tagMatureThe Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 59

The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 59


Chapter 59

Joan's Tales – Part 4

Joan had stayed late at the university to spend some time catching up on the latest marketing trends. Hers was an interesting course and each semester there were new angles to the marketing sector that she wanted to include in her lectures. Marketing dynamics had always fascinated her, especially when it came to the visual arts. This semester Joan was highlighting Market Entrant Strategies, in particular the Marketing Pioneers who open new markets with major product innovations. At times, Joan could lose herself in her studies to the point where she loses all track of time. On this particular evening she had done just that and hadn't paid much attention to the time until she was advised by the librarian that it was time to lock up for the night.

It was well after nine by the time Joan pulled into her driveway. She entered her home to the distant thump of music coming from upstairs. Her daughter was home and had her music up loud, as Jewel always did. Joan headed for her daughter's room, to ask her to turn the music down as well as what she'd like to do for dinner. Upon opening Jewel's bedroom door, Joan changed her mind.

Inside, the room was dark except for the pulsing, swirling lights of Jewel's disco globe. The music, her favorite dance-hall techno, thumped and pulsed. On the bed, central in the room, Jewel sat facing a man, straddling his hips as he lay back, his hands tucked under his head on her pillows. Both were completely naked. Jewel had her hips rolling and twisting atop her lover, obviously riding his cock, in time to the music. She had both of her pert, firm breasts in her own hands as she rode her lover's cock. In the darkness, Joan could not tell who her daughter was riding, but the flash of white teeth showed that he was indeed enjoying himself.

Joan eased her daughter's door closed and headed for her own bedroom, stopping only to confirm Mitch wasn't in his room. Joan knew that Mitch would still be at work until mid-night, as he was closing that week. Once in her bedroom, Joan stripped out of her skirt and blouse, and wrapped herself up in her lavender plush-velour robe. Bare-footed, she padded down the hall towards the upstairs bathroom and encountered Jewel coming out of her bedroom. Her daughter was still completely nude and startled when she came upon her mother.

"Oh, shit! You scared me, Mom!" Jewel exclaimed. She subconsciously pulled her hands to her breasts. "When did you get home?"

"Just a little while ago," Joan answered. Her eyes went to the open door of Jewel's room, where she knew her daughter's current lover still lay on her bed. Jewel smelled of sex and sweat. "I stayed late and was going to shower before grabbing some dinner."

Jewel gave her mother a slight grin, and then pulled her bedroom door closed. "We already had dinner," she said. "So just make something for yourself, okay?" Jewel went past her mother and added, "I'm going to grab a couple bottles of water. We'll keep it down."

Joan watched her naked daughter dance down the stairs before turning to head for the bathroom. She thought about stopping in and saying hello to her daughter's lover, if only to learn his identity, but waved it off. Instead, she continued on to the bathroom and as she stepped into the shower, she heard Jewel's bedroom door bang closed once again, signaling her return. A moment later, the music's thump did indeed soften, if only a little.

Joan's shower was relaxing and she toweled off before picking up her robe. She paused, and instead of wrapping up, Joan left the bathroom and walked the distance to her bedroom as naked as her daughter had. However, she was not encountered, and in her room, she pulled on a pair of black underwear and a large t-shirt for her evening in. She slipped on her sandals and robe, and headed downstairs to fix herself a light dinner, consisting of a salad and a bowl of cream of broccoli soup. After, Joan moved into the living room to settle into the sofa and watch some television.

After sitting through three successive sit-coms, Joan was about to channel surf in an attempt to find something more entertaining and less mindless when she heard the back door to the deck open and close. She knew it had been locked, having checked it previously, so someone must have gone out back. Thinking it was her daughter, Joan went to follow, wanting to have a talk with her about her overt sexual activities. After-all, Jewel was not yet twenty.

Instead of finding her daughter on the deck, Joan found the young man sitting in a lounge chair smoking. He was dressed in jeans, though remained shoe-less and shirtless. Joan did not recognize him when he turned to look at her. He flashed a look of surprise, even as his eyes gave her a quick once over, she noticed.

"We haven't met," Joan said. "I'm Joan, Jewel's mother." She held out her hand, and he took it tentatively.

