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The Maury Show


I was sitting on a stool at my favorite bar after work, nursing the single beer I allowed myself, while I waited for the bowling alley next door to open. There was a really pretty dark haired woman sitting at the other end of the bar trying to catch my eye. Finally, Sam the bartender put another beer in front of me, and I declined it.

"It's not on the house Ted, it's from the lady at the end of the bar," he said.

"Thank her for me, and give her money back to her. You can put it on my tab, and pour it out or do whatever you do with it," I said.

A few minutes later the brunette wandered over and sat down on the stool next to me. Her face was pretty and her eyes were clear.

"You probably shouldn't sit there," I said, then took another sip of my beer.

"Not accepting the beer I bought for you wasn't very nice," she said. "Is there some reason, you don't like me?"

"I like you just fine, but I don't know you. I have trust issues when it comes to women. Right now my life is uncomplicated, and I like it that way. If you stay in this bar for any length of time, another guy will come along and you can buy him a beer. He'll probably be nicer, younger, richer, better looking and have a bigger dick."

"What if I just like you?" she asked.

"Not going to happen, so why bother?" I asked her.

"You don't know anything about me, so how do you know we couldn't at least be friends?" she asked in return.

"Let's see," I said as I turned to look at her. "You're between 25 and thirty years old. You're educated. You have a good job. You have a nice body, and you want to show it off, but you're afraid to because you have a few slight imperfections that you obsess over. You're either, married and trying to cheat on your husband, or recently divorced. You're conservative, but you like to think that you're a little bit wild. And...," I paused and tilted my head a little bit to the left before I continued. "You're actually a lot wilder than you think. You just need someone to bring that wild girl to the surface. The ex or current husband was or is a lot older than you are and I remind you of either him, or someone else. How many did I get right?"

"Nearly all," she said. "My husband, died a little over a year ago. I finally stopped wearing the ring a week ago. Towards the end there was no love left between us, but when he got sick I had to stay and care for him up until the end anyway, out of respect if nothing else. Then when he was gone, even though as you alluded, I did feel like he was holding me back, I just couldn't bring myself to look for someone else so soon after he passed. But when I saw you, you reminded me so much of my first boyfriend, the one I left behind to marry the ex. Right now I've gone back to work and I'm doing a job that I thought I'd like but at this moment, I'm just not too sure about."

"What about you?" she asked. "You seem kind of young to have decided to be alone for the rest of your life. And don't you have needs? I thought all men had you know...urges."

"And when I look at you, I don't see the tough hard boiled jerk you're trying to act like," she said. I see a genuine romantic. I think that you've been hurt, so you're trying to build a wall around yourself. But it's not to keep people away from you, like you think. I think it's to keep you from being hurt again. So what made you like this?"

I held up my beer so the bar tender could see it. "Play it again Sam. And maybe you'd better bring the lady one too."

Sam brought us fresh drinks and I started my story.

"Maybe you're right about the romantic thing, but that's not something I want to have get around. I don't really see myself as a romantic. I see myself more as a sucker, because I really got taken in. Up until about a year ago, I was happily married to the girl of my dreams, but that dream turned into a nightmare on national TV, so pretty much everybody knows how stupid I was."

I met Ellie about 6 years ago at a party, and it was just love at first sight. I know that some people don't believe in it, but when I saw her, I became a believer. One minute I didn't know her from Adam, the next minute, nothing in my life mattered except her. To me she was the most beautiful girl in the world, but in reality I guess she was probably about a 6. She has flaming Red hair, and pretty green eyes. Her eyes are kind of cat-like and they're so expressive that I could always tell what mood she was in and damned near what she was thinking by their expression. She has a mouth that just begs to be kissed and she tasted like strawberries. She has more than a few freckles, and she only weighs about 96 pounds soaking wet. She has the most beautiful and shapely legs in all creation and a nice little bubble butt. She doesn't have much upstairs, and no tits either. But God Damn I loved that woman.

