tagMind ControlThe Matter of the Mind Ch. 01

The Matter of the Mind Ch. 01


Author's notes: This is a works in progress: I hope you will enjoy my story.


It was just another normal day at the office. The wife calling me and nagging me for the fifth time that day about some thing or another; personally I could have cared less what it was I just said "yes dear" and marched on completed the task she wanted me to do then report back to her when all was done for the day. I felt totally out of control with every aspect of my life.

As a Co-founders of an Electronics Manufacturing company, I had plenty of money to throw around which meant that the wife would go out and buy all sorts of clothes, shoes and other assorted useless stuff for her, the house and sometimes me. Having no children, not from the lack of trying mind you, but from the fact my wife was a frigged little bitch. She enjoyed seeing me grovel and plead at times to even get some of her pussy. I was tired of being used and abused by her lack of self control and manipulation of our marriage.

My partner was the brains behind the electronics design. He designed our first product from scratch off of a hotel napkin when we were working as electronic technicians for a hospital. We discussed the issue of designing the circuit that would assist with troubleshooting sophisticated medical electronic systems. It took us three years to get the financing and manufacturing process in working order. The device could be integrated into any medical electronic system and would give you the location and part number of the effected part causing the problem. When other manufacturers heard about it they came to us to see if they could use it or incorporate it into any one of their systems. We did and started working on other similar and "out of our head" products for the medical and non medical industry. After the fifth year the company had grown to include six employees, I took over the financial and company management, Arnold took over the design and manufacturing end of the business. We discussed the direction of the company, new plans, new designs and other business related material. We would go on vacations together for three weeks to any where in the world with out our wives.

It was during one of these vacations that I casually mentioned about some type of mind control device that would work on my wife, to have a nice submissive wife that would do anything and everything I told her to do. Dress the way I wanted her to; entertain with out commenting on my faults at dinner parties. Be the little woman, seen, admired, and trainable. We laughed at that, considered some other ideas for this little device and some modifications on practicality. Little did I know that Arny started working out the electronic design of this machine in his head, jotting down notes while talking to some pretty lady on the beach. The last day of our vacation he came to me and said "Mal, give me a month or two before you ask me about the new design."

"Ok, Arny." Not really understanding what he had referred to as a design never occurred to me about the Mind control device we mentioned during the previous week.

Arny came into the office and sat down in front of my desk a month later. Looking up from the latest financial figures, I asked him what was bothering him.

"Mal, do you remember what you said about controlling our spouses with a device?

"Yea, Arny but I was just joking. There is no device like that and I don't know that we could design one that would work on only women. Besides your wife would not allow you to work on that kind of device. Neither would mine for that fact."

I just laughed because he and I had married each others spouses' sister. Technically, we were brothers-in-laws, both our wives were just bitchy, naggy, snobbish and down right cunts.

"Arny do you think you could design a mind control circuit that would only be effective on women?"

"Well, technically I already did."

"What? When? Tell me the details." I said sitting a little straighter in my chair.

"Well, I got to thinking when we were down in Cabo San Lucas last month. What would it take to control my wife and yours for that fact? I fiddled around with some circuit designs and came up with this little box." Reaching into his shirt pocket pulling out what looks like a cell phone handing it to me.

"Hit the send button and talk like you're on a phone. Just to let you know Angie has the receiver in her jacket right now. The range is really good as long as you have cell phone access it will work. Go ahead say anything you would like to say." Arny said triumphantly. Looking out on to the Lab floor I saw Angie working on a circuit board.

"Angie, come to Mr. Medtrix office please, but remove your panties first right where you are."

I watched as Angie reached under her dress and removed her panties carrying them in her hand to my office.

"Once you are in my office, you will lock the door, pull down the blinds and strip in front of me. You will not see anyone else in the room until I tell you to see them."

She walked in, locked my door, proceeded to the blinds and lowered them. Arny was sitting on the couch right in front of her; Angie didn't even look in his direction as she stripped all her clothes off of her slim muscular body. God what a body her firm tits, legs that went straight to her ass, and her ass -- wet dreams are made of this type of ass.

"Angie, why did you just strip here in my office?" I asked her. Looking at me with total confusion she tried to cover her naked body. Turning three shades of red all over her body Angie made a futile attempt to cover her naked body.

"Mr. Medtrix, I am so sorry. I don't know what came over me to do this, I had the compelling feeling that I had to come and strip for you. Please don't fire me, I really need this job." Retrieving the clothes from the floor, Angie started to dress herself.

"Angie, right now no one else knows you came here. So, this is what will happen either you agree to the terms or walk out the door."

"Anything sir anything."

"From this point on you will be the lab slut. You will do as you are told, no if's and's or but's about it."

With that statement Angie just lowered her eyes looking at the ground she sheepishly said.

"Yes, Mr. Medtrix"

"You will either address me as Master Mal and Master Arny or if others are around Sir. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Master Mal."

"Now you will go into my office bathroom and shave your pussy of all its hair. There is a new razor and my shaving cream that you may use. First remove all those clothes you just put back on. If you're in my office you will be naked and ready for our use."

