tagMind ControlThe Meteor Ch. 02

The Meteor Ch. 02


2.01 Meteor Part-2 Prologue:

2.02 Abduction, Lena:
2.03 Lena, shower, hair removal:

2.04 Lena and the harness:
2.05 Lena, harness, worm, introduction:
2.06 Lena, harness, worm, first orgasm:
2.07 Lena, harness, worm, breast enhancement:
2.08 Lena, harness, worm, clitoris enhancement:
2.09 Lena, harness, worm, vaginal enhancement:
2.10 Lena, harness, worm, vaginal testing:

2.11 Lena, harness, fisting:

2.12 Abduction, Jamie:
2.13 Jamie, shower, hair removal:
2.14 Jamie and the harness:
2.15 Jamie, harness, worm, sexual discovery:
2.16 Jamie, harness, worm, introduction:
2.17 Jamie, harness, worm, breast growth:
2.18 Jamie, harness, worm, prostate preparation:
2.19 Jamie, harness, worm, urethra, prostate enhancement:
2.20 Jamie, harness, worm, urethra, erection enhancement:
2.21 Jamie, harness, worm, rectal enhancement:
2.22 Jamie, harness, worm, shemale testing:
2.23 Jamie, harness, worm, mind conditioning:

2.24 Jamie, The mating:

2.01 Meteor Part-2 prologue:

Despite the attempts of local and state authorities to exterminate the worms, the colony thrived and extended their territory to the surrounding rural areas. The mood of the town had changed, residents were happier, people talked to each other on the streets and in the malls. The hotels and motels began offering special weekend packages on the internet. On the dark side, underground sexual clubs were formed which abducted innocents from out of state cities and towns. Their enhancements and transformations were recorded live in front of the club's secret members.

The House of Pleasure is one of those clubs. Its membership is over one thousand and climbing. It learned from its membership that the worms, upon contact with their bodies, knew what their inner sexual preferences and desires were. This added a sense of excitement and surprise to the audience as they watched a performance. A video is shown to the subject on an HD monitor to determine his/her sexual preferences and sensors record the level of their 'turn-on' or 'turn-off' reactions.

1. An aroused naked male.
2. An aroused naked female.
3. An aroused naked shemale.
4. An aroused naked hermaphrodite.
5. A canine mounting a female.
6. A canine mounting a male.

The Theater:

The theater has a maximum seating capacity of 350 with live video links to their on-line members. The stage is forty eight square feet with the floor made up of six foot square tiles.

Above the stage:

1. Four lowerable Harnesses with wrist restraints. These are used with foot
restraints on the floor tiles.
2. A single, remotely controlled Harness arrangement that can put a subject
in any position.

Below the stage:

1. A raisable shower with restraints.
2. Four pedestals with removable shower heads.
3. A queen sized bed.
4. A gym mattress with support rail at the head of it.
5. A customized canine mounting frame.
6. A customized sybian, for males and females.

2.02 Abduction, Lena:

Lena is twenty three and doing post graduate work at a community college. She had heard rumors of the strange happenings occurring at Maple Creek but it was was over five hundred miles away and didn't pay much attention to it. Today, she was enjoying herself as she sun bathed on the deck of her parents lake front house. They were away and she had it all to herself for the weekend. She never heard the approaching footsteps nor the sound of the dart as it flew toward her. Her unconscious body was lifted up from beach chair, carried to a van and was whisked away to the House of Pleasure's underground facility. When she arrived in the preparation room, her bikini was removed and a urethral catheter inserted into her bladder. She was kept in an unconscious state waiting the start of her performance with the worms.

The theater slowly filled and the on-line viewers began logging in. Lena was wheeled onto the stage. The center six foot square tile was lowered and a shower was raised upward, level with the stage floor. There was no shower curtain and the ledge around the shower's base prevented water from flowing onto to stage. The water had been set to a comfortable warm temperature. Attendants lifted Lena off the gurney and she was put in a standing, spread eagled position with her arms stretched outward, level with her shoulders. Supporting restraints were put on her wrists and ankles.

2.03 Lena, shower, hair removal:

A chime sounded and the audience fell silent. An attendant approached Lena and broke a vial of smelling salts under her nose. Lena coughed her way to a conscious state. It took a few moments or so for her to recover enough to see that she was no longer on the deck of her beach house. Quickly she realized that she was naked and being held in a standing spread eagled position. She gasped when she saw nakedness in the HD monitor hanging from the ceiling and then turned pasty white when she saw the large audience sitting in front of her. Despite her terror, she wondered how this could have happened her. Her breathing continued to come in desperate gasps and she began to feel nauseated.

