tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Meet and Greet Ch. 02

The Meet and Greet Ch. 02


The outfit was ideal for a bride. Lacy white panties and a white lacy bustier with white stockings and and garters. Ellen looked at herself in the mirror after she was dressed. Despite herself she was full of anticipation. She thought about her honeymoon with Jack. Her conservative upbringing made her shy about her nudity. Jack had to proceed slowly to get her to loosen up. She still almost never slept in the nude despite Jack's desire that she do so. In the years since her marriage she had sought to make amends but she still donned her pajamas as soon as sex was over. She could count on one hand the number of times she had acceded to Jack's wishes and spent the entire night nude.

After dressing she gathered her breath and left the bedroom. Richard was waiting naked on the bed. Ellen's eyes focused on Richard's huge penis. She realized that despite herself she wanted him inside of her. He was the both the most ferocious and the most tender lover she had ever known. Ellen hated how her body betrayed her with Richard.

Unbidden she approached the bed and began fellating him. Richard was pleased and realized that he had at last worn away the last of her resistance. Ellen preformed diligently and brought Richard off to a rousing orgasm. Richard asked her to lick up his jizm and Ellen did not even hesitate.

Gently, yet deliberately, Richard slowly stripped off her lingerie. His recovery time was brief and he entered her a short while later. The orgasm he brought her to was the best Ellen had as yet experienced with Richard. It was, if she were to be honest with herself, the best of her entire life. Jack had been a good lover who was often successful in getting her off but he was not as talented as Richard. Ellen allowed Richard to kiss her in ways he never had before. Later the two of them wrapped around each other and eventually fell asleep. Ellen had never slept better.

She awoke in the morning to find Richard, in a resort bathrobe, carrying a tray of room service food towards the bed. Ellen realized that for the first time since she could remember she had slept naked and not minded it in the least.

"Good morning. Honey", said Richard. "I took the liberty of ordering for you. I hope that you like blueberry pancakes". He set the tray on the bed and announced, "After we eat we will shower together and then I will dress you for the pool. It looks like it will be a beautiful day out there."

Ellen found the meal delicious. She made no effort to cover herself as they ate. In the shower she did nothing. Richard lathered her body an washed her hair. He even shaved her legs and underarms and dried her off afterwards. Ellen was shocked at the skimpiness of the bikini Richard dressed her in. It barely contained her breasts and had cutouts in the pantie exposing a maximum of skin. When she made a protest Richard was firm.

"You WILL wear this. No one here except your husband and my wife know you and both have them have seen you naked. This suit may be tiny but it covers everything."

He produced a wispy cover up and slid it over Ellen's arms. "The pool here is enormous. It will feel good to laze in the sun. I will coat you with sun tan lotion once we are poolside." Said Richard. Instead of the stairs they took the elevator to the lobby and made their way to the pool.

It was a fantastic day with a brilliant blue sky. After obtaining some chairs poolside Richard took Ellen's wrap and began to gently coat her body with the lotion. Ellen marveled how Richard could turn even this routine gesture into an erotic experience.

"This is a special formulation of mine. Not only will it prevent sunburn it will encourage a golden tan in no time."

After coating Richard, Ellen stretched out in the sun. Richard had brought a beach bag with him. Ellen asked him if there was anything to read. Richard handed her a book. Although the cover said it was a trashy romance novel, inside it was a collection of women's stories recounting their first time. Ellen was soon completely captivated by the stories. There were also a few stories of women recounting the first time they were unfaithful to their boyfriends or husbands. Ellen realized anew how sheltered she had been until the Hart's entered her and Jack's life. While reading she noticed her wedding band and engagement ring. Here she was masquerading as another man's wife while her own husband was in a facade of his own.

After reading for a while Ellen decided to take a dip. Fortunately the bathing suit was sturdier than it looked and it stayed in place as she dove and swam. As she was exiting the pool Jack passed right in front of her. He was wearing a bathing suit that was little more than a g string. Ellen could not help but notice how in shape he was. He wasn't Richard of course but he was undeniably well built.

