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The Mentalist

byDG Hear©

What is a Mentalist?

According to Wikipedia, Mentalism is a performing art in which its practitioners, known as mentalists, appear to demonstrate highly developed mental or intuitive abilities. Performances may appear to include telepathy, clairvoyance, divination, precognition, psychokinesis, mediumship, mind control, memory feats and rapid mathematics. Hypnosis may also be used as a stage tool. Mentalists are sometimes referred to as psychic entertainers.

Many believe in some of these things while other consider them nothing but a performing art of magicians. There is even a TV series that's called the Mentalist. He admits that there is no such thing. He said he is just good at judging people and situations. Then there is the series, 'True Blood' which deals with vampires, shape-shifters, witches and even people that turn into dogs at will.

My favorite is the Fairies. Many of them can read minds and do other extraordinary acts like flying and such. I don't know about the other creatures on the show but I know fairies exist. You see, I am one.

Back when I was just a kid I told my parents that I seemed different from other kids. It was like I knew what they were thinking even before they said it. I was call weird and freak by some of the other kids. My parents sat me down and explained to me that our whole family was considered different.

We were called Faes which some people considered fairies and have been around for thousands of years. My parents went deep into our history telling me about our background and many of the things Faes can do. Not all Faes' talents are the same. They told me as I got older I would notice what my talents were. To be more efficient in using my talents I would have to practice using them and at the same time not let anyone suspect that I was different and never tell them I was a Fae.

I found out that it wasn't the easiest thing to do. I found my specialty was reading minds. I could read people's thoughts of what they were thinking at the time. This helped me a lot in school as well as let me know who my true friends where and who were just plain jealous of me or didn't like me.

Not only was I a Fae, but I was a black Fae. I was a light colored black guy but you could tell by my features that I was black. I have found that throughout the years that there are a lot of racist people out there and they're not all white. There are as many black racists as there are white. I was surprised to find all races have racists among them. My Asian friends as well as my Puerto Rican friends were just as racist as the white people I knew.

It was something to be able to know what people were thinking. It was hard not to react every time I read a mind. I began going to the gym at a young age and took classes in the arts of self-protection. I was tired of getting beat up and losing fights.

By the time I was in high school I was a black belt in karate and studied other forms of self protection. I really did have a chiseled body with the six pack abs and all. I was really proud of myself and knew even my friends were jealous when reading their thoughts.

In school I found I didn't have to study as much as the other kids. I wasn't all that smart but when the teacher asked a question he would be thinking of the answer he wanted and I always got it right. During tests I would read the thoughts of the really smart kids and duplicate their answers.

On the football field I played defense. When the other team was in a huddle I would know what number they go on and passed it on to our lineman. After awhile they asked me how I knew and I told them I was psychic, they just laughed.

If the opposing team was passing I would let my buddies in the backfield know so they could prepared themselves accordingly. After the first few times, no one questioned me. I was put on the varsity team my freshman year and made a lot of tackles in the four years I played football.

I was offered scholarships from a number of colleges but I wasn't interested in playing football in college. I had my mind set on the performing arts. I started out in junior high and then high school doing shows for the kids. They asked me if I was a magician and I told them, "Sort of."

I would tell them I had the ability to read their minds. They would think of things such as numbers, stories or things that have happened to them and I would repeat it back to them. In high school a lot of jealous students tried to discredit me and would say that what I repeated was not what they were thinking. I knew they were trying to make me look bad.

I came up with an solution and picked an assistant from the audience and they would walk over with a tablet and pen and have the people write down their thoughts. On paper they would write something down. While they thought on what to write down I would repeat what they wrote. There wasn't much they could say after that.

The looks I got were like daggers to kill. Some of their thoughts were pretty bad. I would sometimes say, "I know of your other thought as well but I don't think you want it repeated. They would freeze in their seats. I became real popular with the female population. Many were with their boyfriends and I would ask if they wanted their mind read.

Many would say, "Oh God no!" I knew why because they were thinking, 'Are the stories about blacks being well hung true.' Also, some wondered what I looked like without my shirt and a few were thinking they would like to fuck me. Most of them got their chance.

I did do some bachelorette parties. I have to admit that most of the minds and questions asked at these parties were sexual. This is where I got my real start on being a pervert. There wasn't a party where I didn't get laid. Sometimes more than once in the same night. A thing I was able to do as a Fae was have multiple orgasms in a very short period of time. Something I might interject here is that a Fae could only impregnate another Fae. I could have multiple orgasms and shoot a lot of loads with no pregnancies.

A number of women would give me their phone numbers and others asked if I did one on one readings. I did contact the women whose numbers I received and most wanted to have sex with a up and coming celebrity while others with a black guy. I was nineteen when I began fucking all these women. I didn't care about looks or age. If a woman wanted to fuck, I was there for her. Single, married, or divorced, it didn't make any difference to me. It was all good.

I remember one party where over a week period I fucked all the bridesmaids, the mother of the bride, two sisters and an aunt of the bride. The day before the wedding I received a call from the bride and fucked her twice.

