The Meeting


Julie entered the conference room feeling confident. She was a striking woman. Tall, standing 5'10". A pretty face and long brown hair. And a body that demanded attention. Especially her breast, which were full 38 D cups. Julie knew that men liked to look at her. And she took advantage of that whenever possible throughout her career.

Many of her friends had encouraged her to try to go into modeling while in college. And Julie did experiment with that. But ended up doing some things that she regretted and was glad to get away from that. Now she was a successful businesswoman, primed to take it to the next level, and at the still young age of 32. She was married for six years and had a 3-year-old daughter.

Julie looked around the table. She was the only woman in a meeting with eight men. She sat next to Billy, the handsome father of three, whom she had the best working relationship with. She nodded to each of the others, going counter clockwise. Next to Billy sat Ron, the 40-year-old senior of the group. Then Carl and Eric. Both single men in their mid twenties. Next was Harold, a heavyset man with a less than desirable face and a rude attitude. Julie often wondered how his wife could put up with his crude behavior. Then there was Frank; the 37-year-old divorcee who had a reputation for being a ladies man. Frank also had a reputation for having a pretty big pecker. At least that's what Julie had heard from time to time. She had no desires for Frank. He was average looking at best. But he made pretty good money and was always the best-dressed man in the office. She often caught herself noticing how tall he was at better than six feet, with his large hands and big feet, and wondered if the stories she had heard were true. But Frank and Julie were always rivals. And it was Frank that she was looking to beat out for this promotion.

Seated to Frank's right and her left was Doug. The soft spoken but dependable worker. Doug had the intelligence to succeed, but never spoke up for himself. He too was divorced, but had difficulty getting dates even though he was good looking.

And finally, seated between Julie and Doug, sat Bob Carter; the current chairman of their group. Bob was leaving the company and the reason they were there was so they could choose who would be replacing him as chairman before they hired the next member of the board.

Julie and Frank were the front runners for the John. Ron had an outside chance of receiving the promotion. But he had not been as successful as the other two during the past year.

Julie worked hard, and always succeeded. Plus, she used her looks to help. Tonight she wore a tight fitting red blouse that really accented her breast. And, as usual, she would move about in her seat to make sure that they were perfectly on display for everyone else to notice. She loved catching the eyes of the men watching her as she stretched about in her seat.

Julie checked her watch as the meeting started. It was 5:15. She hated when they held these after hours meetings. But knew that this was important to her career. They went over their reports, and Julie read hers aloud when her time came, stressing her latest successful contract negotiation that would bring in a sizable profit. Then they got about to the business that everyone was anticipating. Who would be the next chairman, or chairperson as Julie expected.

Bob was tasked with the responsibility to make the final choice. But he wanted to get a clear decision of the other seven to see if there was a consensus pick. He two knew that the decision would probably fall between Julie and Frank. Although he felt there were others who could do equally as well.

"Before we get too far into this, I believe there is something that needs to be revealed." Frank said, producing several large interoffice mailing envelopes and handing them out to everyone around the table. "It seems that Doug has made a very important discovery on the Internet recently that could effect our company's reputation if discovered. Especially considering the possibility of who is running the board.

Julie heard a few gasps and one "Oh my god." As the envelopes were opened. She quickly grabbed hers and opened it to find several pictures: All of her at 21, most of her posing naked, but a few of her performing oral sex.

Julie's heart sank at the sight of the pictures. She had fallen behind on some payments in college at the same time she was experimenting with modeling. One of her friends told her about nude modeling and suggested that she could make a lot of money. She was desperate and inquired. Before she knew it she had gone from posing for pictures to allowing herself to be filmed in sex acts. She limited her involvement to giving blowjobs, and always having the guy cum on her face. Or else masturbating on camera. Once her bills were caught up she got out of it and thought that the pictures were far enough in her past to never have to worry about them again.

"Where did you get these?" She asked, forcing the words out of her mouth.

Doug looked sheepishly at her. "I found them on a pay site that I was on. I couldn't believe that it was you and showed them to Frank to see if I was right."