Jack eyed the bikini that his wife wore and flashed her a smile and a thumbs up. Ellen smiled, indicated his own skimpy attire and flashed her own thumbs up. Ellen noticed Blair as Jack headed towards her. She was wearing a simple black one piece. Ellen could not help but notice that despite the fact that Blair wore far more material, there was no question that Blair was far sexier than Ellen in her bikini. She knew exactly what Richard and Jack and every other man saw in Blair. It was something that she knew that she could never possess. Not for the first time Ellen wondered if Jack would be satisfied with her when the Hart's were finished with them.

After the pool Richard stripped off her bikini and hung it on the balcony railing to dry. Ellen was startled to notice that she was tan already. He bathed Ellen and dressed her in a lovely red dress. It had a slit up one leg. Under it she was dressed in black thigh high stockings and skimpy underwear. Richard presented Ellen with a string of pearls and matching pearl earrings which he said were hers to keep.

Dinner was at an outstanding four star restaurant. While they ate Richard announced. "After dinner you will be briefly reunited with your husband however there will be certain ground rules. You are not permitted to speak to each other. You may hold hands however. You will obey Blair and myself. I promise It will be an experience like none other in your life."

Once they had finished eating and had returned to the resort Richard led Ellen towards the east wing of the resort. He knocked on a door and Blair opened it.

"Hello darling, hello Ellen. Right on time as usual. She glared at Ellen and said. Remember. No talking!"

Blair led them into her and Jack's room. Blair wore a slate gray dress with a tight bodice and a skirt that came past her mid thigh. Jack was waiting in the room wearing a suit Ellen had never seen before. He looked like a runway model in it. Jack seemed startled to see Ellen. Richard and Blair embraced and kissed deeply. Ellen felt a surprising tinge of jealousy.

After having Ellen take a seat next to Jack Blair announced the plans for the night.

"Tonight it is all four of us in one bed. Jack will undress Ellen save her pearls. After that Ellen will undress Jack. You two may hold hands while lying next to each other on the bed. You will witness each other as Richard fucks Ellen and I mount Jack. After we have made you both come Richard and I will switch positions and you get to watch as Richard fucks Jack and I peg Ellen. Remember you may not talk to each other. Sounds of pleasure are acceptable however. Once both of you have been thoroughly fucked Jack will redress Ellen and she and Richard will retreat to their room. If you are both very obedient and responsive you will be permitted one brief kiss before you are separated for the night."

Jack and Ellen looked at each other dumbfounded. At first they were slow to respond when Blair ordered them to stand and undress each other. At last Jack began fiddling with the zipper on the dress. When he removed Ellen's panties he realized that it had been a while sine he has seen his wife's pussy. Her tan stood out sharply against her white skin. Ellen undressed Jack, trying to be as gentle with him as he had been with her. When she lowered his boxers His penis was at full mast. Ellen longed to touch it. To just give it a gentle playful tweak but she knew instinctively that such a gesture would be frowned upon.

Richard and Blair arraigned the couple on the bed. Jack to the left and Ellen on the right. Holding their spouses hand was reassuring to both of them. Richard and Blair made out like teenagers as they slowly pealed off each others clothes. Richard picked up Blair and she fucked him as he held her. Richard was so powerfully built that he did not even seem to be straining or working up a sweat as his held Blair and his wife's legs circled his body. They had an obvious shared orgasm before they turned the attention to Jack and Ellen.

Jack was amazed at Richard recuperative abilities. He was hard again in no time. He watched fascinated as he began eating out his wife's pussy and then entering her. Ellen's eyes were on Blair as she skillfully sucked off and then mounted her husband. Ellen let out a sweet gasp when she orgasmed but Blair made little animal sounds the whole time. Ellen had to admit that the sounds were actually turning her on. She had eaten out Blair but she knew that she had never turned her on like this.

Richard turned Ellen's face so that she was gazing into his lush blue eyes as she came. His orgasm was seconds later. Blair and Richard collapsed upon Jack and Ellen and kissed them deeply. After a brief interval. Blair announced. "We will now change partners."

Both rose from the bed. Blair returned with a double ended dildo, one end of which she submerged into herself. "Ordinarily pegging is done to a male slave in chastity," she told Ellen "but I think you will respond better if I fuck you like a man."

Richard approached the bed with a tube of lubricant. "I have been negligent in my training of you Jack. That changes tonight. You and your wife have been given a rare honor simultaneous fuckings. Twice! By carefully placing his knee between their heads Richard was able to make enough room for Jack to fellate him.