It was just reading their thoughts and telling them what they were thinking. A couple of women called me crazy when I went to their house and told them their sexual thoughts and I told them that I was sorry about the mistake and got up to leave, even knowing I was right. They usually stopped me in my tracks and I ended up having sex with them.

I did go to college for six months but found out I couldn't cheat and had to do a lot of writing. There were very few tests but a lot of writing. That wasn't for me so I left college after the first semester.

An entertainment agent called me and said he could get me a lot of work. He had been to a couple of amateur night shows I did at the local bars. I could read his mind and he was thinking of asking for thirty percent of what I grossed. I had checked into getting an agent previously and found that twenty percent was the going rate for new acts. I knew he would drop it to twenty-five percent, but I was going to hold out for twenty. After he got down to twenty-five percent I looked him in the eye and told him I could read his mind. He had recently lost two big customers and needed to find some new talent. I told him twenty percent or just leave me alone.

"Ok, I don't know how you do it but I'll find you work at a fee of twenty percent." He had the papers drawn up and I now had an agent. We started at small places like bars and then he hooked me up to do the opening act for a famous singer.

After two shows the singer asked me if I would mind traveling with his entourage and be his opening act for the remainder of the year. This is where my life really took off. I was opening for him four nights a week including Saturdays. The other days we traveled or rested.

I was becoming popular and needed a bodyguard, someone to help keep some of the toadies at arms length. I asked an old friend from high school what he was up to. Matt was an offensive lineman in high school. I don't want to say this wrong because he wasn't retarded but he was slow.

Some people made fun of him and teased him. I stuck up for him and he often thanked me for it. He actually went to college and took nothing but physical education classes. He was on a football scholarship and during the first season he broke his leg. It ended his scholarship as well as any future in football.

I asked him if he wanted to be my bodyguard. He laughed and told me I could be his. We wrestled a number of times in high school and I usually won, knowing what his next move was. I explained to him that he just had to watch my back and keep people away from me that I didn't want there.

I let him know that we would be traveling at least fifty weeks a year and I had a travel bus that we would live in when not in a hotel. He would be my driver and have his own room on the bus. He jumped at the idea saying he had no idea what he was going to do with his life. I started out paying him fifty dollars a show but increased it to a hundred dollars a day. He was happy with the money along with free room and board. He really didn't have many expenses.

After our tour opening for the singer ended my agent set us up with a few cruises. Matt thought these were great. Free rooms and all the food he could eat. I thought it was pretty good too. I did two shows a night. The last show each night was an adult only show. A lot of questions involving sex were asked.

I just repeated what the customers said. Guys would think about boobs and pussy and women about getting laid. A highlight of the show was when I would describe the panties of the women present. I knew the minute I said it the women would think of what they were wearing.

I would look at a table and say things like blue with lace or a pink T-strap. I would repeat it the way the women were thinking it. At one table I looked and said white silk and white silk with frills. A woman at the table said out loud, "You got mine wrong." She did have a big smile on her face.

I smiled back and told her that I didn't. "Your husband is wearing the frilly white ones." He looked embarrassed and she looked mad. "I told you to stop wearing my panties. You keep stretching them out."

She looked back at me and I continued, "You aren't wearing any panties but you did wear a pair here tonight. They are a thong with a patch of blue in the front. They are in the pocket of the man on your left. Maybe he will be kind enough to show us." It really got people to start laughing.

An argument started with the two women going at it first. "Did you fuck my husband already? I thought we were going to talk about this." They went on for a few minutes when the husband who wore his wife's panties told his friend to empty his pockets. Sure enough he pulled out the blue string thong.

The husband wearing his wife's panties got up and walked out. A few minutes later the other man's wife left also. I guess the conversation got their swapping started early.

There are so many stories I could tell you. After I became famous I cut my agent's percentage to fifteen percent and gave the other five percent to Matt. He was a loyal bodyguard and friend.


I want to tell you about a couple of my experiences with the police department. After one of my shows a man came up to me and asked me if I was for real. I love dealing with the non-believers. I asked him why and he said that he had a murder suspect and asked if I would be able to read his mind.

I was reading the detective's mind and knew he was wondering if he made a mistake in asking me. He was afraid he would be laughed out of the department when he told his fellow workers who or what I was.

"If you can get him to think about the murder I can tell you if he did it." It made the detective feel a little better.

The next day Matt and I went to the precinct and asked for the detective. Some of the people there recognized me and I heard what they were thinking. "You got to be kidding me." "What a fucking joke, now we're depending on psychics," and many other such statements.

Detective Barnes put Matt and I in a room with a two way mirror. He went and brought the suspect in and sat him down. We could hear them talking. A female agent from the office sat with Matt and I. She was a looker but didn't believe we were for real. I looked at her an said, "I am for real." It startled her and she was trying to clear her head.

While we were listening to the questioning of the suspect. Silvia, the agent was thinking other things. Mainly if I could really read her mind. The suspect kept repeating that he told them everything he knew. I told the detective to ask definite questions. "Did you know the victim?" "Did you kill the victim?" and "Where is the gun you used?" I let the detective know that I wasn't interested in his answers but what the suspect was thinking.