"Hello. I'm Josef," he replied. "Nice to meet you." Joan noticed his eyes didn't linger on hers, rather they made the sweep across her body, taking in her slim figure and full breasts. Joan was well aware that her daughter already had a rack as large and full as her own dd-cups. Also, where Jewel's hair was longish curly blonde, Joan had been keeping her dusty blonde hair shorter of late, if only to hide the fact that it was seemingly getting greyer by the week. As Joan moved to sit in one of the deck chairs, she noticed Josef's eyes follow her closely as well as the fact that he wore a wedding band on his left hand.

Joan settled back and cross her legs. She took in the fact that Josef was much older than her daughter was, as well. Mid-twenties, at least. "I'm curious. How old are you, Josef?" Joan asked.

Josef smiled and laughed a little. "Yes, I'm a bit older than Jewel. I'm twenty-seven."

"That's more than a bit," Joan replied. "Where did you two meet?"

"Twenty-questions?" Josef asked with a grin. "I guess I deserve it. Well, I met Jewel in school a couple of years ago, in fact. I was her history teacher."

"Is that a fact?" Joan asked. "I don't recognize you. What's your last name?"

"Heron," he replied. "Josef Heron. I've been teaching a little over three years now."

Joan nodded, her eyes on him. He raised his hands and laughed, "It's not that I go after my students! I ran into Jewel a few weeks ago at the Starbucks, downtown. We got to talking, and, well, things kind of spiraled..." Josef grinned and waved a hand upwards, in the general direction of her daughter's bedroom.

"I notice that you've got a ring on," Joan pointed out. "Are you married, Josef?"

Again, he laughed lightly and shrugged. I reply, he said, "My wife and I, we've got something of an open marriage." He met Joan's eyes and added, "We're swingers, in fact, to use a seventies term."

Joan smiled. "Interesting."

Joan wanted to see just how this young man might react to an obvious gesture on her part then. She stood up, letting her robe swing open to display for him the fact she wore very little beneath, and immediately took a seat in his lap, facing him. She draped her forearms across his shoulders and Josef's hands immediately went to her hips.

Josef was grinning when he looked up into her face. "This is a surprise," he croaked.

"Is my daughter a good fuck, Josef?" Joan asked wickedly in a hushed breath.

"Pretty good, for her age," he replied as his hands went up her sides, pulling her t-shirt up with them. "She's feisty and energetic, but sometimes I'd like for her to slow down and savor the moment a little more."

Joan leaned down and planted her mouth to Josef's and kissed him deeply. His hands went to her ass then and squeezed her cheeks at either side of her panties. Joan could feel his bulge growing against her crotch and pushed her hips forward, grinding against it. His hands went up her back and pulled her to him while he thrust his tongue into her mouth. They kissed deeply for a long time, his hands moving up and down her back and along her naked thighs. She continued grinding into his lap as her breathing began to turn to a panting. Joan was so very horny all of a sudden and needed this, what had started out as a teasing, to turn into full-fledged, hard-core sex.

Joan pulled her mouth away from Josef's and gave him a mischievous smile. She let her robe fall away, and then pulled her t-shirt up and flung it away. Her large pink-tipped breasts came into full view for him. "Suck my tits, Josef," she instructed, taking the lead with him. For his part, he did what he was told, and latched onto her left breast's nipple, immediately sucking it into his mouth. His hands cupped the fleshy mounds and dug into them. She purred into the chilly September night sky.

"Oh, yes," Joan moaned as Josef gently chewed upon her thick, pale nipple. He switched off to her right nipple after a few moments, and then Joan pulled his mouth back to hers and she kissed him passionately once again.

After another round of tit-sucking, Joan lifted Josef's mouth from her flesh and said, "Let's get off this deck." She moved from his lap and took his hands in hers, pulling him to his feet.

"You want to go inside?" he asked, a bit of worry in his voice. "I doubt if Jewel's asleep."

"Don't you worry about my daughter. I've got another place in mind," Joan told him, and guided him out into the growing darkness of the yard. She led him across to a bench near her property line, nestled in among a few trees, that looked back across the wide lawn. She dropped onto the bench's padded seat and pulled Josef by the hips closer. She looked up into his face even as she began to unfasten his jeans.

"I want to suck your cock," she informed him matter-of-factually. "I want to see if I can taste my daughter's hot pussy on your fuck-stick!"

"That's fine with me!" Josef gasped. A moment later, he sighed as his freed cock was wrapped by Joan's warm lips. "Oh, fuck, that's nice," he moaned as Joan began to bob along his length.

