The Mean Girl


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I guess I have to finally acknowledge that I'm not a nice girl. Or I haven't always been a nice girl. Or, I don't know. You may say I deserved what I got, but I just don't see it that way.

Do you remember high school? I don't know what your high school was like but mine was cutthroat. It wasn't like we were all equals, ya know? There was a food chain and you needed to work to be as high on that chain as possible. It was a constant battle. If you didn't periodically take out some of the dweebs and gillies you would eventually find a target on your own back. I didn't make the fuckin' rules. I never wanted to hurt others. I know some people got off on the kill. Not me. But I needed to survive. That was Darwin, right? Survival of the fittest? I still feel sorry for the mouse that is chewed up by the cat, but honestly, I'd rather be the friggin' cat.

The rules changed when I got to college. Some people say that the game stops completely; that's bullshit. There's more room to run and hide, but the jostling for position in the social hierarchy continues. I never gave it a lot of thought before. This is all just how life is. As I said, I didn't make the rules.

So I went off to college. My assigned roommate was some gloomy black-clad wacko who was just a little too fascinated with death. Just do it already so maybe I can have the room to myself, ya know? Me and Emo-Bitch didn't get along. There was a girl down the hall named Tina that was more my type and we quickly started hanging out. She had some lardo roommate so we felt each other's pain.

I wouldn't say Tina and I became close friends but we hung out. We joined an aerobics class together and even pledged the same sorority. Tina was pretty quiet, but she generally agreed with everything I said so we got along and it was easy to have her around. Is it condescending to say that she was a good sidekick?

Whatever, she was a good sidekick. She was shy so whenever we met guys, they focused on me. And that was just fine. Guys were integral to the game. The more that they wanted you, the more power you had. And I'm not just talking about the free drinks and free meals shit. No, the real power was the ability to influence them. Dropping hints that so-and-so has an STD, or that some girl was cheating on some guy, etc. Sometimes it would be true, sometimes not. Ultimately, truth was what people believed it to be.

Don't get me wrong, I liked guys. And I liked sex. But I wasn't so concerned about getting close to someone. Instead, I focused a lot on staying on top. I've seen too many girls go from being respectable chicks to piles of shit overnight. It's not a pretty sight. I have this recurring nightmare where that's me. I'm walking down the hall of some school building wearing absolutely dorky clothing and suddenly a ton of people flood into the hall and start laughing at me, pointing at me, calling me names. It's horrifying. It's that nightmare that keeps me from letting my guard down. Eat me if you don't understand.

Near the end of Freshman year I attended Shorts Night. That's shorts as in short films. Students, mainly aspiring directors, made these 15-minute movies and they were all shown one night in our big auditorium. Honestly, it seemed like it would be pretty boring but it was the big social thing to do so I had to go, if for no other reason than to be able to make fun of peoples' stupid movies. It's just one of those things that you have to do if you're going to stay on top.

So I went. After a couple of hours I was getting pretty bored. But then a film started that was titled, "Stacey". The guy I was with joked with me, "hey, that must be about you!" because, well that was my name. How creative.

After showing the title against a black background for ten seconds, a big image of my face appeared on the screen. I stared at it in utter confusion. Why the hell was a picture of my face on the screen? What the hell was going on?

As hidden camera footage of me continued to appear on the screen, it quickly became clear that this movie was indeed about me. And it wasn't flattering.

The first scene showed me putting on makeup in my dorm room. Of course, I wasn't just putting on makeup but also practicing making faces. It's amazing how many different expressions you can use to let people know that they, or someone else, is a piece of shit. And they can be very effective. But having people see me rehearse was pretty embarrassing, and there were quite a few chuckles in the audience. Given that it was in my dorm room it was pretty clear that Emo-Bitch had to be behind it. And I had already started planning how I was going to make her regret this for the rest of her miserable life.

The second scene showed me walking across campus with Tina. Someone must have been walking right behind us to film us and pick up our conversation. I really couldn't believe it would have been Emo-Bitch as I would have noticed that creepy wench following us, so I figured it had to be someone else that was helping her. Then I finally clued in on the conversation. I was ripping on Lacey, our sorority president. Fuckin' everyone hates her but people kowtow to her just because she somehow became president. It wasn't like I was saying anything about her that everyone didn't already know: that she was a "fuckin' cunt" and a "goddamn bitch whore", among other things. No news there. But this was going to be a pain in my ass as I was now going to have to fight to stay in the house. Fuckin' irritating.

The next scene wasn't any better. It showed me at some party, talking to various people. You couldn't really hear any of the conversations, but it soon became clear that what I was saying wasn't the point. So one guy came up to me and we started talking and I was being friendly, perhaps flirting a bit with him. But then he walked away, I think to get a drink, and the camera showed my happy, friendly face melt away into a look of disgust for him. Then another guy approached me and the whole scene repeated itself. Whoever was behind this was obviously trying to make me seem like a two-faced bitch.

