tagBDSMThe Mentor Ch. 05

The Mentor Ch. 05


I suggest you read the earlier chapters of this story first.


I was utterly defeated, lying across the couch in the hotel room, being watched -- and dominated by my wife Sarah, my professional colleague, Susan Bascom, and her graduate student, Laura. At that point all I wanted was for the ordeal to be over, but I knew it would not be until Susan -- or Mistress Susan, as I was being forced to call her -- decided it would be over.

After Laura had stuck her finger up my well-lubricated ass, and Susan had fondled my cock, Sarah stood next to me holding a red, flared butt plug. It was similar to, but not exactly the same, as one of the ones we occasionally used in our play. And she had just suggested that she use it on me, in full view of the two other women. The three of them drew closer, so that they formed a semi-circle around me.

As my eyes adjusted to the light after having the blindfold removed, I glanced at the three of them, and they all had smiles on their faces. I could tell they were enjoying this act of my humiliation, relishing in the power they held over me. But it was more than that; something else was gnawing at me as I waited on the couch, my ass, dripping with lube, sticking out at them, and my cock still erect. They stood still, not saying a word. I thought perhaps Susan was going to spank me again, or perhaps she was just waiting to decide what to do.

And then it hit me -- I smelled something very familiar. It was the scent of female arousal. I was not sure which of them was secreting the scent, or perhaps it was all three, but there was no question that at least one of them was getting off on this sexually. I knew that Susan had been aroused earlier, that was for sure, but for some reason I suspected she wasn't the only one that I was now smelling. At first I was shocked, because I saw the entire thing as a power play on Susan's, and later, Laura and Sarah's parts. But then it occurred to me that there was no reason they should not enjoy the wielding of power as a sexual thrill as well. I knew how turned on Sarah got when we practiced dominance and submission, so why shouldn't the same be true for the other two women as well?

I sneaked a peek over my shoulder at the three of them, and they were glancing at each other, looking somewhat unsure what to do next. They looked at one another, then down at me, catching my glance. I turned away in shame, and buried my head once again in the upholstered back of the sofa. "Please, just get it over with," I thought to myself, too scared to express the thought, however, for fear it would just prolong the ordeal.

And then I heard Susan's voice. "Would you like to go ahead, Sarah, you've obviously had the most experience in this situation," she said.

Sarah hesitated for a second or two, but then responded, "Oh no, Susan, you're right -- I get to do this all the time. Perhaps it would make more of an impression on him if you or Laura had the honors."

Susan chuckled for a moment. "Yes, you're right. We are trying to train the little subbie, so we want to maximize the effect. Let's see -- you had the opportunity to stick your finger up his ass, Laura" -- just hearing those words made me cringe -- "so I think I will be the one to stick this up there. So listen up, Bob -- here are your instructions. I am going to stick this plug up your subbie little ass, and you're going to take it like a man -- no whining or complaining. Do you understand?"

Without hesitation, I responded, "Yes, Mistress Bascom."

"Good. After I put it in there, you'll need to make sure it stays. If you lose it, you'll be further punished. Do you understand that, too?"

"Yes, ma'am."

And without saying another word, I felt the tip of the plug touching my anal ring. Fortunately, it had been well lubricated by Laura's fingers, so I hoped it would not hurt too much. Susan gave it a firm, continuous push, and it quickly popped into my ass, the flared part entering enough that it would be held there by the contraction of my anal muscles.

I grunted to myself as she shoved it in, but managed to take it without uttering anything. It was about the same size as one Sarah and I had used, so I knew what to expect. And I also had had experience holding it there, so I hoped that I would be able to do so under these somewhat more adverse circumstances.

"Very good, my pet," I heard Susan saying. "You took the whole thing. Doesn't he look just wonderful, ladies, lying there, his butt sticking out, with that red plug filling his subbie little asshole so beautifully."

Laura said in a somewhat hushed voice, "Oh yes, Professor Bascom." Sarah didn't say a word. I kept my head buried in the sofa back, but I kept smelling the scent of female arousal. I was sure at this point that the scene was becoming a big turn-on for at least some of them.

"Just look at him ladies, so subservient, kneeling there with his butt plug, willing to do whatever we say, aren't you Bob?"

