tagAnalThe Mean Machine Dream

The Mean Machine Dream


I was looking out the front window towards the street, and across the street to my left I could see you laying out. You were wearing a brownish skirt and blouse, and your blouse was unbuttoned to the waist. I said to myself, "Whoa." I couldn't believe you would lay out with your shirt unbuttoned. Underneath you were wearing a black silk-looking half-cup bra. The underside of your breasts were covered, as were your nipples, but the rest of your breasts were exposed. I could see the slope and curve of the side of your breasts, as well as the copious amount of exposed flesh at the top of your bra. I thought to myself how sexy you looked and wished you would undue your bra so I could see how your breasts looked as you layed out. "I bet they would look so sexy hanging there," I thought. I tried to picture them in my mind: your curves, your nipples... "I wonder what her nipples look like," I thought. I imagined your breasts exposed, your nipples erect...

At that moment, you turned your head and made eye contact with me. You had your signature glowing, beaming smile in place and your lips looked thick, red, and juicy. Keeping the smile on your face, you rose and started towards me. In the blink of an eye you were suddenly there in the room with me. Your blouse was still unbuttoned, your black bra still exposed, your barely clad breasts still tantalizing. I thought how easy it would be to simply lift your breasts from the cups of your bra. I wanted to see them, touch them, taste them...

You turned away from me for some reason and bent over slightly. You were reaching for something or putting something down - I'm not sure exactly, but it wasn't a deliberately enticing move. But I looked towards your waist and saw my course of action immediately. I walked up behind you and in one motion lowered your skirt and your panties, exposing your full ass to my eyes. You made no move to stop me and remained slightly bent over in front of me. As I moved closer to you I noticed I was already naked - my cock erect, full, large...

I closed the gap between us, my eyes surveying your lower half. You reached back with both hands and spread your ass-cheeks for me, fully revealing yourself to me. I could see your round asshole between your thick cheeks and, slightly lower, your distended pussy lips hanging juicy and ready. I could make out a slight glimpse of hair towards the top of your beautiful cunt. Taking my cock in-hand, I aimed for your pussy lips and rubbed my cock along your wet slit. Your pussy felt soft and warm, but my eyes were riveted to your asshole.

I decided there would be plenty of time to sample your pussy - but your ass I must have now. I rubbed my cock once more against your pussy before raising it to the level of your asshole. I rubbed the head of my cock around the rim of your tasty looking hole and wondered to myself if you had any experience with anal sex. At this moment though there was no asking - you were mine for the taking, in any manner that I wanted you. I began to ease my cock into your ass as you continued to hold your cheeks apart for me. I could hear your slight intake of breath as your asshole tensed around my cock. As your ass offered a small resistance, I gripped your hips with my hands and continued to slowly push deeper into your tender hole. Gradually the resistance subsided and my cock popped past your anal ring, sliding deep inside of you. You finally released your breath as my cock was now clear to begin moving slowly in and out of you.

Tightening my grip on your hips I continued to work my cock in and out of your ass, my cock driving deeper and deeper on each stroke. I could see your eyes closed as if in concentration as our bodies began to strike upon an even rhythm together. Your ass felt soft, warm, tight, smooth...

As I began to pick up speed, I thought that maybe you had done this before - or maybe you had just been waiting to do this for who knows how long. My speed increased as I sensed your complete surrender to me. You were there solely for my pleasure, and it seemed as if my pleasure became your pleasure - the better I felt fucking you, the better you felt being fucked. And by now we were purely fucking - fast motion, animalistic grunting, concentrated silence... I squeezed your hips tightly as I thrust my cock in and out of your welcoming ass.

Knowing the end was approaching, I reached around and took your breasts into my hands. You sighed in deep relief as I squeezed them, noting their sweaty slickness. My fingers found your hard nipples, pinching and pulling them as you moaned - breaking the long silence - "Yesss!" With that, I thrust deep inside of you one final time and released my load. As I came deep in your ass, my cock continued to thrust softly in short motions. I continued to fondle your breasts as our thrusting rhythm slowed.

Time jumped forward, and now you were laying on your side on a bed slightly to the left of where I had ravaged you. You were facing me and looking slightly dazed. I approached you and ran my hand along your arm.

"Are you OK?" I asked.

"Ooh yeah," you replied, with a worn out smile.

"Good. Now come here," I said to you, looking down at my cock. It wasn't a request.

Your eyes moved to my cock, and then your body followed. You took my cock into your mouth and began to gently lick and suck on it, feeling it grow thicker within your cheeks. I took note of your submissiveness with approval as I began to move my cock back and forth in your soft, wet mouth.

I woke with a start and thought, "Whoa." I reached for the phone next to my bed and pulled up your in-box. "Just had wildest dream about you while napping," I typed. Taking note of my erect cock, I put the phone down, rolled over, and tried to get back to sleep.

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