tagLesbian SexThe Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 64

The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 64


Elena's Tales – Part 4

It had taken all summer, and well into autumn, with several visits to the stylist, but Elena had finally achieved the look she had been wanting. Standing in front of the faculty bathroom mirror, she admired her reflection as she ran the brush through her strawberry-blonde waves.

"So much better than jet-black," she sighed. That experiment, though done at the suggestion of a young lover, hadn't gone over well with Elena's friends or family. The big Scandinavian woman just didn't look good in black hair, no matter how she had styled it. And bleaching it out wasn't much of a help, either. In the nine weeks of visits to Paisley Park, she had gone through the progression, her hair getting lighter with each visit as well as each bit of growth. She had thought about going to an auburn shade, or maybe a red, as suggested by another of her occasional lovers, but decided against it. Still, she didn't want to go with her original blonde either. And with the gray beginning to show more as she aged into her forties, okay, she was past forty-five now, she settled on the strawberry-blonde look.

Putting her hairbrush away, Elena retrieved a tube of lip stick from her purse. She carefully reapplied the deep red to her lips. In the mirror's reflection, she saw a pair of hands come around her torso and grab hold of her heavy breasts through the material of her top.

"That was fucking wonderful," sighed the woman now standing behind her. Elena felt the weight of the other woman press against her back, the pair of soft breasts crushing into her from behind.

"I had hoped you'd like that," Elena responded. With her lips completed, she turned around to face her fellow faculty member. Glenda Van Winkle closed the gap once again and draping her arms over Elena's shoulders, pulled their lips together. Both women enjoyed the lingering kiss. Though Elena was much taller than Glenda at 6'1", leaning back against the bathroom counter with her legs partially spread brought her down to Glenda's 5'8".

"I'm glad you're going to working on campus full-time now," Glenda admitted. "That way I'll get to enjoy more of you like this."

"You have a kinky streak in you, don't you?" Elena stated more than asked, something she herself had. Having sex in public places was indeed one of Elena's greatest thrills, since she first started enjoying younger women after moving to Regal Bay.

"I never knew such pleasures until you showed me what I'd been missing, lover!" Glenda replied. Again they kissed. Glenda purred, "Your breath smells like my pussy," between kisses. "And your tongue tastes like it, too. Not that I mind."

Glenda and Elena had been occasional lovers for several years. In fact, Glenda was far and away Elena's longest relationship since her divorce. Glenda Van Winkle, daughter of Gloria and the late Hugo Van Winkle, was 41 now, just 3 years younger than Elena. Glenda was also married. Her wife, Sandra, was much younger than either of them at only 30, and very much a contrast to Glenda. Sandra was a tiny woman, plain in appearance and shy in company. Glenda had often bragged about how great Sandra was in bed, often turning into a wildcat, she always said. In her marital relationship, Glenda was the dominant to Sandra, taking the masculine role. With Elena, however, Glenda had always willing submitted to the older woman's desires and direction. Elena had never had the pleasure of sampling Sandra, and yet certainly hoped to in the near future.

"You'd better get going," Elena said between kisses. They were both beginning to lose control, and very well might never leave the bathroom. "Don't you have a three-thirty lecture?"

Glenda removed her hand from the front of Elena's crotch where it had slipped to rest, sighed and stepped back. "You take all the fun out of it, you know?"

"I thought we just had twenty minutes of fun in that stall," Elena laughed.

"Well, next time I want to be on the floor, between your knees, with a dildo in my hand!" Glenda responded. "God! My cunt is still vibrating!"

"You can take care of that yourself when you get home," Elena reminded. "Or have Sandra do it for you."

"Sandra doesn't like being on the giving end when it comes to toys," Glenda admitted. "Only on the receiving end."

"I'd like to see that!" Elena laughed, even though she also meant it as an offer.

"Someday, you just might, lover," Glenda grinned. After a final kiss, Glenda grabbed up her own purse and headed out. She had just six minutes to get to the lecture hall, two buildings over. For Elena, she had already finished her work in the library for the day.

After a brief stop in her office adjacent to the main library floor, Elena headed for her blue Camry and the short drive into town. It was Friday afternoon and she needed to stop in at the main public library to check in on her new hire there; Zoya Malina. With an increase in the budgets of both the public and the school libraries, Elena was able to hire a full-time librarian at each facility where she had directed, relieving herself of much of the duties as well. She had been allowed to hire one of the university grad students, Ananya Kalita, to her former position in the high school as well. Although she still maintained some control of both the high school and the public libraries, Elena was now spending nearly all of her time on campus.

