tagNovels and NovellasThe McLanahan Clinic Ch. 02

The McLanahan Clinic Ch. 02


Alexander sat, swathed in bandages around his legs, right arm, and head, staring out the window pensively. Shirtless, wearing a pair of thin gym shorts, he was medium sized with hints of an Italian decent, flecked with little cuts still healing on his face and chest, he looked around morosely at what had become the known universe.

To Alexander, the known universe was roughly three rooms and a hallway on the fourth floor of the county hospital. He was told there had been an accident. He couldn't remember it. They said he needed neurosurgery to keep him alive. He didn't remember that. They said he was in a coma for a month. He didn't remember that, either. The doctor said amnesia, and it might be temporary. He remembered that. He remembered the doctor saying it evenly, casually, like he had contracted the flu, instead of losing everything.

The damnable thing is, he could remember his childhood, barely: three childhood friends, a fort in the back yard, playing in the creek and getting muddy, being yelled at for trailing a line of muddy foot prints thought the kitchen, of ineffectually blaming it on the dog -- but afterwards, it became maddingly vague or non-existent, like trying to grab a hold of a tendril of cigarette smoke.

He didn't think he was a smoker, or an alcoholic, or a drug user, there hadn't been any cravings over the past week he could remember. He occasionally felt weird impulses at times, like sudden sadness he couldn't explain, or an almost child-like glee at looking a swimming pool. He had no visitors, and he didn't know he had any living family. There was a ring of pale skin around his ring finger, was he married? Gay? Bi? He didn't know. Sometimes he thought that the sum total of what he knew could barely fill a pamphlet; a very small pamphlet.

So he sat, his legs in a cast, his arm in a cast, and his hair shaved off from the neurosurgery they had to perform. The few times he looked in a mirror, he thought he resembled a hairless chihuahua. So he sat, as the spring rains came boiling off the ocean, sitting by the window in his room, staring blankly outside, trying to remember who he was.

The squeak of the opening door shook Alexander out of his fretful reverie with a start. He looked questioningly as a young woman wheeled in the food cart with a blinding smile. Ah, he thought without enthusiasm, the remarkable food like substance they laughingly call lunch here.

"All that brooding must have made you hungry, right?" She said brightly. Alexander smiled politely, but quailed inside, something about her unnatural perkiness made him queasy.

Dressed in pale pink smocks, 'Amber', the nurse's nametag said as she pulled an a tray out. Short and zaftig, her brown hair drawn up into a tight professional bob at the base of her neck, the most noticeable part of her, other than her annoyingly sparkling personality at all hours of the day or night, were her massive breasts tenting out the front of her shirt. Perhaps it was perspective, Alexander mused, they could possibly only be a B-cup, and her small stature would seem to inflate them to amazing proportions.

"Looks like beef stew." She said, sniffing at the tray delicately as she brought it over to the rolling table next to the chair.

Do I like beef stew? Alexander wondered, but other than a childhood aversion to lima beans and cabbage, he couldn't remember. Then again, he thought wryly, hospital food is not known for its savory taste.

The table squeaked a little as she brought it closer, "Feeling hungry at all?"

"No, not really."

"You have to eat something, you've hardly eaten anything this last week." She said, filling his plastic tumbler with cold water from a Styrofoam carafe.

"Perhaps I just want some company." Alexander blurted, surprising himself, "The only people I see are either here to ply me with something, or take it away -- usually with something sharp. Needles and the like. I don't feel like a person, I feel like a talking medical mannequin for people to practice on."

Amber froze for a moment, looking at him strangely, before she finished filling the cup, and walked away quietly. Alexander felt awful for blurting that out. These people work hard and have many to care for, what should I care if I'm a little lonely? They save people's lives, like mine. The locks on the cart's wheels clicked off noisily, Amber hesitated a moment, then blurted, "I'll be done in a few minutes, wait for me?" And before the stunned Alexander could respond, she smiled shyly and fled.

Her company immediately overshadowed the barely edible meal, once she dropped the perpetually over-perky personality, and started talking about herself. Alexander found out she has an older brother in the Navy that wants to study to become an electrical engineer when gets out. A father dead from cirrhosis, and a mother still teaching at the local community college, like she has for the past half century, and was first year student studying hard to become an RN while working in food service to pay the bills. Not that she went home a lot, as she was almost always here paying off school bills.

Over the next few weeks, it became a routine that Alexander looked forward to and to his surprise, he discovered a desire to talk that he didn't even know he had. While he was unable to talk about much, she was able to fill the gaps, spinning stories and anecdotes from her life with enviable easiness. In return, Amber smiled at his quiet jokes, brought him flowers when she came on shift, ate with him, and bade him goodnight when she left for the night.

During the night, Alex had dreams of her that if not erotic, were embarrassingly sensual. He dreamed his legs and arm healed, lying with her on a grass-covered hill, the wind tugging at her hair as she smiles at something he said. One time, they were in bed together exploring each other's bodies playfully, with giggles and moans intermingling for hours.