I didn't answer until I felt a soft swat on my ass. "Yes, Professor Bascom," I replied.

"Yes what, Bob?"

"Yes, I'll do whatever you want. I just want this to be over with and get out of here."

"Well, it won't be over with until I decide it's over, is that clear, pet," she responded.

"Yes, ma'am."

I felt her take a step closer to me, and heard her say in a soft voice -- loud enough, I realized, for the other two women to hear -- "You're not getting off that easily, Bob. You still have work to do."

She leaned back again and said, "Laura, pet, get the scarf and put it back on Professor Arnold's eyes. I don't think he needs to see for what we're going to do next."

"Yes, ma'am," I heard Laura reply, and then felt the silk of Susan's scarf on my eyes, once again plunging me into darkness. After a few seconds, I had the same feeling as earlier, that the removal of my sense of sight had worked to heighten my other senses, and I could hear every movement they made. I could also smell the female arousal as they stood near me, and I was convinced at this stage that it was all three of them I was smelling.

"Okay, Bob, come down off that couch." I began to ease back off of my knees to stand, and as I did, I felt a hand reach for my upper arm to steady me. I stood up, grateful to have the pressure off of my knees. "Okay, follow me," Susan said, and I felt a gentle push on my back as the other hand continued to guide me by my upper arm. I was very aware of the butt plug Susan had shoved up my ass, and was careful to keep my ass muscles clenched as I walked so as not to lose it.

I walked forward, and judging from where I had been standing, I figured we must have been heading for the bedroom. I heard three pairs of footsteps following alongside and just behind me. After walking about ten steps, Susan said, "Okay, stop, and now stand there."

I halted, and I felt hands on my upper body. I realized that somebody was taking off my shirt, feeling the sleeves pulled down off of my arms, rendering me totally naked in front of the three women.

After the person, presumably Susan, pulled away, I heard the sound of whispering. Even with the blindfold on, though, I could not hear what was being said, and there were no giggles or other reactions from the other two women to betray what was said. But then I heard the soft rustling of more clothing, and I suspected that they too were getting undressed.

After a few more moments, Susan spoke once more. "Okay Bob, we're going to help you get on the bed, lying on your back." I now felt arms on either side of me, guiding me forward, until I felt my lower legs hit the bed. I kneeled on to it, and crawled forward until I figured I must have been near the head, and turned around to lie on my back. As I eased myself down, I felt my head resting on what felt like two or three pillows stacked on top of one another, so that I was horizontal on the bed, but was in fact propped up quite a ways. I was grateful to be lying on my back, knowing that that would help keep the butt plug in with less effort.

I heard more whispering and then heard the women walking around in the room a bit. It sounded like one of them had walked out of the room. "Well Bob," Susan started up again. "You did pretty well on the last test we gave you, so we don't need to punish you anymore. Not yet, at least." I breathed a silent sigh of relief, because as I had lied down on the bed I was aware not just of the butt plug but also of the feel of the bedspread on my still sore ass cheeks, from where I had been spanked.

"See, you're not going to be punished more, but we do still have a little bit of training to do. As we said, you still need to learn the proper, respectful way to treat a woman, and I'm not yet convinced that you understand everything you need to do. I've discussed this with Sarah, and she agrees there are some things that you are not quite as good at. She acknowledged to me that you are a good lover, but you can still stand to learn a few things. So the three of us are going to help you with that. Okay Bob?" she asked.

"Yes, Mistress Susan," I responded, hoping that if I cooperated and played along this would be the end of it all.

"Good, so glad to have your acquiescence," Susan responded. I heard the footsteps of somebody walking back into the room. "But we have a little problem, here. I enjoyed seeing Bob so aroused before ladies, when my graduate student was plunging her finger in and out of Bob's subbie little ass." I cringed at the memory. "And I thought that the butt plug would keep him in a state of arousal, but it's obviously not doing the trick," she continued. "Laura, get up there, sweetie, and see if you can't help him out a little bit. And Bob, don't get so aroused that you even think about cumming -- you need to remember that I control that, right?"

"Yes, ma'am," I answered in a soft voice.

