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The Meet


She stepped nervously out of the elevator of the big city hotel, her stiletto heels silent on the plush carpet as she walked on shaking legs towards the door of the penthouse. Pausing she checked her watch, ten minutes to nine, she was early. Her heart was hammering in her chest and her mouth was dry with anticipation. He had told her to be here at nine am precisely and for the next twenty-four hours she was His, to do with as He pleased.

The effort it had taken to secure these precious hours had been epic beyond all belief and yet she still hesitated at knocking on the door these few minutes early, she was anxious not to start this day by irritating Him. So she waited, smoothing down her hair, straightening her skirt, aware of its cool silkiness against the bare skin of her arse, feeling the warm heat of excitement between her thighs.

At precisely nine her fingers rapped the glossy surface of the door which seemed to glide open at her touch. There He stood, His eyes raked over her taking in every detail of her appearance, He smiled. His voice when He spoke was smooth and even but there was a hint of laughter lurking beneath.

"I wondered if you would wait, I have been watching you through the spyglass. Reception was told to warn me of your arrival."

He stepped aside and motioned her inside closing the door silently behind her. She stood just inside the door until she felt His hand in the small of her back propelling her gently into the lounge. The light yet firm touch of His fingers felt like a brand on her flesh and she could not stem the shiver of desire that coursed through her body. He indicated that she was to sit on the large creamy leather couch and she complied, another shiver running through her as its coolness caressed her backside.

"A few ground rules girl. For the next twenty-four hours you are Mine, you will do what I say, when I say. you will not question me unless it is to seek clarification of a command. Do you understand and agree girl?" The commanding tone of His voice steadied her, focusing her mind. She licked her dry lips before replying quietly but clearly.

"Yes Sir, i understand and i agree. i am Yours Sir and i will do Your bidding."

"Good girl, then let us begin. I have much planned for you and you are wearing entirely too many clothes. Stand girl and strip, fold your clothes neatly and leave them on the chair over in the corner then return to Me so I may look at you."

She rose slowly, not entirely trusting her trembling legs to support her. Reaching behind her she slid the zip of her skirt down and let it slide to the floor soon to be joined by her top and the gossamer silkiness of her g-string and bra. Naked she bent and retrieved her clothing taking it to the chair, using the time spent folding it to steady herself. Taking a deep calming breath she slid off her shoes leaving them beneath the chair before returning to stand before Him, hands clasped behind her back eyes downcast.

He moved around her examining her from all angles, occasionally stretching out a hand to stroke the curve of her hip, feel the weight of her breast in His palm or to tweak her already stiffening nipples. He stopped behind her, his body close to her but not quite touching His hand closing around her throat making her gasp as He whispered close to her ear.

"I am going to enjoy using you girl. I am going to take you to places you have only ever dreamed of and I am going to leave you spent and sore EVERYWHERE!"

His hand released her throat and slid down her back, dipping between her thighs and pushing two fingers up into her hot wet vagina. He laughed.

"Aren't you wet My sluttygurl? I bet you would love for Me to make you cum now on My fingers like a filthy whore. Well you will not cum, not until I command it. I am going to make you ache for release and if you cum even once without My permission I will punish you severely. Now raise your arms above your head I wish to bind your breasts."

She stood quietly whilst His hands busied themselves with their work, looping the rope and knotting it with practiced ease around her full breasts, pulling it tight till the pressure exerted upon them made them swell and harden. She fought the urge to move to release the pressure building in her shoulders from the effort of holding her arms above her head but she would not make any move which might displease Him.

He stepped back to admire His handiwork, pinching her nipples hard and then delving into a bag at His feet. The clamps He applied to her nipples bit into the tender flesh making her gasp but also causing the heat between her thighs to increase. Attaching weights to each clamp He smiled as her nipples elongated and she shifted involuntarily her teeth worrying the fullness of her bottom lip.

"You may lower your arms girl and present Me your wrists."

She held her hands out towards Him the pain screaming through her tense shoulder muscles and He buckled soft padded cuffs to her wrists before bending to do the same to her ankles.

Suddenly His tongue snaked between her thighs finding her burning clit and sucking it between His lips. The touch was so unexpected and so perfectly placed that before she could help herself she shuddered into orgasm her juices flooding His tongue. His fingers thrust into her pushing something deep into her cunt. She could feel the hard smoothness within her and her muscles clenched to try to feel what He had placed there. As they contracted the egg started to pulsate and she came again, hard with an almost animal moan. Dimly in the recesses of her mind she heard Him laugh and her focus snapped back, she started to stammer an apology but His voice cut her off.

