tagBDSMThe Mentor Ch. 02

The Mentor Ch. 02


I suggest you read chapter 1 of the story first.


The scent of her arousal was overpowering. I knew she must have been highly turned-on from the ministrations Laura had been performing on her when I caught them in the bathroom, and it was clear that her catching me and now dominance of me (along with Laura) was taking her to a more heightened state.

"Come on Bob, I told you to do something," Susan commanded in a stern voice. I knew I had no choice but to continue doing what she told me, as I could not risk what she could do to my career if she chose to expose me for spying on her and Laura in the women's room.

I did as she had commanded, leaning forward as my hands were spread out on either side of her legs resting on the couch. This brought my face in contact with her panties, which as soon as I felt them I could tell were an expensive silk variety. The first touch also confirmed the state of her arousal, as they were absolutely soaked through. I tentatively stuck my tongue out, touching it to the sodden material. I drew my tongue up toward the top of her slit, then downward, and continued this pattern a few times. As I did this, I realized that her panties were pressed tightly against her labia, with apparently no pussy hair propping them up off of her crotch. Somehow I was not surprised to learn that Susan was clean shaven down there.

"That's a good, boy, now a little bit harder," I heard Susan say as I continued.

Something in her tone of voice or her choice of words hit me, and I began to pull out from underneath her skirt. But as soon as I removed my tongue from her panties, I heard her hiss, "Did I tell you to stop? Now get back there and do as you're told or there will be hell to pay, Bob. Just do everything I tell you and you'll get out of here with your reputation intact, I promise."

Then she added in a lighter tone with a chuckle, "But no promises about your manhood and pride."

Resigned to my fate, I returned to what I had been doing, now applying more pressure to her slit as I continued up and down. It was hard to believe it could happen, but her panties seemed to be getting even wetter as I continued, almost dripping with her secretions, causing the air under her skirt to become even more fetid.

I felt her scoot her ass forward a bit, bringing her crotch into even stronger contact with my tongue and face. I felt her body relaxing also, as she lay back further into the couch and spread her legs a bit more, pushing my hands even wider on the outside of them. It was becoming difficult to maintain my balance, and my knees were getting quite sore. This made me think of what Laura had been doing to Susan in the stall just a few minutes ago, and I was thankful that at least I had carpeting underneath my knees.

"That's better, my boy, you're doing a much better job now. You're obviously somewhat experienced at oral service, aren't you?" I heard her saying. I figured it was a rhetorical question, and saw no need to reply, so I simply continued rubbing my tongue up and down her panties. They were now so wet that as I did this they were getting pushed between her plump pussy lips, which I could easily feel on either side of my tongue.

"Just divine, my Pet. I wish you could feel how lovely this is, Laura -- he's quite a good pussy licker I must say. I bet Sarah has you doing this a lot, doesn't she Bob?" she asked. Again, I didn't answer, a little worried that she was bring my wife into the discussion. But then I heard her say, "I asked you a question, but I recognize it's a little hard for you to answer given your current position. Tell you what -- just nod your head up and down a little if the answer is 'yes,' okay?" I moved my head up and down enough that I knew she could see the movement.

I heard her reply, "I thought so -- I suspected from my e-mail conversations with Sarah that you'd be very good at this."

Hearing this, I froze -- what the hell did she mean, "e-mail conversations with Sarah"? I knew she and Sarah had occasionally e-mailed with each other since they had met at a couple of academic conferences, but I never suspected that our sex life was a topic of their discussion.

"Oh, are you a little shocked to hear that we e-mail about this, Bob? Well, you'd be surprised at the things that we girls like to chat about. But please do get back to work, I didn't tell you to stop."

I simply sighed and continued licking her. I could only imagine what they had been chatting about. Sarah was a very sexual person, and we enjoyed a great sex life -- including lots of oral sex -- and I knew that she was certainly comfortable talking about sex. So I was not totally shocked to hear that she may -- if Susan was telling the truth -- have discussed our sex life with Susan via e-mail.

