tagBDSMThe Memory of Her

The Memory of Her


She invited me to dinner, where She wined and dined me, Her foot, playfully slipping up my skirt underneath the table. Each time Her leg slid up, between my supple thighs, it caused me to jump. Trying desperately to maintain my composure as O/our conversation drew on through the evening. It was obvious that She was taunting me, teasing me, to see how Her every comment was received, or every touch elicited a response, favorable or not.

Afterwards, She had me clean up the dining area and dishes and kitchen, removing all rubbish so that it was a spotless and presentable area. As the dishes were being done, my head was swimming. My heart all aflutter, my pulse racing, pounding through my ears, and my composure, well, that was gone 15 minutes into the dinner. Trying to regain composure, as the dishes were being done, the room began to sway.

She came in, immediately as I turned to view her, I became unsteady and toppled to the floor. The room began to spin, as I lay there, feeling nauseated and weak. She helped me up, asked if I were OK., then said perhaps it's best I spend the night to rest, and return home in the morning. Reluctantly, I agreed. Of course, being in Her presence kind of helped that along nicely also. lol Never before had Any Superior made these feeling stir within me, and None since.

Still feeling woozy, as She led me along, I found Her bringing me under Her staircase, then leading me down another set of stairs to a room She had in the basement. She helped me to the bed, located in the center of the room, where I basically collapsed. Fleeting images cleared, then uncleared as I viewed around the room. A solitary desk with some writing implements on it. A bathroom area, with a toilet, and a shower stall. The barest of necessities one would need to get by. Still, one thing caught my eye, that I became almost curiously, almost insanely, obsessed to stare at. It was a chain, attached on the wall to a place above on the ceiling. Just above the center of the bed, hanging from the ceiling, was a leather collar. Oh, how I tried to stay awake, and get rid of the sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. Having rushed to the toilet area 4 times already, I felt too weak to even begin to garner a closer look at it that night. Somewhere between the 5 toilet rush, and morning, I managed to fall asleep.

When morning came, I wake up, finding myself covered. Apparently, She had lain a blanket on me before leaving the room, but most likely I was either out of it, or exhausted and fell asleep, not ever noticing. I finally getting my bearings, and trying to remember the goings-on of the night previous, I realized, OMG, She has me under Her stairs in a room! What the hell? Why am I naked? Why am I in this room, and where is She? How long have I been here? A myriad of questions ran through my head and made me almost as dizzy as I felt the night before. As originally frightening as my predicament was, mysteriously so, I also found it soothing. I closed my eyes, and focused on calming my now racing heart, that was filled with both fear, and excitement, and confusion. The fear finally passed, the confusion finally began to clear out of my head as the prior evening's events unfolded slowly in my head. When I opened my eyes, peace had settled comfortably within. Still, as curiosity was trying to drive my thoughts, I began to refocus on other things. I immediately made the bed, with tight, hospital corners, putting the pillow, nicely fluffed on the bed, tucking the case ends underneath, then sliding the top of the covers over top, pressing the creases out so it was a neat, military looking cot.

After finishing that, I worked my way to the standing shower stall, found some body wash, turned the water on, and began to bathe myself. Finishing up, I removed the towel from the rack, and began to dry myself off. I dried myself off, then immediately began to clean up any and all excess water on the floor area, using the mop and bucket nearby. I also cleaned the shower stall, as I've been trained all my life to clean up behind myself. Presumptuous? No, not really. In O/our previous nights dinner conversation, She asked how my cleaning habits were in regards to a home and my person. I answered to Her satisfaction, as the conversation traversed through the night, mixing with laughter, and witty quips between U/us.

I was curious about the items in this room, so I began to look about the minimally decorative room. On the desk was a note, folded neatly in half, my name on the envelope. I looked at the envelope, then opened it, seeing nice stationary, with a monogrammed initial: C, Her initial. Hmmm, this is beginning to get interesting was my first thought. While opening the note, Her intoxicating perfume filled my nostrils, sending my olfactory senses went into hyper drive. Unsure of what I was smelling, I lean in closer and take another sniff, and sure enough, it was Her perfume sprayed on this stationary. Cute, I thought. A Lady who sends these kind of letters to Her special someone. The note was written in a lovely Calligraphic handwriting. She had exemplary hand writing. The note simply read: please tidy up the bed, clean up before leaving. C. That made me feel special in a different sort of way.

