tagBDSMThe Meeting Ch. 02

The Meeting Ch. 02


Ch. 2: The Park

You get home that night still wondering if it had all really happened. "Did I really just go in an alley and suck off a guy I just met? What did he mean I'm HIS cum slut?" You can't help but think it was all some dream or fantasy that you had. You had never done anything like that before. Never even considered it. If it was a dream, it was a good one. You felt so hot, so sexy. You liked the feeling you had in the pit of your stomach when he told you to go wait for him. The adrenalin rush as he rounded the corner. Then when he kissed you... The feeling of his thickness in your mouth... The taste of his cum as you swallowed him down... "Must have been a dream. Those drinks just hit me harder than I thought." That's when your hand goes into your sweater pocket and you find it. The note I put in your pocket.

It's all too real now. There is no question it had happened just as you remembered it. You put the note on the table without reading it. You undress and go in to take a shower. As your hands slide over your breasts you remember how it felt when I grabbed you and squeezed as I kissed you. You feel that tingle down below. Your hand slides down your body to your pussy. It is so wet. You slip a finger inside, imagining what it would feel like to have me inside you. You finish your shower quickly and head to bed with your favorite toy. It doesn't take you long before you cum harder than you ever have before. You drift to sleep with thoughts of your new experience, wondering where it will go from here.

You wake up feeling refreshed, and incredibly sexy. You get dressed and ready to head out for a day of shopping. You might just go and buy yourself a new sexy outfit or two. You are looking for your keys when you see them over on the table, next to the note. You grab your keys, put the note in your pocket, and head out for the day. You have a great morning of shopping and decide to grab some lunch. As you eat, you pull out the note. You take a few minutes before opening it, but finally you have to know what it says.


* Call for instructions *

* (###)###-#### *

* M *


"M??? Who is this guy?? What instructions??" You are starting to really wonder what you have gotten yourself into now. "I guess I could just not call, ignore the whole thing.." But you know that you can't. You liked it so much. You loved how I took control. Even now, you can feel that feeling in your stomach. You will call. You know you will.

You work up the nerve to pick up the phone and slowly punch in the numbers. It seems like it takes forever before I finally answer.


"Hi... Um... This is..." You start to say.

"I know who you are." I interupt. "I have been waiting for your call. Next time I instruct you to call you will not wait so long to comply. Do you understand?"

"Yes... Sorr.."

"No need to say anything else." I say firmly. "A simple yes, sir is all that is required. Yes, Master will work as well, it's up to you. Do you understand?"

"Yes.. Mas... Yes, Sir." You reply slowly. You still can't really believe this is happening. All you know is that you love it. You are responding to something you hadn't really thought of before, but somehow it seems so right.

"From now on you will be referred to by me as simply TOY. That's what you are to me, a toy to play with and to do with as I please. I will use you in any way I see fit and you will comply without question. Make no mistake though, you are MY toy. I will protect you and make sure that no harm will come to you as long as you are mine. There are only a few rules you must remember at all times." I continue, "First, you will always be respectful and address me proplerly. Second, you will do what I say, when I say it, without hesitation. Third, you will keep yourself ready for me at all times. There will be no hair below the neck anywhere on your body. I want your pussy shaved and ready to eat or fuck, whichever I may choose, at any time. Do you understand?"

"Yes Master" You reply much quicker now with a little more confidence.

"Good. Do you know where the park is by the lake?" I ask.

"Yes Sir"

"You will meet me there tomorrow at noon. There is a bench on the far side of the lake near the path, wait for me there. You will be wearing a button up blouse with the top 3 buttons undone and a push up type bra underneath it. I want your tits on full display. You will have on a short skirt and shoes of your choice. DO NOT BE LATE"

"Yes Master"

"If you have a problem with any of this, let me know now and you will never hear from me again."

"No Master. No problem at all."

"Very well."

***** CLICK *****

You wake up the next morning excited and nervous. It's early still, so you have plenty of time to get ready. You pick out your clothes for the park carefully. You find the perfect top and skirt. The top will look awesome with the new bra and panty set you bought yesterday on your shopping trip. "He wants the girls out on display? He will have them!" you chuckle to yourself as you lay the clothes out on the bed and head in to take a shower and shave.

You show up at the park at 11:30. You gave yourself plenty of time to find the bench and be waiting for me to arrive. It is a bit chilly, but not bad outside. It's a nice sunny early spring day. It's a Sunday, so not many people out at the park. That may be a good thing. "I wonder what he has planned." You think to yourself as you sit on the bench. "Is he going to make me suck him off again right here on the bench or is he going to fuck me this time?" You feel that feeling in your stomach again.

I get there right at noon. Walk over to the bench and sit beside you.

"Hello Toy. I'm glad to see you are here on time."

"Of course Master. I am glad you are pleased. Do you approve of my choice of clothing?" You ask.

"Yes I am, so far." I state plainly. "Your tits look magnificent in that top. Stand up so I can get a look at you."

You stand up and twirl around for me. I slide my hand up your leg, slowly inching toward your pussy so I can check your shave job.

"What is this?!?" I ask sternly. "Lift up your skirt!"

You look around to see if anyone is nearby.

"Do it NOW!" I bark.

You pull your skirt up fully exposing your panties. The ones you bought yesterday that match your bra.

"Did I tell you to wear panties?" I ask.

"N-No Sir. I just thought.."

"You are not to think, just do. I told you what to wear and it didn't include panties. Now you must be punished." I reach up and grab the panties at the side and tear the waist band. I then tear the other side and put them in my pocket. "Kneel on the bench here at the end and lean forward toward the middle. I want your face on the bench and your ass sticking up in the air. I'll be right back."

You comply immediately. There you are, knees on the bench, leaning down with your face on the bench and your ass in the air completely exposed. If anyone were to come by they would see everything. "Where did he go?" you wonder. You quietly turn your head to look for me. You see me breaking a thin branch off of a nearby tree. Just then you hear a jogger coming up the path from behind you. You can't see him, but you hear him getting closer. As he gets close, the footsteps stop.

"Do you like what you see?" I ask the young man.

"Hell yeah!" He answers excitedly. "I can almost see everything she has!"

"Well help the boy out." I tell you. "Reach back and spread your cheeks for him. Give him a good look at your shaved cunt."

You comply without thinking about it. You are already in trouble, you don't want to make things worse.

"Can I touch her?" asks the young man.

"Only if you want to leave here with a broken arm." I answer. "That's enough, show's over. Go finish your run."

The man goes off on his way and you can't help but wonder if he got hard looking at you and your exposed, wet pussy. "It is wet." you think to yourself, "Amazingly wet."

"This is your first offense, so I will go easy on you." With that, you give me a smack across the bare ass with the branch you broke off the tree.

"Holy fuck!" you think, not daring to say anything out loud, "that hurts!" In all I give you three good whips, enough to leave red marks, but nothing too bad. I put your skirt back down and help you stand up. You stand in front of me with your head down like a good slave. I can see bite marks on your lip.

"That's all for now. I will finish your punishment next weekend. I will contact you on Friday by text with your instructions. Until then, you are not to touch yourself at all, definately you are not to make yourself cum. You did well to not cry out or complain when I whipped you. I will see you next weekend."

"Yes Master. Thank you Master."

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