Lena finally found her voice and began to cry and scream hysterically.

Her eyes were wide open with fear and she struggled harder to free herself from the restraints. A naked woman walked onto the stage and approached her. Lena looked at her with dread when she saw that the woman was carrying a syringe in her right hand. Without any words, Lena felt the prick of the needle as it entered her arm. Suddenly a wonderful warmth washed throughout her body and she immediately relaxed, her mood became more serene and conciliatory.

The woman spoke,

"My name is Ruth and I want to welcome you to Maple Creek."

It took several seconds for it to register in Lena's mind. The injection kept her panic level in check and all that Lena could do was shake her head and plea in a soft voice,

"Noooooooo!! Don't do this to me .. and not in front of all these people."

Ruth smiled and massaged her hand over Lena's face and said,

"Trust me Lena, you are going to enjoy it .. every second of it. You are going to have firmer breasts, a clitoris that is ten times more sensitive than what it now and a vagina that is totally committed to give you incredible orgasms."

Feelings of apprehension, nervousness and confusion flooded her mind. She wanted to scream but couldn't raise her voice, she wanted to break free but her struggles were too weak.

Ruth continued,

"There is one small problem though. Your audience can't see your sex though all that hair .. down there. Everyone wants to see your changes as they happen, so we are going remove all the hair below your shoulders."

Again Lena pleaded in a subdued voice,

"No .. please .. don't do that."

An attendant wheeled in a small rolling cart that had a shower cap and a bottle of silky depilatory. Ruth put the shower cap on Lena's head and reached for the bottle of depilatory. Lena saw her naked body in the HD monitor with its bikini trimmed thatch of hair. She liked it the way it was and didn't want her sex to be openly displayed and shook head as Ruth picked up the bottle. She flinched when she felt the thick liquid being squirted onto the junction of her thighs, between her buttocks and then onto her armpits. While it was soaking into her hair, Ruth targeted her legs and arms. Soon, light tingling sensations flooded her body and intensified into delicious popping sensations.

Lena's breath quickened as Ruth spread and massaged the silkiness over her skin and into the thick hair. The hands slipped down to Lena's thighs and a reluctant moan escaped her lips as the hands massaged and kneaded the thick liquid over the folds of her labia and clitoral hood. Ruth's hands and fingers went from 'mixing' to arousing and Lena's reluctant moan turned into quick pants as waves of pleasure radiated across her loins.

"Uhh!! Uhh!! Uhh!! Ohhhhh!! Nooooo!!"

Ruth stepped back and let the depilatory do its work. Lena fidgeted as the exquisite 'popping' sensations reached a peak and the she saw the hair on her genitals slowly disappearing. The 'popping' soon faded and Ruth turned on the waters to the shower. A surprised Lena tensed as the warm waters flowed down over her body. Ruth picked up the removable shower head and washed the remnants of her pubic hair and depilatory from between her wide spread legs.

Lena looked at the HD monitor and for the first time, she saw the full folds of her labia and her clitoral hood. Ruth held the pulsing spray of the shower head so it flowed onto her clitoris. Lena wasn't prepared for the jolts of pleasure that flooded her sex and she gasped loudly. Her pink clitoris quickly extended out of its hood so all could see it and a mix of embarrassment and pleasure flooded her mind as her hips jerked her sex into the wonderful flow of water.


Just as Lena thought she was going to orgasm, Ruth withdrew the head and turned off the shower. Lena slumped onto her restraints gasping and panting. She saw her pink organ standing hard in the air at the top of her labia and soft spasms rippled throughout her vagina.

Ruth picked up a soft, thick towel and began drying Lena's body. The plush towel soon went from drying to arousing and Lena pleaded with Ruth to stop.

The audience smiled as they saw Lena pushing her sex into swirling fabric.

Ruth stopped, stepped back and smiled. A flushed Lena just closed her eyes, hoping that all this would end.

