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The Meal Thief


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There are times where I just enjoy breakfast food. More often than not, it's nowhere near time to eat breakfast. Yesterday was one of those days. Kitten and I were working on a puzzle, spending the afternoon telling stories and laughing at childhood embarrassments, all the while enjoying those subtle, yet purposeful, touches and brushes of each other's skin. Feeling hungry, I told Kitten, "I'm going to make something. Would you like anything?"

Immediately, she responded, "Would Sir like me to make something for him?" Her eyes were pleading. She knew this made me much happier, but I was actually in the mood to cook.

"Thank you, Kitten." I smiled, assuring her that I was pleased with her offer. "I'll ask again, would you like anything?"

"No, Sir. Thank you." She did look a little disappointed. I decided to make her something, anyway.

Heading into the kitchen, I noticed that it was clean and tidy. Another reward for my Kitten. I pulled a skillet out, placing it on the stove. I grabbed the eggs and butter and pulled out the loaf of bread to make some toast. I was going for simple, today. Letting the butter melt in the skillet, I cracked a few eggs into a bowl and started whisking them together. I took the milk from the fridge and splashed a bit in the bowl of eggs before whisking it up again. I dropped a few slices of bread in the toaster and dumped the eggs into the skillet. The toast was the first to be ready, giving me just enough time to spread butter on each piece before the eggs were done and ready to slide onto the toast. I turned the stove off, not remembering I was going to be making something for Kitten. I ripped off a paper towel to wrap my breakfast sandwich in, then turned... to find Kitten standing right behind me.

"What do you have there, Sir?" She asked, knowing full well what it was.

"A sandwich." I replied, just then remembering that I was going to make one for her. I handed it out to her. "Would you like it? I can make something else for me." She took it from me, licking her lips before taking a bite.

"Mmmm." Her moan was mesmerizing, making me react. "So delicious, Sir." She backed up until her backside bumped into the island, her eyes never leaving mine. I followed, getting closer to her as she took another bite of my sandwich. "Is Sir hungry?"

"Yes, I am." I answered, wondering just what she was up to. She lifted her arms, like wings. I took the hint and lifted her up onto the counter. That's when I noticed that Kitten didn't have any panties on.

She worked her shirt up out from under her ass giving me a full view of her already moist pussy. "See something you're hungry for, Sir?" She moaned before taking another bite of my meal.

Feeling my mouth squirt with the thought of burying my tongue inside her, I leaned forward, lifting her legs up and resting her feet on the edge of the counter, spreading her open in the process. "Yes, I do." I said as she leaned back, laying down across the cool surface. I could see her clit, standing at attention... begging for its Master's touch. I watched out of the corner of my eye as she continued eating, oblivious to the fact that it wasn't hers. Because of that, I decided that she was going to have to wait. Instead of taking her moistness in my mouth like she wanted, I moved over and surprised her by suddenly placing her toes in my mouth and sucking. I watched as she almost dropped what was left of the sandwich on herself. I chuckled as I moved my tongue up her leg, working toward her knee. Reaching the knee, I gave it a kiss, then started working my way down her inner thigh, giving it little nips with my teeth, followed by a kiss in the same spot. I could feel her hips rotating as I got closer and closer to her warmth. As my cheek brushed her lips, I pulled back, an audible groan coming from her other end. "You'd better finish that." I warned her before quickly moving to her other foot and wrapping my mouth around the other set of toes.

"Oh, fuck!" Kitten screamed, a little muffled with her mouth full of egg and toast.

I paused long enough to ask, "Like that?"

"Yes, Sir." She swallowed. "But your meal is getting cold." She lifted her butt up off the counter, waggling her hips, showing off how wet she had become. I blew on her, cooling it down even more, hearing the "OH!" as she slammed her bottom back down.