Within a year of meeting her, we had gotten married. I was an Engineer for a large manufacturing company. We made automotive suspension components and steering knuckles for several major auto manufacturers. Ellie was a part time waitress, and once we got married she became a stay at home housewife. Our plan was to live together for a while and enjoy life before we started having kids. That was because her sister and brother in law had gotten married because he'd knocked her up and their life was a living hell. They constantly argued over everything, and we just wanted to be smarter.

Ellie's sister and brother in law, and a couple of cousins scattered here and there were all of the family she had. They lived in a trailer park about 5 miles away from us. Actually she had lived with them until we got married. I think they were glad that we got married because not only could they come over and use our pool whenever they wanted, but it gave them more room in the trailer with Ellie moving out.

Ellie and her sister Sallie were inseparable, and whenever I couldn't find her all I had to do was call Sallie, or stop by the trailer and there she'd be. Most evenings when I got home from work, Ellie, Sallie and Sallie's Husband Billy would be in my living room. Ellie and Sallie were connoisseurs of that great American art form, Daytime Trash TV. They lived and died by Jerry Springer, Judge Judy, the People's Court and of course the Maury Show.

I had never developed a taste for that form of entertainment, being burdened as I was with a job and all, but I was glad that Ellie had something that she enjoyed, that kept her from being lonely when we were apart. Usually she had dinner on the table when I came home, and after dinner we just settled in and did things together. We both loved seeing new things and discovering things by exploring the countryside. Ellie just loved seeing the scenery, and I loved driving anywhere for any reason in my Arctic White, 2008 Mustang GTCS vert. For those of you who don't know that's a California Special GT convertible.

Actually that car and Ellie were neck and neck in the war for my affection so having them both on the road together was a dream-come true for me. The car had a Cherry Bomb exhaust system, which though it messed up the California emissions standards, sounded great. It also had cross drilled and slotted rotors, the brake Calipers were painted arctic white to match the body, and all of the glass and lights were blacked out. I love that car to this day, but anyway back to Ellie.

Ellie was hell on wheels in bed. She was always wet and ready to go. If we were at a party with all of our friends, she'd excuse us to go and check out the bushes and we'd go at it. In our bed, she wore me out. There was nothing off limits with her. Her legs and butt, as I've already said were amazing, and even though she didn't have any breasts to speak of, her nipples were so sensitive that it seemed like she had orgasms just from me blowing on them. And speaking of blowing, that woman can still suck the chrome off of a trailer hitch. It was unusual for us not to have sex at least once a day even after being married for 5 years.

If it hadn't been for Sallie though, none of this would ever have happened. I have nothing against Sallie. She's an attractive woman in her own right, and she has the truest heart of any woman I know. She looks like Ellie except that she's a few years older, a little taller and a little thicker. Sallie is also a blonde, and has very respectable tits. Unfortunately her skin has that weathered look to it, and she sags in certain areas, which is probably due to her lifelong vigil monitoring the airwaves and her 5 kids. Sallie had made a run at me a couple of times, and until this whole thing blew up I really thought that she was doing it as a test. You know, to see if given the opportunity, I'd cheat on her sister. Of course I turned her down both times and life was well.

That is up until about a year ago, when Sallie and Billy started arguing a lot more than normal. These weren't their normal, yell at each other for a while then kiss and make up arguments either. These arguments had begun to last longer and longer and spill over on the people around them. Finally Sallie decided to take the argument to the highest and most respected agency she could think of.

I thought they were going to a marriage counselor, but of course I was wrong. Sallie had contacted the Maury show and was booked to be on an episode about Cheaters. Sallie had arranged for Billy to be given a lie detector test on national TV to find out if he was cheating on her. She also suspected that he'd cheated with multiple women and had gotten one of the girls in the trailer park pregnant. Of course Billy maintained that he was absolutely innocent and Sallie was just upset because at 30 years old she was getting kind of long in the tooth and wanted to hold onto him.

The girl she suspected Billy of cheating with, was going on the trip also. She lived in the same trailer park and was only 19 years old. It seemed like a circus to me, and I was laughing under my breath at the whole situation. I was pretty sure that Billy was guilty, but kept it to myself. I was also glad that Ellie and I weren't having anywhere near those kinds of difficulties. I wished them well and promised to DVR the show so we could all watch it sometime in the future.

