhhhh!" Miguel suddenly growled. His fingers dug in deeper to her hip flesh while he pushed his pulsing, spitting cock head hard against her cervix. White hot cum splashed her inner depths as he released his load into her welcoming vagina.

Cynthia reached between her thighs and grabbed hold of his hanging balls. She squeezed and felt them throb with every jet of semen into her. She rolled them in her fingers until he slipped out of her, spent. She caught Miguel's spent rod and found it coated with her cream and his. She rubbed the mess across her belly as Miguel dropped to his ass in the sand behind her. Cynthia rolled onto her side and looked back at her young lover, a wide grin on her face matching his.

"Well, that was an unexpected pleasure," she told him. "I don't usually come out here looking to get laid."

Miguel shrugged. "I don't usually come out here at all. But I saw you and had to stop."

Cynthia moved to him and cupped his chin in a hand. "Well, I for one am glad you did." She kissed him briefly. "I wouldn't mind getting to know you a little better, Miguel."

"Even better than this?" he asked with abroad smile.

Cynthia replied by lowering her mouth to his spent cock and giving it a lengthy, open-mouth kiss. She cleaned it of their combined creams and then returned to kiss him. Miguel welcomed her sticky lips to his. She had hoped he would. When their mouths had parted, Cynthia said, "I would like to see you again, in a more private setting." She retrieved he cell phone from her carry-all and handed it to him. "Put in your phone number. I'll give you a call this evening. Let's see if we can work something out, shall we?"

Miguel did as asked, and recognized that he was also being dismissed. "I look forward to getting to know you, Dr. Price."

"Cynthia, Miguel. After all, we've just made love on the beach. I think that puts us on a first-name basis."

"Cynthia, it is." Miguel stood up and looked towards the spot where he'd left his jet ski. He saw another figure, obviously a man, further from the shore towards the rocky peak of the spur. He had a large hat on and was sitting on a large boulder, watching them. "I think we've got company."

Cynthia turned and gave the figure a look. "It is a public beach, Miguel. Voyeurs are to be expected if you want to fuck in the sand." Still, Cynthia didn't like to be watched by unknown, uninvited individuals.

"I've got to get going. I work tonight." Miguel leaned in and gave her a brief kiss on the forehead. "I will be available after ten tonight, if you'd like."

Cynthia, still looking towards the observer, replied, "We'll see, Miguel." When she looked back at her Latin lover, he was already jogging slowly down the beach towards his jet ski. She watched him until he had pulled on is shorts and climbed aboard. As Miguel roared away towards the point and the inlet to the bay, he waved and she returned it.

Cynthia lay for a few minutes after Miguel had left her in the sand, the trickle of Miguel's semen still leaking from her slot washing a bit of the sand from her crotch. Reluctantly but necessarily, Cynthia went back into the surf to wash off, both the sand and the semen from her body. She knelt down and splashed the warm Pacific water across her shoulders and breasts, both in need of a fresh coating of sun screen lotion.

"That was a very good show, Dr. Price!" Cynthia turned towards the voice and saw the older man walking her way. He was very familiar to her. Kurt Steiner said, "It's too bad I missed the first act, as it were," as he walked through the surf towards her. His Bavarian accent was just a little thicker than she remembered from around campus that morning. The tall beach umbrella sticking up from the shoulder back slung over his shoulder and the large brimmed safari hat he wore were the only things Cynthia noticed, other than the length of his flaccid penis as it swung with each step. She'd heard that the Art History instructor was gifted, and the rumors were correct.

"So, Professor Steiner. How long have you been out here?" Cynthia stood up and made her way onto the beach. Kurt diverted and joined her at the point where she'd left her belongings.

"Just long enough to hear our Good Lord's name used in the most sinfully enjoyable manner," he grinned. Kurt was a self-declared lady's man, and yet never seemed to want for a date. Cynthia knew his story well, although not personally. Kurt had a reputation about campus, one that seemed to match her own at times. She knew that he was often seen with Gloria Van Winkle, or one of her sisters-in-law, yet he didn't limit himself to that trio of promiscuous older ladies. Kurt seemed to have a wide range of women at his beck and call, from young students to the most mature of the faculty. Cynthia knew him to be in his mid-fifties, though at times he could act older or younger. It all depended on the situation, she guessed.

Cynthia dropped to her knees in the sand and retrieved her bottle of lotion. "May I be of assistance?" Kurt offered. He, too, knelt down, and before she could answer either way, he had taken the bottle from her and was pouring the creamy lotion into his hand.

"Thank, you," she uttered as he began to work her shoulders. He not only lotioned her up, but began to work her muscles with a gentle massage as well. It felt very good to her and she sighed, relaxing just a little, under his spell.

"My pleasure, young lady," he replied. "Your flesh is awfully hot. You may be on the verge of burning."

"I can feel it," she replied. "I was just about to head out, in fact."

"Nonsense!" Kurt exclaimed. "The day is just beginning. We've the entire beach to ourselves, it would seem. Surly you haven't a thing on your docket this afternoon. Allow me." Kurt retrieved his shoulder bag and pulled the umbrella from the side pouch. He popped it open and majestically stuck it into the sand, tilting it to provide shade for Cynthia where she knelt.

"That should protect you for a while," he grinned as he next retrieved a bottle chiller pouch from the bag, along with two sturdy glasses.

"The umbrella will protect me from the sun," Cynthia smiled sarcastically. "But what will protect me from you, Prof. Steiner?"

Kurt popped the cork on the bottle, a champagne she noted, and he replied to her accusation with a with a hearty laugh, even as he poured the two glasses full of champagne. She accepted hers when offered.

Cynthia took a sip, watching his eyes with hers. His remained on hers, without roaming across her naked body. She liked that. "I don't usually go for public displays of sex," she informed him.

"No, I should think not," he grinned. "Usually, you enjoy a young stud of Miguel's caliber in the confines of your office, or your home." Kurt tipped his glass to her and drank. Before she could reply, he added smugly, "Oh, my dear Dr. Price. It's well known about campus, at least in the knowing circles, how you gather the information you use for your papers. After all, what sociologist doesn't perform experiments with living, breathing, and sometimes grunting, subjects?" Again, he grinned.

"I don't think I like your tone, Dr. Steiner," Cynthia said. "How I choose to live my life is my business. What I do with my experiences, again, is my business."

Kurt laughed and waved a hand in surrender. "Please, child, don't get me wrong. I absolutely adore you and your work. I want nothing more than to wish you the best in all of your endeavors." Neither spoke for a few moments. Kurt drained his glass, and Cynthia followed suit a moment later. With a glace towards the sea, Kurt asked, "Would you like to go for a swim?"

It wasn't what Cynthia had been expecting. "Why not?" she replied after a moment. They danced across the heating sands into the surf and waded in until they were shoulder deep. Both Kurt and Cynthia then swam along the shore, never going too far out. They let the waves push them back to the shore, and then rode the current back out, enjoying the sun and surf for nearly an hour. Their conversations ran along the lines of their work, the university, and the upcoming school year. Although both were totally nude, standing before each other at times, Cynthia grew quite comfortable with her older colleague. His eyes didn't seem to linger on her breasts, or pubic region, overly long. In fact, she felt her own lingering on his magnificent manhood much more than she liked, even though she liked what she saw.

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