tagBDSMThe Meeting

The Meeting


Oh, God. What am I doing here? I can't believe I agreed to this. He's going to get off the plane, take one look at me, and get right back on it again. What in the hell was I thinking?

She looked around at the other people waiting at the end of the security checkpoint. Do I look that anxious? I need to calm down. I can't greet him looking like a scared rabbit. That thought made her smile. He's seen my picture, he knows what I look like. He knows everything there is to know about me after months of talking. It will be fine. That was her last thought as she saw his head bobbing above the other passengers walking past the airport security.

He stopped about 3 feet in front of her, just staring at her face. She couldn't move. He was even more beautiful in person than in his pictures. She didn't realize that he had continued walking toward her until she felt his hand on her face.

"You're more beautiful than I imagined," he whispered to her as his hand roamed her face before sliding into her hair to cup the back of her head. He tightened his fist in her hair, gently pulling back to tilt her face up toward his as his mouth lowered to brush light kisses along the corners of her lips. Her hands reached to slide up his chest to his shoulders as he moved his lips over hers, teasing her with the tip of his tongue. Her fingers tangled in the hair at the nape of his neck as her tongue slid out to meet his.

"We should get out of here before I embarrass us both," he growled in her ear. He reached down to grasp her hand and started walking them toward the exit.

"I can't believe you're really here," she said as they walked toward her Jeep.

He tossed his duffle in the back of the Jeep and held out his hand to her. "Why don't you let me drive? I know the way to the hotel," he said with a slow grin, "and you look a little rattled."

"Sure," she said as she dug the keys out of her purse. He walked her to the passenger side and helped her into the Jeep.

Once she was in the seat, he leaned in and kissed her lightly again, letting his hand skim over her breast as he buckled her seatbelt. As he felt her nipple harden, he leaned his head back to look at it through her thin cotton top. His eyes met hers as his palm skimmed back over the hardened nipple, his fingers coming back over it to pinch it lightly.

"How wet are you right now?" he rasped, as his hand slid down her stomach to slide across her mound, rubbing her through her jeans.

Her hips raised off of the seat a little, hampered by the seatbelt, and she moaned. "Soaked," she managed to whisper as her hips began to move in rhythm with his hand. Her head fell back against the seat as his other hand came up to cup her breast, his thumb flicking across the hardened nipple.

"I'm going to enjoy watching you as I have my way with you tonight," he growled in her ear before removing his hands to step back and close her door. He walked around the Jeep and got in without looking at her again.

Her entire body was on fire from his touch. She could feel her wetness soaking her panties and her sensitive nipples rubbing against the cotton of the tank top. While her body blazed, they rode to the hotel talking of inconsequential things – his flight, the scenery, how Phoenix had changed since his last trip there.

"Maybe we should stop in the café for a bite to eat before going upstairs," he said as he pulled the Jeep up to the valet. "I think we'll both need the extra fuel," he said with a lopsided grin, one dimple curving deeply in his cheek.

"That's probably a good idea," she laughed, her nervousness suddenly abating.

Sitting across from each other in the booth of the café, they talked about many of the same things they had talked about on the phone for the last few months – philosophical things that they both loved debating. As the conversation began to wind down, he stood, holding out his hand to her.

"Ready, darlin'," he drawled.

"Yes," she whispered as she put her hand in his letting him help her out of the booth.

As the elevator doors slid silently closed, his hand resting on the small of her back, he turned her toward him. His finger trailing along her jaw line and down her neck, he looked into her eyes without saying anything. Her hands clenched the waist of his jeans, lips parting slightly and breathing becoming a bit labored. His fingers moved lightly along her collar bone to slide slightly inside the top of her tank, barely running along the cleft of her cleavage. His eyes never left hers as his fingers slid closer and closer to her hardened nipple, while his other hand trailed fingers just under the waistband of her jeans. She didn't realize the elevator doors had opened until he turned her to lead her out.

Her mouth dropped open as they walked into the suite he had arranged. The room had a magnificent view of the mountains darkening in the distance. Candles flickered on every available surface, giving a surreal feel to the room. Champagne chilled on the sideboard next to dishes of strawberries and freshly whipped cream. The huge four-poster bed visible in the next room had been turned down and white silk ropes dangled from each post. Thick white terrycloth robes lay across the chaise at the foot of the bed. Various toys were laid out next to a full ice bucket on a low dresser across from the bed.