Joan let Josef's cock slip from her mouth long enough to say, "I really think I can taste Jewel on you," and then went back to slurping upon his offered cock. In the growing moonlight, Josef could only just make out Joan's head of blonde hair going back and forth along his length. He stood, his hands on the top of her head, as she sucked him for a good five minutes. It wasn't long before he could feel a tingling deep in his balls. He knew he'd cum if he didn't stop her soon, and told her so.

"Maybe we need to change things up, then," Joan said after letting Josef's cock slip from her greedy mouth. "Take a seat," she insisted. As they changed places, Joan stepped out of her panties and tossed them into the night. Once Josef was seated on the padded bench, she stepped up to straddle him once again. This time, Josef had his saliva-coated cock in hand and held upright, and Joan didn't have a pair of thin panties protecting her pussy.

Josef looked deep into Joan's crotch, taking in the sight of her thickly furred blonde pubic mound, and the set of pale pink labia that parted as the older woman straddled his waist and parted her thighs wide. Joan lowered herself to him, and he guided his spongy pink knob against her wet vaginal mouth.

"Ooohh," Joan sighed as Josef's knob shot up her chute. She dropped lower, taking him deep, until she settled her butt onto his thighs. "That's so good," she added with a twist of her hips. She lowered her head into his shoulder then and whispered, "I could get used to you," and then kissed Josef's forehead.

After releasing his cock to Joan's grip, Josef's hands went to her hips, and as she began to ride up and down his length, he stroked her pale flesh from ass to breasts. He tugged at her strawberry nipples and drew a gasp of delight from her lips when he pinched them.

"This is the first time I've had a mother and daughter in the same night," Josef told her as Joan fucked herself upon his cock.

Joan settled onto his lap for a moment and replied, "Sorry to disappoint you, but this isn't the first time Jewel and I have shared a stud in the same evening. I've got something of a fetish for fucking my daughter's lovers, by the way." Joan resumed her work upon his cock with her cunt and continued on in near-silence until she felt the rise of a climax deep within her belly.

"That's it," she muttered. "I'm about there." She began to slam her hips harder and faster, her flesh smacking against his, the sound echoing through the trees as she fucked herself towards an orgasm on her daughter's most recent lover's cock.

"Oh, fuck me!" Joan gasped a moment later as her pussy exploded around Josef's cock. "That's it! That's so fucking good!" She moaned deeply into the night as she rode out her climax. Beneath her, Josef was beginning to realize that he was being used as a fuck-toy, although that thought didn't affect him in the least. He sure as hell didn't mind it. Fucking the mother of his latest conquest just an hour after busting a nut in her was more than he'd ever fantasized about. Joan wasn't the greatest looking older woman he'd ever seen, and until that night he'd never even wanted to fuck a woman her age. He'd always enjoyed younger girls, even though his wife was in fact a year older than he was. Joan, however, was a hot and horny cougar, and Josef realized that this might open up a whole new world for his own pleasures.

As she rode out the last of her climax upon Josef's upright man-tool, Joan began to feel an ache in her legs. Panting from her efforts, she dropped fully onto his lap and again lie her head onto his shoulder. "My thighs are burning," she moaned into Josef's ear. "I'm sorry, I need to get up."

Joan lifted away from her lover, trembling in the after-glow of her orgasm as well as the chill that was the night air. Her nipples were rock-hard and pointed upon her breasts, matching the rigidness of Josef's cock as he stood beside her. His tube glistened with her fresh juices now.

Josef reached for the bench's padded cushions and tossed them to the ground. "Here, lie down," he said. Joan dropped onto her back upon the cushion and watched Josef as he went to his knees. "Let's try this," he told her and pushed her onto her side while he rolled to lie behind her. He her upper leg in hand and lifted it as he slipped closer, spooning her. A moment later, Josef thrust his cock back into Joan's pussy with a long, smooth thrust.

"Oh, yes," Joan gasped as he once again filled her with thrusting man-meat. "Fuck me, stud! Fuck this old pussy until I cum again and again."

Josef leaned his mouth close to her ear as he thrust and said, "You're not that old, Joan. You're still a fucking hot broad! A real MILF!"

Joan grinned, but replied, "You only say that because you've got your cock up my pussy! Guys always say what women want to hear, when they're fucking them. Let's see what you think of me after we're done and dressed."

