tagMatureThe Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 69

The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 69


Gabriella's Tales - Part 3

The bedroom was dark, lit only by the occasional flash of far-off lightning. The storm had rolled through nearly an hour earlier, soaking Regal Bay as another early winter cold front moved down the coast. The glow of the nightstand clock displayed 11:45pm.

Gabriella Santiago lay on her bed, pressed into the mattress by the hulking man atop her. They were both naked, her legs spread wide and her knees drawn up. His long, thick cock was moving smoothly within her vagina, in and out. He was grunting and panting heavily from his efforts, and she huffed with every down stroke into her body. She'd climaxed minutes ago and the rush had already ebbed away. Now, she was just waiting for her lover to finish.

Geoff Sullivan had his hands hooked under Gabriella's shoulders, providing him leverage as he thrust into her smaller body. Geoff was a big man, six feet tall and 250 pounds, and much of that muscle. For a man in his early fifties, Geoff was fit. Even if he was little more than a pencil pusher these days. Geoff Sullivan was one of the few men with whom Gabriella enjoyed a sexual relationship with that was older than her. He was also the husband of one of her very close friends. At forty-seven, almost forty-eight, years of age, Gabriella was a few years younger, a half-foot shorter, and half the weight of the man who had shown up at her door two hours earlier wanting one thing.

Geoff hand his head down, his forehead against one of Gabriella's pillows. He was huffing deeper as he thrust a bit harder and faster. His balls were heavy with need. It had been nearly two weeks since he'd been with his mistress, or his wife. The business trip had taken him over to Europe and he'd only returned to Regal Bay that evening. Instead of heading for his home and his waiting wife, he detoured to Gabriella's condo after landing at the regional air field.

"Ooohh, oooohhh, uuunnnggghhh!" Geoff grunted, and pushed his manhood as deep as he could into Gabriella's warm interior. His cock pulsed and began to release his pent-up load. Thick semen spilled into Gabriella, warming her belly. He collapsed fully atop her after just a few moments, spent, sweeting, and panting.

Gabriella felt Geoff's manhood slowly begin to soften and she tightened her vaginal muscles to hold a tight grip on her lover. She stroked his wide shoulders and hairy back, his chest hairs tickling her breasts. Eventually his breathing slowed and she began to feel his full weight.

"Shouldn't you be getting home, Geoff?" Gabriella asked with an insisting push at his shoulders. "I'm sure your wife is waiting for you. You've been away nearly two weeks, you know."

Geoff pushed up and looked down at her. He smiled and replied, "Deirdre will be just as happy to see me at one in the morning as she would have been had I went straight home at nine." He dipped down and kissed her. "Besides, I wanted to stop in and see the woman I truly love."

"Don't say that," Gabriella insisted, and again pushed at his chest. This time, Geoff obediently rolled off her and lay on his side, grinning.

"Why not? It's true." Geoff placed a hand on her chest, between her breasts. He could feel the calm beating of her heart.

"No, it isn't," Gabriella replied sternly. "You say that after every time we get together. You're in love with your wife, and in lust with me. That's all." Gabriella rolled out of bed and headed for her bathroom. "You'd better get dressed and head home."

Geoff sat up. "You're just mad because I didn't take you with me this time."

Gabriella looked out from the lit bathroom. "You're very observant after sex, as well."

"I told you, I didn't take anyone this time," Geoff explained. "It wasn't in the budget. I couldn't justify taking along a "research assistant" when I couldn't even justify taking my personal secretary."

"Is that what you told Amanda?" Amanda Folsom was Geoff's secretary.

"What does it matter? I went alone, and now I'm back. I've got a few days off, and I would like to see you again." Geoff had pulled on his underwear and stood in the bathroom doorway. Gabriella was already in the shower.

"Things at the Bradley and here in Regal Bay have always been weird," Geoff replied. "Extra-marital affairs, orgies, all of that, it's like a prerequisite for holding any position of stature out there. Wives fucking around while we work our asses off, sequestered for days on end out there. When we get free time, we enjoy letting off steam. It's been that way since the doors opened and old man Van Winkle started the money flowing in this fish-town." After pulling on his trousers and under-shirt, he slipped into the bathroom and pulled back the shower curtain. "Damn! You're fucking hot when naked and wet!"

