The Mess


Note-For the fans of Umalord that didn't want it to end, here's more. I would like to thank those people who have read that story and gave it my highest rating to date. If you have read Umalord, then you'll recall I left that story without Alicia reliving herself from her shit. If you haven't read that story, please do before reading this one. On to the story

The day was WONDERFUL! First, Uma Thurman fucks me. Then, Uma AND Alicia fuck me. Afterwards, I was aloud to watch Alicia and Uma battle it out on the set of "Batman & Robin,(DAMN, Alicia looks good in rubber.) Now, her I was, back having the time of my life with Uma and Alicia.

"Lick my asshole, shit slave." Alicia was on her hands and knees just waiting for me to get under her.

I lied flat on my back and stuck out my tongue.

"PHHHHH," Alica farted in my face.

I was getting an enormous hard on. Putting my lips to her asshole, I placed my tongue on her anus.

"Ready? Here we go. UMPH! ARG!"

The tip of my tongue felt the tip of what seemed to be a thick shit.

"UMPH," Alica grunted. I put my tongue back in my mouth and just watched as the tip of a light brown log emerged from Alica's ass.

God, if you spare me this moment, I'll never take your name in vain again, I pleaded.

"UMMMPHHH." 3 more inches appeared. Then, she just stopped grunting altogether.

I believe I knew what she wanted from me. I put my lips to her brown present, and started humping her shit.

Alicia turned her head around and when she saw me fucking her poop with my mouth, she smiled from ear to ear. "My little shit slave like's what I've produced, hum?"

I looked at Alicia and she blow me a kiss. "UM," was all I could say.

"Well, get ready shit-eater, their's more cooking. UMPH!" Finally a 7 inch shit popped out of her puckered ass. I was lucky that I had chewed some of it already or else I would have drowned.

That would be cute: "22 year old male drown in famous movie star's excrement." I rolled my eyes and Uma was sitting on a chair, fully naked, with one hand touching her enormous breast, and the other touching her wet pussy.

"Oh, yeah, eat that stinky hot shit. I wanna watch. Eat it, or I will."

"Know, Uma, you've already had a taste of my shit. Give Bob a taste. Bob, are you gonna clean me off here?"

"UMPH," I said because my mouth was full. I chewed up another bite of the delicious shit. "Oh, sorry." I stuck my tongue out until it touched Alicia's dilated hole. Swashiling my tongue around her ass, I took my time. Alicia was obviously glad I did.

"OHHH, YEAHHHHH. LIIIICCCKKK MEEEEE! She put her hand to her nipple and I watched her play with it. "OOOHHHHH, BOB, I'm CUMMMMMMIIINNNNGGGG! Just then a tiddle wave of her cum washed down my throat.

Thank god I'm quick, or I would have missed that.

"OH, HELL! I want some." Uma stood up and grabbed a piece of Alicia's know 2 inch nugget. She stuck her lovely tongue out and erotically licked around the turd's edge. "UM, Yeah, I love it. Tastes so nice and sweet."

I was sitting against the bed know, yanking my cock. "Oh, suck that dirty hot piece of shit. YEAH, SUUUCCCKK ITTTT!" I was going feriously now.

Alicia was sitting next to me, and decided I could use a hand. "Mind if I help with that?" Without waiting for instuctions from me, she placed her hand on my member.

I figured that I couldn't be the only one with a free hand, so I massaged Alicia's clit.

"OHHHH, Yeah, FUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKK MMMMYYYYYYY PPPPUUUSSSSY, she quivered. Helping me with her only good hand, the teen grabbed a finger and VIOLENTLY shoved it inside her. "OOOH, YEAH, FFFUUUCCCK MYYYYYY PUSSSY! The blonde was humping me with all her might. Her head was shaking from one side to the other. "YEAH, fuck me, FFFFFUUUCCCCCKKKK MMMMEEEEEE, HHHAAARRD!" As her orgasm approached, she quickened her strokes on my hard-on.

Uma was just busy watching as the 2 of us were friging with each other. "OH, finger that pussy. Stroke that enormous cock. I LOVE IT!!" Uma's hand was also busy playing with her pussy.

"I'MMMMMM, CUUUUUUMMMMMMINNNNGGG!!" Just as I was warned Alicia's orgasm poured over my finger. With one more stroke, I was cumming.

"OHHHHH, AHHHHHHH!" A volcanic eruption of white semen emerged from my engorged erection.

Noticing I had my orgasm, Alica and Uma crawled over to me and lapped at my slimy mass like dogs.

"My turn," said Uma. You gotta do what you gotta do.

To be continued...Sorry, I would of had Bob fuck Uma in this story, but I'm tired and just didn't have the energy to write anymore.

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