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The Meeting


This is the very first story I have ever written, constructive criticism would be appreciated.

Thanks for reading.


The summons had come in an email and he had answered because he had no choice. Everything in him was compelled to do as she instructed. Not out of fear of reprisal although that would surely come quickly if he disobeyed, but because in following her orders he found peace and a sense of accomplishment that he had never found anywhere else in his life.

He was the sort of man who had felt lost most of his life. He had never quite measured up to what "made a man." No matter how hard he tried he was told he was too nice, or not aggressive enough, or just plain not enough. But with her he felt like for the first time he was who he was meant to be.

He wondered at the location has he entered the grounds of the state park, the leaves crunching under his feet. For a first meeting it seemed out of the way, but he kept such thoughts to himself as he began walking the correct path that would take him to meet his Mistress. His heart was racing and he could feel sweat forming on his palms. He clenched his hands into fists and shoved them into his jacket pockets in an effort to still the tremors.

As he made his way around the bend a woman stepped out from behind a large cedar and stood in his path. He froze in place knowing it was her and unsure what say.

"Follow me." And she turned and walked back behind the cedar, disappearing from view.

The man glanced around and saw no one else and then turned and followed the woman who had taken over his life. He followed her for almost five minutes, neither of them talking, but the trees steadily growing thicker as there were no biking trails or walking paths back this way.

As he stepped into a copse of cedars, pushing branches out of his face he found himself in a large clearing that was hidden from view by the surrounding trees.

She stood in the middle of the clearing watching him a small smile on her lips. He thought she looked like she had a secret. And he gave her a smile in return as he watched her, glad to finally be in this place where they were face to face. It was something he hadn't dared hoped for, but couldn't help wanting.

She was short, like she had said, but what she hadn't said was that there was something about her, about the way she carried herself, that would always draw people. She was confident in herself and it showed.

She was looking at him as well when she finally broke the silence.

"Did you dress as I instructed?"

He blushed as he thought of her instructions and how he had followed each one to the letter.

"Yes, Mistress." He answered quietly, dropping his eyes because of his embarrassment.

She had pulled him in this direction and he had followed willingly because the alternative was to lose the woman who owned him. Something he couldn't face. But he had become aware through this journey that the embarrassment and potential for humiliation excited his body more than he could have imagined. And that knowledge only heightened his embarrassment and that in turn heightened the arousal.

When he had shared those feelings with her, her response had been unexpected. She had told him he spent too much time looking at everyone else and thinking about what everyone else thought of him. But that instead he should look at her, and let her be his mirror. She would tell him what she saw, and that is what he should believe. He admitted to her more than once that it was a work in progress.

"Let me see." She said, shaking him out of his thoughts.

His eyes widened and he swallowed reflexively. "What? Here?" He questioned.

"Why do you think I brought you here, to talk?" She retorted, causing his face to flame yet again.

"I expect you to show me that you followed my instructions and if you can't even do that then I am leaving." She stated flatly, her face giving away nothing.

Fear struck his heart. The last time he had said no to her she had left him. She had refused to speak to him or answer any emails until he had shown her that he had followed her instructions. And only then had she come back to him. He felt panic rising up at the thought of being left alone again.

His hands were steady for the first time has he unzipped his jacket. He was scared that this would end horribly and yet following her instructions gave him a purpose and he had no choice but to see it through. He pulled the jacket off and let it fall to the ground. His arousal was so hard he could feel his racing heart throbbing through it. As his hands unbuttoned his top he revealed the pink chemise that he wore underneath.

His shirt landed on his jacket and goose bumps covered his naked arms has his hands went to the snap of his jeans. The spaghetti strapped chemise offered no protection from the chilled wind. His nipples hardened as the cold satin rubbed against them.

When he unzipped his jeans he pushed them down revealing the matching pink panties and garters holding up the black thigh high stockings. The panties were obviously damp from pre-cum.

She walked up to him and stroked one fingertip down the hardness pushing out the front of pink satin. Her hand travelled down and she touched the tops of his hairless legs, until she reached the garter. Inserting one finger into the band she pulled it out and then let it go and it hit his thigh with a snap, causing him to jump and whimper.

Her small secretive smile was back and she ordered him, "Show me my ribbon."

It had become their private sign of ownership. She had sent him ribbons in various colors and everyday he was required to tie one around his cock and sack. It was to be tied tightly into a bow and it was to stay all day, to remind him that his body was no longer his own.

His breath was coming in gasps as he pulled down the front of his panties revealing his tied cock; the ribbon was pink to match his underclothes.

Her fingers reached out to tug at the bow as she crooned. "Look at you matching your ribbon to your panties." The bow came undone under her pulling and she glared at him.

"This was obviously not tied tightly enough." She snapped at him as her hands went to the undone bow, pulling both ends tightly causing him to gasp and groan under her touch. Her fingers and palms kept rubbing against his cock as she tied the knot into a bow.

"Look at you, about ready to cum just from showing me your girly panties. You are such a little slut." Her voice was quiet although her words were no less demeaning. And as she reached out to stroke him one more time it became too much and he spilled all over her hand.