"Yes, Master Mal." Angie removed all the clothing she had on. She was left standing there naked; she could feel her juices starting to run down her leg. Her mind was in overdrive; secretly she had hoped this would happen one day here at the office. Now, she was to be the office slut doing all kinds of things for her new Masters. She turned beet red when she finally stood before Master Mal naked.

"What are you waiting for slut go do as I told you shave that pussy. Make sure you clean the bathroom real good or suffer the consequences."

"Yes, Master Mal."

Angie walked into my bathroom and shut the door. Arny had the biggest smile on his face that I had ever seen.

"Arny, is this the only one? Or did you make more than one of these?" I said looking at him.

"Mal, there are three; mine, yours and this test one. Oh just to let you know this works on Claire and I know it will work on Carrie. It doesn't have to be calibrated or adjusted to any woman's specific brain waves. It works like a Hypnotic therapy that you get in a Psychiatrists' Office. You can make all sorts of post hypnotic suggestions. It is a wonder. Claire has turned into the most wonderful slave you could have imagined. She kneels for me at the door naked waiting for me to command her. It has only taken me 3 days to get her that way. All with little calls from this black device. She does not know what is happening, but she doesn't care, because I told her she was going to be submissive and a sex slave to her New Master -- Me."

"What? She actually is doing that?"

"Yep, follow me home and you will find out for yourself. We can leave now. I will not even tell her you are showing up. To see how she will react."

"Have you tested it on my secretary yet?"

"No, I think you will want to do that. It will take me 4 days to make one for her, but using your "call box" as I have named it. I have Angie's in mine and now yours."

Just then Angie stepped out of the bathroom naked as the day she was born. I notice her lips were puff and red, and her clit was standing out like a little soldier, she was blushing, nervous about being so vulnerable in the Boss' office.

"Angie did you masturbate in the bathroom before coming out here?" I said sternly.

"Yes, Master Mal. It turned me on having to shave for you and Master Arny."

"Did I give you permission to masturbate or come while you were in there?"

"No, Master Mal" she said with her eyes lowered and her voice just above a whisper.

"I didn't hear what you said SLUT!!"

"No Master you did not tell me to I could masturbate or come while shaving myself for you."

"Lean over my desk facing the window spread you legs wide. Hold on to the desk with both your hands. If you make one sound you will get triple the punishment you will be getting right now." She pleaded with me not to punish her, telling me that this is not how we should be in the office.

I leaned over her naked ass, my cock harder than it has been in years pressing in between her cheeks. She moved her ass when she felt my cock rub against her. I leaned into her ear and said very calmly.

"Slut, I will determine how, what and when I will punish you in or out of this office. Is that understood?"

"Yes, Master." She replied with panting breath. She could feel his cock rubbing in her ass crack turning her on even more, she had always fantasized about being fucked in the ass at the office by her boss and in this case bosses. Arny, with pure lust in his eyes looking at Angie naked and shaved, she still had not seen him sitting on the couch.

I removed my belt, wrapped it around my hand until there was about five inches of doubled over belt remaining to smack that white ass of hers.

"Angie, your punishment will be six lashes, three per cheek. Keep count, thank your Masters for each and everyone. Look at Arny when you thank me and request another one for punishment. Then you will thank me for giving you the correction so deservedly needed."

"Yes, Master Mal." She looked at Arny, he say the pure unadulterated lust in her eyes.


"One Master, may I have another." Angie said


"Two Master, may I have another." She stated with a tears trickling down her cheek, while looking at Arny.


"Three Master, may I have another." Red welts were starting to show across her cheeks were I had laid the belt.


"Four Master, may I have another." Angie bounced her ass from side to side to feeling the pain of the belt.


"Five Master, may I have another." She said thru clenched teeth. Arny was transfixed on her eyes, which had flowing tears coming down her face dropping on the top of the desk. Still she didn't scream.

"Angie, this will be the last one you will receive." I told her breathing hard from the exertion and arousal. I lifted my arm high behind my head and brought the belt down on her ass with all my strength. It sounded like a .22 going off when it hit her left ass cheek. She jumped forward from the pain that it caused. But she never screamed. She just kept looking at Arny, the tears rolling down her cheek on to the top of my desk. Her nipples were hard, she was dripping wet, and hotter than a poker in the fire.

"Six Master, Thank you for correcting me." Angie's breathing was ragged and deep, she was in full sub space from her punishment. Her ass stung, but she was so hot it didn't matter her Master had corrected her while her other Master looked on.

I started to rub her hot ass, red welts showing their nasty marks where I had punished her. It was so intoxicating, I unzipped my pants pulled out my raging hard on and buried it into her hot soaking cunt.

"Oh my god, you are so tight and wet. Your ass is so red. You may come all you want slut. Show us what kind of slut you really are, fuck me, come on and just fuck Master's cock you slut."

Angie pushed back to get all of my cock into her pussy, moving back and forth in rhythm with my thrusts. Arny stood up, dropped his pants, pulled out his cock and shoved it into her face. She opened her mouth to suck his cock, she swallowed his cock until she started to gag. She started to bob up and down in rhythm with my thrusts into her pussy.