"Laura, you simply can't imagine how nice this is. A distinguished professor like Bob here, on his knees, lapping away at my panty-covered pussy in a woman's room. Maybe we could arrange for you to experience it too," she said with a laugh. "But I'll tell you what -- for now, maybe I can just give you a better view of the proceedings." With that, I felt the material lifted off of my head as Susan pulled her skirt up and evidently must have bunched it up around her waist.

The cool air felt good, as it had gotten quite hot and stuffy underneath the skirt. It also let some of the scent of her arousal out, so that I was not quite as overwhelmed by that heady aroma. But my sense of relief was replaced by a sense of shame as I realized that Laura now had a very clear view of my tongue running up and down Susan's panties. I heard Susan sigh as she leaned a bit further back into the couch.

"Isn't he lovely, kneeling there attending to me, Laura?"

"Yes, Professor Bascom," she replied.

"Oh, come girl, you can do better than that. Tell me what you think of what you're watching?"

There was no reply for a few seconds, as Laura was clearly contemplating what an appropriate response would be. I then heard her say with a slight giggle, "It does appear that he's quite good at what he's doing, and not only that, but he's enjoying it too. Look at his penis."

As she said this, it brought my attention back to the fact that I still had quite an erection. I had long since passed the point of fear and shame, and was now just responding to the physical sensations as well as the psychological toll of being dominated by Susan.

"Oh yes, I see what you mean," Susan laughed back. "He does seem to have quiet a raging hard-on, don't you Bob?" I nodded again to acknowledge that I heard what she said.

"But now I want to feel you a little more directly, my sweet, so let's have you get that tongue around my panties and directly on my pussy, shall we?"

Hearing this I began to lean back on my haunches and removed my hands from the sofa in order to use them to pull down her panties. But before I got too far I heard Susan's stern voice say, "Stop -- I didn't tell you to move did I?" I froze and then returned to the position I had been in, leaning back forward again.

"You don't need to use your hands to do that, now do you Bob?" she said. "Use that dexterous tongue of yours to move my panties out of the way."

By this point my tongue was actually getting quite tired, but I knew I had no choice. I moved it over to the side of her panties and stiffened it in order to push them aside. As wet as they were, it was still difficult to move them enough to provide me with freer access to her pussy lips. She recognized my difficulty, and scooted around a bit, which helped loosen up her panties from her body. With some continued effort, I was able to move them aside enough that her big lips both popped out from the side of the panties.

"Ah, that's much better, my Pet. You should now be able to do a much better job. Let's see if you can help me cum."

With the panties now at least partially out of the way I was able to get my tongue all over her labia. Confirming what I had suspected when I had first started, there was absolutely no pubic hair anywhere. She was perfectly smooth, without a trace of razor stubble. I gently sucked on each of her luscious lips, pulling each away from her crotch, running my tongue all over it. She was right -- I had had a lot of experience going down on Sarah, and truth was, it was one of my favorite activities. And I knew from the way Sarah responded and from what she told me that I was very good at it. I hoped that if I was able to satisfy Susan that this would be the end of the entire affair. It would be an awful memory, but I prayed that it was just a bit of fun for her and she'd never speak of it again. And I trusted that she had enough control over Laura and her future that Laura would never speak of it to anybody if Susan told her not to.

So I concentrated on satisfying Susan, using all the tricks in my cunnilingus textbook to try to bring her to an orgasm. After sucking on her lips, I dove my tongue as deep as I could get into her pussy, touching the walls on either side. I then began to pay attention to her clit, lightly tonguing it, but was having difficulty because her panties kept getting in the way.

Susan must have sensed my problem, because I felt her sit upright a bit and heard her say, "Come here Laura, sweetie, I need your help." I heard Laura rise from her chair, and as she did so, Susan said to me, "Okay, Bob, you can sit back for a second."

I did as she told, relishing the opportunity to give my knees and tongue a break. As I pulled back and sat on my haunches, I could feel the cool air on my face, which was absolutely dripping from Susan's pussy juice.

As I felt Laura approach us, Susan said, "Okay honey, help me out here, will you? First of all, take off Bob's blindfold for him."

I felt Laura stand in front of me, between the two of us. As she did, I thought I could smell her arousal also. I couldn't be sure, but I swore it was a slightly different scent from what I had been experiencing with Susan. I didn't know if Laura was still in a state of shock, fear, or arousal, but given the olfactory evidence I thought I had encountered, I guessed it was the latter.

