tagIncest/TabooThe Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 58

The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 58


Chapter 58

Heather's Tales -- Part 3

It was becoming harder for Heather to keep her past out of her current life. That became all too obvious Sunday when she had dropped off a load of clean clothing in her son's apartment above the garage. It wasn't that she was prying, either. Heather always gave her son's room a quick once over when she dropped off his laundry. Usually she picked up dirty clothing or retrieved dishes. She wasn't his house-keeper, and didn't hound him about keeping his rooms neat and tidy. But she was his mother and tended to look in on him and his well-being. Nothing wrong with that. However, the DVD she found sitting on the desk he used as an entertainment center had grabbed her attention. The title was all too familiar to her. It was one of hers. One of the movies she had made during her career in the porn industry. And it wasn't a purchased copy, either. It was a rental. Which means that the video store must have several copies, if not of only this one but quite possibly of many of her movies, she realized as she held the disc. It wasn't that she was ashamed of what she had done, but she didn't need the aggravations that came along with that history, not now, not in Regal Bay, where she was hoping to live a normal, peaceful life. Then again, what was normal about having a married woman for a girl-friend, screwing around with half of her real estate clients, not to mention a few of those who do work for her. Hell, she often wondered if she was getting more sex now than she ever did in Hollywood.

Heather sat on the edge of Andy's bed with the DVD in her hand; Heather and the High Plains Hunks was the title. It had been a knock-off of Clint Eastwood's High Plains Drifter obviously, with Heather as "The Woman with no Name", saving the townsfolk from three bandits by fucking them silly and then locking them away. Along the way, she also beds the mayor and his wife, a midget sheriff, the local madam and her best whore (in a lesbian scene that won her an award that year for best girl on girl scene), and a four way with three of the town's grateful merchants to end the movie. It had been one of the first movies she had done that carried her name in the title. It was also the first that she had begun to make any significant money on the sales of, having renegotiated her contract prior. Just one of seventeen she had made with her name in the title, which included the Heather's Honeymoon trilogy as well as Heather Does the President and Heather Does Congress. The planned Heather Does the Supreme Court sadly never got made, however, and shortly thereafter Heather McCoy left the business.

Pushing those memories aside, the domesticated Heather McCoy, real estate agent, gave her cell phone a check, noted the time and that she had no messages, and started for the door. She no sooner reached for the knob than the door pulled open and Andy walked in.

"Shit! Mom!" he barked, startled at her being just beyond his door. "What the hell? You about gave me a heart attack."

"I brought your clean clothes up," she told him. She looked at the DVD still in her hand and said, "I discovered this sitting on your desk." She handed it to Andy with a hint of a grin on her face. "I don't need to ask, do I? And I'm sure you have questions. What I want to know is how long have you known?"

Andy pushed past his mother into his garage-attic apartment. "This isn't fair, you know. We agreed that you wouldn't pry into my life, especially going through my stuff up here." Andy went to the desk and quickly opened and then closed a couple of the drawers. Next, he checked the computer, to see if she had gotten into it. Heather hadn't even thought about that, not until she saw him check it.

"I wasn't prying, Andy," she defended. "It was sitting out, and how could I not recognize it?" She came up to stand behind him, and Andy quickly shut the computer screen off and turned to face her.

"It's my private life, my privacy. And we agreed you wouldn't do this." Andy again pushed past her, headed for the small kitchenette where he pulled a soda from the refrigerator. He didn't offer her one. "I have my life and you have yours," he added before gulping some of the Mountain Dew down. "I pay you rent to live here, remember."

"I know you do," she agreed. "And it would seem that you know more about my life now than I do of yours," she said. Heather tried to assure her son, "Nothing has changed, Andy. There's absolutely nothing was wrong with your watching porn in the privacy of your own place. Most young men your age do it, I know." He seemed to blush a little, though he wasn't facing her. "It is just that if you're watching porn starring your own mother, that bothers me," she added. And if it wasn't for the fact that Heather was equally aware of his voyeurism, of his watching her with Quinn and quite possibly others she brought home on occasion, she might have been able to overlook it. Instead, she wondered if it wasn't so much the porn but watching her that was exciting her son.

