tagBDSMThe Meeting

The Meeting


As I drive to meet Him thinking I can not wait to give Him my body, soul heart and mind. Knowing it is all I want. Pulling up the hotel, so many emotions pass through me. I am the first to arrive, so I unpack take a nice long shower. Go get some ice to have His favorite drink Ottis red dragon ready just the way He likes it. I hear the knock on the door, scared at first to open it., my hand trembles as I reach for the door knob. As every emotion takes over my body not knowing which one to let out. I open the door and see Him standing there, He smiles and says "hello my dear" i smiles back and say "hello Sir. He picks me up into His arms cuddling in, the scent, warmth of I hear my heart beat faster, and as I am sure He can feel this. He laughs and walks in the hotel room telling me to get ready my dear as W/we head out to eat.

I undress feeling His eyes on me as I dress; I turn to see Him smiling. I put on my sexy little dress with breasts almost showing. No panties. i then pass Him a little wrapped box not to be opened until W/we are at the restaurant. He look at me curious to what this box may hold Once at the restaurant He open the gift. I am giggling; He looks at me and smile, holding a little remote up in His hand. He know fair well what is and what it does. He looks and me and smile, watching my face expressions moving the thumb across the switch on..

He turn it on just a little laughing.. He lean over and say now my little slut no Cumming...I smile and say yes Sir. He turns the power up while watching my face.. i grab the table the excitement.. Eyes rolling back a little moan escapes from my mouth knowing that this will be hard not to cum but i want to please my Sir and will not cum.

He moves the power up and back while W/we are eating. Feeling this has me wild and in need of Cumming, almost beside myself not able to cum as knowing I can't bring me to a new heighten pleasure. Smiling as little moans leash from my mouth, sitting on the edge of my seat. I am so relieved dinner is over.

As W/we walk to the car i feel Him grab my hair, i reach my hands up as it startled me. As He pushes me against the cold metal of the car and slap the training collar on my neck. I feel the coolness of the leather around my neck.. He presses against me as i feel 2 fingers graze my clit He comes close and whispers you "well done my girl". While driving He looks over and give the collar a tug fits well my little slut.W/we go back to the hotel.. Once there He waist no time and orders me to strip.

I walk to the middle of the room and slowly undress as He sits and watches smiling. I kneel before Him offering my body to Him feeling hot hands against my body not sure what to expect as i feel the leather tighten on my hands and ankles a little scared as this is new to me. Looking to see what is next my body tenses. He smile to assure me to trust Him.. i smile back. Then pressed me up against the wall and He say grins "It's ok, little one, you'll learn to be a little slut down to every last detail, won't you?" laughing as He taps my ass playfully with the flat of the hand, feeling the warmth from the little tap of my ass i let a little moan of pleasure and desire escape across my lips to reach His ears.. Wondering what will come next.

As i feel you insert 2 fingers in my pussy, pumping the fingers in and out of my pussy,pressing me gently against the wall, His other hand squeezing and scratching at the back of my legs with nails, raking them slowly against my skin raking on my leg but the fingers pressing in to and out of my pussy drive me wild. As I feel Him press me against the wall move to arch my back as my ass sticks out. then without warning i feel grab my hair as He press my face to the wall and the I fell the head of your cock pass my pussy lips. Trying not to scream as the cock thrust hard into my wet pussy as He whisper.. Take it all my needy little slut.

As He pumps harder and faster into my pussy feeling grabbing my waist to thrust me with every push. I feel His cock throbbing as you pull out. dripping wet. He loosen the ropes and force me to my knees. He looks at me and without saying a word i know what to do.I take His cock between my lips and lick the head then taking your cock all the way in my mouth sucking all the juices off.. licking and sucking harder as i feel the pullof my hair He helping me push His cock in my mouth. i try not to gag.. as Hefuck my mouth.. as you are ready to cum.. i lean my head back to take all the cum You have to offer deep into my throat.

once W/we are done You undo the rope but not the restraints.. You lift me in Your arms hold me close and smile...as You say "well done my pet"

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