Julie was suddenly uncomfortable with all the eyes upon her. Seeing the eight men looking at her then back to the pictures.

"That was eleven years ago. It has nothing to do with the present." She insisted.

Frank shook his head. "I'm not so sure. We do have a pretty strict moral clauses here. And our company's reputation could be at stake if one of our contractors were to discover these. Especially if you were the chairman."

Julie knew that she had been beaten. Her past would be used to prevent her from getting this promotion.

"It's worse than that." Bob spoke up. "I'm afraid that this discovery might mean that you will have to resign altogether."

"No, please don't force me out. If I lose this job my career will be ruined. Especially if word gets out that I was fired for posing for porn." Julie was begging to keep her job.

Bob couldn't take his eyes off of one picture of Julie, with a large cock shoved half way into her mouth and her eyes looking at the camera.

"Don't worry, I won't fire you. But once I name my replacement the rest of you will have to decide if Julie can stay on board."

"Please, that was so long ago. I was in college and needed the money."

"What's it worth to keep your job?" Asked Harold.

"What do you mean?" Julie inquired.

Harold was gloating over the pictures. "Well, I'm just thinking that these pictures can definitely ruin your career. But they might even be worse if your husband found out about them."

Julie's jaw dropped. Her husband was a proud man, and the discovery of these pictures might cause him to divorce her. And she would probably lose a custody battle.

Harold continued. "I'm just thinking that if you gave us a little of this action, then perhaps we'd be willing to forget about these pictures."

Julie was surprised when several of the men agreed to Harold's proposition.

"You want me to suck you all off to keep my job?" Julie asked.

"Suck us and fuck us." Harold said.

Julie was tempted to blow them all. She loved performing oral, as long as she didn't have to swallow. But she wasn't willing to fuck them. Even though she had posed for porn and sucked off a couple dozen men during that year, she still had only had intercourse with four men in her lifetime.

"I'll blow you, but that's it." She said.

She couldn't believe how quickly the men were out of their seats and undoing their pants.

"Strip for us." Ron insisted. His demand was met with approval by the rest of the men.

Julie stood up and slowly disrobed, until she was standing at the edge of the table fully exposed for all to see.

Billy sat in his chair and offered his erect penis to her. Julie dropped to her knees before him and took his cock into her mouth. Billy held her head with his hands and helped to guide her along his shaft. Julie felt ashamed of what she was doing. She had never cheated on her husband before. But had no choice to do this now or face losing her job and possibly her marriage.

Billy's hips began to rock in the seat and she knew he was about to cum. Then his hands gripped her head more tightly just as his cock began blasting away in her mouth.

"Swallow it, Julie!" He shouted as he came.

Julie tried to pull free, but Billy's hands held her head tight. She began gulping down his salty sperm in disgust. Billy continued to fuck her mouth until his cock went limp.

Next she moved to Ron, taking his cock into her mouth without having the opportunity to flex her jaws. Ron leaned forward and played with her large tits while she sucked him. She felt her nipples harden as his pinched them. Then, in only a minute or so Ron climaxed in her mouth.

Carl was ready and waiting. She was surprised at his shaved cock, having never seen a man shaved before. Julie trimmed her own bush, but never liked the shaved look. Carl grabbed her by the head and thrust his pecker into her mouth and Julie began sucking her third cock of the evening. She was still disgusted with everything, but felt her own juices started to flow. Julie forced herself not to think about her own pussy and continued sucking on Carl's cock until he emptied his balls into her mouth. Like Billy, he too held her head and forced her to swallow his load.

Eric didn't wait for her to come to his chair. He was standing besides Carl's when she pulled away from him. Eric grabbed her and stood while she began sucking his pole. He fucked her face as she sucked him, and lasted only a little longer than Ron had before cumming in her mouth.

Then came the man she regretted, Harold. He was overweight and vulgar, and she wanted nothing to do with his or his slimy cock.

"Get on the table." He ordered.