That night, somewhere between one of Ellie's incredible blow jobs and me sinking into that tight little pussy, Ellie lowered the boom on me. She wanted to go to Connecticut for the taping of the show as well. She not only wanted to go, she felt that she needed to go. Just in case Billy was cheating or proven to be engaged in something bad, Sallie would need someone there for support. Of course this was also the chance of a lifetime for Ellie to see how her favorite show was produced and taped. It was a dream vacation for her. But since she wasn't a part of the case, or the episode, the TV Company, wouldn't pay for her flight or her hotel room, but I assured her that it wouldn't be a hardship for us to send her. Besides when she was sucking my dick I really couldn't refuse her anything. That was also when I discovered that she expected me to take a few days of vacation time and go as well. There was no way she was leaving me home alone while she flew off to another state. She told me she trusted me of course, but she didn't need to have me tempted to go to strip clubs and visit loose women while she was away. She was sure that having too much free time was what got Billy in trouble. I suggested that maybe Billy needed a job, but she just laughed. Besides that she reminded me that in the five years that we'd been married, we hadn't ever gone without sex unless one of us was sick or injured and she wasn't about to start now.

So a few days later we all flew to Stamford Connecticut for the taping of the show. We were met at the airport by a production assistant from the show's staff. Ellie and I went straight to our hotel, while the show participants went to a production meeting to outline what they needed to do for the next day's taping.

As soon as we got to our hotel room, Ellie bounced up and down on the bed while pretending not to look at me. I could feel her eyes boring into my back as I unpacked our suitcases.

"Isn't this the kind of thing that the woman is supposed to do?" I asked.

"I'll show you what the woman is supposed to do," she smirked, unzipping my pants and pulling them down around my ankles. My boxers, the ones with the different Mustang badges on them followed them to the floor. My dick rose and lengthened in response to Ellie's touch and she took it deep into her mouth and started bobbing her head back and forth on it. That was what we were doing when the bellman walked into the room. Ellie never stopped what she was doing; she just fished my wallet out of my pants with one hand, and handed it to me. I got a five out and held it out to him. He crossed the room, accepted the bill, and backed out of the room. He never once took his eyes off of Ellie. "Enjoy," he said, closing the door softly behind him.

The pressure in my balls was beginning to build up. I couldn't help it I grabbed Ellie by the sides of her head and started ramming my dick into her mouth and throat. She was making little gagging sounds in time with each forward thrust. When I couldn't hold it back any more I pulled out and shot my gentleman's juice all over her face and neck. She smiled at me as she wiped a few errant drops from her eyes. Then I watched her flash those cat eyes at me and lie back on the bed and spread her legs. "My turn," she smiled. I raised her skirt and pulled her tiny bikini panties away from her, revealing a small landing strip of fiery red hair.

I gently blew gusts of air through the flame colored kinks and slowly licked the area beneath her fur. She was already soaking wet and she started to shiver as my tongue hit her.

"God Damn it. All you guys ever do is lick at each other's private parts," said Sallie loudly as she stepped into the room without knocking.

"If you had waited a few more minutes Sis, you would have caught him with his big old dick rammed way up in my little pussy," smirked Ellie. "What are you doing here anyway? Shouldn't you be at the studio?"

"They need Billy, more than me. He has to take his lie detector test. They only needed to ask me a few questions and tape one little segment about what I think he's doing. They actually needed more from that floozy than they did me," she said. She looked at Ellie lying back on the bed quizzically. "Ellie what is that all over your face?"

"Your brother in law's sperm, it kind of came out all over me," laughed Ellie.

"Good God girl, aren't you going to wipe it off or something?" asked Sallie. Then she changed the subject. "Do you think that Billy really is cheating on me?" she asked. Ellie didn't answer she just squeezed my hand tighter. I think she and I knew the answer to that question. From Ellie's unspoken reaction I was sure that she thought that Billy probably was cheating on her sister.