"Guess I'll need to heat it back up." I chuckled as I worked my tongue up her leg to the knee again. This time, instead of nips of her inner thigh, I took bites. Pressing hard, but not enough to break skin. Enough to leave a mark that I kissed as I moved on to the next section of skin, getting closer. I could hear her enjoying the sensation, trying not to call out. She slowly reached down, sliding a finger up her slit, stopping at her clit. She jerked her hand away and a shocked scream was heard as I slapped the inner thigh I had just bitten. "Did I say you could do that, Kitten?" I could see the redness where my hand had contacted her skin, just over the last bite I had left.

"No, Sir." She answered with a whimper, the sting of the slap slowly wearing off. "But I want to cum, Sir." Her need was great if she was willing to be this belligerent.

"Who decides that, Kitten?" I growled, reminding her who was in charge here.

"You, Sir." She replied instantly, not wanting another stinging slap.

"That's right, Kitten." I said quietly. "But you aren't going to take both of my dinners away from me." Before she could respond, I licked her wetness, running my tongue the full length of her pussy, tasting her cool juices. Her hips thrust up uncontrollably as I flicked her clit with my tongue. "Turn around." I commanded, standing up. I watched as she spun on the counter, laying her head back over the edge. I leaned over, noticing two nubbins standing at attention under her shirt. Kitten was busy working my pants down as I bit into one of her nipples, pulling it away from her body as she drew in a sharp breath of air. I let it drop as she continued working me out of my underwear. I took the next nipple in my teeth, enjoying the sensation of Kitten's tongue working its way around the head of my cock. I didn't even wait. I pushed into her mouth, feeling her take me in. I reached up, feeling her pussy, running my finger slowly up and down as my hips slid back and forth of their own accord. After a few strokes, I pushed my finger inside her, the heat rising with every pump of my hips. She was tight, gripping my finger as it slid in and out of her in rhythm with my cock, her moans of pleasure sending spasms up my spine.

I slowly worked a second finger inside her, feeling her spread open a little at a time, being careful not to get too forceful. She reached around me, grabbing my ass with her hands and started pulling me into her, pushing deeper into her throat as I fingered her. I reached for her g-spot, curling my fingers inside her. I felt her hips respond as she pulled me harder and faster into her. I pulled her by her pussy, grabbing and pushing into her g-spot as I exploded in her mouth, barely able to stand, my knees were so weak. I could feel her pussy starting to convulse with an orgasm of her own, so I pulled my fingers out, saying. "No, pretty Kitten... I'm getting my meal." I pulled my cock out of her mouth, reluctantly, lifted her head up with my hands, giving her a kiss as she spun around in place again on the counter. She smiled at me as she sat back again, knowing that I was about to eat her like a steak.

Once in position, I lifted her feet onto the edge once more. I noticed her juices running down the inside of her legs to the bulges of her ass. I licked the rivulets up, taking pleasure in the sound of her surprise. Once the drips had been taken care of, I plunged my tongue deep inside her, making the noisiest slurping noises. I lapped at her pussy like a thirsty dog in the middle of a desert, enjoying every bit of movement and wetness that she produced. I finally felt her thighs quivering, her inability to control her hips, her moans and sighs at such a high pitch, they were almost inaudible. I took her clit, sucking on it and running my tongue around and over it, flicking it with loving caresses, until she grabbed my head, directing my tongue where to go.

"Faster! A little more. Down just a little. To the right. Right there! Faster. Faster. Yes!" I loved it when she directed me where to go... where she could get the most pleasure from me. Her legs and feet were violently shaking, threatening to go flying off the counter. With a giant thrust into my face, and a scream of "YESSSSSSS!", my Kitten came, pulling at my short hair, hips thrusting into my licking tongue, the warm fluid of her explosion filling my mouth. I waited for the orgasm to die down before removing my tongue from inside her, making her spasm, yet again. I reached forward, grabbing her hands and allowing her to sit up. We looked into each other's eyes, smiling. I leaned in for a kiss as she wrapped her arms around me.

I went to bed that night, completely satisfied, forgetting that Kitten had not only stolen my dinner, but provided a much tastier one for me in return.

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