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The Meeting


So dark...disoriented. Where am I? What happened? These questions roll through my mind as my eyes adjust to the darkness. I go to move my body and realize that I am tied to something. Frightened now, I twist my head around frantically trying to make out something, anything in the darkness that would give me some idea where I am. Nothing.

Think girl. What's the last thing you can remember? Suddenly I'm surrounded by bright light and I squint against it. My mind registers a long wooden table with what looked like belts on it and cement brick walls when I hear a voice greet me.

"Glad to see you're finally awake Laura" the male voice says. I still can't see who is with me. The vaguely familiar voice is coming from somewhere behind me. My heart pounding, I'm desperately trying to place the voice when I feel the warmth of a naked body against my back. A hard naked male body, a very aroused body. It is then that I realize that I am stark naked as well. I try in vain to pull away, yanking at the bindings holding my wrists and ankles apart.

"Relax babe" the voice whispers in my ear and I'm hit suddenly with the familiarity of it. It is You – the shy, oh so sexy man I started talking to online just a few short weeks ago. Then it all comes flooding back – our agreeing to meet at that bar. The disappointment when the bar closed and I still hadn't seen You. I remember saying goodnight to my girlfriend and her date, going out to my car, digging into my purse for my keys, the hand covering my nose and mouth and the arm around my waist, smelling that sickly sweet smell of the cloth... and then everything going black.

"Do you remember now Laura?" You ask. I simply nod yes, too shocked to comprehend the fact that You forcibly took me from a public place into God only knows where...and why.

You come to stand in front of me, staring intently into my eyes. You move so that You are standing close to me, but not touching until Your hand takes my chin and forces me to look up at You. Your eyes are so blue, deep and soulful. My eyes widen as Your head lowers and then flutter shut as Your lips press against mine. A sweet, gentle kiss. The kiss of lovers. I moan quietly. Your lips feel so soft and loving, so full of promise. The kiss deepens and Your tongue flicks over my lips and my tongue, teasing my tongue to join it. Your hands that were sitting still at my waist now begin their ascent up my stomach to the underside of my breasts. There they stroke back and forth, coming close, but not quite touching my nipples that have now become hard little nubs. I strain forward trying to push my nipples into Your hands. You know what I'm trying to do and laugh softly into my mouth, Your hands going still, one breast in each hand.

You end the kiss slowly, sucking on my tongue, biting on my bottom lip gently. My eyes open and my gaze focuses on Your face. You reach past me and bring up a long scarf-like cloth. I look at it, then You, opening my mouth to question. You take that opportunity to tie the scarf around my mouth. My eyes fly to Yours. "Hush baby" You say. "You will be all right." Your hand strokes the side of my face. "Trust me, Laura", You whisper quietly.

Walking behind me You began talking. "I know you thought I wasn't at the bar last night, but I was. I watched you walk in. I was pleased to see that you had worn what I told you to – the short leather strapless dress, the stockings and heels. The thin choker-like collar around your neck that had My initials on it was a beautiful touch. A vision of pure sex just like I knew you'd be."

I stood still in my bindings, unable to talk because of the gag, my head turning to the side as You walk around to stand behind me. I could hear something being dragged across the floor behind me.

You continued, "I watched as you went to the bar and ordered a soft drink. Again I was pleased. You remembered that I had told you I wanted our first meeting to be clear and unaffected by alcohol. I watched as you stood beside the bar, one hand holding your drink, the other nervously fingering the choker, you scanning the room looking for Me. I saw as that woman walked up to you and greeted you. I saw how your face brightened as you greeted her, and I watched how you walked with her to a table where a man was sitting."

"I saw you dance with him, that slow dance where he held you in his arms. My woman. When you were in that bar to meet Me." As soon as I heard Your tone change, my heart sank. The man was my girlfriend's date. I hadn't met him until last night.

"As My woman, you must learn that any interactions you have with any other man must be made known to Me. There will be times when I will want you to play up to a man. This was not one of those times. For that I'm afraid I must punish you."

At those words I started pulling frantically on the bindings, my shouts muffled by the scarf. The first blow stilled my movements. A loud sounding crack and my howl of pain filled the room as the paddle connected with my ass. My body bowed inward, the blow totally unexpected.

You walked into my field of vision and looked at me. Tears streamed down my face. "You will take your punishment quietly or it will increase". I tried to plead with you to stop, my head shaking back and forth. You walked behind me again. Crack! The pain shot through my body as I quietly shook, making no sound. Again and again the paddle stung my skin. Tears were flowing freely now, the skin on my backside burning like it was on fire. One more loud crack and You were finished punishing me. My head hung down, my ass racked with pain, quietly sobbing.