The drive home was easy and Elena was at home in her condo by six-fifteen, with a glass of wine in hand and music on the stereo. At seven, right on time, Barbara Freeman rang the doorbell. By seven-twenty, Elena had her 20-year-old guest naked and lying in bed.

Barbara was a stunning beauty, with long blonde hair and blue eyes. She was athletically lean and fit, with breasts no larger than oranges. Elena had met Barbara as a freshman student at Regal Bay University, little more than a year ago. Barbara was enrolled in the College of Liberal Arts and was on a studies path to become a librarian. This in itself was enough to draw Elena's sexual interest in the girl. Barbara's admitting that she was a lesbian shortly after their first meeting didn't hurt, either.

"How did practice go?" Elena asked as she walked naked from the bathroom into the bedroom on the third floor of her condo. Her heavy breasts swung free on her chest as she moved, hypnotizing Barbara.

"It was more just a work-out day," Barbara replied. Her voice was soft and light, with only a hint of her Arkansas accent. Elena loved listening to Barbara talk. "We put in laps, working on steady pace and turns."

Barbara was a swimmer and was on the university swim team. As such, many of her afternoon hours were taken up by training. She was also putting in a lot of time studying this semester, mostly in the early morning hours, as she worked towards an early degree in the library sciences. Barbara had a position back in her home state waiting for her, in the Little Rock Public Library system, a position she would be ready to fill at the end of the school year, no doubt.

Turning down the lights as the wall, Elena joined her young lover in the bed. Music had already been selected by Barbara, having tuned the clock radio to the university radio station for its evening line-up of smooth jazz, just one of the many interests the 20 year-old shared with her 45 year-old host.

Barbara was partially under the covers, with her firm young breasts fully exposed, as Elena rolled into bed beside her. She draped an arm across Barbara and brought their mouths together. They kissed, their passions growing slowly and yet steadily, for a full five minutes before coming up for air. While Barbara had her arms wrapped around Elena's neck, Elena had her hands on her young lover's body. She stroked the girl's cool flesh down past her hip to her mid-thigh and back up. On the second return, she caressed up to cup Barbara's left breast in her hand, giving the small orb a gentle squeeze to let her know that it was time to move on.

Their lips remained locked as Elena pushed over to lay atop Barbara's much smaller body. She brought her right knee up to part Barbara's thighs, and Barbara responded by bringing her left knee up, stroking up Elena's thigh with her own. Elena pressed her belly down against Barbara's groin and wiggled, just enough to excite the girl. Barbara giggled while stroking her hands down Elena's broad back to reach for her buttocks. She was only able to touch the very tops of the globes, but it let Elena know that she was ready to go further.

Elena broke her mouth free of Barbara's and after a moment where their eyes locked, conveying their shared passions wordlessly, Elena slipped a foot down her body, until her mouth hovered just above Barbara's right breast. Still watching Barbara's face, she saw the girl's blue eyes vanish behind the lids as she blew warm breath across the perk, pink nipple. Barbara sighed and lifted her upper torso, and Elena accepted the tiny morsel between her parted lips, greeting the nipple with a flick of her tongue.

"Oooohhh, niiiiiiice," Barbara moaned as Elena began to work her tits over, one with her mouth and the other with her hand. After a few minutes, Elena switched, and gave the twin its due attention.

Elena was a patient lover and seldom rushed an encounter, especially when she was in her own bed. They had much of the night to enjoy themselves, and she intended to enjoy herself, and everything Barbara had brought. Slowly, agonizingly so, Elena began to slide down Barbara's slim, athletic body. She paused for nearly five full minutes deep kissing the girl's naval. She could smell her fresh scent, so very near, and yet tortured herself by taking her time. Finally, Elena relented to Barbara's ever-increasing shoves against her shoulders, and she slipped fully between her young lover's wide-parted thighs.

Before her Elena found the nearly clean-shaven pubic mound and puffy outer labium, and the slim inner labium. Barbara had a tiny clitoris at the top of her slit, and this Elena gave a quick flick of her tongue.