Putting it on the desk top, I begin to sit down for a moment, to thank the lovely MistressC, for Her generous invite and kind care to allow me to sleep there the previous evening. I tuck the note back into it's envelope, then lay it down to tuck it into my coat pocket, so I could set it on the dining room table when I left.

Curiosity still working on me, I begin opening the remaining 3 drawers, and having found nothing more, I continue looking about. Thinking to myself, as I saw a short chest of drawers, then looking at my naked body, I make my way to it, and again, begin to open drawers. The first held only my "dainties", the second, my blouse, the last, my skirt and jacket. Looking around as I quickly dressed, in the hopes of Her not catching me here (or catching me-which was my hope *wink wink*), I quickly set my feet into my comfortable shoes. I then continued to walk about the room, trying to find an exit. Having found the stairs, I stepped onto the first step of the landing, yet hesitated. For some strange reason, as much as I wanted to leave, deep inside me, I really didn't want to.

I mean, I barely knew this woman, as a neighbor. Now, here I am, in Her basement room, with the new, refreshing knowledge that She was a Superior. Guess it goes to show, the old adage is true: No One knows where the nose goes when the doors are closed.

Deciding to delay my departure, I returned to the bed for a moment to sit down, and again closed my eyes, as I tilted my head back. Having opened my eyes after a few moments, again I caught a glimpse of that hanging collar. Eying it hanging above, my eyes traced the heavy, link chain from which it was hanging back to the hook on the wall. Curiosity got the better of me. Looking to be sure She was not around, I walked over to the hook, and undid the chain, slowly lowering the collar to the center of the bed. I let the chain all the way down, and hooked it on it's last link, then walked back to the bed and sat on the bed, next to the collar, my heart tapping out a marching song. Lifting the collar, the newness of the leather now filled my nostrils, and I breathed the scent in deeply. The soft, supple leather I caressed as I began to inspect it carefully. Having never before seen a collar up close, I took notice of it's fine craftsmanship. It was a cocoa brown, with tight, secure stitches, with a strong, metal silver band running along the top and bottom of it. The bands, laden with small, polished, silver and black onyx alternating studs sent shivers up my spine. I became as a little girl, happily so, in a toy shop, being given the best gift ever. I began to giggle for no apparent reason. It had a lovely, shiny silver clasp on the back side.

As I continued to inspect this fine piece of leather mastery, in rotating it, I stopped once reaching it's backside. Wondering and curious as to how it would feel on my neck, I sneak a look towards the stairway, then return to my focus on the collar, and how the soft, supple leather would accentuate my slender neck. Hesitant, at first, and chickening out on wanting to try it, my thoughts being, "I need to leave here now," mixing with, "I really, really want to put this on and feel it around my neck."

"What the hell is wrong with me?" was my initial thought. Here I am, in a stranger's house, in Her basement, having just discovered She's either a Superior, or a mad psychotic woman hell bent on killing my sorry arse, and all I can focus on was this gorgeous leather collar? Have I fallen off the shallow end of a deep hole?

I wrestled with these feelings for a few moments, deciding the following: She can beat me for touching Her property, She wins, I lose. She can kill me, She wins, I lose. or She and I can be mutual in the beatings, She win, I win. I decided to take the risk instead, and go for it. I opened it up enough, and fulling extending my neck, I slide the artwork upon my neck, securing the clasp, and hearing it lock. As I sat there, I closed my eyes, finding peace and comfort having it on. I began to drift in thought and the splendid things She could do to me, and how She could elicit certain responses from me, depending on what she did, and how She did it. As I sat there, fantasizing, and relishing the feel of this collar, I didn't realize the full extent of my excitement. My body betrayed me, as while I sat, my juices flowed freely.

Lost, in my thoughts, still feeling the supple leather on my neck, the clasp click still resonating fully in my ears, as my hand raises up to caress the magnificent piece of art upon my neck. Upon opening my eyes, I stand and go back to the hook on the wall, hooking the end link on the chain to the hook and securing it, making sure, there is enough chain left for me to attempt to reach nearly every corner of the room.

