tagBDSMThe Meeting Ch. 03

The Meeting Ch. 03


Chapter 3: Blindfold

All week long you have been thinking non stop about what happened Sunday afternoon and what I could possibly have in store for you on Friday. Although it was frustrating that there was no actual sex Sunday at the park, it was still one of the most exciting sexual experiences you have ever had. Several times during the week the thought ran through your mind to break the rule and masturbate. You felt the need to cum so bad, but you managed to make it all week without succumbing to your desires. You feel as though one touch on your clit could be enough to make you explode.

You are all smiles at work on Friday, anticipating what will happen tonight. It seems like every five minutes you are checking your phone, hoping that the text has arrived. You wonder if it's somehow possible I forgot, after all, you haven't heard from me at all since the text on Tuesday wanting your address. "No, that's silly. There's no way he would forget." you reassure yourself, but soon it is almost lunch time and still nothing. "Maybe he will wait until after work." you think to yourself. Still, you check your phone often until finally lunch time is here.

You go to the break room to eat your lunch and are sitting talking to a coworker friend. You had checked your phone while your lunch was heating up and left it sitting on the table while you are chatting and eating.

Bzzzz Bzzzzz

The vibrating is very loud with the phone on the table.

"Oooh, you got a call!" she says.

You pick up the phone and flip it over. It has arrived. It's the text from me. You panic for a second. "Do I read it right here in front of her? Can she already tell how excited I am?" You try to stay as calm as possible, but the anticipation is killing you.

"It's just a text from a friend." you say as calmly as you can, and open the text.


At 9:00 tonight you will

take off all of your clothes,

unlock your front door,

and wait in the living room.

You will be completely

naked, kneeling on the

floor wearing only a

blindfold. You are not

to speak, get up, or

remove the blindfold

until I tell you it is okay.

Your face gets flushed and you nearly cum right there just from reading the text. Thoughts flood your head. "Do I have a blindfold? Where will I get one? What is he going to do to me?" and the last thought you have is... "Holy shit, can Brenda tell what's going through my mind right now???"

"Everything okay?" Brenda asks. "You look a little flushed."

You try to compose yourself as best you can. "Oh yeah, everything is great. Just seeing a friend tonight that I haven't seen in a while."

"Anyone I know?" she asks. "From the look on your face when you read the text, it sounds exciting."

"I doubt you know him." You try to downplay the excitement factor. "We are just going to hang out for a while tonight."

"Oh, okay" she quips. "Maybe sometime you can introduce us and we could all hang out."

"Maybe..." If she only knew.....

The rest of the workday seems to take forever. You google on your phone during your afternoon break and find a shop not to far out of your way where you can probably pick up a blindfold. Somehow you manage to get through the day and get at least some of your work done before heading home. You find the shop with no problem and pick out a blindfold. The rest of the drive home is just a blur as your mind is racing, thinking of what is to come.

There's no way you can eat supper tonight. You are far too excited for that. You go in your room and start looking through your clothes to find the sexiest outfit you have. "Oooh, maybe I'll wear that sexy teddy I bought!" you think. "Or should it be a hot dress?" It doesn't take too long for you to realize what you are doing and actually say out loud, "What am I thinking?!? I have to be naked!" So back go the clothes and you head in to take a bath. You take a nice long bath making sure to shave very carefully. You want everything to be perfect. Not going to risk getting in trouble again.

You walk out to the living room, blindfold in hand, wearing just your robe and sit down on the couch while you wait. You look at the clock. "7:30!!" you exclaim, "are you fucking kidding me!" You laugh at yourself and your eagerness. "Oh well, I still have an hour and a half to wait. Guess I'll sip a little wine and relax while I wait." You head into the kitchen and pour yourself a glass of wine. You go easy with it, just enough to calm the nerves. It seems to be working well. At 8:00 you go in the bedroom and hang up your robe. "If I have to be naked tonight, might as well get used to it now."

You spend the next 45 minutes walking around the house naked, sipping your wine. You practice kneeling down with the blindfold on a couple times. "Wow, I can't see a thing with this on!" At 8:45 you go put the glass away, walk to the door and unlock it, and kneel down in the living room facing the door. At 8:55 you put on the blindfold. After what seems like an eternity, you hear a car pull up and a car door shut....

You wait silently, trying to stay calm, but your nerves are on edge with anticipation. Your body tenses up as you hear the doorknob turn and the door swing open. "Relax... just relax.." you tell yourself. You hear footsteps approaching you, slowly, methodically. The footsteps circle you as you are being inspected sitting there naked. "My god," you think, "what if it isn't him! What if it was a neighbor or another friend or somebody who just happened to show up?!?" Then you smell it. The faint hint of my cologne drifts by you. You relax a little, feeling comfort knowing that I am there.

