tagLesbian SexThe Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 53

The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 53


Chapter 53

Indigo's Tales -- Part 2

The afternoon was bright, though there was a cloud cover that sent shadows rolling slowly across the rolling hills of Crown Ridge Cemetery. The gathering around the open grave included dozens of nurses from University Hospital who had taken the afternoon to pay their respects to Valerie Seeburg, who had died a week earlier of a heart attack while at home.

Towards the back of the crowd stood Indigo Gibbs, who at 6'3" stood a head taller than most of those gathered. She wore a sleeveless black dress that ended just below her knees and black leather calf-boots. Indigo stood alongside Andrea Jarvis, one of the very few African-American nurses that also worked at University Hospital. Andrea also wore black, though she wore a short-sleeved blouse with grey accents and matching knee-length shorts. Andrea wore comfortable black flats as well, though she was not a tall woman. Andrea was just much more comfortable in flat slip-on shoes and had a habit of kicking them off when she wasn't moving. As they stood listening to the pastor speak, Andrea had one foot out of her shoe and lifted behind her leg.

From their distance at the back of the crowd and the occasional gusts of wind, Indigo heard very little of what was said by the old pastor, Father James, who also worked at University Hospital. Around her, she recognized other nurses, both male and female, from the hospital, and a few she knew that tended the clinics. Valerie was a well-known and well-liked woman in the community, and the grave-side gathering was indicative of that love and admiration. Indigo saw Valerie's sons standing at the far side of the grave. Peter, her youngest, stood hand in hand with his fiancé, Dr. Zarine Chopra, a Neurologist at the hospital who was a dozen years his senior. Beside them stood his two half-brothers, Jack and Jake Miller, sons of Valerie's first husband, who was also in attendance with his latest wife. Dr. Henry Miller was a pathologist living and working in Portland now, and Indigo had known the man for some time, though only recently learned that he had been Valerie's first husband. His sons were both only known to her from stories Valerie would tell at lunchtime, where she would often brag about them and their careers in the military. Jack, the oldest, was a Coast Guard officer and helicopter pilot. Jake, the younger, was an Army Surgeon based in Germany at present. Both stood proud near their father in their uniforms. Both were very handsome, Indigo thought, though neither had a woman with them.

"I wonder if anyone's even working this afternoon," Andrea whispered from beside her. Indigo turned her attention away from looking at Valerie's family and to the woman who stood beside her, holding her hand. Most of their colleagues knew that Andrea was a lesbian and the 40-year-old nurse was very open about it. On the other hand, very few knew that Indigo, a widow and mother, was also leaning towards that life-style since her husband's passing.

"For a woman who seemed to not have much of a social life, she sure did have a lot of friends," Indigo observed. She took notice of several nurses she knew, including Rebecca Thomas and young Jennifer Cooper. She also noticed Dr. Katherine Heron, the new head of the Radiology Department, and Ishani Kalita from her own records department. She had been unaware that her co-worker had known Valerie at all. There were also several men and women she didn't know. All in all, there were close to a hundred in attendance at the funeral.

The ceremony ended and Dr. Miller asked for those wishing to attend, refreshments would be served in the pavilion near-by. Most of those gathered did make their way to the shelter, Indigo and Andrea among them. With a small plate of finger foods and a drink in hand, Indigo led Andrea to a table near the corner and they settled in. The drone of conversation began to pick up as more of the attendees relaxed. Funerals had a way of bringing people together to talk, and this one was no exception.

Andrea lightly touched to back of Indigo's hand to get her attention. "You know, Valerie was beginning to change her life."

"What do you mean?" Indigo asked.

Andrea paused and gave those near-by a casual glance before continuing. "From what I understand, she used to be a very up-tight and conservative woman. Recently, though, she had started letting loose and enjoying herself more."

Indigo was intrigued by her friend's hinting. "What do you mean? Was she becoming a late-life-lesbian, like us?"

Andrea laughed. "Who you calling "Late-Life"? Besides you, I don't know of anyone who hasn't been a lesbian around here since "early-life". But to answer, no, I don't think that was it." Andrea sipped at the generic cola the funeral home had provided before adding, "That don't mean she wasn't experimenting. I know that first hand, as a matter of fact."

