tagGroup SexThe Menders Ch. 02

The Menders Ch. 02


"Let us please you, Rose."

The words Rick had just said to me outside on the balcony ran through my head again and again as I stared at the three men. All of them were looking at me with desire and need in their eyes. I couldn't be afraid. I WOULDN'T be afraid. I had nothing to be afraid of from these men. I didn't know why, but I felt so completely and utterly comfortable around them. I was vulnerable, but I knew they would take care of me. When Rick's hand touched the small of my back again and the balcony door closed behind us, I snapped out of the trance I was locked in.

Rick's hand moved from my back to travel down my arm and grab my hand again. He linked his fingers with mine and led me to the couches. I still couldn't believe how beautiful the apartment was. And, the couches were so huge! They weren't the kind that most bachelors might find, just big enough for him and his buddies to watch football; something with no real style, just your basic nondescript couch. These couches were plush, upholstered in soft black leather instead of the cheap kind that simply stuck to your legs and made you sweat. The cushions were thick, and the back of the couch was very tall, making it easy to almost sink into the couch when you sat on it. Each couch had a dark blanket draped across the back of them and a few small black throw pillows.

I sat down next to Alec again, and grabbed my drink, taking a deep pull from the bottle. Rick had gone and sat down next to Adrian again, and they were looking over at me. I put the bottle back down on the table after finishing it off. Why was I so nervous? I looked over at Alec, who was smiling at me softly. His hand touched my thigh and I jumped a little.

"Rose," he said, rubbing my thigh and chuckling softly, "You don't have anything to worry about. We made you a promise. We won't do anything to hurt you. And if, at any point, you want to stop... We will stop. No questions asked. Ok?"

I nodded, biting my bottom lip.

"I'm sorry," I said after a moment of awkward silence. "I'm just a little nervous. Once we get started, I should be ok." We all laughed at that, which helped with my nerves.

"Also," I almost whispered, looking down at my hands, "I am on the pill, so unless you guys want to wear them, I would actually prefer that you not wear condoms. I like the feel without them, honestly." I heard a growl come from the other couch and looked over to see Rick closing his eyes and swallowing hard. I looked at Adrian, and saw he was staring at me. My gaze moved to Alec and I almost laughed at the look on his face. His jaw had dropped open and he looked like a kid on Christmas day.

"What?" I asked, laughing at all three of them.

"Where... Just tell me, Rose, where the hell have you been all our lives?" asked Rick, his intense blue eyes staring at me. This made me laugh again, and I shrugged.

Alec moved his hand down my leg and pulled my feet up onto his lap. He made quick work of the zippers on my boots and slipped them off my feet, one my one, followed by my socks. He tossed them on the floor, a few feet away from the couches. He started to give my feet a massage as he smiled at me. I moaned softly. The massage felt so good after dancing around in those boots. I really did love those boots, but they were absolute KILLERS on my feet.

"Lay back on the couch, Rose. Get comfortable." Alec said. I did as he said, laying back on one of the pillows, my legs stretched across Alec's lap as his hands deftly worked on my feet. I barely felt when he turned his body towards me. His hands were like heaven on my feet, working out all the little kinks in them that had built up over the last few hours.

"Even your feet are beautiful, Rose," said Alec, and I felt my face flush as I smiled.

After a minute, I heard movement and opened my eyes to see that Rick had stood up and was walking over to what looked like a stereo. He put on music some music, and I heard rock music start playing. Not too loudly, but enough to fill the silence with steady beats of music. As he turned and saw me watching him, he sent me a smile and came over to run his hands down my arms. He leaned down and laid a soft kiss on my forehead.

I felt Alec's hands stop moving on my feet and I looked down at him. I watched as his hands moved up my calves to my thighs, gently massaging with his thumbs as his hands inched closer and closer to my hips. My breath caught in my throat as his thumbs brushed over my pussy then came up to the button of my jeans. He easily undid the button and, as he was sliding the zipper down, he got up on his knees, positioning himself between my legs. My eyes were locked on his as Rick trailed kisses from my ear, down my neck, and up my chin to my lips.

Alec pulled my hips up, releasing my jeans from around them and tugging them down my legs bit by bit. His lips laid kisses over both my hips and down my legs, kissing the exposed skin on each thigh, lower and lower as the jeans slid down. I felt the jeans slide over my feet as Rick's mouth moved against mine, his tongue teasing mine in deliciously slow strokes. He pulled away, moving his hands down my body to grab my shirt, slowly pulling it up as he looked at me. I sat up a bit, letting the shirt slide out from under me and over my head.