"You're a natural cocksucker, Jack." Said Richard before he moved lower and thrust Jacks legs upward to gain access to his anus. While Jack was sucking off Richard Blair was french kissing Ellen and nibbling her breasts . As Richard entered Jack, Blair entered Ellen. Ellen was fascinated by the experience It was like being fucked by Jack or Richard only different and a different kind of pleasure. Blair was making her cat noises and grinding into Ellen. Ellen stopped trying to process what was happening to her and simply focused on how good it felt. Dimly she was aware of huge Richard hammering away in her husband's secret place. Ellen surprised herself with the longest most sustained scream she had ever had upon orgasm.

After collapsing into a knot of flesh. Richard and Blair rose from the bed.

"Both of you have done very well tonight," she announced. "You may have one kiss. No more than six seconds and no tongue." Jack rose up and kissed Ellen. "Time!" said Blair. As brief as it was Ellen thought it one of their most memorable kisses ever.

"Jack you will now redress your wife. Once she and my husband are gone we will recuperate in the hot tub. I suspect that there is one more good fuck in you tonight."

Ellen so desperately wanted to talk to Jack. She supposed that they would have a very heartfelt conversation once this weekend was over. Ellen could tell by the way that Jack looked at Blair and the way that he obeyed her that he was head over heels in love with her. "She is even more talented in bed than me. What chance do I have of keeping him?" She thought to herself. And then she realized that she was in love with Richard. Not as in love with him as Jack was with Blair but she realized that she was not far away. She now melted inside when he looked at her. He knew her body better than she did and how to get emotions and reactions out of it that she could never have imagined. She wasn't even bothered that He was also fucking her husband.

As Jack redressed Ellen she could tell that he also was desperate to talk. They tried to communicate with their eyes and nods and body language but that was simply inadequate. Once she was dressed Richard took her by the arm and led her from the room. As they walked down the hallway towards their wing of the Resort Richard stated. "I didn't get enough ass tonight. When we get back to our room I am going to fuck that sweet ass of your. I've done your husband tonight it would be unfair of me to not do you as well."

Back in their room Richard ordered up some drinks from room service. After drinking, he undressed Ellen and explained how he would sodomize her. Ellen was full of trepidation but Richard was persistent yet gentle. He entered her slowly. Ellen never felt as full as when Richard's massive cock entered her anus. After a few minutes He came deep inside her. Richard had Ellen clean up. He produced a tiny baby doll nightie which he dressed Ellen in. Richard dialed up a pornographic movie on the resort's entertainment system. Ellen found herself studying the images and contemplating the activities. Never before had she been as caught up in a pornographic film. It didn't hurt that the lead actor was a tall blond muscleman like Richard. While rapt in the porno Ellen fell fast asleep.

Sunday dawned beautiful and fair. In Richard and Ellen's room Richard bathed Ellen. Because he could, he had Ellen dry herself in the sun on the balcony while Richard attended to some business and made some phone calls. Ellen could not be seen by others but she felt vulnerable and exposed. Richard brought along a sexy workout outfit and dressed Ellen in it. Richard dressed in workout clothes as well and they made their way to the Resort's massive gymnasium. Richard and Ellen worked out together for hours. This was something she had always wanted to do with Jack but her husband simply did not like the atmosphere of gymnasiums. He kept in shape through activities that Ellen did not enjoy anywhere near as much as her husband did. It was such a turn on watching Richard throw the weights around and run the treadmill next to her. She didn't even mind the stares from other men and some women at her brief attire. Once the workout was over Ellen was full of anticipation. She always had great sex with Jack after she worked out. She knew that she should feel differently but she wanted to go back to their room and have Richard fuck her silly. He did just that.

Later Richard dressed her in black lacy underwear, a pair of khaki shorts and a blue blouse with a pair of really sexy sandals. They went down to breakfast in the Resort's dining room,

In Blair and Jack's room Blair was ordering Jack around. He was ordered to straighten the room, give Blair a massage and at last to eat her out until she came. Blair praised Jack performance from Saturday night.