The dreams embarrassed Alexander, and often he would wake with an erection he was unable to deal with. Amber was a good female friend who didn't have any desire to take it any further. And that was fine with him.

*    *    *    *    *

After the second week, the doctor made a visit some time in the afternoon. Tall dark and handsome, he looked like someone that stepped off a fashion magazine rather than a doctor, dressed in blue scrubs, he smiled as he shook Alex's hand warmly, "So, how do you feel?" he asked warmly.

"I'm pretty sure I've felt better." Alex responded dryly.

"I see that you've gotten some flowers." The doctor said, nodding at the small vase at his bedside sprouting a riot of color.

"I needed a little color. Look, I'm going to be blunt. Either you're here because I'm going to live, or because I'm going to die. I feel fine, so I think I'm going to live, which means that you're here about what happens next, right?"

"Ah, essentially, yes."

"So my legs, my arm, my head are okay?"

"Yes, quite well, in fact. You're going to need some physical therapy, and I'd recommend some psychological therapy to help you with the amnesia, but minus your legs, arms, head, and all your other injuries, you're as fit as a fiddle."

"Großartig." Alexander snorted sarcastically.


"Wonderful." Alexander repeated.

"You didn't say that, you said 'grosstardish'."

"I did?"

"It sounded like German."

"I know German?!"

"Well, anyway, we're going to discharge you in a week or so. Do you have a place to stay?"

"I don't know."

"Hrm. Well, there is a clinic a little bit from here. They mostly focus on psychological problems--"

"A nut ward?!" Alexander interrupted with a yelp, "I'd rather keep the crazies far away from me, drooling or otherwise, thank you very much!"

"Nononono," the doctor said reassuringly, "they primarily focus on addiction. they have a physical therapy center, but it's not as well equipped as our facilities, but they'll provide you with both physical and psychological care. Two birds with one stone, if you will. It's by the sea. Lovely views."

"Sure." Alexander shrugged fractionally and smiled, "I can't remember any pressing engagements I have to be at, and I wouldn't mind a change of scenery."

"Excellent, excellent. I'll make the arrangements. Don't worry; I've seen them work miracles. They cured my smoking addiction, for instance."

"You used to smoke?"

"Pack a day. Once you get started, it's hard to stop."


"Thank you. Well, Mr. Fell, we're sorry you had to come through our doors, but you're glad you're walking out of them."

"Can't walk. Still broken."


"Right. Thanks for the work, doc, I appreciate it." Alexander said, holding his good hand out. The doctor smiled, and shook Alexander's hand one last time, and moved on.

*    *    *    *    *

Later that day, Amber stopped in with the food, smiled shyly, and left quickly, without saying anything. Puzzled, Alexander waited until she had closed the door before saying anything.

"Busy day?"

"Not really." She said, and the door clicked. "I have something I have to ask you." she said quietly walking around the bed, and stood nervously.


"When was the last time..." she trailed off.

The silence lengthened.

"The last time I...?" he supplied.

Amber blushed, "Masturbated." She squeaked.

"When was the last time I masturbated?" Alexander asked smiling slightly at her discomfort. Amber nodded and fiddled with the edge of the sheet, not looking at him. Alexander sighed, "Not since I got here."

"Almost a month?" she asked in disbelief.

"I guess so," Alexander said dubiously. "I'm kind of hampered here, anyway," He snorted waving at his right arm. "Why do you ask?"

"Are you a virgin?"

"Ah, I don't know, honestly. Why do you ask?"

"Alexander, I like you."

"I like you to, Amber."

"No, I mean I really like you."

"Well I really--oh." Alexander said, suddenly run over by understanding. Amber sniffed, and turned away, hiding her face from him. Alexander reached out with his good hand and held her by the wrist firmly, "Hey, hey, hey. You have to understand, I thought you were just being friendly to the guy with the screwed up head."

"I was, at first, and then it became more. Didn't you notice?"

"I, ah, no." Alexander said blushing. He paused for a moment before he said quietly, "I... I've had dreams about you, you know."

Amber turned and smiled uncertainly, "Really?"

"Nothing perverted," Alex said in a rush, "just you and I outside, laying on a blanket, together, watching the clouds roll by."

"Aw," she said, "that's sweet. I've hand dreams about you, as well."


"Yes. Most of them were romantic. I imagined the two of us lying nude in front of a fireplace; a little wine, a little food, and a lot of time to ourselves with nothing to do."

Alexander smiled warmly, "I'd like that."

Amber smiled shyly, and bit her lip gently, gazing at him quietly before she asked huskily, "Would you mind if I kissed you?"

"I think I'd like that very much." Alex smiled, his heart thumping.

Amber smiled and leaned forward slowly, carefully, their eyes locked on one another. Alexander found himself smiling quite foolishly at her as their lips met.