"You really are a disobedient slut are you not? Did I not tell you that cumming without permission would earn you punishment? Perhaps that is what you crave. Well let us see if that is still the case when I am finished with you."

He guided her roughly towards a chair in the center of the room sitting He pulled her over His knee and examined her backside. The first blow was far harder than she had anticipated, blazing across her left cheek and leaving its imprint against her pale flesh. The slaps rained down, some hard, some feather light more caresses than blows. He varied the pace constantly taking her by surprise, heating her skin as it started to glow red under His palm and she squirmed. He continued the most prolonged and erotic spanking she had ever endured, the egg inside her throbbing and vibrating turning her insides to molten lava which coated her thighs and His fingers on the occasions that His slaps landed firmly between her legs on her engorged lips. She ached to cum, her cunt screaming for release that, somehow she knew He would not allow or at least not anytime soon. His voice pulled her back, the spanking had ceased.

"Stand up girl; I want you behind the chair."

She quickly complied with His wishes as He too rose and moved behind her. He spread her legs and secured the cuffs to the chair legs with her feet outside the legs. He ran His hand up her leg and began to finger her clit, teasing and pinching it and as He did so the vibrations inside her intensified. She realized that the egg had some kind of remote control and that He had just changed the setting, the movements deep inside her took on new rhythms and coupled with His questing fingers the effort of controlling her orgasm became almost unbearable.

Abruptly He stepped away from her and moved in front of the chair. He held His fingers beneath her nose and she could smell the familiar scent and see her juices glistening there.

"Suck my fingers girl. Clean yourself from them and be sure to do a good job."

She sucked hungrily at His fingers licking between them savoring her own taste until no trace of her remained. He removed His hand and looped a length of rope through the D rings on her wrist cuffs and pulling her forward positioning her so that her thighs touched the back of the seat and her torso remained unsupported. The weights pulling the clamps on her nipples tight as gravity played its part. He secured the rope firmly so she could not adjust her position.

As she lifted her eyes she saw a screen on the coffee table in front of her the image that confronted her was that of her own reddened backside thrust high and on display.

"So girl what do you think of my little surprise? I thought it might be amusing to force you to watch what you are about to receive and of course it will give us a keepsake for later."

"You think of everything Sir, i am humble in Your presence."

"Girl you will be far more than humble soon. I intend to make you beg for mercy and you WILL watch ever single blow or I will double them."

Her wide eyes glued to the screen she saw Him move into the frame a large leather paddle in His hand. Expertly He worked the paddle over the flesh of her behind and the backs of her thighs, often concentrating on the sweet spot where buttock meets thigh. Her soft gasps and moans seemed only to spur Him on and she saw her own flesh turning scarlet.

"Girl you will count the last ten, each blow will become harder. On the tenth you will cum and then you will thank Me. If you stumble or fail on the count or your eyes leave the screen we will start again from one, do you understand?"

"Yes Sir i understand Sir."

She fixed her gaze firmly on the screen and tried to steady herself for the first strike.

"One Sir!" she gasped as it landed her mind trying to comprehend how He could strike any harder.

"Two Sir, Three Sir, Four Sir!!!" her voice trembled and tears started to her eyes which remained resolutely on the screen.

"Five Sir, Six Sir, Seven Sir!!!" The last three blazing across the back of her thighs making her jerk forward. The weights bouncing and pulling at her nipples.

"Eight Sir, Nine Sir!" the ninth blow struck just below her buttocks searing hot against the outer lips of her cunt forcing a scream from her lips.

"Ten Sir!!" her orgasm ripped through her, cum streaming down her thighs. She shuddered and moaned for a full two minutes before being able to control her voice enough to whisper.

"Thank You Sir. Thank You for punishing me for my disobedience and thank You for allowing me to cum even though I do not deserve it."

"You think that concludes your punishment girl?? I haven't even begun but you have handled yourself well so far I am pleased. As a reward I will remove the clamps from your nipples. If the release makes you feel like you need to cum again you may."

He reached beneath her gripping a clamp in each hand, removing them simultaneously. The blood rushing back into her nipples made her scream as once again she climaxed violently her body racking uncontrollably as He slid a finger into her anus.

"Hmmm you are tight here girl. We will have to work on that later." He withdrew His finger and ran His hand over her buttocks enjoying her flinch. "Have you recovered enough to continue girl?"

"Yes Sir i am ready to continue. Thank You for Your leniency Sir, You are too kind to Your unworthy girl."