Julie did as instructed, lying on her back with her head hanging over the table. Harold pressed his cock into her mouth until his hairy balls came into contact with her eyes. He reached forward and took her big tits into each hand and began squeezing them. Julie gasped as he squeezed too hard, then he began fucking her face hard and fast, driving his cock deep into her throat. She moved to get up but was held secure as the heavyset man mauled her tits.

She felt something between her legs, then realized that someone was rubbing her cunt. She mumbled something unintelligible when she felt a finger sliding between her slit.

"Shit, guys, she's getting wet!" Frank exclaimed much to her dismay.

"I knew this bitch wanted it!" Harold shouted as he rammed his tool into Julie's throat.

It was with great relief that Harold came and pulled out of her mouth. But then Frank took his place. Julie's eyes widened at her first glance at his cock. It was easily ten inches. And he was intent upon fucking her throat just as Harold had done.

Harold had been bad because he disgusted Julie. But Frank was worse. Partly because this was the man who was raping her as part of robbing her of her promotion. And also because his huge cock was choking the shit out of her as it drove into her throat over and over again. Like Harold, Frank mauled her tits, but not with the roughness of the cruder man. Unfortunately, Frank was able to last longer than the others and pounded away in her mouth for several minutes before groaning in delight as his cock spilled down her throat.

Doug pulled her off the table back onto the floor so that she could kneel before him while sucking his cock. She was impressed that for such a slender man his cock was bigger than average. She sucked the man who had discovered her hidden past while he stroked her hair softly. It had been some time since Doug had been with a woman and he was treasuring Julie's soft lips on his cock for all that it was worth until he exploded in her mouth.

Finally Bob took his turn in her mouth. He partially fucked her face as she sucked. And like Ron and Eric took little time to release his manjuice in her mouth.

When Bob finished Julie wiped her mouth, trying to remove the taste of their cum to no avail. She slowly stood and faced them.

"There, are you satisfied now?" She asked in disgust.

"I don't think she gets it yet." Harold said. "She still has an attitude. I saw we fuck the shit out of her now."

"Oh no you don't." She said, stepping toward her clothes.

"Get her!" Frank cried out.

Julie was grabbed by the men and pulled onto the table. She struggled and screamed but was held down. Harold knelt between her legs and began licking her moistened cunt. Julie bucked up and down on the table trying to escape his tongue but it was no use.

As Harold ate her pussy the others were groping her all over. Then Eric climbed on the table and straddled her chest. Julie looked up in time to see him place his cock between her large tits and squeeze them together. Now she was being tittyfucked as Harold continued to munch on her wet box.

Julie could feel her pussy responding and knew that Harold was going to force her to orgasm. She tried to fight it but his tongue continued to work her clit as he fucked her with two fingers. Then the inevitable overtook her. She moaned against her will as her body climaxed.

As she was cumming Eric was pumping her swollen boobs at a frenzied pace. Julie felt Harold pulling away from her pussy, then felt his cock rubbing her lips.

"Please don't fuck me!" She cried out, but Harold shoved his pecker deep inside her. Just as he began fucking her Eric pressed her breast tighter and began spewing his cum along her neck and chin before dismounting her.

"Oh yes, you have a great pussy!" Harold called out as he plowed her hole. Julie fought back tears as she watched the homely man fucking her.

"Here I cum!" He cried out.

"No, not inside me!" Julie begged. But Harold rammed harder and faster as his seed shot deep inside her pussy.

Next up was Billy. The nice guy who she had always been close to.

"Sorry, Julie. But I can't resist the opportunity to fuck you." He said as he slid his stiff rod into her cunt. Billy leaned forward and sucked on her right nipple as he fucked her. This caused a reaction inside her and Julie found her body responding once more. She caught herself fucking back several times as Billy screwed her. Then she felt her climax growing close. She was about to welcome it when he came inside her and pulled out.

Ron jumped on her next. He hadn't fucked her for more than thirty seconds before Julie climaxed on his cock. Ron felt her orgasm and looked down at her with smug satisfaction as he continued pounding her hole. He fucked her to a third orgasm before cumming.

