tagMatureThe Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 67

The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 67


Bethany's Tales - Part 4

The bite of the cold steel hand cuffs into the flesh around her wrists jolted Bethany out of the near-stupor she had found herself. She was drunk, of that there was absolutely no doubt. She was also chilly, in fact, she was bloody well cold. She felt a shiver boil through her body when the door was opened into the parking lot at the motel. The squad car, one of the county sheriff's new Ford Fusions she noted, sat with its back door open. The female deputy guided her by the arm across the short distance and placed her into the back seat. The door slammed shut, locking Bethany into the car, under arrest.

How Bethany McAllister, middle-aged school teacher and mother of two grown sons, got into this predicament would eventually be talked about throughout the Regal Bay area, as well as making the national news. She would be shamed, of that there would be no doubt at all, and lose her job as a high school mathematics teacher as well. She may also be secretly admired, though only within the confines of a small circle of friends and confidants.

Events leading up to Bethany McAllister's arrest started some time back. The first six-weeks of the new school year had just been completed. It was Friday morning at Regal Bay High School and the entire faculty sat in the auditorium. At the end of each grading period, the students were rewarded with a three-day weekend. For the teachers and staff, however, this "day off" was usually spent in meetings or at annual training seminars. For this morning, the school board had called the faculty together to introduce the new principal for the high school.

"And now, I want to introduce our new principal here at Regal Bay High, Mrs. Tamara Doolittle!" Gerald Gates turned from the podium where he stood and began to clap as a tall, slim, blonde woman stepped out from behind the curtain and strutted across the auditorium stage. Her high heels clicked loudly, as few of those in the audience did little more than lightly golf-clap.

"Oh, sweat lord, that's all we need around here," the woman seated to Bethany's left muttered. "Another tall, blonde, bimbo walking the hallways around here. It's hard enough keeping the boys' attention on their work without obvious sluts like this walking around."

Bethany leaned closer to Christina Walton, a fellow math teacher, and slyly asked, "Who are you calling a slut?" She added a wink and a grin as Christina glanced at her. They weren't friends, just co-workers, and Christina wasn't privy to much of what went on around her, either in the school or the city. Christina enjoyed a sheltered life, going through with blinders on, Bethany thought. Christina was gifted with a fine body and beautiful face, and yet the younger teacher held onto her high morals relentlessly, and given the fact that her husband was Pastor Robert Walton, she wasn't about to loosen up any time soon. Still, Bethany thought that the 30-year-old could really enjoy her life in Regal Bay if she'd just relax and use what God had given her.

To Bethany's right sat Pamela Walker, who was privy to the sinful underworld of Regal Bay and a very good friend of Bethany's. "I'd bet those are fake," Bethany whispered to no one in particular as they watched the tall blonde step up and shake Gerald's hand. She was a good foot taller than he was, given the fact that she had on stiletto heeled shoes. Tamara also had worn a skirt suit that morning that seemed tailor-made for her up-lifted breasts. She was a stunning woman and would easily stand out in any gathering, even without the high heels.

"Thank you, Mr. Gates," Tamara said as she turned to face the gathered crowd of faculty members. She presented a wide smile and scanned over the group before beginning. "I want to thank all of you today for coming and showing your support. I know that I'm new to your community, and I have a lot to learn about you and your wonderful school, but rest assured that I will put in as many hours as I need to. I apologize for not being available right away, with the start of the school year, but I had a few unforeseen personal issues pop up in the last few weeks and instead of trying to do both and becoming a distraction, I felt it best to deal with this issues before coming to Regal Bay." Mrs. Doolittle moved away from the podium before she continued, holding the microphone in one hand.

"I want all of you to understand that I have an open-door policy in all things when it comes to education and the administration of this school. My predecessor has left me with a wonderful school, a fabulous faculty, and very little in the way of issues to attend to. That said, I will be contacting each of you in turn before the first six-week grading period ends to have a one-on-one, sort of a get to know each other session as it were. I'm not asking to be your friend, as my position really doesn't lend itself to that. Instead, I want you to be comfortable with me and coming to me for help, advice, or even if you just need to vent. I'm here for you and your needs, not to rule you. This is your school, these are your students, and I'm just here to make sure everything runs smoothly in the school and between the school and the board." She gave a nod to the five School Board members seated in the front row, to stage left.