"Go home, Geoff!" Gabriella insisted, but took the moment to give him a wet kiss. "Besides, it's not like we won't be seeing each other this weekend. Dierdre invited me for Thanksgiving dinner, so I'll be seeing you Thursday, won't I?"

"That was mighty nice of her. Maybe we'll get an opportunity to slip away to my den...?" Geoff grinned and bowed. "By your command, my mistress, I shall leave you until next we meet," he said, and left her. When Gabriella stepped out of the shower, she found that Geoff had gone. She toweled off and after pulling on a light sleeping shirt and panties, she rolled into bed, ready for sleep.


Gabriella enjoyed her morning runs. Even when the air was a brisk 39 degrees as it was that November morning, she got out and put in her two miles. After a quick shower, and a light breakfast, it was time to take her little dog for her morning exercise. Dressed casually in jeans, a burgundy sweatshirt, with her long brown hair pulled up into a loose bun on the back of her head, Gabriella pulled on her long trench-style coat. "Come on, Peanut. Time for your walk." With the excited little dog at her feet beside the front door, she hooked the leash to Peanut's collar and headed out on their morning walk.

Gabriella enjoyed strolling along the winding streets of Van Winkle Heights. The streets were tree-lined and many of the beautiful homes displayed bright flower gardens that added a wonderfully relaxing aroma to her walk. She paused along her walk to allow Peanut, her little Jack Russell Terrier, to squat and add her own brand of fertilizer to the flower bed in front of old Mr. Johnson's house. She looked up the slight hill that made up Mr. Johnson's front lawn, taking in the new lawn gnome he'd recently added to his collection. She counted twelve of the ugly little figures about the lawn.

"Christ, I hate those things," she muttered to herself as Peanut darted back out of the flower bed, ready to continue her early evening walk. Gabriella walked along, following her little dog as it retraced the route they took every morning, when the weather was nice enough. Her calf-high leather boots were well broke in and very comfortable on her feet, and with the slight heel, she could feel her small, well-defined ass rocking back and forth as she strutted up Peach Street. From the top of the curve, Gabriella could look out across that part of town and see the ornamental stonework of the Golf Club's main building, rising above the distant fir trees. She knew quite well that there were at least three men, all married, who lived along the gently curving lane who regularly watched her as she passed by in the morning. She enjoyed the tease she provided them, each well aware that they stood a snowball's chance in hell of ever getting more than this from her.

Crossing Bayview Boulevard at the guarded walk in front of the elementary school named for the town's first elected mayor, Lawrence Pollock, Gabriella headed back into the condominium complex where she lived. The brownstone-styled buildings stood three stories tall and lined streets named for citrus fruits. She lived at the end of the cul-de-sac named Grapefruit Lane, and guided Peanut around the corner from Apple Drive, the main thoroughfare that bisected the complex, east to west. At that time of morning, almost nine by her Fit Bit display, the condominium complex was quiet. A gust of cool wind hit Gabriella in the face, coming up from the distant sea. Heavy clouds had been hanging over Regal Bay and now began to look as if they were wanting to resume dampening the spirits of the residents. She felt a shiver race along her spine in that moment, and said to her dog, "Come on, Peanut. Let's get home before it starts to rain."

Three sets of the Manhattan brownstone-style condos braced the cul-de-sac, each with five resident three-story homes. Gabriella and Peanut lived in the middle unit on the eastern building. Each unit had a single car garage attached to the first floor. Inside hers sat the year-old Lexus IS whose lease was up that week. She already had an appointment to return the vehicle that afternoon, and to pick up her new lease, a bright yellow Lexus LC 500.

Gabriella opened the front door and let Peanut off her leash. The Yorkie ran inside and bounded up the three steps leading to the kitchen, where she paused and waited. Gabriella joined her puppy in the kitchen, where she retrieved a treat, an after-walk snack, and tossed it to Peanut, who deftly leaped up and caught it before rushing off to curl up in her plush bed in the kitchen's corner. It was only a quarter till ten by the microwave's clock, she noted. Gabriella had a noon luncheon with Gloria Van Winkle scheduled, and plenty of time to get to the Clubhouse. She found the latest James Patterson novel that she'd been working on and curled up in the corner of her leather sofa to enjoy.