When he asked the first question the suspect said, "No," but his thoughts showed them in a dive drinking together. He asked the second question and he answered, "No," again but his thought showed him shooting the victim in the back room of the dive. When he was asked where the gun was he said he didn't own any gun but his thoughts were at a woman's house and in her closet.

The detective came to our room and said, "I guess that was a waste of time."

He was surprised when I told him that the suspect did kill the victim in the backroom of a dive. The gun was at some woman's house in the closet. I told the detective to ask him the name of the bar he shot the suspect in and the name of the woman whose house he stashed the gun in, along with a few more questions.

He asked those question and was told he didn't know shit and had nothing to do with this guy's death. His mind said Joe's Bar and Lucile. The agent in the room with us was totally surprised. I heard her wondering if I was as good in bed as I was reading minds. I looked at her and told her I was. Her jaw flew open and she blushed and turned away.

Detective Barnes came back in our room and I gave him the thoughts of the suspect. He thanked me and said he would check out all the information he received from us and let us know the results.

A few hours later Silvia was at my hotel room door. I invited her in and she said that everything we found out was true. I told her she could have phoned us that information.

"Then I wouldn't be able to find out if the other question was true." She removed her jacket and kissed me. First her mind said, 'fuck me,' then she said it with her mouth. We went into the bedroom and I ate that pussy and fucked her till she came twice.

After she left I got a call from the Detective Barnes thanking me for my help and that all the information was right. The woman was the suspect's ex-girlfriend. She didn't know about the gun being hid in the closet. I thanked him for calling and let him know if he ever needed my assistance to call me.

I didn't mention Silvia to him. She showed up on her own and I gave her what she wanted. She's a believer now.


We, Matt and I had quite a few women coming to our travel bus when we were parked on a lot. Most of them were by invitation. Matt told me he had never had so much sex in his life. I don't think I mentioned that Matt was a white guy and was pretty well hung. I told him to never force a woman to have sex with him no matter what she says. Some women, especially married ones have last moment thoughts and back out. As I told Matt, there are a lot more fish in the sea.

We were traveling all over the states and doing shows. The money was great and our sex lives were even better. Matt once told me he really did believe I could read minds. I knew he meant it because I was reading his. He was a true friend.

We did get in a few scuffles but nothing we couldn't handle. It usually was some married guy whose ego was a big as his stomach. They wanted their minds read and they didn't like it when I repeated it. They got embarrassed or were drunk and it changed their disposition.

While on the road we would get calls from a number of police departments. They would always start out saying the same thing. "We don't believe in psychics but we are at a standstill and were told to call you."

I always smiled and said, "It will be ok." We almost always got laughed at when we first entered a precinct. Sometimes I would repeat what the individual cops were thinking. It usually stopped the laughing.

We have helped with dozens of cases. We never go to court and the suspects usually never know we were involved. A few times the prosecutors asked for us and were willing to pay our air fare to the precinct and back to our hotel.

They do get pissed when they are told that their suspect didn't do it. I apologize to them but at least they aren't sending an innocent person to jail. There have been times when a defendant's lawyer has called us. They believed their client was innocent and asked us to sit in.

Most of the time they are guilty and the lawyer requests us not to say anything. We have found a few cases where the defendant was innocent. We have started charging for our services seeing we do it so often. Three hundred dollars to listen for the police or prosecutor and three hundred for a defendant. We never go to court since psychics aren't always considered credible. It's because most are not real; I am.

I would like to tell you about one special case. It all happened at a Halloween party that took place in a hotel in Las Vegas. It was a big party that included a stage show as well as food and drinks. I was asked to take part in it and we would have free rooms and would be paid six thousand dollars for the night. We could also join the party after doing our show.

Our rooms were on the fourth floor. It was a two bedroom suite with all the amenities paid for. Matt dressed like the Hulk in a tight green outfit. He wore an over the head mask. I have to say he looked pretty cool.

I dressed like a magician with a top hat and tails. Some thought I showed up as Houdini. Usually I wore a tight polo type shirt and jeans when doing my show. I never wanted to stand out but to be more like the guy next door.

When doing shows I would pick an assistant out of the audience. I wanted people to know that I had no connection to the assistant. It was a different person for every show. We would ask for volunteers and Matt would have them pick a number out of a big hat. They would reach in and pull out a number.

I would then ask someone who didn't pick a number to say a number between one and fifty. That person holding that number would be my assistant for the show. There was always someone in the crowd who still said it was fixed. If they spoke out loud and I could see who it was, I would make them my first exhibit.

We did the mind reading and the written reading. I even had some patrons hand a credit card or driver's license to my assistant who I would ask to read something on the card or license, but not out loud. I would then repeat it back to the audience. I never read all the number because we didn't want to give out too much personal information.

After the first show two women came up to us dressed as prostitutes. Their partners stayed back by their seats. I read one of the men's minds. "The girls are going to fuck those two guys." The other guy was picturing his wife being fucked by the Hulk.

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