"Are you telling me that you slept with Valerie?" Indigo asked with astonishment. Valerie had been quite a bit older than Andrea, who was only just into her forties.

"Not really slept with, if you know what I mean." Andrea took another drink of cola while again giving those near-by a glance. "Maybe we shouldn't talk about this stuff here. I don't think she'd want it to get around. Only a few of us knew her kinky side."

Again, Indigo chuckled at her friend's words. "I can't believe Valerie had a kinky side," she said. "I think I'd have heard about it."

"The only way I found out was through Peter," Andrea admitted. She and Peter Seeburg had worked together for most of his internship in the ER, Indigo recalled.

"You're getting me seriously interested," Indigo admitted. "Let's take a walk among the tombstones."

Outside the pavilion, Indigo and Andrea again took hands as they walked up the path towards the older section of the cemetery. Crown Ridge was the oldest cemetery in Regal Bay, and quite possibly in the entire country, and with the many hundreds of trees that lined the walkways as well as being scattered out across the plot sections, it was always a favorite place for people to enjoy a quiet walk, especially when the sun was high and hot, as it was that afternoon. As they walked, they didn't see anyone else, so Andrea felt free to relate to Indigo what she knew about Valerie Seeburg's secret life.

"Peter and I have been friends since he started as an intern," she began. "Maybe three years now. Anyways, he and I got along pretty good from the start, and it didn't take me long to figure out why, either. Peter likes the older women."

"Given his current fiancé," Indigo added, "I'm not surprised."

"That's right. Dr. Chopra is probably eleven or twelve years older than him. Before that, he was playing around with other older nurses. I heard he might have been with a couple of his teachers in high school at one time or another, too. Besides the point. We were talking about Valerie."

Andrea paused as an old man stepped onto the path ahead of them and headed back down the hill towards the pavilion and the parking lot beyond. They nodded and said good afternoon in passing. "From what Peter told me over coffee one afternoon was that he had been sleeping with his own mother, and she didn't know anything about it."

"What?" Indigo gasped. "How could she not know?"

"He told me that he found some of his mom's romance novels after they moved into an apartment, sometime after his dad left them. This was years ago, he said." Andrea pulled out a pack of Kool's and lit one before continuing. Indigo, she already knew, didn't smoke. "Any way, Peter told me that he became fascinated by the stuff she was reading, and since his dad left her, she hadn't been happy, or going out with anyone. Eventually, he started thinking about ways to make his mom happy."

"Like any good son should," Indigo added.

"Exactly! But, unlike every other good son, Peter was finding ways to peep on his mother, when she bathed or was in her room changing. He told me that try as he did, he never caught her masturbating, and didn't think she even did it."

"Bullshit!" Indigo laughed. "We all do it! Especially if we're not getting it anywhere else."

"From what Peter told me," Andrea replied, "she would sit for hours reading her Harlequin Romances and never once touch herself."

"So, where is this going?" They had come to the end of the path and were turning around to head back the way they had come.

"So Peter figures out that his mom is really enjoying the books, but doesn't know how to really pleasure herself," Andrea said. "One afternoon while she was at work, he said, he found the book she had just finished and read through it. He then decided to reenact one of the scenes from the book that would still be fresh in his mother's mind."

"What did he do?" Indigo asked.

"Well, he left a message for her that he'd be out with a friend all night and that she'd be home alone. Instead, he hid in his closet and waited until she was coming out of the shower. He basically reenacted a semi-rape scene from the book."

"So, what he really did was rape his mother?"

"Not according to him. What he did was he told her to lay down and he massaged her, and then masturbated her, all with a mask covering her eyes so she wouldn't know it was him. He said he made her cum with his fingers. He then gave her instructions about how next he wanted her, two nights later, just like one of the characters from the book had. On that night, he did have sex with her, he said, again with her blindfolded and not knowing it was him."

"How could she not know it was her own son?"

Andrea laughed. "He said she figured it out pretty quick, after about three or four times. She let his name slip one time, he said, when he was fucking her through an orgasm."

"Wow," Indigo replied. "So where do you come in? I mean, why did he tell you all of this."

"Peter started going through more of her books and tried to recreate more and more of the ones he thought his mother might like best." Andrea crushed out her cigarette as they passed the pavilion. She started up another walkway, towards the most recent addition to the cemetery. There were more people about now, so she had to break off her story once in a while as they went.