The footsteps stop directly in front of you. You instinctively sit up a little straighter and push your chest out. You feel a hand cup your breast and start to squeeze. It's not quite as hard and rough as that first night in the alley, but it's a good firm squeeze. Then the other hand goes to your left breast. Your tits are being squeezed and toyed with, feeling the weight in his hands. The hands slide off, pinching your nipples between the index fingers and thumbs. You let out a little moan as they get pulled out farther, pinching harder as he pulls. He releases them and you can only imagine how you look, sitting there naked, sitting back on your feet, hands on your lap, tits pushed out with your nipples hard as nails poking out.

You hear as the belt is undone. The zipper slowly going down. Even though you can't see it, you can feel the heat of his hard cock just inches in front of your face. He rubs his shaft up and down your left cheek before dragging the head across your mouth over to the right side, smearing the precum on you lips. Your tongue presses out just enough to get a taste of his sweetness he left on your lips as he rubs his hot cock up and down the right side. It is taking all you have to not reach up and grab it and start sucking for all your worth, but you manage to control your urges.

He pauses with his cock almost touching your lips, reaches down and puts his hand on the back of your head and says a single word....


"Oh my god!" you think to yourself as you open your mouth for him. "That's not his voice!"

He slides his cock deep in your mouth. You know for sure it isn't me you are sucking. His cock seems a bit shorter and not quite as thick as you remembered mine being. He also isn't quite as aggressive as he starts to fuck your face. He has a handful of hair and is pushing you down on his cock, but it isn't quite the same. Soon you are lost in the moment tho and start getting into it more and more. He seems very eager, fucking faster and faster in your mouth. You can tell he isn't going to last long.

"Open wide," he says as he pulls you off of his cock. "I want to see it go in." With that he strokes it just a few times before you start to hear his breathing change. You stick your tongue out as far as you can to catch all of his nectar. He lets out a breathy groan as you feel the first jet of cum shoot straight into your waiting mouth. He must not have cum for a while because he shoots stream after stream of cum into your mouth. You try to swallow it all down, but a bit drips down your chin. He pushes his cock in your mouth and you suck him hard, trying to get every last drop from within his softening shaft. Now that it is smaller you have no trouble getting the entire thing in your mouth and drain him completely. He scoops the little bit of cum you dripped up with his finger and pushes it your mouth. You greedily suck it off and swallow it down as well.

You hear him zip up and fasten his belt. He walks back to the door without saying another word. The door opens and closes... Silence....

You sit there on the floor amazed at what just happened. A week ago you would have never considered any of this and now you've sucked off a stranger in an alley, got your bare ass spanked in the park after showing a jogger your wet pussy, and now sucked off another person who you didn't even see. All in the span of a week! You have no idea who this guy was or if you even know him. For all you know he could be your boss! You start to wonder what to do now. You were told to stay put, but you don't think anyone is here. "Do I dare take a peek?" you wonder. Just then you hear the doorknob turn and the door opens again.

These footsteps seem heavier, and faster then the last. They are coming at you pretty quickly. "I don't think this is him either." You are a little nervous at this point. Whoever it is, he sounds big by the footsteps. He must be wearing sweat pants or something like that because there is no sound of a belt or a zipper. He straddles your legs and just slides his pants down. Before you know it he is pushing the head of his cock past your lips and deep into your mouth. This isn't me either and you know it for sure now. This guy is HUGE. His thick shaft is stretching your mouth out as he pushes his cock deeper into your mouth. Soon he is pushing into your throat and you start to gag on it. He just laughs and pulls it back out until just the head is in your mouth, even that seems to fill you up. He grabs both sides of your head and asks if you are ready to get face fucked good and hard now.

"ummm hmmmph.." you mumble as best you can with your mouth full of cock.

He is much more forceful than the last guy. He fucks your mouth hard and deep. You try to open your mouth and throat for him as he thrusts, but he is just too big and you can't help but gag every once in a while.

"You like that don't you?" he growls

"mmmmm hmmmm" you gargle out. And you do too. You can't believe how much you love having a person you don't even know use your mouth like a cunt, and for the second time tonight no less.

He pulls his cock out and slaps your face with it. It's all wet with your slobber and makes a loud slapping sound when it hits.

"Yeah!" he says. "You like sucking hard cocks don't you?'

"Oh yes! Please fuck my mouth some more. Feed me your cum." you plead.

"Say it again." he demands.

"Please Sir, fuck my mouth and feed me your cum." you beg. "I want to swallow you."

He shoves his cock back in your mouth and starts fucking it even harder than before. You are so hot and turned on you manage to get more in than you could earlier. He is holding your head and thrusting harder and faster. You can feel his cock thicken as his orgasm approaches. You take a deep breath and hold it, opening your mouth and throat as best you can. You want him to cum deep in your throat, and he is going to give it to you. He thrusts forward, pushing his entire length into your mouth, burying your nose in his belly. Somehow you are able to take his cock into your throat without gagging as he shoots blast after blast of hot cum straight into your stomach. You have no choice but to swallow it down. He pulls his cock out slowly as his spasms subside. You suck hard as he withdraws. He pauses with just the head in your mouth and strokes out the last bit of cum which you happily suck out and swallow.