"Mom, would you just please, get out," Andy growled.

"I want to talk about this with you, Andy," she pleaded, but he wasn't having any of it. Andy didn't respond, other than to glare angrily at her. Feeling the icy glare of her son, Heather nodded. "I'll leave you alone."

Heather left her son's apartment and headed down the stairs quickly. She pushed on through the side door into the house and went to the kitchen where she poured herself a glass of wine. It was Sunday afternoon, and even though she had little to do, she wanted to get out of the house, away from her son, and think. The weather was nice and the sun warm, so she grabbed up her beach bag and headed out.

After enjoying a long afternoon under the early autumn sun, Heather stopped in at a couple of the boardwalk shops. It was the last weekend that many would be open, with the beachfront getting used less as the days cooled more. Heather talked with a couple of her friends that she ran into, but nothing personal. They weren't that close of friends. She didn't return home until it was getting dark. She went straight up to her bedroom, hoping to avoid her son. After a quick shower, Heather made herself a light dinner and settled into the deep sofa to watch an episode of NCIS-Los Angeles. She enjoyed the show, having a personal connection with LL Cool Jay from years ago. Watching him often made her recall those years of her life, when she ran with real actors and actresses across Hollywood. She knew that had she only slept with the right agents or producers, she might have taken a different path and become a star. With those regrets again dancing lightly in her mind, Heather went to bed shortly before midnight.

Monday morning was busy, with several clients to meet, including one well out towards Hanover, a small interstate exit town a half an hour drive out of Regal Bay that Frank Vaughn had managed to pick up a listing in. Heather kept her mind on her work, and by day's end she had completed one sale that had been pending, and got two others well on the way. All in all, it had been a profitable Monday for her.

Twice during the day, she had texted her son, first to ask if he planned to have dinner with her that evening, as was their usual custom for Mondays, and then to remind him to call the dentist and make an appointment to have his recently chipped tooth checked. The realization that she was a mature mother, with a sexually active young man for a son, weighed heavily on her as she drove home that evening. More than once that day she wanted to give Quinn Vincent, or Cynthia Price, a call. She needed to get an opinion on her Andy-issue. Instead, she kept it to herself, at least until she had a talk with her son.

Andy wasn't home when she arrived, his Jetta not parked in its usual spot, and Heather headed in. After a quick shower, Heather pulled on her running shorts and a "Love Pink" hoody sweater. She had a stack of towels and washcloths for Andy in the laundry room that needed to be delivered to his bathroom. Pausing with the stack in hand, she shrugged and headed for the garage.

Andy's door was locked, as it nearly always was, but the spare key was where it should be and Heather let herself in. She put away the towels in his small bathroom and started out when she noticed the cover on a magazine tucked onto a shelf above the toilet. She pulled it free and read "Nudist Retreat -- Monthly". It was bend and creased, and looked well read. The cover depicted three individuals, all completely naked standing in a sun-lit meadow. They could easily be a family, the older couple with a younger woman standing between them. They looked like mother-father-daughter, and the caption below their sandaled feet read "Welcome; the Jacobson Family". Heather flipped through, noting that much of the magazine was pictures taken of people of various ages, mostly naked, playing at a nature camp in the woods somewhere. Mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, all naked and unashamed. Ages could easily have ranged from mid to late teens, up to late seventies for some.

"Where the hell did he pick this up?" Heather looked the cover over, and then opened it to the inside front page. "And where in the world is this place?" Heather muttered as she returned to the cover. It didn't say where, although the inside cover did mention a web-site "For more information". She also took note of the date of the magazine. It was nearly two years old. "Where did you get this from, I wonder? And why?" she asked the empty room. She started to replace the magazine but changed her mind. Instead, she rolled it up and took it with her back to the house. It very well could be the key she needed to unlock her son's guarded shell.

Andy arrived at home shortly before seven, and informed his mother that he had had to run a couple of errands after work. Without bringing up her discovery, Heather and Andy had a quiet dinner of spaghetti and garlic bread. She had white wine. He had his usual Mountain Dew. They talked little other than asking about the other's day at work. Andy had decided to take a semester off from school after his freshman year at Regal Bay University and was working as a grounds keeper's assistant at the resort. He needed a shower after a long day of mowing and trimming, but with dinner ready when he came in, he put it off until after.