I now lay in just my underwear on the couch, Alec between my legs, staring down at me, and Rick standing behind me, leaning over me, kissing my shoulder and neck. Adrian was now standing a few feet away, gently running his hand against a huge bulge in his pants. My eyes popped at the massive bulge, and I bit my bottom lip in an automatic response, smiling up at him. He stepped closer and unbuttoned his jeans. I felt Rick lifting me by my shoulders, and I sat up for him as he slid behind me on the couch, taking the place of my pillow.

I felt, rather than saw, the hardness of his cock pressing against my back. I noticed he wasn't wearing pants, but still had his underwear and shirt on. I reached behind me, and pulled his shirt up over his shoulders, giggling as we struggled to get it over his head. He finally pulled it off and threw it behind him, instantly grabbing my face and pulling it to his, kissing me hard on the mouth.

As Rick's mouth assaulted mine with passion and vigor, I felt Alec's mouth moving down my thighs again. His fingers were drawing circles on my hips, just above my panty line. I felt another hand grab my left hand, and it was moved to grab an enormous cock. I opened one eye and saw that Adrian had dropped his pants, and that the monstrous cock I was holding was his. I wrapped my hand around his cock, slowly stroking as Alec moved his mouth to rest just above my mound.

I pulled my face from Rick's face, and he moved his lips back to my shoulders. My eyes locked on Alec's as his hot breath blew gently on my pussy through my panties. His fingers slid gently under the band of my panties, and he slid them down over my hips, staring up at me as he tugged them all the way down and over my feet. He tossed them across the room and gave me one last hot stare before grabbing my legs and spreading them wide. His gaze fell to my exposed pussy, and he fell still for a moment.

"Rose," Alec said, staring down at my pussy for another moment before running his eyes up my body to meet my gaze with his, "You are simply breathtaking." I closed my eyes again for a moment before looking back up at him, not saying a word.

I felt Rick slide his hands between us, and work at the clasp on my bra as Alec brought his face to my thigh again, kissing softly. Adrian let out a groan as I continued to work my hand up and down the shaft of his cock. My hand stilled, however, when at the same moment Rick removed my bra and released my breasts into his hands... Alec's lips finally met my pussy.

I let out a long low moan as his tongue snaked out, sliding between my pussy lips and finding my clit, and Rick's hands found my nipples. My hand started moving on Adrian's cock again and my eyes fluttered shut as my head fell back onto Rick's shoulder. I was completely engrossed in pleasure. Completely lost in the moment. Completely awed by the sensations running through my body.

"Damn, Rose," I heard Adrian say. "You're so fuckin sexy, baby."

Rick's lips made their way back to my lips again as he turned my face towards his, one finger still working one nipple at a time, alternating every few seconds, his other hand gripping my hip and holding me still for Alec. I let out a long shudder and a soft cry when Alec closed his lips around my clit, sucking lightly and running one finger down to circle my asshole. I felt Rick's cock twitch against my back, and I suddenly had the undeniable urge to taste it.

"Rick, get on your knees behind me and give me that cock of yours... I want to taste it." On a growl, he did as I asked, lifting himself up and scooting back a bit so I could lay down flat. I positioned myself just right, so that Rick could bring his cock to my lips. I let out another shiver as Alec moved his tongue down my pussy and slid it gently over my asshole.

"Suck that cock, Rose," Adrian said, as one of his hands came down to tease my nipples. "Suck it good, baby."

My eyes met the icy blue ones above me as Rick stared down at me. I saw those eyes grow hot as my lips closed around the head of his cock, my tongue circling around the head inside my mouth. His head rolled back as I sucked lightly, teasing the head of his cock.

"Mmmmm, fuck yea... That's it, Rose... That's a good girl..." Rick was saying between shaking breaths. I reached back to grab Rick's ass and pushed him further into my mouth, letting my tongue slide down the shaft as he pressed against my throat.

"God, baby, you're so beautiful," Rick said, still staring down at me as his cock slid down my throat.

I let out a moan around Rick's cock as I felt Alec's tongue teasing my asshole, and his thumb rubbing circles on my clit. My hips twitched every time his thumb came full circle around my clit. Adrian's cock throbbed lightly in my hand as his fingers worked skillfully on my nipples. I moaned every time I felt it twitch against my palm.