Just like the first guy, he pulls up his pants and walks out the door without so much as saying a single word. Once again you find yourself sitting alone, naked, blindfolded, with a strange man's cum in your stomach. "Could there be more?" you wonder. "How many guys does he have out there? Is he even here?"

"Are you enjoying yourself?" I ask.

You are a bit startled, thinking you were alone, but at the same time relieved to hear my voice.

"Yes Sir. I am." you reply. "Am I pleasing you as well?"

I walk around behind you pressing the bulge in my pants against the back of your head. My hands slide down cupping your breasts. I reach down and grab your arms and pull you up to your feet. Your legs are a bit wobbly from sitting like that so long. You lean back into me as I wrap my arms around you. My hand slides down your stomach to your pussy, just lightly grazing across it, hovering over it.

"You haven't made yourself cum this week have you?" I inquire.

"No Master. You instructed me not to do that."

"Very good. Are you close to cumming now?" I ask as I slip a finger between your wet pussy lips just enough to part them, without going inside you.

"Yes Sir I am." you reply almost in a whisper. "I feel like I am going to explode if I don't get to cum soon."

"Well I did say that tonight was punishment night, so I won't be fucking your pussy tonight at all. But there is still a chance you might cum from what happens to you next." I tell you as I move my hand away from your pussy.

"Am... am I.... allowed.... to cum, Master?"

"Yes. I will not touch your pussy any more tonight though. I will allow you to touch yourself if your need to cum becomes unbearable."

"Thank you Master."

"Now get back on the floor." I command. You start to sit as you were before, but I push you forward. "No, on your hands and knees."

You follow my instruction and get on your hands and knees as I walk to the door. You hear me talking, but can't tell what is being said or who else is out there. You hear two sets of footsteps coming back.

"Spread your legs." I tell you bluntly.

You comply without hesitation. I take off my clothes and kneel down behind you. The other person moves around in front of you. You still can't see, but you can hear him take off his pants and kneel in front of your face. Suddenly you feel something cold and wet drip on your asshole. I use my thumb to push the lube inside your tight hole.

"I am going to fuck your ass now while my friend there is the last to use your mouth tonight." I explain. "As I said before, you may cum if you feel the need, either way, he is going to fill your mouth with his cum and I am going to shoot mine deep in your ass."

You hear me lubing up my cock as the other man puts the head of his cock against your lips. You eagerly take it into your mouth, sucking him and working his shaft with your tongue.

"You need to relax." I say as I press the head of my cock against your ass. "I don't want this to hurt too bad for you."

You pull off of the cock in your mouth and take a deep breath, dropping your head down as I push my cock slowly deeper and deeper into your tightness. I reach up, grab your hair, and pull your head back up. He slides his cock back into your open mouth. I push forward and pause with my cock buried all the way inside you until I feel you relax. I let go of your hair, putting my hands on your hips and slowly start pumping. You are past the point of pain and are now starting to enjoy it. You start working with the cock in your mouth again. You are rocking back and forth, the two cocks working in rhythm on both ends of your body. We are fucking you harder now, me in your ass and him in your mouth. Faster and harder. You can feel an orgasm coming. Your pussy is dripping wet and needs some attention. I reach down and grab a handful of hair again. I'm pushing your head onto his cock. After that last guy, this one is easy to take all the way in. He is throat fucking you good now. My hand in your hair is giving you extra balance and support so you shift your weight onto one arm, freeing up the other hand to reach down to your pussy. You push two fingers into your soaked cunt and get them nice and wet. You start rubbing your clit faster, getting closer and closer to that cum you have wanted for so long.

"That's it." I say. "Make yourself cum while he fucks your mouth and I'm in your ass. I want to feel you cum."

That's all it takes to push you over the edge. You start cumming hard. I feel your asshole clenching on my cock as I fuck you. Your moaning on his cock while it's down your throat causes him to start shooting his cum also. He pumps shot after shot of hot cum into your hungry mouth. The pulsing of your orgasm on my cock pushes me over the top as well. I bury my cock as deep in your ass as I can as I shoot my thick load inside you.

The man in front of you falls back and sits down. I pull out and get up, looking you over as you lay your head down on the floor in exhaustion. You feel almost euphoric having completely drained three men of all their cum into your belly and having my cum dripping out of your freshly fucked ass.

Like the others before him, he gets up, gets dressed, and leaves without saying a word.

"Get up and take off the blindfold." I say as I playfully slap your ass. "Let's go take a shower."

You lead me to the bathroom and start the water running. We take a nice hot shower together, you bathe me thoroughly, paying extra attention to my cock, then proceed to wash yourself. After the shower I walk you to your bed and tuck you in.

"You did good tonight." I say as I kiss your forehead. "You are an excellent toy. I will text you soon with your next set of instructions. I'll lock up on my way out."

I leave the room, turning of the light. As I am pulling the bedroom door shut I turn and say...

"You're coming along nicely. It might be time for a party soon."

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