Wednesday afternoon, the day before the start of the long Thanksgiving week-end, and Gabriella was about the last person in the big Regal Bay Golf Resort clubhouse. There were a few others about, though mostly just secretaries finishing up their own work, or members of the cleaning crew. The Club and Restaurant was closed for the weekend as well, and given the fine dusting of snow that had fallen, she didn't expect too many golfers would be put out.

Her yellow Lexus sat alone in the employee parking lot when she headed out at three-forty. The overcast grey clouds gave the impression of it being much later in the evening, and with her headlights leading the way, Gabriella navigated the 1.5 miles to her home. With the Lexus safely tucked away in the garage, she went inside her condo. First, she let Peanut out into the backyard to do her business, while she slipped into the downstairs toilet to do hers. After letting the little dog in, Gabriella retrieved her cell phone and sent a brief text. She got a reply soon.

Brian Sullivan arrived shortly before five, with his young wife Erika in tow. Gabriella let the couple in and greeted Brian with a hug and brief kiss. "It has been so long, Brian," Gabriella said. "I'm so glad you called. I had hoped you'd be coming into town for the holiday."

"It was up in the air until late last week," Brian replied. "Erika wasn't sure if she'd be getting time off this weekend until Friday."

Gabriella turned her attention to Brian's young wife. Erika was a cocoa-skinned African-American woman, a few years younger than Brian's own 26 years. She was very slim, only about 5'2" tall, and very beautiful, with a squinty-eyed smile that warmed anyone who saw it. "It's so nice to see you again, Erika," Gabriella smiled, and gave the young woman an equally enthusiastic embrace. For being a slim woman, with a small frame, Erika had exceptionally large breasts, easily c-cups, that pressed into Gabriella's own c-cups as they embraced. Gabriella noted the firmness in Erika's breasts as well, giving away their augmentation.

Erika was normally a shy girl when it came to meeting people, even those she had met before, and her meek reply to Gabriella's warm greeting made the older woman giggle. "Come inside. I'll get us drinks. What would you like, Erika?"

Gabriella led them into the wide-open space that was her living area and with a wave of her hands directed the couple towards the sofa while she headed for the wet bar. "I really don't care. Maybe some wine?" the young woman suggested with a looked to her husband.

"If you've got a good red," Brian suggested, "that'll be fine."

"I have a bottle I just purchased when I took I day-trip up to the Westport Winery," Gabriella replied. "It's called "Red Sky at Night"." She retrieved the bottle from a rack and three glasses, and joined the couple. "It's billed as a raspberry-chocolate, and I find it a bit sweater that other chocolates." She pulled the cork and poured out three glasses half-full of the deep reddish wine.

"I don't know enough about wines to know the difference, other than red, white, or rose," Erika admitted as she accepted her glass and gave it a look.

"All you need to know is what you like and don't like," Gabriella said, and then with a lift of her glass in a silent toast, she sipped. Brian and Erika followed suit.

"Nice," Erika said.

"That's pretty good," Brian added, having nearly finished his off.

"So, tell me what's been going on with you two since last I've seen you," Gabriella insisted as she settled back into her sofa.

"Well, as you know," Brian began, "I've been with the Navy for six years now, and I've been a S.E.A.L. for the last four. Most of what I've done, I really can't talk about, unless it's state-side, of course."

Brian sipped at his wine and glanced at his wife. "Erika just got out, E.T.S., and now is working on-post as a veteran-civilian in public affairs."

"That sounds like a nice job," Gabriella said.

"It's not bad. I enjoy it," Erika replied. "The Navy just wasn't for me, I guess, so after four years I got out. I don't mind working on post, though. I still get to see some of my old friends, but I don't have to deal with the B.S., you know."

They drank in silence for a few minutes, and then Brian said, "Erika knows that you and I once were lovers, Gabby." He took his wife's hand in his and continued. "I've never hid anything from her, especially about my sex-life."

Gabriella lifted one eyebrow towards him with an unasked question. He responded with a nod. "Yes, she knows about my family, as well. I told her that mom and dad have an open marriage and both enjoy extra-marital affairs. And she knows that my aunt is a wild woman in her own right."

"Interesting," Gabriella grinned. "So how do you feel about this family that you've married into, Erika?"

"I guess I don't mind it," she replied. "I come from a pretty strict family, and I can't think of anyone back home that would be okay with what Brian's told me about his family."

"And that more or less leads us to why I called," Brian interjected. "We want to explore new things in our own marriage, and Erika wants to experiment with other people."