Her face showed disgust and his eyes filled with tears as he watched her hold her sticky hand out between them. He wanted to beg for her forgiveness but was more afraid to move, afraid he had ruined everything and that she would leave.

Reaching out she wiped her hand across his chemise, leaving a trail of sticky cum across the front.

"You are as bad as a bitch in heat." She accused harshly, as she finished cleaning her fingers.

"Do you remember the rules I sent you?" She watched his face flame and a tear finally fall down his cheek. "I can tell by your expression that you do. So you remember the punishment for cumming without permission?"

"Yes, Mistress." Came the barely audible whisper.

"Good." She answered before stepping back. "Take your shoes off and step out of your jeans and go wait by that tree over there."

The tree was tall with a wide trunk and rough bark. And as he did was she said he watched her from the corner of his eye, wondering what she was looking for as she went from tree to tree pulling at some of the branches. Until she broke off a limber switch and he found himself swallowing hard, knowing what was to come.

When she turned toward him he dropped his eyes and tried to stand still, although his body trembled in the cold.

"Wrap your arms around the tree." She commanded and he did so with hesitating.

His fingers barely touched around the wide trunk, but he could feel her tie something around both wrists keeping him there, unable to escape. His heart began pounding against his chest. Fantasy was so different than reality. How many times had he fantasized about being restrained and punished? And yet the reality was so much more intense than any words could ever describe.

She moved around to stand beside him and dropped the switch at her feet as she began reaching into the pockets of her long coat.

She pulled out blindfold and after searching for something else that obviously wasn't there she pulled out one of her insulated leather gloves.

"It seems I have forgotten the gag, and as we don't want anybody to hear you scream and come running to the rescue, this will have to do." As she balled up the glove and shoved the entire thing into his mouth.

"Do try not to scream loud. Sound carry in the woods, you know." She said, as she gave him a wicked smile before pulling the blind fold down over his eyes.

He leaned his body into the rough bark of the tree. His feet were cold and were being poked by twigs and other debris. He tried to subtly shift but his arms were tied to tightly to allow him any room to adjust. He felt her hands on him as she slowly pulled his panties down to the tops of his thigh highs, exposing his bottom. Her fingers felt warm against his cool skin. And then her touch was gone.

He stood there, his world dark. He could hear her shifting in the leaves. His body was tense waiting for the first strike to fall. But when it did it was still unexpected. The pain of the switch against his cold, bare skin burned worse than he expected and he bit down on the glove trying not to scream. If anyone walked up on this scene he didn't think he could take it, dressed as he was, and tied as he was, helpless as he was.

She didn't pull back or stop, but kept striking his flesh ranging from his low back to the tops of his thighs. He lost count but knew the exact number the punishment specified. And when the strikes stopped he could only lean against the tree and try and breath through the pain. It wasn't easy with his mouth full, and tears leaking and his nose running from the cold and tears.

He felt the ties around his wrists loosen but his legs were too weak to hold him and he fell onto his hands and knees. Her long coat was flung onto the ground beside him and then he felt her moving behind him, and then suddenly she was pushing inside of him with her strap-on. He knew she would do this. She had been brutally honest about what belonging to her would mean. She would accept nothing less than complete ownership of his entire body.

His body felt raw, every nerve ending quaking with sensation. She moved against him and he could hear her breathing change, hear her quietly gasping and he knew that she was finding pleasure by using his body. And he felt himself trying to smile around the glove. Tears filled his eyes again but this time from joy at knowing that in that moment he was exactly who he needed to be.

Her nails dug into his back and one of her hands stretched out and gripped his hair, pulling his head back at a nearly impossible angle and he absorbed every pull and bite and movement of her body and found peace in it all. Her breathing came faster and then suddenly he felt her entire body tighten up against his and he heard that quiet moan and he knew she had found her pleasure.

When she released his hair, his head fell limply hanging down. He felt rung out, in a way like experiencing his own orgasm but more on the emotional level rather than the physical. An end to who he had been and a beginning to who he was becoming.

She pulled back and lay down on the coat beside him, still dressed except for her pants which had been undone and pulled down just enough to release the strap-on. He took in the sight of her after she reached up to pull the blindfold off of him. Her smile was back as she watched him, and then reached up again to pull the glove out of his mouth. Her hand moved to his hair and he felt her grip his hair and push his face down towards the strap-on. Fear and bewilderment filled his face as he looked back at her, not sure she could possibly mean for him to clean it with his mouth.

Her face shifted and he knew that this was another way in which she made him her very own. And then he opened his mouth and did as she commanded, letting his eyes rise to meet hers. That secretive smile was back and he saw from the look in her eyes she was becoming aroused again.

When he finished she pulled him by his hair to lie down beside her. She wrapped her arms around him and cuddled him close, his head lying against her breasts.

"Who do you belong to?" She asked him quietly.

"You, Mistress." He answered quietly.

He felt her hands move away from him and then return and suddenly he felt her sliding something around his neck. He froze, wondering if this could lead to where he barely dreamed it might. Then he heard the soft snick of a small lock, and then her arms were around him again.


He was home.

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