2.04 Lena and the harness:

Lena saw two attendants walking toward her. She nervously watched them as they released her wrists and ankles from the restraints and 'assisted' her out of the shower. She was held as the shower was lowered into the stage and then the floor tile rose up in its place. She then saw a strange Harness being lowered from the ceiling. Again a flood of apprehension and nervousness filled her mind as her legs and arms were fitted into the Harness's leather loops. A leather strap was fitted across her back, connecting with the two shoulder loops. Ruth pressed a button on a remote and a startled Lena felt her legs being lifted upward so she was in a sitting position. Her bent legs were drawn slightly back toward her body and then spread apart. Lena saw herself in the HD monitor and wept openly when she saw her spread nakedness and the erotic positioning of her body. She looked forward into the audience and saw the appreciative smiles on their faces.

Ruth waited for a minute to let Lena calm down a little. She pressed another button on the remote and the tile below Lena once again was lowered into the stage. In its place, a pedestal rose up with a clear, 18" diameter Ellipse bowl sitting on it with a connecting tube was attached to the bottom of it. Ruth stopped its upward movement when the cheeks of Lena's buttocks were just within the rim of the bowel. Lena was watching what was happening on her monitor and her breathing was coming in nervous pants.

Ruth pressed a button labeled 'WATER' and a low pitched gurgling sound was heard and then water began filling the bowl. Lena flinched when she felt the warm water touch the underside of her buttocks and Ruth stopped the flow of water.

She then smiled at a terrified Lena and pressed 'WORMS'.

2.05 Lena, harness, worm, introduction:

A trembling Lena was now alone in the center of the stage looking at her audience. Her eyes moved up to the monitor and she starred nervously at the large bowl of water that her buttocks touching. Suddenly a long, thick transparent shape entered the bowl and began gliding around the large bowl. It was quickly followed by three other worms. Her heart jumped into throat and she began struggling but the Harness held her firmly.

Within the bowl were four worms,

Two 8" x 2" breast worms.
One 12" x 2" vaginal worm.
One 3" x 1/2" clitoral worm

She franticly tried shifting her hips every time one of them brushed against the cheeks of her buttocks. Her eyes darted back and forth as her panic level slowly rose. Suddenly the two breast worms slipped onto the outside of each buttock and slithered onto her abdomen. Lena cried out and bucked her hips in attempt to stop their advancement. One of the worms secreted a docility drug that was quickly absorbed into her skin. Within seconds, her tenseness ebbed away and a feeling of euphoria washed across her mind. The worms sensed her acceptance and secreted a mild aphrodisiac and Lena sighed as a delicious warmth spread throughout her body.

Lena watched with mesmerized eyes as the two worms made their up toward her breasts where they formed into two clear, circular masses. Lena felt her breasts being lifted by the worms as they spread over and around each of the mounds, encasing them within a clear, massaging pouch. Within each pouch, 'mouth' like depressions formed and suckled their way onto her excited nipples.

Lena wasn't prepared for the exquisite feelings and moaned as the sensations radiated across her chest,


Through dazed eyes, she saw and felt the larger vaginal worm slip upward along the inner side of her left thigh. She held her breath as its head formed in into a 'labia' shaped 'mouth' when it neared her open sex. The 'lips' of its 'mouth' spread apart and then slipped over the folds of her labia. The contact was incredible and she gasped when it began an exquisite massaging action and delicious sensations rippled from her clitoris to her inner lips as thick nest of suckling cilia tubes pushed between her flared folds.

A dazed Lena didn't see the smaller clitoral worm edge its way toward her hardening clitoris. Its clasping 'mouth' deliciously slipped over the pink tip of her clitoris with an exquisite suckling action. Lena squealed at the ecstatic contact and her hips jerked wildly as jolts of joy shot across her sex.


The suctioning 'mouths' of all the worms were firmly attached to her labia, clitoris and nipples. The worms now had Lena's body under their control and slowed their actions to low level purrs and suckles. They let Lena rest for a few seconds as she savored the new sensations that were flowing throughout her body and mind. The bowl and the pedestal were lowered into the stage.

2.06 Lena, harness, worm, first orgasm:

The worm's internal phallic pushed outward from the center of the massaging 'mouth' that was formed around Lena's labia and nudged against her clasping inner lips. She was jolted out of her euphoric daze when she felt its pulsing pressure press against her inner lips. She instinctively moved her hips in an effort to evade its advancement, but the pressure build as the head of the worm's phallus pushed the inner lips apart and nestle further into her vagina. She was about to cry out when a wonderful liquid warmth oozed into her treasured opening and seeped into her vagina. The head pushed inward, stretching the excited entrance further apart and Lena gasped as the portal to her womanhood slipped over the head of the worm's thick, flexing phallus. She gasped loudly as the worm slithered into her vagina.