I felt like an absolute slut... And I fucking loved it.

Rick had his hands in my hair now, holding my head steady so I didn't have to strain to keep my head up for him. I pulled my lips off his cock, letting out a loud moan as Alec inserted two fingers into my pussy, curling them up towards my pelvis and massaging gently as his mouth closed on my clit again. I took the opportunity to catch my breath and ran my tongue down the shaft of Rick's cock. I used my free hand to come up and gently massage Rick's balls as I ran kisses back up the shaft to the head of his cock. I leaned my head back as I began to shake.

"That's a good girl, Rose... a damn good girl... so fucking beautiful..." Rick's voice came out in raspy groans as my hand worked his cock. I had both hands wrapped around two of the most glorious cocks I had ever seen. The thought of that had me shaking harder. Alec's tongue was like magic against my clit as he inserted a third finger and moved them inside me, rhythmically massaging my g-spot. My hips began to grind against his mouth. My lips came back to Rick's cock as the shaking continued.

"Yes, baby, grind into him... and don't fucking stop sucking me like that," said Rick, holding the back of my head as he slid into my mouth, pressing against the back of my throat. As he watched, I relaxed my throat, and took him all the way in, his cock sliding deep into me. He let out a loud groan as I teased the shaft of his cock with my tongue ring. I heard Adrian moan next to us, and suddenly, his cock was gone from my hand and his mouth was locked on one of my nipples.

Rick's cock slid out of my mouth, and his mouth was suddenly on my neck again, kissing and sucking lightly as I began to quiver more and more. Suddenly, I felt Alec insert a fourth finger, and I let out a long, low moan, an indescribable feeling coursing through my body as it was kissed, massaged, and licked by three men. What in incredible feeling this was...

"Fuck, that's it, Rose... you sweet girl... I want to see that gorgeous body cum for us," Rick said in my ear. At his words, my body tensed, and I came against Alec's mouth, my hips bucking up in an automatic reaction to the pleasure that was overtaking my body. Rick's hand reached over me and held my pelvis down and I moaned loudly, my body experiencing waves of intense pleasure as Rick locked his lips around my neck. Adrian's tongue danced in circles around my nipple, his finger working the other one, and Alec's tongue and fingers worked absolute magic on my pussy.

As my body continued to pulse and writhe, Adrian stood up again, moving my hand to his throbbing cock. As my hand wrapped around his girth, I felt Alec slide one finger out of my pussy and into my ass. I groaned, my other hand gripping Rick around the back of his head, his mouth still attacking my neck and collar bone. Rick pulled his mouth away and kissed my hard on the mouth before bringing his mouth back to my ear.

"That's a good girl, Rose. Such a good little cock-slut. You're doing so great, angel," I heard Rick say.

"So fucking sexy," Adrian uttered. My skin felt like it was on fire, my body felt like I was in the middle of an earthquake and my head felt like I was on the worlds largest merry-go-round.

"Think it's time to switch it up, boys?" I heard Alec suggest, and I looked over at him as he grinned down at me, licking his fingers off as his eyes locked on mine.

As I shot him an evil grin, I grabbed Alec by his cock and gently guided him to kneel behind me on the couch where Rick was, and I laid on the couch, my back propped up slightly with two pillows with Alec kneeling over my head. I brought Rick to stand next to me, guiding his hand to my breast, making it clear to him what I wanted him to do. While I rearranged Rick and Alec, I felt Adrian's large hands on my legs, bringing my ankles up to rest on his shoulders as he climbed into position. I let out a small moan as I felt the head of Adrian's cock at the entrance of my pussy, rubbing up and down my slick opening and over my clit.

I looked up at Rick, smiling at him as he knelt beside me and closed his mouth over my nipple, sending shivers through my body. I let my head fall back, catching Alec's eyes on my face as he held his stiff cock in his hand. He pressed his cock to my mouth, and I gently kissed the head, flicking my tongue over it, before taking his cock in my mouth a little deeper. My hand snaked down Rick's body, taking his cock in a soft grip, and I felt his moan against my breast.

Just as my focus was centering on Alec's beautiful cock moving in my mouth, and my hand wrapped around the hard length between Rick's legs, I felt Adrian slide into me. A low moan escaped my throat, and I felt Alec shudder as my moan vibrated around his cock. Rick's teeth clamped down around one of my nipples, while his fingers focused on the other, rolling it between his thumb and first finger. As one of my hands worked up and down the length of Rick's cock, my other came up by my face, to gently cup Alec's balls as his cock worked its way down my throat.