As Andy put his dishes on the counter by the sink, Heather asked, "After you get cleaned up, would you come down to the den? I want to talk to you about some things."

Andy huffed. "Why not talk about it now? Or over dinner? I might have plans for this evening, if you'd have asked."

Heather was hurt. "It's nothing important, so don't rush or anything. We just haven't talked in a while." Heather added her plate to his on the counter. "It's not a mother to son talk, either. Nothing to be worried about."

Andy still was reluctant. "I had planned to meet up with Tim and Johnny, tonight. Maybe go out to the mall." he told her. "Let's talk tomorrow, after work." Andy and started for the door, but hesitated. Over his shoulder, he asked, "Besides, I thought you had your own plans. Wasn't Quinn coming over?" He had a sly grin on his face, Heather noted.

"Quinn has plans with her husband, I'm afraid. We won't be playing Yahtzee tonight." Heather thought she saw a flicker of disappointment in her son's soft blue eyes. Yahtzee, the dice game, had been the usual cover story when she and Quinn first started getting together. In fact, their sexual relationship began after an evening of Yahtzee, and wine. Now, their evenings started out with the game, though they seldom completed a set before they would end up in Heather's bedroom. Obviously, Andy was aware of this. Heather grinned at the thought of her son keeping such close tabs on her sexual habits.

"Just come on down before you leave, okay? I won't keep you long. I'll be watching TV, or maybe a movie." She hoped that her son picked up on the hint about the movie. Maybe he had. The look on his face when he replied, "We'll see," as he pushed on through the door, made her wonder if he would.

Heather had only been in the basement den a little over twenty minutes before Andy came bounding down the carpeted stairs. She noticed that he was wearing jogging shorts and a t-shirt, much as she was. He didn't appear to be heading out to meet up with his friends. Instead, he looked as if he was ready to spend the evening in.

"I thought you were going out?" she asked him.

"Johnny called," Andy told her. "His mother wanted him to help her go shopping." Johnny's father, Heather knew, was wheel-chair bound, and Johnny was their only child. Heather knew Pamela and George Walker, having been their real estate agent when they looked for a larger home, some years back. She still tried to keep in touch with Pamela, from time to time.

Heather had toyed with the idea of putting on one of her porn movies, but instead she had music on when Andy joined her. Heather enjoyed jazz and blues, and the recent Joe Bonamassa album, Different Shades of Blue, was playing. The only light on was the reading lamp beside the sofa, where she sat. Beside her, she had the magazine that she had found earlier, face-down on the cushion.

"Why don't you fix us a couple of drinks, Andy," Heather told her son when he came in. The basement den also doubled as a guest room, and had a small wet bar. Andy, even though only 20 years old, knew what his mother enjoyed and how to make it. He also recognized that she was allowing him a drink as well. He looked over at his mother, seated in the middle of the pull-out sofa with a magazine in her hands.

"What's so important, Mom?" Andy asked with growing interest. He went to the bar and pulled out the Malibu rum and made both his mother and himself a rum and coke on the rocks. "Why are we down here? What can be so important that it couldn't be talked about over dinner?" Andy knew his mother was a top realtor in the area, and being successful in the business might have opened doors to a better job. Maybe one nearer a major city. Andy enjoyed Regal Bay, and its sinful perks, but he still had a desire to get away and see what life in the big cities was all about. He carried their drinks over and handed hers to her before taking a seat in the beat-up leather recliner nearby.

"I wanted to talk to you," she replied after a sip of her drink. "Why don't you sit with me?" she asked, patting the sofa cushion close beside her. Andy hesitated, and then moved to the sofa as requested. It was then that he noticed the magazine his mother held. It was the nudist magazine from his bathroom, which Tim had given him some time back. It was filled with stories and pictures from around the world depicting groups hanging out, enjoying themselves, and in some cases making out, all in the nude. And it wasn't just couples, but entire families as well, with some of the children obviously in their early teens. It was a magazine that Andy was well acquainted with, having spent many hours in his room jacking his dick as he looked through it at the dozens of naked girls and women.