"One thing he thought she might like was to be taken by others, people she wouldn't see."

Indigo picked up what Andrea was leading to. "So he asked you to join in?"

"Kind of," she replied. "He had her go up to one of the vacant rooms up on the fourth floor and wait naked on a bed. We came in after Peter had blindfolded her and tied her to the bed."

"We? Who else was there?" Indigo asked.

"Well, Peter wanted his mother to experience something of a bondage scene, and asked me to play the part of a lusty lesbian. Dr. Chopra was there, too. They had only just started dating. And after a while Rodney Steele joined in as well."

"You mean Officer Steele, the cop?"

"I guess he and Peter are friends from high school or something."

Indigo was trying to imagine what that big, strong, and very handsome cop looked like naked. He had been a rookie ride-along with her late husband before he died, and Indigo had met him on a couple of occasions. He was one of the few men in Regal Bay that could still catch her eye. There was just something about strong-bodied white cops that made her pussy twitch. Them, and hot bodied women like Andrea.

Andrea had continued her story. "So I get up there when Peter had asked, and we go in to find Valerie on the bed, strapped down. Peter doesn't want any of us to talk. He's already got everything he wants us to do to his mom planned out and has already told us. He had little 3x5 cards just in case."

"That's funny," Indigo giggled.

"So, I get the top half and Dr. Chopra gets the bottom," Andrea relates. "Peter never did fuck her, not while we were in there. He wanted me to kiss her and play with her tits, and then, when Dr. Chopra was eating her out..."

"No way!" Indigo gasped. "I didn't think she swung both ways."

"I think for Peter she's up for anything," Andrea shrugged. "At least, she looked like she knew what she was doing then, eating Valerie out until she was huffing through an orgasm! Anyway, Peter wanted me to sit on her face, and I did, and I guess it was the first time Valerie had ever done that, lick a pussy I mean, because she wasn't very good. She did get better, since I wasn't really giving her any choice."

"Did she get you off?"

"I don't know if it was her or just the entire scene that got me off, but yes, I did cum on her face. It was actually pretty intense, too."

"I'd like to have seen that," Indigo sighed.

"Would have joined in?" Andrea asked.

Indigo paused before answering, "I don't think so. I'm really not all that into the whole bondage-rape thing."

"Anyway, after I got off and Valerie got off with Dr. Chopra eating her out...Peter was fucking her as she ate his mom out, by the way...Officer Steele showed up. He pulled out this big, fat dick, it had to be ten inches long, and proceeded to slide that thing right into her. The way she was huffing and puffing got me off o her mouth again! Well, he fucked her good, through at least one more orgasm, before he left. I don't know if he shot off in her or not. I'm guessing he did. By that time, we were all pretty spent I think, and Peter ushered us out to be alone with Valerie for a while."

Indigo was fascinated by Andrea's story. She had never been involved in anything so wild and kinky as a bondage session. She had never imagined that such things took place in such a quiet city as Regal Bay. Indigo had thought that the wildest things in this city were the summer afternoons out on Hayes Beach, where adults ran around fully in the nude. She hadn't gotten up the nerve to venture out to that beach on the bay's southern spur in all of her years in Regal Bay. Hell, the wildest thing she'd been involved in was the lesbian orgy Elena Adamson had thrown for a young lover of hers back in June. Since then, Indigo's sex life had gone right back to the ordinary for any middle-aged late-life lesbian; one night stands with like-minded ladies.

Indigo stopped and Andrea turned to look at her. "Andrea, not that I'm being too forward, but I'd like to invite you to my place." Indigo was nervous, as if asking for a first date. She had taken the younger woman's hand in hers earlier and now stroked the back of it with her free hand. She met Andrea's deep brown eyes with her own. "I'd like to spend some time with you, to get to know you better. And I'd like to start something with you that we both might enjoy for a while."