Julie was shivering when Ron pulled out of her. For someone who had cum so quickly when she blew him he had lasted much longer than expected while fucking her. She looked at Frank's long and thick rod and spread her legs, eager to feel such a big dick inside her.

"Turn over." Ron instructed.

Julie rolled over onto her stomach and Frank pulled her back so that her feet touched the floor and she leaned over the table. She moaned softly as his cock pushed inside her sopping cunt.

"Your pussy is just a little too used for me right now." He said. "Time to try out another hole."

"No!" She cried out, understanding his intent even before his cock began rubbing between the crack of her ass. Julie had never permitted anyone to fuck her ass. And definitely didn't want to start with a ten inch cock.

She was held in place by several of the men as Frank pressed his cock, made slick by her own mixture of pussy juice and sperm, against her puckered opening. She screamed when he began to push through, gaining access into her asshole little by little. Julie thought that he was going to tear her wide open as his cock continued to gain ground. Then, when he was about half way in, he began to fuck her with slow strokes, loosening her asshole more and more until he was able to ram the rest of his manhood all the way inside her.

Julie screamed once more as Franks cock drilled her completely. Her rival took great delight in plugging her virgin ass with his massive cock. Julie could do nothing else but lay there as Frank fucked her harder and faster for several minutes until he came deep in her asshole.

When he pulled out she was grabbed and pulled to the floor. Doug was beneath her and she welcomed his large cock into her pussy, happy that he didn't want to follow Frank's example. She also welcomed it because while Frank had been fucking her ass her pussy was growing hotter and hotter, and in truth, she needed another cock inside her.

Once Doug was inside her she was ready to start riding his cock, only to feel someone getting behind her. She turned to see Bob, then felt his cock rubbing her ass.

"No, please." She pleaded.

"I want that asshole too." Bob said, thrusting his cock into her already tortured chute.

Julie found herself impaled on two cocks, both ramming into her simultaneously. Her body was wracked with pain. But that same pain was also filling her with ecstasy and she found herself having multiple orgasms between the two men as the continued to fuck her. Bob came in her ass first, but continued to fuck her as she thrust her hips up and down on Doug until he climaxed.

When they pulled her off she was grabbed by Carl and Eric, who followed the lead before them as Carl fucked her pussy while Eric took her in the ass. Julie was crying out with delight as her body orgasmed over and over again until both men had cum inside her.

Once finished, Julie lay on the floor unable to comprehend how much she had enjoyed being fucked by her eight coworkers. Even though she had been forced, it had become the most satisfying ordeal of her life. She lay still, too tired to move, feeling cum dribbling out of her pussy and ass while the rest of the men began dressing.

"Getting back to the business at hand." Bob said. "I think it's time to make my decision known."

Frank looked down at Julie, enjoying his moment of triumph, then back to Bob.

Bob cleared his throat and began buttoning his shirt. "I recommend Doug to be the next chairman."

"Doug?" Frank said in shock.

"Yes, Doug." Bob continued. "Not only can he do the job of running things. But he's the one who found those pictures. And he managed to get two of you to use them to force Julie into fucking us all. And he now has her in a position to continue fucking you to keep her job. That's good management if I ever saw it."

Everyone except Frank announced their approval to Doug's promotion.

Doug accepted the promotion. "I think I'll need to transfer Frank and Harold to head up the up state productions. I have a couple of friends who I think will love to come to work for me, especially with Julie still on staff. And you can come back and sit in on some of our late night meetings anytime you want to Bob."

"Mother fucker," Frank spat. "Up state. That's the worst location to work. The last three directors up there were forced to quit for lack of production. What about Julie?"

Bob smiled. "Oh, I'm going to promote Julie to be my personal assistant. That is, as long as she's willing to continue to take care of the rest of us board members like she did tonight."

On the floor, Julie began to laugh. She may be forced to keep fucking these men to keep her job. But at least she was going to enjoy it. Frank, on the other hand, was just plain fucked."

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