Josef grinned over her shoulder, knowing that she had a point. Such was her maturity and experience, most likely, he guessed. If things between Joan and Jewel were as Joan had hinted at, then maybe Josef would be scratching off one of his sexual bucket list items sooner than later. A three way with a mother and daughter. Hell, maybe even a four-way with his wife included! The idea made his cock twitch inside Joan's warm chute as he continued to work her over steadily from behind.

Josef turned his full attention back to the woman at hand, and began to pick up his pace, fucking her with long, deep thrusts. He had no idea what Jewel might say or do, should she come across him fucking her mother out on the back lawn. He'd come outside to catch a quick smoke, but that had been half an hour ago, or more. Surely Jewel would wonder where he'd went and what he was doing.

For her part, Joan felt another orgasm building upon Josef's piston, and a moment later she began to gasp and pant in time with his thrusts. Her cunt spasmed and rippled along his length, but Josef remained in complete control and didn't peak with her. Instead, he rode her orgasm out and continued to slip and slide within her well-used vagina.

After another few minutes, Josef stopped his thrusting and eased out of her vibrating vagina. Joan sighed with his escape and looked back at him. "We're not done yet," he grinned. "Get up on your hands and knees. I want to fuck your wonderful pussy doggy-style for a while."

"Yummy! I want that, too," Joan muttered as she took up the classic position. A moment later Josef had slipped back into her vagina and was steadily fucking her once again. "Oh, god, yes! Fuck me with that big dick," she panted as she rocked back to meet his thrusts. Her ass and his thighs smacked together, the sound loud in the backyard. If her neighbors were outside, Joan knew that they would know what was going on.

"Fuck me, Josef," she gasped a little louder. "Fuck me with that big cock!"

Behind her, Josef was grunting with his efforts. He had hold of Joan's wide hips as he drove his cock forward and back within her well-lubricated pussy. In the pale moon light, he could see her dark anus above his pistoning cock, and he toyed with the idea of fucking that hole as well. Instead, he put that idea aside until the next time, he grinned.

"You've got a fucking wonderful pussy, Joan," Josef said. "I love the way you feel, wrapped around my dick. So velvety and smooth. I could fuck your pussy for hours."

Joan grinned back at her lover over her shoulder. "Better than Jewel's? I highly doubt that. She's young and I know much tighter than this old cunt!" Still, Joan worked her hips back to catch Josef's thrust with a youthful eagerness all her own. She loved getting pounded by a hard cock, regardless of how old or young it was. Of course, for her, the younger was always the better. Joan didn't care if this was a one-time fling or might be the start of something new and exciting. All Joan wanted at that moment was another orgasm, and she was drawing ever so close to it with every thrust of Josef's cock into her over-heated cunt.

"Yes! Fuck me, Josef! Shut up and fuck me like the whore I am!" she gasped, startled at her own words. Still, it had the desired effect, as Josef began to pound harder and faster into her. A moment later, her latest orgasm was set off.

"Oooohhh, ffffffffuck!" she gasped. "Uuunnnggghhh!" Her pussy exploded again around his cock, her creamy juices spitting out to coat Josef's swinging, smacking balls. She lunged back into him and held him deep inside her for a moment, while Josef enjoyed the feel of her fluttering vaginal walls around his shaft. The feel of her pussy rippling along his length as well as coating his shaft with hot creamy cum of her own set him off a moment later.

"Oh, shit! I'm cumming! Ungh, ungh, ungh!" he grunted with every thrusting spurt of hot cum into Joan's middle-aged body. He buried his cock deep inside her vagina and held her hips tight to his as his cock spit the last of his semen into her womb.

For many minutes after dumping is load in her, Josef held her tight to him. Joan collapsed until only her ass remained raised. She rested her head on her crossed arms, panting for breath as her climax washed away. Finally, Josef fell back as his spent cock slipped from her loaded vagina. Her muscles closed in an effort to retain the cream within, though a dribble did escape as she dropped to her side, still panting.

Josef didn't wait around. He was up and tugging his jeans back on even as Joan rolled onto her back to watch. She didn't see him look at her once as he fastened his jeans, and that hurt her a little, even though his actions weren't unexpected. It was the same with many men, she knew. Wham-bam, thank-you, ma'am.

With his jeans finally buttoned up, Josef raced back up to the house and disappeared inside. Joan remained stretched out on the bench cushion a while longer, enjoying her own afterglow as well as the night's glinting stars above. "I'll have to lay out here naked more often," she whispered to the night. "Quite lovely." Still, it wasn't long before the chill on her naked flesh began to get to her, and she made her way inside.

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