tagFetishThe Mauve Ribbon

The Mauve Ribbon

byGirl Friend©

Calista was positioned spread-eagled on our huge Queen-sized bed. She had been like that for some time now. Let me explain . . .

About a month ago Calista and I were watching an adult video that contained light bondage. She whispered to me before we went to bed that night that she would like to try some of the things contained in the video. Mind you I usually jump at the chance of having sex with her because of her nice tight but and perky size 34C breasts. I was reluctant to discuss the bondage topic with her because to me it seemed like pain would be involved in it, but Calista persisted and of course I can't refuse her anything so I gave in.

I told her I would try light bondage with her.

Calista started bringing scarves to bed with her at night urging me to tie her up and 'have my way' with her. Still, I was apprehensive because I was not accustomed to her being in a submissive role.

I gradually began to enjoy binding Calista to the bed knowing I was in total control and that shw would have to wait until I finished having sex with her before I untied her.

But . . . Calista did not and could not imagine my initial apprehension to binding her. A few years back I had a girlfriend that liked rough sex. One night were were going at it and for some reason she did not respond after I untied her. She went into a seizure after being pleasured sexually by me. It is a rare occurrence but nevertheless it happens. Sensory overload or something like that. To this day, my ex-girlfriend is still confined to the convalescent home.

I wanted to add some heat to our already potentially explosive sex life so I started to bind ribbons around Calista's neck as she orgasmed. Since her favorite color is mauve I would always tie a mauve ribbon around her neck as she started to gasp for air thrashing about in the wrist and ankle restraints of the scarves.

I've always had a high heel fetish so I would place high heels on Calista's feet as I was pounding my rod into her as she lay spread eagled and tied to the bed with the scarves restraining her ankles and wrists on the bed with the mauve ribbon tied rather tightly around her neck. Uuuuhhhm, just thinking about her in that way makes me climax.

Tonight however, something went terribly wrong. I was just about to climax as I was plunging and pounding myself in Calista's pussy and she was gasping for air when all of a sudden she went still.

I felt as if I was re-living the past. As Calista's face was replaced with Raven's (my ex-girlfriend's) face.

Raven had gorgeous green eyes and a shock of dark black, almost blue hair. She was much slimmer than Calista with a model-like figure.

In contrast, Calista has violet eyes (like Elizabeht Taylor's) and dark brown hair.

But just like Raven then, Calista now went still and did not move.

I got up from the bed and went to get a cold towel to try to revive Calista. She wasn't blue or anything but when I felt for a pulse at the base of her neck I could barely feel it.

I patted her face with the towel to see if that would 'shock' her out of the partially vegetatie state she was in but it did not work.

After about an hour noticing that she did not respond I decided to try to 'reverse' what I had done to her.

I still left her in the ankle and wrist scarf restraints and I loosenend the mauve ribbon around her neck. I climbed on top of her and I positioned my cock at the entrance of her vagina. With one swift motion I had my cock buried deep within her pussy just at the entrance of her cervix. I started pumping her deep and hard, faster and faster until she gasped.

"Aungh, Kevin what are you doing?" Calista asked me.

"Why, I'm fucking you dear. Why do you ask? I continued.

"Kevin, I told you time-and-time again. I want you to really tear into me. FUCK ME HARDER, DAMMIT!" she commanded me.

I must have re-shocked her back from her temporary seizure and now she was horny as hell.

"Treat me like the slut I am Kevin, FASTER, HARDER, DEEPER! I want to come NOW!!!" she continued.

Wow, Calista was in rare form. It was as if the semi-trance she was in brought out the slutty side of her. A side I was not aware of.

I brought a well-heeled foot up on my shoulder as I continued to pile-drive into her hungry pussy.

"Oh yeah, fuck yeah that feels sooooo good," I exclaimed as I felt my cum boiling in my nutsac.

"Come on my tummy, Kevin," Calista demanded of me.

I was shocked by her demand. What I did not know was that when she was in the semi-vegitative state she went back in her mind to when she was with her former boyfriend.

His name was Robert. He was a sex machine. He used to fuck her day and night, non-stop. He would pump her tight pussy unmercilessly. Making her beg him for more of his cock. He used to get really dirty and cum on her stomach, pussy, ass and back. Dirty Robert. She remembered him.

Of course I found out about him later but I was just glad at the time to have Calista back. I really enjoy her new-found sluttiness.

Now we both enjoy her dressing up in high heels, being tied up and spread eagled with scarves and of course, having the mauve ribbon tied around her neck. That ribbon has become a symbol of a new sexually vibrant Calista.

And of course, I LIKE IT!

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