I was starting to get real friggin' angry about all of this. This was a pretty awful portrayal of me and there were a lot of people seeing it. I knew that I was going to have to do some serious damage control when this was over.

But the final scene was too much. I was in my dorm room thinking I was alone, not realizing that Emo-Bitch, or someone else, was hiding in her closet with a video camera. Then I started undressing.

As soon as I started to pull off my shirt the audience gasped and a bunch of guys hollered. I watched in shock as the film showed me toss my shirt onto the bed and stand in the center of the room in my bra and jeans.

When the film showed me reaching behind my back to remove my bra the place went nuts. I couldn't believe that someone filmed me undressing and was about to show it to everyone. My brain was just overloaded with thoughts. Maybe they were going to stop before I removed the bra, or maybe they were going to blur out my tits. Would they really show me topless to this full audience?

But then it happened real fast. Off popped the bra and there were my tits on the screen. And there was no blur. I couldn't believe that someone had the gall to show my tits to the world. The audience was louder than it had been all evening. Mostly I heard guys cheering my exposure, but I also heard a lot of expressions of "oh my god" from girls in disbelief that they would show this. I also heard a lot of laughter, and it hurt because I knew they were laughing at me. It was awful, and it would only get worse.

The film then showed me removing my jeans and the raucous atmosphere continued. As I worked off the tight jeans my boobs were just out there, shaking around and I could tell that the guys were lovin' it. And then after a few moments I was there on the screen standing in just my panties.

Then my hands dropped to my hips and I hooked my thumbs underneath the band of my panties. I knew I was screwed. There was just no doubt where this was heading. I pulled down my panties quickly and tossed them to the side, leaving me standing completely nude in the center of the room angled towards the camera.

I couldn't believe the image before my eyes. My naked body was up there on the screen for all to see. From my breasts to my small tuft of pubic hair, I was completely exposed. And the audience certainly seemed to be enjoying the show. There were a lot of guys hooting and hollering. It was hard to fathom that all of these guys were seeing me completely naked. How many dorks and geeks had their eyes all over my body? In addition, there were a lot of people that just seemed to be laughing at my expense. As I looked around I could see some people seemed to be in total shock at what was happening, but most seemed to think this was all just a good time. Meanwhile I sat there fuming, trying to make sense of it all.

The movie showed me walking off to shower and then jumped ahead to show me returning from the shower, with my hair wet and a towel in my hands. And then I dried myself off. I had no idea that such a simple act could be so titillating for guys. As I dried myself, I had to twist and bend a lot, which caused my breasts to bounce and sway. And when I bent over to dry my legs and feet, I just bent at the waist. It's not like I knew I was being filmed. Thankfully my ass wasn't pointed straight at the camera when I bent over, but the crowd went crazy nevertheless.

But then things went from nightmarish to simply unreal. I finished drying myself off and put the towel over the back of a chair. And then I ran my fingers through my pubic hair. And again. And again. At first it looked almost casual, as if I was just loosening up the hair or scratching an itch. But it soon became clear that I was rubbing my fingers across my clit, arousing myself. The whole audience seemed to simultaneously gasp as everyone realized the same thing. And then the place erupted in cheers and laughter.

I stood there for a few moments rubbing myself and staring off into space. I couldn't believe that there I was on the screen masturbating in front of everyone. Thankfully, I then moved out of camera range. It wasn't clear whether I had gotten distracted or whether I just went elsewhere to finish the job, but at least I was out of view. With the realization that the show was over, the crowd groaned and laughed some more.

I was relieved to see that the movie was ending. As the credits streamed I looked carefully at the names. I wasn't surprised to see Emo-Bitch, err, her real name. I was surprised to see that my supposed friend Tina and her roommate were also involved. More names for my shit list.

As the film ended and the lights were turned on, it was like everyone was looking straight at me. And many of them were laughing at my expense. I couldn't believe it. I was the victim? I abhor the victim, and now that's me? That was never me. It just couldn't be me. I wouldn't allow it. I had to take control of this situation or I knew I'd be done at this school. I could never live this down. It was all about control and right now I knew that I had none. I knew that had to change.

I stood up and started walking down the aisle towards the stage at the front of the auditorium. I had no idea what I was doing but I just couldn't sit there. All eyes were on me and there was suddenly a silence spreading across the crowd. I think some people thought I was leaving, but I knew that the worst thing I could do would be to run away or cry like a little baby. That's what victims do and I wouldn't stoop to that level. Not me.