"Too kind indeed Mygirl but perhaps a meeting with My strap will serve to remind you of your place. I think thirty stripes should suffice, do you think you can handle that Mygirl?"

Her mouth went dry and her eyes widened in alarm. Her backside already felt like it was on fire and He wanted to inflict thirty more stripes with the strap. Her words spilled forth hasty and afraid.

"Sir I don't want to displease You but I don't think i can take thirty my backside is already so sore. Please Sir have pity on Your girl!"

"Take pity on you girl? Did you cum twice even though I had expressly told you not to? You committed the crime you can and WILL accept the punishment. If you cannot I will release you now and you will never see Me again. Is that what you want girl?"

"No Sir PLEASE!! i will take whatever You see fit. Forgive me please don't release me. Flog me as hard as You want I cannot bear for you to let me go."

He came round and stood in front of her, His cock inches from her lips she could hardly take her eyes from it pressing against the material of His pants. All she could think about was taking Him in her mouth but He had other ideas. He bent and took her chin in His hand staring into her eyes as He spoke.

"This is the last time I remind you girl. Until 9 am tomorrow I own you, you agreed to do as I say. For your repeated insolence we will make it 40 strokes and you will cum after every ten. I do not need to hear a count and I will not pause to let you recover. Theses strokes will come fast and heavy as will you."

He released her chin and stepped round behind her again. The next 15 minutes were a blur of pain and pleasure. The strap blazed across her buttocks and thighs punctuated by shattering orgasms that left her gasping for breath. Again and again He struck working her over with precision, no two blows striking the same spot. In the few lucid moments between orgasms she looked at the screen and saw purple welts rising amongst the red. She knew that sitting would be a painful experience for the next few days and she also realized she had no clue how much more punishment He had in store for her.

As her final orgasm subsided she became aware of His fingers pushing into her, grasping and removing the egg from her dripping cunt. The empty feeling was soon replaced as He thrust His cock into her in one almost savage move. He gripped her hips and fucked her hard, His hips pounding against her tortured flesh making her sob and moan. He felt her muscles tighten around His shaft and He grabbed her hair as He spoke.

"If you cum now bitch you will be sorry. This is not about your pleasure."

Harder and harder He fucked her while she whimpered and pleaded to be allowed to cum. She had no idea how long had passed when she felt His hands clench her buttocks in a vice like grip and she heard Him say

"Cum now My sluttygurl, milk My cock!"

She felt His hot seed spurt inside her and relinquished herself to a climax so intense she almost blacked out. He withdrew from her His cock still iron hard and moved around so that she could suck Him. He forced Himself between her lips and into her throat urging her to clean Him. Her tongue caressed Him and she sucked hungrily loving the mixture of their juices. She longed for Him to cum in her mouth but He withdrew. He zipped up His pants and said almost conversationally

"Now for the last part of your punishment for now girl, though willful bitch that you are I am sure more will be earned. Ten strokes of the cane should welt that arse of yours nicely I think and give you something to focus on when I insert the butt plug you will be wearing for the next two hours. Eyes on the screen girl I want you to see these coming because you won't be again for a while."

Taking position behind her He measured the distance of His swing, tapping the cane lightly against her buttocks a few times, watching them clench in anticipation, then He swung. Ten blisteringly hard blows each drawing a scream of pain from her. Her breathing becoming labored as her tears flowed unchecked but to her credit she did not protest or flinch away.

As the last cane stroke fell He fingered the welts left behind, smiling as He heard her whimper as His finger ran along the length of each of them. She watched Him on the screen through her tears stunned by the livid marks but more so by the hunger they had stirred within her again. Her hunger turned to apprehension again very quickly as she saw Him withdraw a large butt plug and some lube from the bag.

She shivered as the icy lube hit her flaming skin and winced as He worked it into her anus with first one then two fingers. Slowly He slid His fingers in and out of her tight hole, rotating them as He lubed her up. Her whimpers turned to moans of pleasure until He withdrew His fingers and inserted the tip of the plug in their place. As He pushed it slightly she groaned as she felt it vibrate into life. Adding more lube He gently fucked her with it until finally it slid into place leaving her deliciously full and squirming. He adjusted the power of the plug until it was pulsating and vibrating with the intensity He sought and then He left her.

She had no way of knowing where He had gone, the carpet muffled His footsteps to silence and she only knew He had returned when He draped an icy cold towel over her battered and bruised buttocks. He twisted His fingers in her hair and turned her face towards Him crushing her lips with a passionate kiss.

"Rest Mygirl, we have much still to explore but you have done well. I will return shortly."

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