Andrea liked what she was hearing. She had wanted to get to know Indigo better since learning that the older woman had an interest in woman. Andrea had never usually been one to be shy about coming on to other woman, and yet with Indigo she'd always found herself holding back. And now she was the one on the receiving end of the advance. "I'd like that," Andrea finally replied, with a nod added. She could feel her wide mouth spread into a wide smile. "I'd like to get to know you better, too, Indigo. You don't know how long I've wanted to," she added with something just short of a giggle. She was a forty-year-old nurse, and yet felt suddenly like a teen-aged student once again. Andrea didn't see Indigo as an older woman, however. She saw her as she once viewed the older students in school, with lust and desire. She wanted Indigo in bed as soon as she could get her there.

They walked for a while, towards the parking lot Andrea noticed. Her heart was racing in her chest. She'd never dreamed of getting picked up at a funeral, but now she was, it seemed, and by a woman she'd admired for some time.

"Did you drive?" Indigo asked her as they neared the rows of parked cars, but it took Andrea a second to reply that she did. Indigo gave Andrea her address and said, "I'm headed straight home. If you'd like to join me, I'll leave the front door unlocked. Just come on in and make yourself comfortable."

"Okay, then," Andrea replied. "I guess I'll see you in a bit."

Indigo surprised her further by leaning in and delivering a soft, light kiss upon her lips before turning away. As she went, Andrea watched Indigo's round ass globes rock and sway beneath the material of her black dress. Andrea wanted nothing more in that moment than to see that ass naked, and soon, if all went as she hoped, she would be.


Indigo felt her heart racing in her chest. This was a first for her, inviting a woman she worked with and had known for some time home with her. It had been plane to her that Andrea was attracted to her, and she had felt the same thing. Yet it was different somehow.

Indigo had a couple of young lovers, Janet Kuykendall in particular, but Janet had a live-in girl-friend of her own, and only visited Indigo when she was looking to satisfy her "mommy-issues", as Janet referred to their affair. And Indigo had a friend, Elena Adamson, who was more of her own age, with whom she shared the occasional fling. But since she lost her husband, Indigo hadn't been in any serious relationships, with either a man or a woman. Andrea, however, might fill that void for her. She hoped so.

Indigo was coming down the stairs from the second floor of her brownstone condominium when Andrea walked through the front door. The sight of her caramel-colored face turning up to look at her as she descended made her heart skip a beat. In that moment, Indigo felt the pang of something more than affection, something she wasn't quite sure she was ready to admit.

"I see you found the place easy enough," Indigo said with a smile as she reached the ground floor. She reached out and took Andrea's hands in hers before giving her a light peck on the cheek.

"I've never been out here," Andrea admitted as she looked around the open living space that was the first floor of Indigo's home. "This is fantastic!"

Indigo laughed. "This," she waved her arm in an encompassing gesture, "is costing me a fortune. I'm just glad the hospital pays well enough, otherwise I'd have to move out."

Andrea took in the furnishings as well as the view out the back, through the kitchen past the dining area. "I wish I could afford to live in a place like this."

"So do I!" Indigo replied. "If it hadn't been for the huge life insurance policy Rick had taken out, I'd have had to given the place up long ago. And with my children on their own, they have their own lives to worry about." She stepped up and casually took Andrea's hand in hers. "I've been thinking about selling the place, anyway. I'm thinking about moving closer to the hospital, maybe get a real house in North Bay."

"I live in North Bay," Andrea said. "You don't want to move out there. Maybe Forest Terrace." Forest Terrace was a newer addition near the mall, a few miles further from the town center.

"I don't know. I like living near the coast. I can always walk to the beaches from here," Indigo replied. "Would you like something to drink?"

Andrea followed her host to the kitchen. "Whatever you're having would be nice, I'm sure."

"Then red wine it is!" Indigo pulled a bottle from the refrigerator and two glasses from the overhead shelf. As she poured, she asked, "Would you like to sit outside, or in here?"

"It's getting hot outside," Andrea shrugged, accepting her glass. "Inside would be better." Indigo guided her towards the front room once again, and they settled into the deep brushed leather sofa.

After a moment's pause, Indigo said, "I'm glad you came, Andrea. I've been hoping we could spend some time together. Maybe get to know each other."

Even for her age, Andrea seemed to look so much younger in that moment. Her grin was self-conscious even as she looked away from Indigo. "I've admired you for a while," she said. "I never thought that you might be gay. I never even considered hitting on you, not until we were at the viewing the other night."

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