In the beginning Alexander thought it would be a simple, chaste kiss between two people beginning a relationship, but as the kiss went on, she leaned forward more, their breathing became labored, their lips parted, and their tongues began to duel with increasing fervor. Their mouths seem to pass not only their breath, but also a heated misty mélange of powerful lust, and gentle love between them, one that grew more powerful every passing second.

They broke apart suddenly, faces within inches of each other, panting like they both ran a marathon.

"Wow." Alex croaked.

Amber smiled and pulled something out of her hair with a flourish. Unbound, it cascaded over her shoulders and down her chest in a silky, chocolate wave. "Wow, indeed." She said huskily, "I've got twenty minutes before I have to clock back in, let's get comfortable and do that again."

Alexander, brain fogged with lust, could only nod dumbly as she skimmed her blouse, pants, and an unflattering bra off, and cuddled next to him on the bed. "Wow." He croaked again just as their lips met again. Her hands roamed over him, touching, feeling, exploring him under the covers, soon her wandering hand bumped across Alex's painfully swollen member, quivering in time to his heartbeat.

"A month or more?" She chuckled into his ear as his back arched and he moaned loudly as she squeezed lightly. "As a trainee-nurse, I should alleviate your symptoms, before you explode down there."

"I might explode anyway!" Alexander panted between clenched teeth, frantically fighting back an orgasm.

"Oh really?" She chuckled wickedly. "Let me get a better look at the affected area." She said, throwing the covers back. "My, aren't you a big one."

"Please, please Amber, I'm right there, please stop, I'm about to--"

"Cum all over yourself?" She licked his ear and moaned suggestively, "Mmm, I'd like to see that, because the thought makes me so very wet."

Alexander could only moan and squeeze his eyes shut tightly before the orgasm washed over him, Amber could only moan hungrily in his ear. His cock almost convulsing, each pulse felt like he pushed out a liter of cum, spraying his chest with a wet splatter.

After an eternity, it was over. Alexander slumped, exhausted, barely conscious, except for a peculiar yelping beside him. Curious, turned his head and cracked his eyes open. Amber was running one hand over his chest, smearing her hand with his cum as another pumped rapidly between her legs inside her panties as she brought her hand to her mouth and sucked and licked the pearly white fluid off her fingers.

"Do you like it?"

"Mmm," she moaned, "it taste's sooo good. It smells sooo good."

"Well, unless you brought a rag, there has to be some way to clean this mess up."

Amber smiled, her eyes glinting as she levered herself up and kissed and licked the seed from his chest, working herself lower until she was licking and nipping his still hard cock playfully.

"Ah! You don't have to do this, I-aaaahhh!" he yelped as she nipped particularly hard.

"I don't have to, I want to. If your legs weren't broke, I'd jump your bones, but since they are..." she said and sucked him deeply.

Alexander moaned uncontrollably. "Gods, you are an angel!" he sighed, his good hand lovingly stroking through her hair.

She moaned happily and began sucking enthusiastically as her hand kept busy between her legs. Alexander leaned back and enjoyed the ride. All too soon, Alexander felt another orgasm approaching. "Amber, please, another is coming, you're doing real good, sweetie, but unless you want a...aaaaahh!" Alexander's back arched, his hand spasmodically tightening on her neck as she suddenly tried to inhale his very essence.

His hips thrusting weakly off the bed, he came, his eyes closed, his back arched until he thought it would break, his muscles spasming as the ran to the edge of a cliff, and then jumped off with a howl of release, joined with a breather, higher pitched wail, on and on, until dark whirlpools consumed his vision.

*    *    *    *    *

He came to, slowly, later, muscles aching, awash in soreness. A small note lay propped on his belly, and something soft and damp wadded in his hand. The wad in his hand proved to be a pair of simple cotton panties, soaked at the crotch. Alex smiled and unfolded the note.

My dear Alexander,

I write this in the women's bathroom a few minutes after you passed out. I barely had enough time to get dressed and cover you before the door slammed open. Your vital signs looked like you were having a heart attack. Which means we can't do this again until you're not hooked up.

I don't know what came over me, I'm not that type of girl, but I couldn't help myself when I was around you. I lied earlier, I did dream of you, and one time we were laying in front of a fire, but some dreams were more carnal. I found myself acting like a common slut in them. Bouncing on your thighs your hands kneading my breasts, your mouth nibbling on a nipple as I babbled incoherently...

I know you've been slated to go to the McLanahan clinic outside of town, and I'll try to visit you when I can, but until the next time, please use my panties to wipe up next time, okay?

Until next time.



I might not know who I was, or even who I am now, but I do know I like her. And for the moment, that's enough for me. Alexander thought happily, smiling as he traced the scrawl of her name with a finger lightly, caressing the paper as if it was her skin for a moment before he folded the note carefully, and hid both the panties and the note in a bedside drawer.

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