As I got up on the stage and faced the crowd I knew that the only thing I could do was to give them what they wanted, on my terms. Without saying a word I started unbuttoning my blouse. It was eerily quiet as there was no music and there was little noise coming from the crowd. I just kept working on my buttons.

When I pulled off my shirt, the crowd came to life again, cheering. And when I started working my pants the crowd got even louder. I couldn't resist smiling as I realized that they were no longer laughing at me. They were cheering for me. I knew I was back in control.

As I kicked my pants off I could read the expressions of some people, wondering whether I was going to continue. I had no intention of stopping. I knew that I needed to make this little show at least as memorable as the movie.

I reached behind me and unsnapped my bra. The crowd cheered as it dropped to the floor and my tits sprung out. I then quickly reached down and pulled my panties off, leaving me completely naked on stage.

I didn't really feel embarrassed at that point. I was still mostly pissed. They had already been looking at me completely naked for several minutes, so I knew that I wasn't yet done. But I still didn't know exactly what I was going to do next to out-do the movie.

Then I saw his face. In the front row was some decent-looking guy who just seemed to be enthralled by me. He was staring at me like he had never seen a naked woman before, like I was the most exciting thing he had ever seen. A plan quickly formed in my mind.

I walked over towards him and held out my hand, calling for him to join me on the stage. As if in a trance, he obeyed. On stage I faced him and placed his hands on my sides. He was just staring at me, letting me control everything. I leaned forward and kissed him, and he barely returned the kiss. When the crowd cheered, he jumped back as if he suddenly realized he was on stage in front of so many people. But I recaptured his gaze, and kissed him again while guiding his hands to my breasts.

From the way he was rubbing my breasts, and even kissing me, I knew he was pretty inexperienced. He may have even been a virgin. I knew I would need to lead, so I crouched down and unzipped his fly. As I reached in and pulled out his cock, the crowd erupted again. His cock was a little small, but not embarrassingly so, and it was growing rapidly in my hand. By the time I got my lips around his head he had a full erection and the audience seemed mesmerized by the action.

I started sucking him hard and for a moment there was nothing but me and his dick. But then I noticed movement around me and I realized that there were a couple of other guys on the stage next to us. As I focused on the cock in front of me, I started to feel hands on me. Someone had their hands underneath me and was rubbing my breasts, and another set of hands was feeling my thighs and ass.

The sensation of having two guys rubbing me while a third was in my mouth was almost overwhelming. I think I involuntarily started sucking the one guy even harder and before long I felt him erupt in my mouth. The crowd was incredibly loud, and yet it was amazing how easy it was to tune it all out in the heat of the moment.

As he backed away from me, some stranger stepped in front of me with his dick already out. The guy that was rubbing my ass had started rubbing my pussy and I was getting so incredibly turned on that I just gobbled up the random dick.

I was lost in delirium with hands all over me and a cock in my mouth. Then I suddenly realized that the guy behind me had his penis out and was trying to fuck me from behind. I thought for a brief moment that I should stop, but my body was simply aching for it at that point and I just couldn't stop myself. It only took a moment for him to slide into my well-lubricated vagina.

Periodically I heard the crowd, but then I would tune it out. I was in sensory overload. Someone was in my mouth, someone was in my pussy, and another guy was mauling my tits. It was just unreal.

I thought for a moment about the crowd and how all of these people were watching us fuck. Did they enjoy watching me suck furiously on some guys cock? Did they enjoy watching someone pound his dick deep into my pussy from behind? Did they enjoy watching my tits get groped? How many guys were watching the action, wishing that they had had the balls to come on stage to join in? How many girls secretly longed to be ravaged like this by multiple men?

I orgasmed twice. And somewhere between them another guy blew his load in my mouth, the guy behind me came in me, and I think another guy had started to fuck me. After my second orgasm I started extracting myself from the entanglements of cocks and hands.

As the guys backed away from me, I stood and faced the awestruck crowd. And then I slowly bowed. The audience applauded me wildly as I collected my clothes and walked off the stage.

The days that followed were pretty interesting. I talked to enough people that I think most everyone believed that I was in on the movie as well. I even managed to convince Lacey, my sorority president that this was all just an elaborate joke put together by me and my friends. Fuck, many of them even believed this whole thing was my idea. And when Emo-Bitch and others tried to say otherwise, they just didn't seem believable. Why would I have done the whole stage show if it wasn't my idea?

I can't say it was all positive. I didn't intend to brand myself an exhibitionist, and I know that some people still thought I was pretty weird for doing all this. But hey, at least I wasn't known as a fuckin' victim.

Note: This is a work of fiction. In no way do I support or encourage voyeurism of unsuspecting individuals. One need only think of the events at Rutgers to remind ourselves that real actions can have real consequences.

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