I had no idea what she was going to do, but I felt somebody getting on the bed near me. I felt a hand on my cock, which just as Susan had pointed out, had gotten flaccid again. The hand -- presumably Laura's -- began to gently stroke it, but just as it was starting to get hard again, Susan said in a sharp voice, "Wait a minute -- stop." As she spoke, I felt the hand removed and my semi-erect cock flopped back to my belly. "I have a better idea -- why don't you do that yourself, Bob -- no need for Laura to waste the effort," she said with a chuckle.

I felt Laura sit back away from me, but still on the bed, and I realized quickly what Susan expected of me. She wanted me to touch myself, exposed to these three women, while they watched. Once again, with the hope that it would soon be over, I realized I had to comply. Normally, the idea of touching myself in front of three women like that would be erotic, but not in this setting where I had no control and was doing so only because of being forced to by this domineering woman.

I sighed, and reached my hand over and began to touch my cock. After a few strokes, it had sprung to life, and after just a few more it had returned to the state it had been earlier when I was bent over the couch and Laura was fingering me. I stopped, and put my hand back at my side, my cock now pointed upward.

"Oh no, Bob, don't stop," Susan said, "we want to see you continue that, don't we ladies? But remember, not too far, or you'll be punished again." I couldn't see, of course, but I presumed that Sarah and Laura nodded in agreement. They appeared to be going along with everything Susan wanted, even though I still carried some hope that Sarah would come to her senses and call a halt to the whole thing and get me out of there.

With no other choice, I reached over and began to lightly stroke my cock again. It did feel good, even in that humiliating setting, though I knew I was nowhere near cumming. After continuing for a few minutes. I heard whispering again, and I felt Laura (at least I presumed it was still Laura) shifting on the bed. And then I felt a cold liquid on the tip of my cock and my hands, and I realized it must have been more of the lube that one of the three of them had earlier retrieved from the other room.

I felt the bed stir again, and sensed somebody close to my head. I then heard Sarah's voice whispering in my ear, "Feels good, Bob, doesn't it?" And I realized it must have been her who had poured the lube on me.

I didn't reply, but just continued to stroke my cock. Yes, it did feel good, but I still did not like being forced to do this in front of the three of them. Sarah was still sitting next to me on the bed, with Laura over on the other side.

I continued a couple of more minutes, and felt myself getting more aroused. Just as I thought I was getting close, Susan must have sensed this, because she said, "Okay, Bob, that's enough for now. We just wanted to get you plenty aroused so you'd have your senses heightened for the remainder of your training." I stopped touch myself, my cock still pointing toward the ceiling. Hearing the word "remainder," I had a glimmer of hope that perhaps we were approaching the end of the torment I had been experiencing.

"Okay Laura, you first," Susan said. I didn't know what she meant, but I heard Laura shifting around and moving on the bed. She apparently knew what to do, so this must have been what the whispering was about earlier. I also felt Sarah shifting around a bit on the other side of me, but she just moved a little bit away but I could still feel her weight on the bed next to me.

And then I felt Laura on top of me, straddling my chest. I felt no clothes on her, so I realized she must have disrobed when I heard the rustling of clothes after my shirt had been removed. And there was no question what I smelled -- a woman's wet pussy in a high state of arousal.

She was sitting on my chest, about halfway between my head and my cock, and I waited expectantly for her to shift forward bringing her pussy in contact with my mouth. I assumed Susan was going to have me service her orally as part of my "training."

But there I waited a few seconds, with Laura astride me, making no apparent moving at scooting forward. I didn't know what to do, so I just lie there, waiting. Finally, Susan spoke. "Okay, Bob, here's your task. You're going to be trained to worship women, to treat them with all the respect they deserve, demonstrating to us that you understand our position of dominance over you lowly men. You are going to show us how well you can pleasure us, putting our gratification above your own. Only through this kind of training will you learn how to properly respect women, putting them -- and their needs, desires, and yes, even their careers -- ahead of your own. It is this discipline that you must learn. Do you understand, pet?"

I couldn't respond at first, just shocked at what she was doing. I was not surprised that she was using me in this way given where things had been heading, but the way she was framing it -- that my being used as a "sex toy" to bring pleasure to a woman -- was a way of getting me to properly respect and acknowledge women's dominance over men was unexpected. I heard her say in a slightly louder voice, "I asked you a question, Bob. I want an answer."

