tagBDSMThe Meeting Ch. 01

The Meeting Ch. 01


The girl shifted nervously, looking around the café again. Cassandra was a pretty girl with short thick chestnut hair, dark brown eyes, was of average height at 5' 6," though slightly on the chubby side. Her eyes once again swept over the café and froze on the tall man standing In the entry way. It was him. It had to be.

Jeff made his way confidently to the table in the back, his gaze taking in the pretty but anxious girl sitting there alone. Cassandra. Such a pretty name, and it fit her well. She looked beautiful in the short black skirt, black open toed dress shoes, and pink off the shoulder shirt. Pink was his favorite color on a woman, no doubt about it.

Cassandra caught her breath as the man set down. Hazel eyes that were mostly green, handsome face, and muscular, he was the type of man woman dreamed about. God she was lucky, as this man was to be her Dom, her Master. He was hers. A shiver of excitement ran through her, and she took a deep breath to settle herself as he started to speak.

"Hello Cassandra. I'm glad you decided to meet me here today. Did you do as I asked?"

He of course was talking about shaving her pussy and not wearing panties. She nodded and quietly responded, "Yes Sir. I hope you are pleased."

Jeff smiled and leaned over to gently kiss her lips. "Yes angel, I am. Are you ready to leave now?" He smiled again as her eyes widened and her breathing became irregular. She was going to be a delight to train. A virgin and a novice submissive. He couldn't wait to start.

She nodded and stood nervously after he did, following him as he took her hand. As they reached his car, she hesitated as last minute doubts assailed her. What was she doing? She didn't know this man, not really anyway. What if he was a sadistic rapist? She'd be alone with him and there was nothing she could do.

Jeff looked back as he felt Cassandra hesitate and saw the worry in her eyes. Immediately he had her in his arms as he kissed her gently. "Hey, it's okay hun. We'll go as slow as you want and we can stop anytime you want. You know I wouldn't do anything you were against. You trust me, don't you angel?" He sighed in relief and smiled as she nodded. He kissed her softly again and opened the car door, ushering her in before getting in himself.

The ride to his house was a silent one, Cassandra being too nervous for small talk and Jeff too busy planning. He smiled as he pulled up to his house and heard her gasp. He had a beautiful house and he knew it. Three stories with a wrap around porch, panted white with large windows, it was gorgeous. He hoped she was as impressed with the inside as she was with the out.

Jeff looked over as he stopped the car, noting her apprehension had increased and smiled to himself. "When we step through that door you will be mine. Mine to control, use, please, and discipline. Your safe words will slow down and or stop everything, but essentially you will belong to me. This is your last change to back out." He held his breath as she thought over his words, sighing as she finally nodded her consent and got out of the car to lead her in.

A million thoughts ran through Cassandra's head as Jeff led her in. She still couldn't believe she was going to go through with this; she must be crazy. Still she didn't say anything and she could feel herself getting wet. So she kept silent and let him lead her inside.

Once inside, the change in Jeff was immediate and obvious. Suddenly Cassandra was feeling very overwhelmed by his presence, and couldn't help trembling. This was the reason she decided to do this, this feeling of losing control and being controlled by another man, by her Dom.

"Kneel slut." His voice was no longer soothing and gently, but firm and commanding, offering no room for disobedience. She basked in the glory of his power as she slowly knelt before him, watching as he began to casually undress, slowly exposing every glorious inch of his hard muscled flesh to her gaze. Shifting slightly impatient, she could feel her wetness running down her thighs and licked her lips as he pushed down his boxers, finally revealing his very large and erect cock.

Jeff smiled as he noted Cassandra's reaction and gently stroked her hair. "Do you like my cock pet?" She nodded vigorously and he smiled wider. "Would you like the pleasure of sucking it for me angel?"

"Oh yes Sir! Please let me suck your cock for you!" She squirmed a little more impatiently, whimpering softly.

"That's a good slut." He gripped her head firmly, pulling her mouth close to his cock, moaning softly as he felt her flick her tongue against the head tentatively. Her shyness, eagerness, and inexperience was even more enticing than the most accomplished woman. His fingers tightened in her hair s she slowly slid his cock deeper in her mouth, sucking it gently as she worked her tongue over his shaft, flicking under the rim.

Cassandra sucked harder and hoped she was pleasing her Sir/ She could feel his hands tightening in her hair so she assumed she was. It wasn't so bad and his cock had a nice taste. She was worried about that at the beginning, that it would taste disgusting and that he'd make her choke on it, but true to his word, he didn't force her and didn't push her, letting her go at her own pace. All in all, it was rather pleasant. Sucking harder and more eagerly, she slid more into her mouth, wanting to do a good job so she'd be allowed to do it again.

Jeff groaned loudly as he felt himself starting to get close. "Oh god angel, that's it. Suck hard on just the head." He groaned again as she did as he instructed. "That's a good girl. I'm going to cum in your mouth angel and I want you to swallow. If you can't do that, spit it out and say your safe word. Do you understand?" She nodded and sucked harder. Stiffening, he moaned loudly as he came hard, filling her mouth. He watched her hesitate before swallowing quickly. Smiling, he gently pulled her to her feet and kissed her softly. "You are a very good girl." Again he kissed her lips gently. "Now...are you ready for more?" He smiled as her eyes widened.

How could he be ready for more already? She thought in amazement. Glancing down quickly at his cock, she saw he was indeed hard and ready to go again. Looking back up, she blushed as she met his gaze. "Yes Sir, I'm ready when you are."

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