Trying to ignore the discovery, Andy asked, "What's wrong?", still wondering why his mother had asked him down, and hoping it wasn't to discuss the magazine, or anything else she might have found in his room.

"Nothing's wrong, silly," Heather laughed, adding a pat to Andy's thigh as she said it. Still, she held the magazine, now open in her lap. "What do you think about this?" she asked. "I mean, all of these people hanging out together, naked as the day they were born. Would you enjoy something like this?" She didn't mention where she had found it, or why he had it in the first place.

Wanting to sound as relaxed and casual as she did, Andy replied after taking a quick gulp of his drink. "I don't know. I don't think I could walk around all day like that. I'd get embarrassed."

"You mean you'd get hard!" Heather laughed. Again, she patted his thigh. "I don't blame you there, though. I think I'd be horny as well. I mean, look at all of these cocks! I can't figure out why nobody has an erection, what with all of these naked broads walking around. I can tell you this; most men I've known would be rock hard and throbbing, looking at these hot naked young girls. I know I would be dripping seeing all of those young studs walking around."

"Um, mom," Andy murmured. "I'm really uncomfortable right now."

"Why, Andy? Is all this talk about naked girls getting to you? Is your dick getting hard?"

"Mom!" Andy started to get up, but Heather took hold of his arm.

"Don't be such a dork. Sit back here." Heather let the magazine drop into her lap and turned to face her son. She took another drink, steadying her nerves, and then said, "I know that you've discovered my sordid past. And evidently you've been enjoying it as well." Andy's eyes grew wide and he turned to look at his mother, fearing the worse. "I don't mind. Really, I don't. What I would like is for this discovery of yours to not get spread throughout the city. Can you do that for me? Can we keep this a secret, at least for as long as we can?" she added in a softer voice.

"Oh, Mom! I'm so sorry. I..."

"Don't worry, I'm not mad."

Andy stood up suddenly. He looked at her and admitted, "I didn't discover that movie of you. I was told about it, by David Price." She watched her son head to the bar, his back to her. "He told me that you had been a porn star and that he found all your movies on line," Andy said without looking at her. "He found out that the adult video store off 101 carried them all, too. I didn't believe him, but we went out there, and I saw them. He wasn't shitting me. You really are a porn star."

"I was a porn star, years ago," Heather replied in something of a soft, matronly voice. "I can't deny that anymore, can I?" Heather sipped at her drink before asking, "When did this happen? When did this all start?"

"Last summer." Andy hesitated, and then added, "Well, after I graduated from high school, actually."

"That was more than two years ago!" Heather gasped. "And you've known all of this time?" Andy shrugged and nodded. Heather was astonished that he had kept such a secret from her for so long. And then it dawned on her, that her son had been watching her fuck on video for nearly two years, but he had also been jacking off watching her fuck on video. It was no wonder he started watching her through her bedroom window. He'd probably already watched all of her films and craved even more. She had no idea of what to say, as a mother at least.

Her next words startled her, even as she asked, "Do you find me attractive, Andy? Do you find me sexy, even?" She paused, watching his eyes. "Do you fantasize about me?" she asked in a soft, musky voice.

Andy turned away then and said, "But you're my mom! That's just odd, even wrong."

"Not really," she assured him. "If you're watching a movie, and only see me as an actress performing those acts, then it's really not all that strange."

Andy looked at her then. "You don't think it's strange, knowing that your son is watching you have sex? In a porn movie, I mean."

"Not really," she shrugged. "I've know a lot of people in the business, and it wasn't unheard of to have the kids being taken care of in one part of the house or studio while we were screwing in front of a camera in another part. I even knew a girl whose mother would drop her off at a shoot, and sometimes she'd stick around and watch. Those shoots could last all day, let me tell you!"

"I don't want to know about that," Andy told her, "especially if I was around while you were doing all of that stuff."

Heather didn't go on, knowing that her son would probably figure out that he had been very near to her many times in her later years, playing with a couple of the other children while their mothers made a living in front of the camera.

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