Arny groaned "Oh great ceasars ghost. She can suck a B-52 with that mouth. Oh don't you stop slut. Holy shit, I am going to cum, swallow me. Here it comes. Damn.....Oh Damn....that's it bitch swallow me whole...."

Angie took Arny's dick straight to the back of her throat and held it there until she felt him shoot his load into her throat. Not wanting to miss a drop of his come she kept swallowing. She cleaned him while I still was fucking her.

"Ok, slut now it is time for me to finally prove to you that your are ours to do as we please." With that I pulled out and shoved my dick straight into her waiting hot ass.

"Oh god it is tighter than her pussy. Shit I am going to loose it real soon. Damn you are a slut. Fuck me whore."

Angie felt the initial pain of my thrusts into her ass, but she was so turned on from sucking off Arny she didn't care. Her ass was on fire, she relaxed and started to enjoy my fucking her ass.

"Oh Master, Please fuck your sluts ass, I am your slut, your office whore, your lab bitch. Please let me cum Master Please let me cum."

Arny leaned into her ear and stated "You may not cum for the rest of the day. You will have to wait until tomorrow to cum if we let you." Angie just groaned her disapproval.

"Oh Master please I beg you, anything you want I will do. Please let me cum. I can't hold out. Master Please!" I leaned over her hot ass and to her ear.

"Master Arny say NO! then it is NO!"

"Yes, Master." With that I exploded in her ass with a gallon of cum, jerking three or four times before I stopped.

"Clean me slut." Angie turned around dropped to her knees and swallowed my dick and cleaned it up.

"Now get dressed with out the panties. We will know if you cum, so do not even try."

"Yes, Master" Angie said while putting on her dress and shoes. She felt weird like she really didn't want to do something, but did not know what exactly. She was soaking wet between her legs, her pussy felt alive and wanting, but not really understanding why. She finished dressing and stood waiting for her next command from her New Master.

"Well, what are you waiting for? Another fuck? Get back to work slut. We haven't got all day to be prancing around naked in the boss' office." I said with my command voice.

Angie turned unlocked the door and stepped back into the lab. Arny and I watched her walking back in the Lab, she seemed to have a little trouble walking with her ass full of my cum. I looked over at Arny, he turned his head and looked at me.

"Wow, she is one hot little bitch. Did you see the way she took your cock in her ass?"

"See hell you should have felt it. Oh my god, does she have the tightest ass in America, well at least by my book."

"Hell, you want tight ass! Claire has a nice tight ass that I have been tapping since last night. Got her this morning, she tells that this is where her Master should be, buried in her ass fucking her beyond recognition."

"Hmmm... you said three days and she is your slave?"

"Yep! I did not want to push it any further, but I do have an idea with this little device.

"What is it ole buddy." With that statement took my eyes off of Angie and on to the call box. I look back at Angie, then the call box, Angie.

"Angie, stop doing what you are doing. Look at the wall and listen very carefully. Look at the clock, it is now 10:00 AM, at 10:30 you will go to the rest room and masturbate for 15 minutes. You are not allowed to cum. You will keep this appointment until I instruct you to stop, I will be the only one to tell you to stop. You will continue until your lunch at 12:00 PM, then you will go into the bathroom and masturbate for 30 minutes, then finish your lunch. You will return back to work and continue on every hour masturbating for 15 minutes until it is time to go home. When you get home, you will continue the same process until I tell you to stop." I said looking at Angie thru the window into the Lab. She just stoop there not moving still looking at the clock like I told her to do.

"Lift up the back of your skirt and show me that naked ass you gave me today." She pulled up her skirt and showed me her ass, cum still dripping out of if. Her legs showing signs of her excitement, her juices running down to her shoes. She then let go of her skirt letting it fall back into place.

"You may now go back to work, but remember what I told you." I turned back towards my desk thinking of all the possibilities that this little device will be able to bring in my life and with my wife. I smile the devilish kind of smile that only true men can smile. I called my secretary and told her I did not want to be disturbed the rest of the day. I then looked out to the lab. I watched as Angie walked out towards the ladies room and new the process was getting started by the time she came in tomorrow, she would be so ready to cum all I would have to do is say the word. I called Arny on the office phone.

"Hey, do you think this will harm the women?" I asked him thinking that of the long term effect on my wife, Angie, Claire, and possibly my secretary.

"Well, all things have a long term effect, either good or bad. I guess with out this experiment we would not be able to find out. Oh just to let you know, I will leave Angie alone for you. I heard you instruct her, so I will leave her alone for a while, but let me have some fun with her too."

"Tell you what get the box for my secretary and you have a deal." I said laughing. After that I went back to looking at what was needed to survive for the next couple of years with the company. I decided that we needed another break thru in the technology field. Thinking I almost thought of presenting the idea of the "Hypnodevice" to several companies, but then threw it out. By the time I finished the spreadsheet for the board, it was well past quitting time. I looked up at the clock and realized I was late. Calling Arny, he said that he was already on his way home to meet him there and we make it up on the fly.

To continue with The Matter of the Mind...Chapter 2...

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