"Fuck, Rose," I heard Adrian moan as his cock started to move in and out of me. My mouth moved against Alec as he pumped slowly in and out of my throat. The feeling of him burying his cock in my throat sending shivers down my body, I shook against him. I felt a finger on my clit and pulled my mouth off Alec to let out a loud moan, gasping for air as I lifted my head to see Rick's hand resting between my thighs. His finger worked slow circles around my clit as Adrian held my legs up and pumped steadily in and out with his huge cock.

My eyes traveled up Adrian's body, following the curve of his torso, over his spectacular chest, past the throbbing of the vein in his neck, and up to meet his eyes. Dark with desire, his eyes locked on mine as he started to move faster. I felt Alec press me forward, and I noticed Rick's mouth leave my nipple just before I felt him slide in place behind me. Alec leaned me back on the pillows and my eyes met Rick's as he now knelt over me again.

"Rose. You are so fucking sexy. I want that pretty little mouth on my cock," I heard him say as his hand softly touched my cheek. I felt Alec kneel beside me, and groaned as his mouth found my nipple, and he guided my hand to his cock, still wet with my saliva. I bit my lip as I looked up at Rick, smiling before I spoke.

"Rick, I want you to fuck my throat. Please, baby," I said in a raspy whisper as he guided the head of his cock to my lips. I heard a groan come from him as he slid his cock between my lips, and I moaned, tasting a drop of precum on my tongue as he pushed steadily into my mouth. I took a deep breath just before he slid down my throat.

As this switch happened, Adrian had slowed his pace, to allow the other men to move me, but his movements now sped back up. I felt him slam deep into me, just once, before he started making short, quick thrusts inside me, keeping his cock buried as deep as he could. Alec's lips worked on my nipples, switching between each one, twirling his tongue around the taught buds as my hand stayed steady on his cock.

Rick reached down over me, and grabbed the breast that Alec was currently not touching. His fingers found my already rock-hard nipple and twisted gently, causing me to arch up against him. When I arched, it opened my throat a little more, allowing him to now thrust in and out of my throat completely. I gasped for breath between thrusts, and I felt Alec's hand on the back of my head, grasping my hair.

"That's a good girl... that's a good fuckin' girl," said Rick as he thrust his cock relentlessly into my throat again and again. Just then, I felt Adrian start to pick up speed, and his cock started moving faster inside me... the shallow thrusts becoming deeper. Rick pulled his cock from my mouth as I started to shake, and I gasped for breath, a loud moan following the gasps.

Rick's fingers twisted hard on one nipple, and Adrian's mouth clamped down on the other as Adrian pumped in deeper, pounding against the most sensitive parts of me. My breath came in faster, quicker breaths as the waves of pleasure began to crash over me. Adrian slammed into me hard as I came all over his cock.

With a cock in each hand, I let out a long series of moans. My body shook with pleasure, as 6 hands moved across my skin.

"There you go, Rose. Such a good girl," Rick said, as his hands moved across my chest and shoulders.

"So fucking beautiful, baby girl," said Alec, as his lips kissed their way over my breast.

"Ohh, fuck yeah, Rose. You're fucking soaked, baby," Adrian said through grunts, as his pace slowed.

I felt Adrian slowly pull out of me, and my legs fell to the couch as I laid there, gasping for breath as all 3 men softly caressed my skin.

"Holy shit," I said, trembling just a little as all three men chuckled, their deep voices rolling through my ears and filling my head with even more pleasure. As I lay there for just a moment, I looked up at the guys, and saw them all smiling at each other. Clearly, they were enjoying themselves just as much as I was.

Watching them, I suddenly felt something stir inside me. A new feeling, I had never experienced. I felt strong. I felt empowered. And, I realized on a whimper... I felt the need to have all of them inside me. I swung my legs off the couch and sat up quickly, giggling at the surprise and shock on the faces of the men standing around me. I stood up, my legs a little shakier than I expected, and I grabbed Adrian by the shoulder for support.

"You ok, babe?" asked Rick, with a little grin on his face. I blushed, looking down for a moment before looking back up at Rick, eyes steady as I kept my hand on Adrian's shoulder.

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