I do a mental checklist, as I make my way from area to area. Bathroom, check. Desk, check. Chest of drawers, check. Bed, check. Walking around the room, My checklist is dwindling fast.......with but one last place to see that I could reach.........the stairs. I slowly make my way over to the staircase, the link chain clinking and sliding across the floor behind me.

I approach the staircase, with trepidation, as well as excitement. Trepidation, as i'm hoping this chain, holding the collar that's upon my neck, will reach, and fear of being caught. Excitement, as deep within, I'm hoping it won't, reminding me of where my true place would be, should She decide it so. I slowly make my way over to it, then suddenly, I feel jerked back. Stepping back 2 steps, I see the chain is out and at it's full length. I back away 2 steps more, and count out how many feet in total it would take for me to reach the staircase, to freedom, from Her home.

8. Eight feet is how short the chain is. Freedom, so close, so inviting, yet so elusive, were She to padlock this collar onto me, making me a permanent fixture down in this room. Oh, how the futility and frustration of it would overwhelm me, were that truly the case. Being so far below Her home, tucked away from society, I began to wonder: If She were to lock me down here, how much would be heard by anyone outside? How close would they have to be to hear my screams for release? My begging for my freedom? I began to wonder if being down here, locked into this room, this collar, would drive me mad.

I began to panic, and returned to the center of the room, where the bed sat. I sat there contemplating, as my heart was feeling as though it was about to burst free from my chest. I began to feel woozy once more, and laid down on the bed. My pulse quickened, my heart pounded in my ears loudly, I began to sweat and hyperventilate, and grow extremely dizzy. I tried to close my eyes, to shield my head from the light and tried to stop thinking of the entire situation..............and must have passed out from hyperventillating.

When I awoke, there She was, standing over me, in a bustier, and long, leather coat, with an angry, yet evil look on Her face. She snatched me up to a seated position, by the hair, growling: "Did I tell you to touch anything? Did you ask me to touch anything?" As I tried to stammer a response, She quickly snapped: "SHUT UP SLUT............ THE ANSWER IS NO!!"

As I tried to break Her hold on my hair, She, fairly quickly, threw me down on the bed, face down, put Her knees in my back and put leather cuffs on me. As quickly, She got off my back, and dashed over to the hook holding the chain. She hoisted me up, to the point of me being flat footed, and secured the chain there on the wall. As much as I was resisting in fear, I felt conflicted as I was becoming more excited.

She laughed, almost like a cackle, as She took Her time coming back towards me. I could hear Her sliding the bed away and out of the center of the room. She drew Herself up behind me, grabbing me at my waist, growling in my ear: "So, you thought you could touch things of Mine without asking me? You thought I wasn't around to see what you were doing?" Again, I tried to stammer out a response. This time, She waited to hear what I was to say for myself. "I'm sorry MissC. I didn't mean to upset You. My curiousity got the best of me, and I couldn't resist. I couldn't help but wonder what this would feel like and what goes on in here with this on a person's neck. I'm sooo sorry MissC"

She released my waist, then spun me around to face Her. "So, you wondered what it would feel like on your neck, did you? Wondered what goes on here once My collar is on a neck attached to that chain, huh? Well, wonder no more. I WILL show you exactly what I do with someone in your position."

She immediately spun me back around, facing away from Her. She quickly pull off my comfortable shoes, my skirt, and my dainties. I attempted to struggle, begging Her to release me, but She just laughed. Her laugh scared me down to my very core, and sent chills down my spine to my very soul.

My thought to myself: "Oh my God, have i made a costly and possibly tragic mistake in staying here. What the fuck was I thinking? Why the hell didn't I just leave when I had the chance?" I tried to wriggle free to no avail, I begged for Her to release me, to no avail, I tried screaming for help, to no avail.

She grew irritated with me trying to summon someone to help me and quickly pushed a gag into my mouth. She again came up behind me, then knelt down, attaching leather ankle cuffs to my ankles. Next, She attached the ankle cuffs to a spreader bar. As She was trying to put the cuffs on my ankles, I tried to wiggle away from Her and kick at Her. Suddenly, I saw her nearly vanish, and a fast flash of stinging came across my ass. From behind the gag, my teeth clenched down hard, and a muffled scream came from within me, as tears began streaming down my face. She grabbed my hair, growling: "Do NOT try that again!" With the feisty fire of defiance still within me, I attempted to break Her hold on my hair, and again, a fast flash of stinging came across my ass, then one on the back of each leg. Again, I emitted a muffled scream from behind the gag, clenched teeth biting hard on it. Being stubborn, this continued for a few moments. It soon became clear, that I was no where even remotely in a position of control on this matter. Still feeling the burning on the back of my legs, and ass, I succumbed to Her will.