I started for a second at the sound of her voice, and pulled myself together. "Yes, ma'am, I understand," I responded, knowing what she was expecting to hear.

"Not good enough, Bob. I want you to tell me -- no, tell us -- what it is you understand."

I hesitated for a second, trying to make sure I did in fact understand what she was saying. After gathering my thoughts, I replied, "I understand that the purpose of this training is for me to learn how women are superior to men. That I need to put them first, before men. Is that correct, Professor Bascom?"

She laughed, and said, "Good enough, my pet. I think you get the gist of it. Okay, Laura, you may begin." And with that I felt Laura scoot forward until I felt her pussy hair tickling my chin. Unlike Susan, who I had learned in the hotel bathroom two nights ago was shaven clean, and Sarah, who usually trimmed her pussy hair, Laura was quite bushy and her hairs quickly brushed my nose. It became quickly apparent to me that she had in fact been aroused by what had occurred, because I immediately got a strong whiff of her arousal as her crotch approached my face.

I opened my mouth, prepared to service her orally. As I did, she scooted forward just a bit, almost enveloping my nose and mouth with her pussy. Her arousal that had been signaled by her scent was confirmed by the wetness that I immediately felt all over my lower face. I began to softly lick her labia, first the large outer ones, then the smaller inner ones. I worked on one side, and then the other, lightly licking and stroking them with my tongue. Every now and then, I felt Laura shift around a bit, seeming to try to get better contact between her pussy and my face.

After a few moments of this, I felt a hand on my cock again. It had stayed erect, being fueled by the erotic sensation of licking Laura. I had to admit it was not unpleasant, and tasting, feeling, and smelling how aroused she was was also turning me on. The hand was lightly stroking my cock, a very nice feeling. I couldn't tell if it was Laura, reaching behind her, or one of the other women.

I was brought out of my reverie by Susan's voice in my ear. Somehow she had gotten so close, and I hadn't even realized it. "Remember, Bob -- you may not cum, or you will be punished again." I couldn't respond, of course, with my mouth being totally consumed by Laura's pussy, but Susan had to have known I heard her. I tried to put out of my mind what the hand was doing to me, but it was very difficult. I was really concentrating on my tongue and lips pleasuring Laura, but still, I felt my own arousal growing. And then it stopped -- just like that, it was gone, and I was left once again with my cock aiming skyward.

I continued licking Laura, now starting to move my tongue more deeply into her pussy. Her folds felt very smooth, and her taste was not unpleasant. I tried to reach the sides of her vagina as best I could, and she continued to shift around a bit. Her wetness seemed to be increasing, so I suspect that my ministrations were having the desired effect.

I then pulled my tongue out of her pussy and reached upward to flick it over her clit, which was not hard to find. It was quite prominent and was sticking way out of its hood, which appeared to have retracted some to provide me easy access to the clit. As I did this for a minute or so, she began to rock up and down on my face, and I suspected that she was getting close to an orgasm. I could hear her breathing getting heavier, and she was rocking faster, and I did my best to maintain contact with her clit, even though my tongue was getting very tired. Just as I thought she was ready to explode, I heard Susan say in a gentle but firm voice, "That's enough, pet, now get off of him."

Laura groaned, still continuing to rock on my face. "Please, Mistress, I am so close, please let me cum."

"No, pet, you know the rule -- you only come when I give you permission when we are together. And you too need to learn the proper discipline if you are going to grow into a woman who can use her influence over men. So get off of him right now, my dear, and return to your spot on the bed."

I heard Laura sigh, and felt her ease off of my face, leaving me covered in her secretions. She had been so wet that it was literally dripping down my cheeks in little rivulets. As she got up, I felt a soft kiss on my cheek, and she whispered in my ear, "You were very good," and giggled a bit before I felt her sitting again by my side on the bed.

"Okay, Bob, catch your breath," I heard Susan say. I had been breathing very heavily from the exertion and from the weight of Laura on my chest, so I tried my best to catch my breath. I felt some kind of cloth on my face, sopping up Laura's wetness that had been deposited there. It must have been Sarah doing that.

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