"Sweetie, I can't answer to whether or not your man is cheating on you, but we're sisters. We'll be there for each other through thick or thin. If he is cheating on you and you decide to throw his cheating ass to the curb, I'm on your side with whatever you need. If you and the kids need to stay with me and Ted for a while, we've got plenty of room." Then she curled up beside me and snuggled herself into my side like a cat, face still full of my drying spunk.

"Ellie, you're really lucky to have someone who loves you like Ted does. I couldn't imagine him ever cheating on you. Can I tell you a secret?" she said quietly.

"I already know," said Ellie. "You tested him a time or two. You tried showing him your big ole titties, to see if he'd cheat on me, if he had the chance. He told me both times. I also know that you never would have gone through with it, if he had fallen for it. You love Billy way too much to ever cheat on him. So if he did cheat are you going to take him back?"

"Probably, eventually, but he's going to have to make some changes in our life. He's going to have to agree never to cheat on me again, and if he does we're history. And he's going to need to at least try and find a God damned job. We've been living in that fucking trailer for too long, and we have too many kids to squeeze into it. It's just not fair to the kids to put them through living like that. But we've been together for so long that I don't think I'd know how to live without him. Nobody is perfect, a man is going to make a few mistakes from time to time, so I don't see throwing away our whole marriage over this but he has to change."

Ellie squeezed my hand again gently and started lightly purring. I pulled the sheet over her and walked over to the bathroom and got a warm soapy washcloth and gently washed her face off. I kissed her lightly on her forehead as Sallie watched.

"You really do love her, don't you?" she asked. I nodded my head and smiled. "You guys are not like Billy and me. Sometimes I think we're only together because we've been together for so long that we don't know how to do anything else. But you really fucking love my skinny, flat-chested baby sister. I had no idea." The she got up and went back to her room.

"I'm glad she's finally gone," whispered Ellie as she pulled the comforter over herself. "And for the record, I really fucking love you, too. Til death do us part."

The next morning we all had breakfast together before the taping. I noticed 2 things right away. One was that Sallie had gotten her hair done and had a makeover. She looked fantastic; or at least fantastic for Sallie. Billy on the other hand looked as if he hadn't slept at all that last night. He looked at Sallie as if he was truly afraid of losing her. Marilyn, the supposed other woman, he'd slept with didn't hang around with us, but being only 19 we didn't really think she'd want to.

We all went in the stretch limo they sent, Billy, Sallie and Marilyn went one way, and Ellie and I went the other when we got to the studio. The production facility seemed to be a large warehouse like building with the set from the TV show at its heart. There were viewing rooms, conference rooms, dressing rooms and places used for other purposes all around it. Surrounding the set of course were cameras and all kinds of guys running around with headsets on adjusting God knows what. There was a recording booth in the back where technicians controlled the camera angles and the audio recording levels as well. Producers and Directors and go-fers and security people weaved in and out of the madness constantly.

When you watch the show it seems like each segment takes only a few minutes. Having seen the show on a few occasions when I was home sick or on vacation. I really thought that we could come down here to the taping and be back at the hotel for some serious fucking in an hour or two. We were there for three hours before they even started filming our segment. Sallie was the middle one of three segments on the show they filmed that day. The first was a teen mother who claimed that her next door neighbor's husband had gotten her pregnant. He was a Protestant Minister, and claimed that being a man of God he'd never commit the sin of adultery. He and his wife spit all kinds of vitriol at the teen mother. They claimed that she was a woman of ill repute, and her word meant nothing against the word of an upstanding Christian Minister and his pious wife. The preacher failed the lie detector test, and the DNA proved that he was the father of the baby. The preacher's wife attacked both him and the girl on the stage and had to be restrained. The Best part of the segment was the way that Maury, who really is taller than you think, announced it. The Minister, whose wife was already angry at him for failing the lie detector test, looked nervous. It was almost as if he was silently asking God to alter the DNA test results. He was trying to hold his wife's hand and she wasn't having any of it.

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