Waves of ecstatic sensations rippled through her vaginal passage and her hips ground in tight circles trying to get more of the worm's thickness into her body. Slowly, almost teasingly, the worm burrowed into her excited passage. Lena's mind was filled with incredible sensations as her vagina ecstatically stretched to accommodate the expanding thickness. She wanted more, she wanted all that her 'Lover' could give her. The worm didn't disappoint Lena and plunged into the depths of her sexual being.


Lena looked with dazed and aroused eyes at the monitor and saw her vaginal opening expand and contract as the clear worm bore into enflamed sex.

The worm's phallic started a methodic thrusting action, from inner lips to cervix. Full in, half in, fast, slow. It twisted and turned, it pulsed and throbbed. Lena was delirious with ecstasy. She gasped and panted, her body heaved and thrashed as the worm drove her toward her orgasmic trip point. Ecstatic jolts of joy shot throughout her vaginal sheath, her stiff bullet- like nipples and rigid clitoris tingled and throbbed as the worm's 'mouths' continued to suck and suckle on them. The worm started deep, direct, in and out thrusts and Lena's hips ground her enflamed sex against the magnificent penetrator.

"Don't stop ... Don't ever stop ... Ohhhhhhhh! Godddd!!"

Lena raced toward a climatic orgasm. The worm's phallus plunged deep into cervix again and again. Suddenly Lena arched up from the Harness, her body rippling with orgasmic convulsions. Her eyes opened wide and she saw nothing but white flashes of ecstatic joy. Her vagina clenched and spasmed along the entire length of the worm's stroking hardness.


Her body went into sensory overload and she lost consciousness for a few seconds. When she recovered her body was still heaving in the throes of aftershocks. She closed her eyes and slumped onto the soft supports of the Harness.

The worm began analyzing Lena's orgasmic fluids and finalized its formula for Lena's bodily enhancements. When it finish, it slipped outward until only the head remained within the caressing lips of Lena's outer vagina. It went into a dormant stage with delicious 'purrs' and flexes.

2.07 Lena, harness, worm, breast enhancement:

The worms let Lena rest within the soft supports of her Harness while she slowly came down from her orgasmic high. She looked into the monitor and saw the large 'mouth' of the worm encasing her swollen flared folds with delicious suckling massages. She could see her engorged clitoris and erect nipples within the suckling 'mouths' of the other worms. She could see the entrance of her vaginal opening being stretched apart but could not see the worm's transparent, thick phallus.

The purring silky pouches on her breasts now released their enhancement chemicals and Lena suddenly felt a wonderful firmness grip her breasts. Her erect nipples twitched with excitement as her breasts began to expand within the worm's clear pouches.

"Uhh!! Uhh!! Uhh!!"

NIPPLES: 1/4" H x 1/4" D

As her breasts grew, her nipples became more sensitive to the suckling 'mouths' and Lena now began thrusting her firm breasts and erect tingly nipples into kneading and suckling pouches. Her body had never felt such sensations and she moaned and gasped with joy.

"Ohh!! Yesss!! Yesss!!"

NIPPLES: 3/8" H x 3/8" D

The ecstatic sensations were now merging into those that were emanating from her engorged clitoris.

NIPPLES: 1/2" H x 1/2" D

Lena's breasts had now reached their targeted size. The pouches settled down to a wonderful 'purring' action. Lena almost cried out in joy when she saw her enhanced breasts in the HD monitor.

2.08 Lena, harness, worm, clitoris enhancement:

She lay back savoring her breasts 'new' fullness and firmness. Her hard nipples felt like bullets and she yearned to touch them.

The smaller worm that was nestled over her hard clitoris now awakened from its dormancy and began intensifying its delicious suckling of rigid clitoris. As it suckled on her organ of joy, the tube released its growth chemicals and Lena gasped loudly when she saw and felt her clitoris expanding within the suckling 'mouth' and 'throat'.



EXTERNAL CLITORIS: 1/2" x 3/16" ... 5/8" x 1/4"...

With each ecstatic jerk of her hips, Lena's clitoris lengthened and thickened.

"Ohhhhhhh!! Goddddddd!!

EXTERNAL CLITORIS: 3/4" x 3/16" ... 1" x 3/8"...

Lena's hands were franticly opening and closing with a desperate need to touch and massage her ecstatic organ but the restraining straps held her hands firmly.

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