Standing behind her with his hands on her shoulders, he leaned down to nip her ear. "Welcome home," he rasped, his voice vibrating in her ear causing her to shiver slightly.

His hands slid the large corduroy shirt off of her shoulders and down her arms then tossed it across a nearby chair. She stood still as his calloused hands ran slowly back up her bare arms to her shoulders again, causing goosebumps to rise all over her body and making her nipples harden again in anticipation. As his lips and tongue moved slowly down her neck and across her shoulder, his hands dipped into the front of her tank to run his rough palms across her nipples creating an electricity that ran straight from her nipples to her throbbing clit.

"I want to see all of you," he said as her head fell back against his chest. "Turn around," he commanded gruffly.

She turned around to face him, watching his eyes narrow as she grasped the hem of the tank and raised it above her head. She dropped it to the floor as her hands lowered to the waistband of her jeans, unbuttoning and unzipping them slowly, watching his eyes as they fastened on her bare stomach. She kicked off her sandals as her hands lifted to the waist of her jeans. He reached out to stop her hands as she began sliding her jeans down over her hips.

"Let me," he said as his hands gently pushed hers away. He went down on one knee as he slowly lowered her jeans to the floor, his hands rough against her thighs. Picking up first one foot, then the other to remove the jeans, he moved his mouth over her delicate lace panties, teeth nipping lightly. He breathed in deeply, filling himself with the scent of her arousal, his cheek rubbing seductively above the top of her panties. She gasped as he grasped the front of her panties in one hand and quickly ripped them from her body. His tongue flicked out to rim her navel as his hands held her hips firmly, fingers biting into her flesh hard enough to bruise her fair skin. The combination of tender and rough made her throb in anticipation.

His mouth moved slowly down her stomach to her freshly shaved mound, tongue sliding downward, leaving a damp trail along the way. His breath cooled the trail, causing her muscles to quiver. He tilted her hips upward, forcing her to slide her feet further apart for balance. His tongue slid down one side of her lips and around, up the other side, teasing her clit but not yet touching it. With each circle of his tongue, he edged closer and closer to her tight hole, lightly tasting her with each pass. Still ignoring her swollen clit, his tongue slid inside her, his mouth sucking up her juices. With her hips grinding into his face, he slid his tongue back up her lips to brush across her clit, sending her over the edge. As her body tensed, hips bucking against his face, his hands tightened on her hips. His tongue continued to enter her, soaking up her juices, until the orgasm had passed and her body relaxed, his hands on her hips the only thing keeping her shaking legs from collapsing to the floor.

He stood, lifting her so that her mound rubbed against the bulge in his jeans. Eyes on hers, he lowered his head, mouth open to kiss the corners of her lips, nibbling lightly. His hands cupping her ass, he lifted her further, causing her to wrap her legs around his waist. With her mound now riding his erection through his jeans, he walked them into the bedroom, where he laid her gently across the bed, her legs dangling over the edge. While she watched him out of hooded eyes, he stepped back and slowly began unbuttoning his shirt. Muscles contracting, he slid the shirt from his shoulders, dropping it in a pile on the floor. Eyes never leaving hers, he unbuttoned his jeans one button at a time. When he lowered his jeans and boxers, she leaned up on her elbows to see his erection standing straight out.