"So, let's keep this short and sweat, shall we?" she continued. "I have everyone's phone numbers and e-mail addresses, so I will be getting into contact with you over the next few days. Until then, have a wonderful afternoon!" Tamara stepped back to the podium, replaced the microphone, and headed for the steps leading down to the audience.

Gerald Gates seemed flustered that Tamara's talk had been so short and quickly jumped up to the stage to try and take control even as the gathered faculty began to rise and head out.

"Please! I have more to announce!" he begged, but there weren't too many listening. Tamara had already begun to shake hands of several of the faculty as they headed out. She turned and said, "Send it as an e-mail, Gerald." She then turned back to those she was introducing herself to, unaware of just how much respect she had just garnered with that retort of the School Board president. Gerald was visibly upset, but didn't reply to his new hire. Instead, he charged off to the far end of the stage and headed for the parking lot.

"I already like this broad," Pamela laughed under her breath as she followed Christina down the row towards the aisle. She looked back over her shoulder at Bethany and asked, "Want to grab some lunch?"

"Sure," Bethany nodded. "Let's head over to Applebee's."

Bethany and Pamela were joined by four others, Lynn Harris, Gayle Meyers, Denise Hoyt, and Erica Conrad, who had seemingly randomly picked the same idea for lunch. They were seated around one of the large, round tables in a corner and their drink orders taken. Only Denise ordered a soft drink. The others all ordered alcohol in one form or another.

Instead of rehashing what had been brought up that morning, or even to talk about their new principal, conversation instead turned to other, somewhat sinful events. "Can you believe how many teachers across the country have been arrested over the last year?" Denise asked as the server placed her iced tea in front of her. "I mean, how many women are having sex with their students out there?"

Pamela and Bethany gave each other a knowing look over their drinks. Lynn laughed, accompanied by Erica. "I don't think that is the issue," Gayle replied. "It's not that they are having sex with students. It's that they are getting caught having sex with their students."

"They aren't being careful about who they screw around with," Lynn added. "The boys have to be the ones letting the cat out of the bag, you know. I doubt if any of these teachers are so dumb as to leave evidence around."

"If they have nibby husbands and leave texts and pictures on their phones, then they might be getting caught that way," Denise surmised.

"I've read that a few have even made sex-tapes, or videos, or whatever," Lynn added. "Some have even posted them on porn sites. I guess it gets them off."

"I'd bet it was the boys giving it up," Bethany said. "I mean, most of them do nothing but brag anyway when it comes to sex. Why not brag about banging your math teacher? Especially if she's willing to put out more than once."

"Exactly," Pamela chimed in. "These women are obviously enjoying themselves. Otherwise, why take the chance? Of those I read about, most have been married. It never says if they are happy in their marriage. Or satisfied."

Denise said, "If they were satisfied at home, like most of us, then they wouldn't be looking elsewhere." That drew a laugh from those gathered.

"What makes you think I'm satisfied?" Bethany asked. "Shit. I'm single and I haven't been laid by a guy my age in ten years!"

"I'm sorry," Denise apologized. "I forgot you are divorced."

"Okay, I admit, I am pretty satisfied at home!" Lynn replied, raising her glass in a toast before drinking. "In more ways than one, at times!"

"So am I!" Gayle added.

"Oh, yeah, Gayle? With who?" Erica asked slyly. They all knew that Gayle had been divorced twice since joining the faculty at Regal Bay High.

"Well, there is this old man who lives down the hall..." Gayle replied sarcastically. "And then the maintenance guy, he's pretty hung!"

"I've been to your apartment, Gayle," Lynn laughed. "If your maintenance man is who I think it is, you've definitely got a daddy-fetish going!"

Gayle shrugged. "Hey! To each her own. I spend all day teaching students. When I'm with a man, I want one who knows what to do, so I can just lie back and enjoy."

"Which brings us back to these teachers getting caught and arrested," Pamela said. "We all know that it happens. It has been going on for decades, if not longer. Usually it's men fucking their female students that get caught. And they go away for a long time. There's just something society doesn't take kindly too, and that's perverted old men screwing around with young girls.