Laura reached down and pulled the scarf off of my head without untying it. I was blinded for a second as my eyes adjusted to the light of the bathroom. As my pupils shrank again, I looked straight ahead into Susan's crotch.

This provided me with the first opportunity to see clearly the target of all my attention. I could see that Susan's panties were a bright red color, though the wetness had turned the front of them almost maroon. They were askew, yanked partially to one side from my efforts, and I could see her plump pussy lips sticking out. As I had felt with my tongue, she was smooth and I contemplated for just a brief second how a woman could get herself that way. Sarah usually kept her pussy hair well trimmed, and on rare occasions had actually shaved completely, but there always seemed to be some stubble. I didn't know whether Susan waxed, or had laser treatments or what, but she was absolutely smooth with no trace of hair.

I must have been fixated, staring at her, because Susan, "Enjoying the view, Bob?"

I jerked my head up, meeting her eyes with a guilty look on my face. It reminded me of times when I had been talking to a young student and caught myself inadvertently staring at her breasts.

As I now looked at her, I realized that at some point she must have unbuttoned her blouse, because the top three or four buttons were undone and the blouse was pushed aside enough to allow her two large, bra-encased breasts to be seen. The bra was a matching red to her panties and was trimmed with lace, and it displayed prominent nipples trying to poke through the silk material. The arousal that was so evident in her pussy was clearly echoed in her breasts.

"I said, are you enjoying the view Professor Arnold?" she repeated. As she said this, she reached a hand inside one of the cups of her bra and began to finger her nipple, rolling it around. It responded by becoming even larger than it was before, pushing against the red silk of the bra.

Not knowing how to respond to her question, I simply shrugged my shoulders.

Susan laughed and said, "Oh, you don't have to answer that question. I know you well enough to know that you are enjoying it -- you're cock gives you away so transparently. You're just a pussy-loving little Pet, aren't you."

At this all I could do was look downward, so as not to have to look at her eye to eye as she humiliated me.

She laughed again and turned to Laura. "Will you pull these off of me, sweetie -- they have gotten so wet and they're just getting in the way now." I looked up again as I saw Laura move over and stand between us. She reached forward as Susan lifted her plump ass off of the sofa for a moment and moved her legs back together. As she had done with me, Laura put both hands on the sides of Susan's panties and began moving them down her thighs. They were so wet that they just rolled up as they came down Susan's legs and Laura gently pulled Susan's still-clad feet out from them.

"You can go sit down now, sweetie, thank you," Susan instructed. As Laura went back to her chair, Susan's silk panties in one hand and her scarf in the other, Susan re-spread her legs and I could now see her pussy in all its glory. Perfectly smooth, with plump, bright pink lips. Moisture was glistening everywhere; she had obviously been so aroused that not even her panties and the action of my tongue had sopped it all up. As I said, I enjoyed performing oral sex on women, and I loved the look of a woman's sex, especially when it was aroused. I had not had sex with a lot of women before I met Sarah, but had had enough that I enjoyed the variety of the surprise that awaited you when you saw that part of a woman for the first time.

Susan's voice snapped me out of my reverie. "What are you waiting for Bob, get back here. Let's get going, who knows when they're going to need this bathroom again," she laughed.

Responding to her command, I again leaned forward on my knees and began to move my hands to either side of her legs to rest them on the couch. But before I could complete this, she said, "No, wait -- let's do it a little differently this time."

I stopped and sat back again. As I did, Susan said, "Come on your knees a bit closer, Bob." I scooted forward, a difficult proposition given that my knees were very sore and my trousers and boxers were still around my ankles.

"That's good. Now Laura, c'mon back here for a second." Laura did as she was told, and walked the few steps back to us. "Now, hon, take that lovely scarf of mine and tie Bob's hands behind his back for me."

Now I was afraid this was going too far. I had awful thoughts of being tied up and left by the two of them in the bathroom, only to be found by somebody else from the conference. I opened my mouth in protest, but upon the first word out of my mouth, Susan interrupted me.