Finally, She managed to attach both ankle cuffs to the spreader bar, then Stood up. She grabbed my waist, and reached Her free hand to the front, and slid it down, between my thighs. She then, slowly, released Her hand that held me secure around my waist, and dug Her nail into the newly formed welts on my ass. I grimaced in pain, and bit down harder, letting out some gutteral sounds of agony. She, still having Her hand between my legs, began to taunt and tease my clit. I tried to remain perfectly still, but found Her fingers stimulating me sooooo enjoyable. Both pain and pleasure were searing me to my very soul. My heart was racing, my tears flowing freely, my ass in agony as She dug Her nail into each welt, my body was feeling sooo many different sensations, I thought I was going mad.

There I was, ankles cuffed to a spreader bar, hands cuffed behind me, gagged, unable to scream, much less summon help. My mind reeling, from the pleasurable and painful sensations. I was at the mercy of Her will, Her dominance, Her! Whatever She chose to do to me, I had no choice but to enjoy, and endure. For all I knew, She could torture me, then kill me, or the flip side being, taunt me, tease me, titillate me, pleasure me, or build me to the point of ecstasy and climax, then leave me there, frustrated and alone, for a very long time.

She continued to tease and torture, alternating each sensation, then She'd cease the torturous elevations of pushing my pain levels unbeknownst to me before now, to solely tease and taunt me. She'd alternate between from using Her paddle, to Her crop, to Her cat o nine tails, to Her bare hand, then, as if having a dual personality within, She'd tease my clit, using Her fingers, a vibe, a feather.

My ass burning red hot from the pain, my clit, fully engorged from the pleasure, She suddenly stopped, and walked away. I began to whimper, as if to signal "no, please, don't stop, this is more than I bargained for, more than I had ever dreamed or fantasized about! Please, come back!"

I was able to move, but contemplated whether I should. I listened to Her boots as the stomped up the stairs, echoing with each step, and disappeared from ear shot distance. Slowly, I began to turn, to see where She'd gone to. Because I hesitated, upon Her return, She caught glimpse of me, as I was finishing my turning around back to the original position in which She left me. My eyes widened, as the glimpse of what I saw Her carrying frightened me immensely. In Her able and talented hands, She carried a mini bullwhip, and a harness with a very big dildo attached. It looked to be at least 10 inches in length. Further, She had stripped out of Her long trench coat, and stood there, clad completely from head to toe in a different bustier than whence She left. As She stepped in front of me, boring to my core with Her deep, ocean blue eyes, my fear levels rose to a whole new level. She had this look, unlike any I had seen before, and any I'd seen since. It was a mix of devilish playfulness and wicked pleasurable torture that She'd plan to exercise to Her every whim on me.

Again, I began to whimper, only this time, I actually was attempting to say something of value, I had hoped might ease my plight. Through a tearful eyes and with a tear stained face, and seeing the look upon Her face, my eyes quickly fell to the floor. She seemed pleased by this gesture, and stepped back 2 steps. She said: "I see you learn quickly slut." All I could do was gently nod my head. She stepped forward and leaned into my ear, growling: "From this point forward, you will only speak when spoken to. Understood?" Again, She got a nod. She then removed the gag, and stepped back. She too Her crop, and lifted my head, using it's end. My eyes looked straight at Hers, which prompted a quick slap in my face.

"Never look at my eyes, slut. You are never to mistakenly believe yourself to be my equal. Understood?" I nodded in response, prompting another slap to my face. "When I speak to you, I expect you to respond with: "yes, Mistress, or yes, Ma'am. Understood?" Paying close attention, I managed to utter, "yes, Mistress." Again, She smiled.

"Now, seeing as your curiosity got has gotten the better of you, as you've put it, has your curiosity been satisfied? Or has it become peaked? Because if it hasn't been satisfied, I'd be more than happy to continue to show you more than enough and even more than you've ever imagined possible. So, now slut, answer Mistress to Her satisfaction."

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