"But women have been doing it just as long," she continued. "I think we all know that it goes on here, also. Regal Bay is a special place, and there are affairs and relationships going on in this town that would freak out most of the country. Those of us around this table have our secrets and don't wish to have them exposed. Common sense and discretion have taken care of this town for a long time, since its founding really, but we are still a growing community. It's only a matter of time before someone does something with someone who sees a way to advance their own agenda, or someone sticks their nose someplace and finds out something that brings the spotlight onto Regal Bay. And when that happens, ladies, everyone's life will be affected, in one way or the other."

The group remained quiet, listening to Pamela. She had not wanted to bring such a serious mood to the table, but needed to finish her thought. "All I'm saying is this. Make damned sure that whatever you do, you be very careful in who you do it with, and who you talk to about it. We all have secrets that we keep from our families, our friends, and even ourselves. We all know who we can trust, and who we can go to when we need advice. The "Three Sisters" are always available and have resources to take care of anything that might get out of hand, before it gets out of hand."

"Remember the Club, also," Erika added. "We're all members, in one way or another, and we all know who we can go to if we've got anxieties. Remember, if you're unsure about someone, ask one of the other Matrons before you take the plunge, one way or the other."

"And with that said," Bethany jumped in, "I propose a toast. To our new principal, Mrs. Doolittle. May she do little to interfere with our work, our lives, and our pleasures!"

As she lifted her glass, Pamela muttered to Denise beside her, "Why is it that I saw that pun coming?"

"It won't be the last time, I'm sure," Denise replied.


Over lunch, the conversation around the table turned to other topics, from the abnormally hot temperatures they had been enduring over the last week, to the new program for their students to earn college credits by taking after-school classes given by university professors in the high school, to the expected pay raise that had been negotiated through their union. After, Bethany and Bethany moved to the long central bar of the restaurant to enjoy a final drink, while the others headed out.

"Do you think we should be concerned about what's been happening?" Bethany asked softly after they had their fresh drinks.

"I don't think so. We know our boys well, and I'm sure the others are just as careful as we are." Pamela drank. She knew quite well that Bethany's sex-life was very nearly exclusive to young men. Most had been, or still were, her students. Pamela had limited any contact with young men to her son and a couple of others. Hers was a recently discovered craving, whereas Bethany had been enjoying young men for more than twenty years, if her stories could be believed.

"I've been through what these women are going through before, back in Tampa," Bethany admitted. "I lucked out, it would appear. Some people pulled some strings, and it never made the news. I got divorced. I left town and came here." Bethany looked at Pamela and said quite seriously, "I vowed to myself that I wasn't going to do it again. I just couldn't help it, though. When the opportunity came up, I took the chance. I regret it, but I don't think I can stop. Not until they stop accepting my offers. Hell, I'm over fifty now, and still find it fairly easy to get a hot young man to stick his wick in me!"

"Maybe it's because you're still a very attractive woman," Pamela told her. "And you just ooze with sex-appeal!" She leaned in and gave her friend a kiss on the cheek. "Hell, if I liked girls, or if I had a dick, I think I'd like to fuck you!"

Bethany laughed. "I know where I could get my hands on a strap-on!" After they shared a laugh at that thought, Bethany gave Pamela a side-long look and admitted, "You know I slept with Johnny, don't you? Back when I had him in school."

Pamela nodded. "He told me." She turned and winked at Bethany. "Right after he made love to me on his bed as a matter of fact!"

Bethany laughed again. She knew Pamela's secrets as well as Pamela knew hers. They'd been close friends for many years. "Maybe we could double team him, sometime! I'd like to get re-acquainted with his wonderful cock."

"And knowing Johnny, he wouldn't mind getting a taste of your pussy again! Maybe I can set something up," Pamela replied and returned to her drink. "You know, Bethany, I've never had the pleasure of sampling either of your sons..."

Bethany tipped her glass to Pamela and said, "I might be able to arrange something, with Bradley at least. I imagine he'd like spending a bit of time with a younger woman such as yourself."