Gabriella was now seeing the point of the young couple's visit. Although she had already heard some of Brian's plan earlier when he had phoned, it was now truly coming to light for her. "Have you ever been with a woman, Erika?" she asked.

Shaking her head, Erika shyly replied, "No, Ma'am."

"And I take it, you've never enjoyed a three-way, with two men at the same time?"

"Never," she replied.

Gabriella gave Brian a quizzical look. He said, "I thought that it would be easier, you know, if Erika's first time with someone else included was with another woman. In case she decided she didn't want to continue, you know. It would be strange if we were with another guy, you know."

"I see," Gabriella nodded. "With another woman, such as myself, if Erika decided not to participate, you could still enjoy yourself while she watched, is that it?"

"I don't think it would be fair to Brian if I backed out, and left him hanging, you know," Erika agreed. "Besides, I don't really want to see Brian with another guy!"

"And I really don't think I'd enjoy that, either!" Brian whole-heartedly agreed.

"And since Brian's already told me that you and he had been lovers once, I guess it wouldn't be as if he was cheating on me, would it? After all, you came before I did."

Gabriella giggled at the unintended pun, but nodded agreement. "I can see how a three-way that included a former lover of your husband's would be a good way to introduce you to the pleasures." Gabriella stood and retrieved the bottle of wine. To the couple, she suggested, "Why don't we retire to my bedroom then, and get more comfortable?"

Brian and Erika followed the older woman up the two flights of stairs, hand-in-hand, to the upper floor that was Gabriella's master bedroom suite. The room had an entire wall of windows looking out across the darkness, though they were covered with drapes. Two large skylights allowed the night sky to shine in, when the bedroom lights were out. A single lamp was on, providing dim light for the trio.

"Welcome to my bedroom," Gabriella said, directing this towards Erika as she led the couple in. After all, this wasn't Brian's first time visiting Gabriella's lofty bedroom. "Relax and get comfortable while I top these off," she added, taking Erika's glass from her. She refilled her glass as well as Erika's from the bottle, and then frowned. To Brian she said, "I'm sorry, lover, but we're out."

Brian replied as he crawled into the big bed, "That's fine by me. I'm ready for something else anyway." He had a wide grin on his face as he looked between his wife and his host. He had slipped out of his loafers before crawling into the bed, but Gabriella still had her pumps on as she joined him.

Gabriella handed Brian her glass and told him to drink from hers, while giving Erika a nod to join them. "Relax and let yourself go. Don't be shy, young lady, but if you begin to feel uncomfortable at any time, or with anything, just roll away and watch. Feel free to do whatever you like, to whoever you like. I know I won't mind, and I doubt your handsome husband would mind, either."

The younger black woman indeed joined them, on her knees at the bed's edge as she watched her husband rise up to his knees under Gabriella's direction. Her heart raced in her chest as she watched another woman, an older woman, begin to remove her husband's clothing.

Brian was grinning when he gave Erika a look, even as the older Argentine woman pulled open his belt and attacked the fly of his jeans. Brian pulled his rugby shirt up and off, leaving him bare-chested before both of them. As Gabriella released Brian's jeans, Erika reached out and began to tug them down from his hips. Brian had planted his hands upon Gabriella's chest as they worked his jeans down. When his manhood had been revealed, Brian said, "Here, this will be easier," and hopped from the bed. Both women watched from their knees as Brian quickly removed his jeans and underwear, before re-joining them.

Now completely naked, Brian rolled into the center of the bed, between both women, and lay back into the pillows. Gabriella moved to his hip and told Erika, "Why don't you get more comfortable as well, while I get Brian here ready." She was already gripping his semi-rigid cock as she said this, and before Erika could respond, the beautiful Argentine woman leaned down and began to work her husband's manhood with her luscious red lips.

As Gabriella's long brown hair cascaded down to hide the sight of her blowing Brian to full erection, Erika removed her grey top. Beneath, she wore a black bra which held her round breasts firmly, high on her chest. She leaned to her side, along her husband, and brushed Gabriella's hair back. She wanted to watch the woman enjoying her man's dick, a first for her. Brian was smiling and turned it to her while also reaching down to stroke her thigh. With his free hand, he reached over and gave his wife's breast a gentle caress. "Get undressed," he whispered.

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