"Oooohhh!" Barbara moaned under Elena's teasing. The fresh scent of her pussy filled Elena's head, and she slowly, but purposefully lay her mouth full onto the girl's cunt.

"Aaaahhhh!" came her young lover's groans, which redoubled when she stabbed her tongue through the damp folds and tasted Barbara's juices. He hips rose, as if she could force Elena ever deeper into her vagina, such was her need. Barbara had been looking forward to being taken by her mature lover all day, and had held off the urge to masturbate only just.

"Aaaahhhh, gggaaaawwwdddd! Please, Elena, please! I need to cummmmm!" she moaned loudly.

Elena lifted her mouth from Barbara's cunt and with a grin told her, "If that's what my beautiful mermaid wants, then who am I to deny?" To Barbara's delight, Elena returned to feasting upon her pussy, with renewed enthusiasm that had her writhing on the bed within seconds, rapidly being pushed towards the cliff that would set off her orgasm. It didn't take long for Elena's wonderful, experienced tongue to drive her over that edge. With a roar that fill her ears as well as the bedroom, Barbara climaxed.

"Aaaahhh-yyyeeeeeesssssss!" she screamed. Barbara grabbed hold of Elena's strawberry locks and pulled the older woman's face hard against her cunt. Her hips were bucking, banging her pussy against Elena's face as her cream gushed. Elena held her mouth open wide to enjoy the feel of the girl's spurts along her tongue, a cream so much sweeter than any her husband had ever shot down her throat. She lapped hungrily and quite noisily at Barbara's pussy, devouring the girl's sex until long after Barbara had stopped cumming. Eventually, Barbara collapsed and lay still on the bed, and Elena rolled out from between her legs to slide up beside her young, panting lover.

Elena turned Barbara's face to hers and they kissed. It was a brief one, and yet served to re-energize the young woman. It was her turn to give pleasure. As they kissed, she slipped her hand down between their bodies and found Elena's bulging pubic mound. Her fingers slipped through the sparse fur and found Elena's hard clit and juicy slit. Elena responded by rolling her hips and working her groin against the probing fingers.

"I want to taste you," Barbara mouthed against Elena's lips. She felt Elena's mouth pull into a smile before the older woman rolled away to lay on her back. Barbara sat up, taking in the mature librarian's full body with her eyes. She admired the massive mounds of tit-flesh Elena was gifted with, and although she had a small belly swell, it wasn't bad or a woman of her age, Barbara noted. Elena was actually quite fit.

Between Elena's long, strong legs was Barbara's destination. She had lay between those wonderful thighs many times, and had learned how to make love to another woman under Elena's tutorage. She knew Elena's pussy inside and out, every nook and cranny, and every spot that drove the older woman wild. As she took her place, belly down between Elena's ankles and looking deep into her vaginal valley, Barbara could feel her own pussy again juicing up.

As she began to delight in the flavors of her mentor, Barbara couldn't help but moan into Elena's cunt her delights. She caught the older woman's prominent clit gently between her teeth and flicked her tongue against the tip. This caused Elena to hump hard against her face while tugging at her hair. Barbara grinned and yet kept attacking Elena's clit, knowing that she could get the 45-year-old librarian to cum quickly. Barbara knew that her lover enjoyed a little anal play as well, and while still working hard on the clit, she used the pussy drool to coat a finger before pushing it through the resisting ring of Elena's anus.

"Oooohhh, that's iiiitttt!" Elena groaned, and then began to tremble on her bed as her orgasm blasted through her. She released the girl's hair and grabbed her own breasts hard, digging her fingers into the huge mounds to drive jolts of painful pleasure through her body. She was grunting and panting for breath as the young vixen between her flailing legs began to jab her finger in and out of her ass with rapid-fire thrusts that only served to push her ever higher. Barbara had moved her tongue lower and was lapping away at the cream that flooded from her gaping, pulsing hole. Her nose was pressed hard against her clit-bud, while her long finger worked her rectum over. A second, well-lubricated finger joined the first inside her relaxed rectum, stretching her sphincter wonderfully. The long, deep growl that Elena began to release was a vocalization of her climax.

"Oooohhh, aaaaaahhhhh! Aaayyyeeee!" Elena screamed as she finally hit her peak.