After finishing off their drinks, they said their good-byes and headed for their separated homes. For Bethany, the weekend was a quiet one, spent tending to her home. Both of her sons were away and she enjoyed a peaceful, though sex-free weekend indoors.

By the time Monday morning came, Bethany was feeling the itch of need. Entering the high school through the faculty entrance, she got caught up in the passing of the high school basketball team, which had had a morning work-out session. The young men, several of which Bethany had in classes, jogged past her as they went along the halls towards the gym showers and locker rooms.

Bethany often found herself enjoying an image of those fine young men, naked beneath the shower heads, be they football, basketball, or the lacrosse teams. The scene often played out in her mind, something of a reversal from the famous shower scene from the movie Porky's, where several of the male students had hidden behind the shower walls of the girls' locker room to spy on them. For Bethany, the idea of finding such a spot for herself to spy on the young men of Regal Bay High School had been a long-standing fantasy of hers.

With the passing of the last of the basketball team and the coaching staff, Bethany continued to her classroom on the first floor. She had time for a cup of coffee in the faculty lounge before the first bell and used that time to catch up on the week's events leading up to Rivalry Weekend.

"Rivalry Weekend" was a basketball tournament that kicked off the boy's and girls' basketball seasons each year. It consisted of the six area high schools and hosting the event rotated between the schools. It was a monetary boost to the schools that hosted, and this year Regal Bay would be hosting the boy's tournament. Three seeding games were slated for Friday night, with continued bracket play all day Saturday, and the championship game played Sunday afternoon. Regal Bay hadn't made the championship in half a dozen years, yet there were high hopes this season, as the team had a full starting five made up of seniors.

Leading the team as captain was Thomas Kamp, son of two of Regal Bay's more noted doctors as well as grandson of Ruby Kamp, one of the more well-off women in the area. Bethany had Thomas, or Tommy as he went by, in several classes as he progressed through school. Once a senior, and of legal age, Bethany had made it clear to the young athlete that should he find himself in need of relief, she would willingly provide it. Tommy had a girlfriend, a beautiful teen cheerleader of course, but when he discovered that a middle-aged teacher would give him what he needed, in the boy's bathroom no less, he was eager to jump on it. Weren't they all?

That Monday Bethany had a note all readied, to be attached to Tommy's graded homework from the weekend. She passed out the papers to her students, and saw Tommy's eyes light up when he read the note. His grin and wink were his signal to her that he indeed was up for a quick meeting during the lunch hour.

Several years earlier, Bethany had discovered that during the 11 o'clock lunch period, the gymnasium was not in use. Equally, the bathrooms at the far end were vacant, primarily used only during events. With no class on the gym floor, the lights would be dimmed and there would be no witness to anyone slipping into either bathroom. Bethany wasn't the only member of the faculty who knew about this, nor was she the only one to take advantage of it. She was, however, one of the very few who ever enjoyed the pleasures of a student in the facility. There were others, but none as brazen as she could be.

"Any one in here?" she always asked before entering the men's room, just in case it was being cleaned, or utilized. The response she had instructed her young lovers to use was "Only us sewer rats," a phrase she couldn't remember where she picked up, but suited her fine. When she heard Tommy's wonderfully masculine voice give that phrase as an all-clear, Bethany quickly slipped into the bathroom and quietly shut the door. She slipped the dead-bolt into place, an accessory she'd had the janitor install many years ago, for a favor of course.

Bethany found Tommy in the back stall, the larger handicapped unit. He was already completely naked, having stripped out of his jeans, t-shirt, a class sweater, and underwear before she'd arrived, in ready anticipation. He still wore his socks, as the tiled floor would be cold.

Tommy was a tall young man, well over six-foot-five she guessed. Bethany couldn't help but grin at the sight of his youthful cock, already erect and standing proudly from his nearly hairless crotch. Tommy, and many of his fellow athletes Bethany knew, were into the "manscaping" and kept themselves well-trimmed, if not fully shaved, in stark contrast to the chin and upper-lip hair that they let grow, however sparse and patchy it may be. For his height, however, Tommy had a short cock, which Bethany had once measured at just under six and a half inches. Disappointing, but she had taught him how to use it well in the few months she been tutoring him in private.

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