As he rose, his hand slowly circled his hard cock, sliding back and forth almost unconsciously. She could see the tip glistening as she slid off the bed to kneel in front of him. Her hands came up to move along his upper thighs as her mouth moved in toward him. Still holding his cock in one hand, his other hand ran through her hair to grasp the back of her head, guiding her mouth to him. Her tongue flicked out to swirl around the head, spreading his precum and the moisture of her mouth over him. Hands moving around his thighs to cup his ass, her lips circled him, stretching her mouth wide, as she slid him slowly into her mouth until she felt him twitch against the back of her throat. Her mouth sucked back up his shaft to nip the tip with her teeth. Her tongue flicked out across the tip to soothe the bites before her lips closed over the head, sucking slowly back and forth over the rim. Slipping him out of her mouth, her hand around the base stroking slowly, her tongue glided down the underside of his cock to his balls. Still stroking his cock, she licked his sac, sucking first one side, then the other into her mouth, pressing his balls against the roof of her mouth with her tongue. Releasing them, her tongue ran back up the underside of his shaft, flicking the tip before sucking it in again. She looked up at him as her mouth slowly sucked him back in deep. His hands circled the back of her head, moving her back and forth in rhythm with his hips as he slowly fucked her tight, wet mouth. Her tongue slid along the underside of his cock, pushing him against the roof of her mouth as he slid in and out. Moving one hand around his hip, she palmed his balls, massaging them gently, as her index finger slid behind them to rub back and forth between his balls and his ass. She could feel his balls tighten against his body as his cock swelled inside her mouth. She sucked harder, looking up at him, her mouth milking him, wanting to taste his cum in her mouth. His grip on her hair tightened as he came, shooting stream after stream of his hot, thick cum into her throat. As he felt himself empty, he gently pulled back on her head, sliding himself out of her mouth.

He grasped her upper arms, pulling her to her feet in front of him. Kissing her tenderly, he moved her back to lay her gently across the bed again before heading out of the room. She heard the champagne cork pop and then heard silver clinking against china. He came back into the room wearing one of the thick, white robes and carrying a tray of champagne, strawberries and whipped cream. Soft light, reflecting from the dozens of candles in the room, bounced off the crystal glasses. As she moved up the center of the bed to lean against the pillows stacked against the headboard, he placed the tray at the foot of the bed.

"Give me your hand," he rasped as he reached for one of the silk ropes. He took her hand gently in his, turning it over to place a soft kiss in the palm. "Your hands are so small, so perfect," he murmured as his tongue glided down to her wrist. She shivered, as electricity shot through her body from his tongue. He slowly wrapped the silk around her wrist, making sure it was snug without cutting off circulation. After tying the knot, he rose, his eyes moving over her body as he walked around the bed. As he sat on the edge of the bed, he reached out, capturing her hand and again turning it in his to kiss the palm, his tongue sliding to her wrist. She trembled again, as she felt his tongue touch her. He wrapped her wrist, again knotting it snugly but not too tight.

He moved to the foot of the bed, where he pulled gently on her ankle, running his other hand up slowly under her calf. She could feel the calluses on his hand rough against her smooth skin and shivered. Feeling her body tremble, he looked up at her face, eyes locking onto hers, as his hand moved further up her leg, running lightly along the inside of her thigh. Her hips moved restlessly, anxious to feel his rough fingers against her wetness. His eyes moved to her hips then back to her face, eyebrow raised, a slight grin lighting his face. She stilled, knowing that she had made a mistake.

"That one is a freebie," his low voice sounded a bit threatening. "Lie perfectly still or there will be consequences." Eyes on hers, his hand continued up her thigh to lightly graze her lips, then back down her leg, slowly, tantalizingly, before grasping the rope and wrapping her ankle tightly. She pushed her ass deeper into the mattress to keep herself as still as possible, while her body burned from his touch. He moved to her other ankle without looking at her, again trailing his rough hand up her smooth leg, to trail up her thigh, again grazing her lips a little harder now, spreading her moisture, trailing it back down her thigh before tightly wrapping her ankle.

She watched as he turned to the low dresser where several toys were laid out, moving slowly along the front of the dresser, seeming to consider what he wanted. Looking back at her over his shoulder, his hand reached out for the small leather flogger. Turning toward her again, he hesitated, looked up at her face, then turned back to grasp a red velvet blindfold. He laid the flogger on the tray next to the bowl of strawberries. He picked up a large, red berry, dipped it deeply into the whipped cream, then sat on the edge of the bed next to her. Leaning over her, his hand moved slowly toward her breasts. He watched her breast as he lightly touched the berry to the tip of her nipple, the cold of the whipped cream instantly hardening it, causing her back to arch slightly into it. He moved slowly to her other breast, again touching the berry lightly to the tip of her nipple, before leaning up and touching it to her open lips.