I don't hear You put the paddle away, nor do I hear You walk around to face me. I feel Your hand under my chin lifting my face. You study my tears a bit then You say, "Open Your eyes baby". I do so slowly, tears streaming unchecked. You press a kiss to each cheek and a longer kiss to my forehead. You look again into my eyes and I am taken aback when I see Your eyes wet with tears.

You kiss me deeply, Your tongue plunging into my mouth, Your hands on my waist pulling me tightly to You. Your lips move across my cheek and down my neck, biting gently, a moan elicited from my lips. Your hands move from my waist to cup my breasts.

"Mmmm" You say. "Finally mine to touch". You lift one breast, bending slightly to circle it first with Your tongue, then sucking it into Your mouth. Your thumb is rubbing back and forth over the other nipple. My head falls back, my eyes closing, the tears drying on my face. Your lips then move to the other nipple, taking it between Your teeth and flicking it with Your tongue.

Pleasure jolts through my body to my core, my hips involuntarily jerking to press against Your body. You moan low in Your throat as You continue to tease my nipples to rock hardness. Your hands leave my breasts to slide down my ribcage, over my waist and to my hips. You slowly kneel in front of me, Your lips pressing kisses over my stomach and down further to my shaven mound.

My head rolls to the side and my eyes open, watching You as You kiss my skin, Your hands stroking the backs of my legs, down behind my knees and calves, planting soft kisses on the insides of my thighs as Your hands glide up over my soft skin, stopping as they reach my pussy.

Your fingers gently pull apart my pussy lips and You moan quietly when You see that my pussy is already wet. Your tongue glides through my slit from bottom to top, circling around my clit. "Mmmmm, such a nice tasting pussy baby", You tell me as You then flatten Your tongue and make a wide slow lick from my tight wet hole to my clit, stopping to lick my clit like it's an ice cream.

My hips are straining upwards, trying to get more of your tongue in it. I'm breathing faster now, quietly moaning here and there as Your tongue touches a particularly sensitive spot, gasping when it makes contact with my clit.

You ease one finger into my tight cunt and it's immediately clutched by my pussy muscles. You move it in and out of me slowly, circling it inside me. "Nice and tight, just the way I knew it would be" You say as You ease another finger in. My body tenses a little, You hear me quietly whimper as Your two fingers work to open my pussy. Your tongue flicks maddeningly over my clit, it hardening under the attention You're giving it. Your fingers pump in and out of my pussy faster as my muscles relax and open, my juices flowing freely. My body is squirming against the binds; I'm wanting loose so that I can touch You. You press a third finger against my opening and my head falls back, moaning loudly against the gag as it pushes its way into my pussy with Your other two fingers.

My hands hold tightly to the ropes that have me tied spread-eagled. The sensations in my pussy are becoming more and more intense as You fuck me hard, Your fingers making squelching noises as they pump in and out of my wet hole. My breathing is erratic now, interspersed with muffled moans. You know my orgasm is building in intensity. Your teeth clamp onto my clit as if You're trying to rip it from my body. My body arches up, and You take that moment to force a fourth finger into my pussy. My scream is muffled by the scarf, my begging You to stop all but unheard. You suck my clit hard and pump Your fingers in harder, bruising my pussy with their force. You twist Your hand so that Your palm is facing the back and curl Your fingers into a fist putting pressure on my g-spot.

The intense pleasure/pain sends me screaming over the edge. My body stiffens, my head thrown back, my scream deafening but for the gag in my mouth. My cum runs in rivulets down over Your hand, my pussy muscles clamping hard onto Your hand, making it impossible for You to move it. You move Your head, sucking my clit, pulling it back and forth. The spasms move through my body like bolts of electricity. You moan against my clit. Finally the spasms begin to subside and my body's muscles start to relax.

I moan against the gag as You gently remove Your hand from my soaking, still twitching pussy. I'm still panting as You stand in front of me. You hold Your hand up, showing me how wide my pussy had to be to be able to fit Your hand in and I whimper and close my eyes.

"Look at Me now" You say quietly. I lift my eyes to Yours and watch as You lick some of my juices from Your fingers. You put Your hands on either side of my face and look deep into my eyes. "Punishment will always be followed by pleasure, my sweet. This I promise to You as my woman." And You seal that promise with a tender kiss.

As I moan into Your kiss it is then that I remember seeing the table with the bindings and I shudder inwardly, both fearful and aroused, wondering what it is for...and what I will do next to find out...

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