She must have been reading my mind. "Now, now Bob, don't get too upset. I'm not going to do anything to put you in any danger. We just want to have a little fun with you, don't we Laura?" she said, turning to her graduate student. Laura just smiled and nodded. "I promise if you finish up what I ask you to do here nobody other than the three of us will ever know what transpired here."

I again began to say something, but Susan quickly turned back to me and once again hissed, "Do as I say Bob, or you'll be very sorry." She had me, and I knew it. I couldn't risk what she would do to expose what had happened in here so I had no choice but to comply.

"Okay, Laura, go ahead." With that instruction, Laura walked around behind me, as I resignedly put my wrists behind my back. She untied the knot that had held the scarf in place as a blindfold, placed one wrist over the other, and wrapped the scarf a few times around both of them. I then felt her tie a double knot, pulling it snug, not so much to cut off the circulation but clearly tight enough that I could not get them out.

"Good, now do me one more favor and go get the camera again."

I heard Laura walk to the counter and then back again and as she came into view I saw she had the camera in hand.

"Thank you, my dear, but I think there's one more thing we need. Please bring my panties over here."

Laura now walked back to the chair in which she had been sitting, and I realized that she had left the panties on the floor next to it. She bent over, giving me a nice view of her tight ass encased in her snug pants. Once again, my mind flashed back to what she had been doing to Susan in the toilet stall when I was spying on them.

She brought the panties back to us and stood there waiting for her instructions. Susan looked at her, then back at me. She seemed to be thinking for a second, and then a smile crossed her face.

"Put them around his neck, love," she said with a flourish.

"Pardon me, Professor Bascom?" Laura replied.

"You heard what I said, Laura. Put them around his neck." As Laura comprehended the command, a little smile crossed her face also. She took the panties, opening them up and stretching them enough to get one of the leg holes and then the waist over my head. She drew it down, and let them rest around my neck as if they were a prized necklace. I felt the wetness on my neck, and their odor wafted up to my nose once again.

"Thank you hon. Okay Bob, let's try this again. Now lean forward and I want you to continue what you began before," Susan instructed.

I did as I was told, though it was a bit awkward without the use of my hands to brace myself. As my head approached her crotch, the angle forced my face even more tightly then before against her pussy. I was greeted again by her scent and wetness, neither of which had abated much in the few moments since I had last been in this proximity to her. As I began once again to lick, this time unconstrained by her panties, I heard her say to Laura, "Get a picture of this, will you hon?"

I knew enough not to protest, as it would do no good. I was resigned to the situation and knew I had no option. I had to trust that she would follow through on her word, that nobody else would ever find out about this.

"Pick your head up a bit and turn to Laura for a second please Bob," Susan instructed. I tried to push back, but given the angle I was at, it was a difficult proposition. However, by pushing heavily with my thighs and ankles, I was able to get my head up enough to be able to rest it on Susan's thigh and turn it so that I could now see Laura. "Now smile so that Laura can take a nice picture of us, will you?"

This was impossible -- there was no way I could force a smile in the situation. Susan must have realized this and taken pity on me, as she laughed and said to Laura, "Oh, just take the picture, Pet. Make sure you get both of our faces in the shot as well as Bob's pretty necklace and wrist bonds."

As I looked at Laura she picked the camera up and pointed it at us. Once again, I saw the lens rotate in and out as she operated the zoom. My mind flashed for a second to what the picture would look like -- both of us naked from the waist down, me with my pants and boxers at my ankles, Susan with her suit skirt bunched up at her waist and her large breasts encased in her red silk bra. And all topped off by her sodden panties around my neck and her scarf on my wrists. All I could think about was how I'd gotten myself in this situation and what anybody -- including my colleagues, my students, and even Sarah -- would think if they viewed the picture!

I blinked as the bright flash of the camera filled the room, and Susan said, "Thank you dear. Please come over and sit next to me. And you Bob, can get back to work."

I rolled my head back off of her thigh, leaned in again to her crotch, and began licking. At this point, with all that had transpired, I wanted nothing other than to get her off and get this over with. Any initial titillation and pleasure I had received in being dominated by her was now being replaced by fear and trepidation of what could happen to me if this ever got out.

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