"Lick the cream off the berry like you lick the head of my cock," he whispered commandingly. Her eyes on his, her tongue flicked out to swirl slowly around the end of the berry, grazing the tip, before opening her lips wider to encircle the large red fruit. As her lips surrounded it, he pulled the berry away, watching her tongue follow the movement. He slowly circled her lips with the berry, teasingly, watching her tongue continue to follow, before dipping it back into her luscious mouth. The way he moved it against her felt just like his cock against her lips and she trembled again in anticipation.

"Eat it," he rasped. She bit into the berry, juice splashing her lips and dripping down her chin. She moved it around in her mouth, savoring the taste on her tongue, before chewing and swallowing it down. He leaned down to lick the juice now dripping off of her chin onto her chest.

His tongue continued down her chest to her breasts, licking the cream off of her nipple before biting down hard on it. Her back arched, pressing her breast into his mouth as she cried out. His lips surrounded her breast, sucking it deeply into his mouth, her long moan filling his ears. He then moved across the valley between her breasts, tongue trailing, before licking the cream off of her other breast. His eyes sought hers before his teeth lightly grazed her nipple, tongue flicking across it causing it to extend further. Watching her face, he bit down hard, rolling the nipple between his teeth. Her eyes closed as she cried out, her back arching sharply and hips bucking. Electric tendrils moved through her body, shaking her.

Lifting his hand, he lightly grazed his fingers across her belly, feeling her muscles tense and quiver in his wake. His fingers trailed down, circling her navel and dipping in, before gliding down to slide across her lips. She watched his descent, lower lip between her teeth, moaning quietly before her eyes drifted closed again.

"You're so wet for me," he growled, his voice muffled against her breast. As his mouth closed over her breast to suckle deeply, he slid one finger inside her, feeling her muscles clench around him. He lifted his head, looking up at her face, as his finger moved slowly in and out of her tight, wet channel. His thumb grazed her clit as he slid a second finger inside her, quickening the pace. Her entire body was on fire, feeling as if she could explode into a million pieces any second. As he felt her hips begin to raise, his eyes moved down toward her hips, then back to her face, his brow again raised. She pressed her hips down into the mattress, pulling her lower lip back into her mouth, biting hard, to keep from moving. He heard her low moan as he slid a third finger inside her, quickening the movement yet again, curling his fingers up tightly inside her. He watched her eyes darken and felt her breath quicken, knowing she was very close to orgasm. His thumb began pressing hard against her clit, rubbing back and forth in rhythm with his fingers fucking her now soaking pussy.

She knew he was testing her, determined not to cum, but knew she was too close. Her body trembled as her hips moved just a little, her muscles contracting around his fingers now deep inside her. Abruptly, he removed his hand from inside her, causing her to cry out in frustration. He brought his soaked fingers to her lips, circling them, trailing her own juices around her lips before dipping his fingers inside. Her tongue moved over his fingers, mouth sucking them deeply in, tasting herself on him.

Sliding his fingers from her mouth, he rose and turned to the tray. Watching her, he lifted one of the crystal flutes to his lips, tasting the cool wine, before walking back to sit next to her. He gently lifted her head, touching the cool crystal to her lips, watching the wine pour slowly into her mouth, glistening on her lips. She felt the liquid cooling her mouth and throat, sweet and bubbling on her tongue. Holding the flute up, he leaned down to lightly flick his tongue across her lips, tasting the wine mixed with her taste, before sliding his tongue inside her now cooled mouth. He leaned back, touching her lips yet again with the glass, teasing, then pouring the wine in again, watching her swallow the wine down.

Setting the glass on the nightstand, he turned to pick up the blindfold. She shivered, a little afraid of what would come next. Still holding her head, his eyes locked on hers, he slid the blindfold over her head, stopping for a minute as their eyes connected, then lowering it over her eyes. Her other senses now more attuned, she felt the bed move as he rose, heard the robe rustling as he removed it, heard it fall to the chaise. Silence except for their breathing, she listened, fearful but excited, to see if she could guess what his next move would be. Slight tickles moved across her belly as the very tips of the fingers of the flogger grazed her skin, causing her muscles to contract. She gasped, then pulled her lower lip in to bite it between her teeth to keep from crying out. Her body was so aroused, she was afraid she wouldn't be able to control her reactions. She knew she must be silent and still unless he ordered otherwise.

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