Barbara eventually lifted her dripping face from Elena's crotch. She was smiling from ear to ear at having given her older lover such an awesome orgasm. She had worked hard, and studied harder, to be able to get Elena off like that. For once, Barbara had given much better than she'd received.

"Get up here," Elena croaked after a few minutes of recovery. Barbara had continued to lightly kiss across her entire crotch during that time, and even as she had relaxed, Elena began to grow very sensitive in that region.

Barbara slowly crawled up to lay atop Elena. Their mouths again met, and the kiss was as long and as passionate as ever. Their breasts were smashed together, with Barbara's hard tips poking into Elena's softer, matronly mounds. The heat each radiated served only to rekindle their lust, and after only a few minutes, Elena took over once again. This time, the women feasted on each other, with Elena above her protégé, until each had cum once again, and drank of the other's cream.

When morning finally came, both Elena and Barbara were spent.

"I've got to get going," Barbara finally admitted. "I've got to be at work by eleven, and I need to go back to my place for clothes." Barbara rolled out of the bed, leaving Elena under the sheet that had eventually covered their sweaty, naked bodies. As she dressed, Elena watched, propped up on one elbow. She liked watching young women dress, especially after a long night of sinful sex.

"I wish you'd stay," Elena told her. "If only to shower."

Barbara laughed. "If I did, I'd have to call off. I know how you are, Elena." She rushed back to the bed and gave Elena a deep, loving kiss. "Besides, don't you have errands of your own to attend to?" Barbara reminded, knowing full well what Elena's errands consisted of on that Saturday.

"I love you," Barbara whispered before escaping from her lover's bedroom.

Elena had been told that by many women like Barbara, and usually it meant little more than they had had an enjoyable time. From Barbara however, Elena knew that it meant exactly that. She wished that it didn't.


By early Saturday afternoon the morning overcast had moved out and the sun was bright, though there was a chill in the air, reminding everyone that autumn was here, and winter was just around the corner. "For a forty-five-year-old dike, I sure get a lot of young pussy," she laughed to herself as she climbed behind the wheel of her Camry. Things hadn't always been this way for Elena, but her life in Regal Bay had taken her down a path that she had no intention of straying from, or giving up.

As she drove, Elena recognized a side street that she'd often driven down. She checked her cell phone and, figuring that she had plenty of time, she pulled her Camry through a CVS parking lot and turned around. Denise Hoyt lived on that street, she recalled, and as she hadn't seen Denise in some time, since the school year began as a matter of fact, Elena thought a visit was called for.

Elena had never been in Denise's house although she had dropped her colleague and occasional lover off several times. Parking her car at the curb, Elena made her way up the walk, past a pair of bicycles left on the lawns. She recalled Denise having twin daughters, but that was about it. On the small porch, she paused before ringing the door bell, wondering if this was a smart thing to do. After all, this was unplanned and she had no idea how her friend would react.

The door opened and a youngish blonde-haired girl greeted her. "Who are you?" she asked. In that moment, Elena heard a man's voice call from another room with, "Who is it, Britney?"

"My name is Elena," she answered the girl, Britney. "I'm a friend of your mom's. Is she here?"

"Mom!" the girl screamed suddenly. "Some lady here to see you!" With that said, Britney ran off, leaving the door standing open. Elena took a step inside and pushed the door closed, though she remained in the entry. A moment later, Denise came around a corner, a dish towel in her hands as she dried them.

"Elena! What brings you around?" Denise greeted her.

"I was in the neighborhood," she replied. "I hadn't seen you since school started,"

she added. "Just thought I'd stop in and catch up."

Elena noticed Denise looking hard at her head of strawberry-blonde hair. She reached up and pulled a handful around. "Do you like? I finally found a color I like."

"You look beautiful," Denise admired. Elena could see that she was speaking from the heart. For some time, Denise had been fighting with herself about her sexuality. Elena had opened her eyes up to the joys of lesbian love, and even though she didn't think that her young friend had experimented outside of their affair, Elena often wondered if Denise had eyes for any other women of Regal Bay, or of her students.

"Thank you," Elena said, and then stepped close to give the brunette housewife a quick kiss on the cheek. Denise looked back quickly, obviously fearful of being seen. "I've missed you," Elena added in a hushed voice.

Denise blushed a bit from hearing that said. "Who is it, Denise?" again called the male voice.

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