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The Meeting


The sun was shining when the plane finally landed. I think the only thing that was shaking was the ground beneath me. I was mere minutes away from meeting the Perfect Woman. My hands shakily found the release on my seat belt and I tried to command the trembling in my legs to calm.

My first sight of New York was a glorious rainbow that arched across the sky. I smiled softly thinking of you. All of our memories began to flood my mind. The first time I heard your voice, the sweet stories we had shared, and the dreams we had exchanged. My hands found the railing on the descending stairs and my breath slowly exhaled as I began to step slowly down. With each step my heart began to pound harder. What If she doesn't like me? What If I disappoint her? What If I am not exactly as she had imagined? The crowd of people surrounded me as my feet hit the ground. With steady eyes, I began to search the crowd. It seemed that there were a million people at the airport that day. Just like oil and water, the crowd began to part and my heart almost stopped when my eyes rested on you for the first time. Every emotion known to man swirled throughout me. Happiness, uncertainty, fear, and love. The swelling in my heart just multiplied the instant you saw me and I watched your face spread into the most perfect smile that I had only witnessed in my dreams...until now.

You mouthed my name and I raced toward you. My eyes holding your gaze. Within seconds I was in front of you. I stopped suddenly. Perhaps out of shyness. I watched you trying to memorize every line on my face and without warning you rushed into my arms. My hands immediately found your waist and I held you tight against me. Softly I murmured your name into your hair feeling you cradle your head against mine. Your whispers of my name made my head spin. I was consumed by you. The scent from your body was driving me wild. your waist fir perfectly in my hands, your head was made to cradle mine, and your hands found their home around my neck holding the nape possessively.

The world slipped away as I slowly became aware of your breath upon my neck. I sighed and dipped my head lower pressing softly against yours. You tightened your grip on my neck and my hands spread out on your lower back. My fingers loved the feeling. Your head turned slightly and I felt your breath again. It was hot and so soft at the same time. My body seemingly melted into yours. My back involuntarily arched when your lips lightly touched that sensitive spot on my neck.

My senses knew we were surrounded by spectators, but my heart would not allow me to release my grip on you. You sensed my adoration in the low growl that was emitted from my throat. Just holding you was one thing, but having you touch me in such an intimate way was a whole different experience in itself. I wanted to hold you forever in my arms. Slowly I pulled back and gazed into your eyes. Every word you wanted to say, I read in those eyes. Silently, tilted my chin towards your face, feeling your breath upon my cheek. Time stood still, as I saw your lips part slightly. The world slipped away when my lips touched yours for the first time. I remember the softness most of all. The warm sensation of having your body close to mine, the feel of your arms around my neck, the way I could feel you shift a mere inch toward me. I gently nibbled your lower lip and felt you grip my neck tighter.

Tentatively I ran my tongue across your lips, feeling you open to me. For the first time my tongue found yours. My mouth explored yours lovingly. I can still taste you like it was yesterday. All of the noise was blocked out. It was only us in our Perfect World. For the first time, I felt completed. I felt my emotions were finally understood. We became one with only a kiss. The minutes went by uncounted as I held you tenderly. Finally, I reluctantly pulled back and gazed once more into the satisfied flushed face of my Perfect Woman. I smiles softly and said the first words you had heard uttered from my lips. "Hi, baby"...and then I woke up. It was only a dream...or was it? I could swear I still felt your lips on mine.

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