"I know how you feel about me." She told him. "My pussy and my soul and my face rule your universe. That is how it should be. But after this long weekend ends tomorrow there will be some changes. You should enjoy the sex we have today and tomorrow because after Monday you are going to be confined in your chastity belt for at least a month. During that time you will be servicing Richard and learning how to be a good ass slave. Richard DOES NOT suck cock so there will be no need not to keep you in chastity. Now that I know how to control your wife fully she will be getting a wholesale lesson in lesbianism and pegging. I may peg you upon occasion as well. Your wife really does have a hot bod. She really turns me on. I can see what you see in her."

A while later Jack and Blair were racing each other in the Resort's indoor pool, They had a bet. The best four out of seven winner got their wish. If Blair won Jack would be confined to hand jobs for the rest of the day. If Jack won Blair owed him three straight blow jobs. Jack thought that he was in shape but swimming was Blair's prime exercise, she smoked Jack in the first two races before he won the next two by changing his technique. One match was a tie Blair and Jack split the next two. Jack won the final race and received the three most supreme blow jobs of his life.

Ellen was not much of a golfer but Richard rented some golf shoes for both of them and they hit the resort's course. It was more an extended hike than anything resembling golf. Richard excelled at the sport but he pared back his game to match Ellen's limited abilities. It was just a fun recreation.

While on the course Richard explained that for the next month or so Ellen was to be Blair's plaything. "We won't be having sex as much for a while after tomorrow. You will be experiencing the distaff side of sex. Blair has confided in me that she finds you incredibly attractive. In fact the possibility of her doing you is one of the reasons that we recruited the two of you in the first place. I love having a guy suck me off and I enjoy the power I have when I fuck a guy up the ass. I don't suck cock and never will. Blair however really gets into girls. I think that you will enjoy her ministrations."

The rest of the day passed in a pleasant blur. Richard dressed Ellen for dinner which they ate after taking in a show in the resort's theater. Ellen agreed to let Jack dress her whenever possible when they returned home. That night they made love. Blair and Jack took in a movie and took a romantic walk about the grounds of the resort before enjoying another carnal dance.

Monday was spent mostly packing as check out was 2:00 P.M. Before everyone was back in the car for the long drive home sex had been a part of everyone's day. Jack and Ellen were re encased in their chastity devices and they were forced to cede their wedding rings, an event that Ellen really was reluctant to do. It was an exhausted quartet that arrived back at the Hart's home. A brief span later, Ellen and Jack were driving home. They drove in silence.

Once they were in the door and had taken care of the mail and watered the plants. Ellen said, "We should have that talk now." Jack agreed.

"I know that you are in love with Blair." She began, "To be honest, I have feelings for Richard as well. I know that I am not as beautiful or as sophisticated as Blair, nor am I as talented in bed. But I love you Jack and I don't want to lose you to her or anyone else. Oh how I wish we were not in these chastity things, I would show you how I feel about you. I will confess that I am losing my heart to Richard but I will never stop loving you."

Jack was quiet for a moment and responded.

"I still love you, dearest but I also love Blair. She is NOT prettier than you. I understand how you feel about Richard."

"You are a good liar Jack."

They had a long heartfelt conversation during which they expressed love for each other. They promised each other that despite what ever happened with the Hart's. When their ordeal was over, whenever that was, they promised to stay committed to each other. They undressed and kissed each other all over. They could not make love but the skin on skin contact felt wonderful.

The week slid by slowly. They returned to their jobs and Ellen began to enjoy having Jack dress and undress her. She liked the fact that she didn't have to fuss about picking outfits. Even though it could not lead to anything Jack and Ellen made out for at least an hour just about every night. In some ways it was like they were dating again but this time they could not fall into intimacy.

During the week, Ellen's period started and she figured out how to insert and extract tampons into her chastity device. Friday evening at the Hart's Richard took complete control of Jack. True to his word Jack was never out of his chastity belt as he sucked off Richard, swallowed his cum and took it up the ass. Ellen preformed cunnilingus on Blair and Blair pegged Ellen. Ellen realized that while she could never fully embrace a lesbian lifestyle there was something to be said about holding a woman tight and making love to her. Blair was a hard taskmaster and it took Ellen a while to properly master eating pussy to Blair's satisfaction. On the other hand Blair had no problem getting Ellen off time and again. Ellen still felt that Blair was her better in just about everything. However she stopped resenting her and began to feel something like affection towards her.

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