tagMind ControlThe Meteor Ch. 03

The Meteor Ch. 03



3.01 Meteor Part-3 Prologue:

3.02 Mira:
3.03 Mira, Preparation:
3.04 Mira, Worm Introduction:
3.05 Mira, Worm, First mating:
3.06 Mira, Worm, Second mating:

3.07 Alan:
3.08 Alan, Enema, Hair removal:
3.09 Alan, HDTV:
3.10 Alan, Worm Introduction:
3.11 Alan, Worm, The Mating:
3.12 Alan, Worm, Morning Erection:

3.13 Susan:
3.14 Susan, Sybian:
3.15 Susan, Worm Introduction:
3.16 Susan, Worm, First mating:
3.17 Susan, Worm, Second mating:

3.01 Meteor Part-3 Prologue:

Personal Pleasures:

The worms are evolving and becoming multi-functional. The female clitoral and vaginal worms merged together and the male penis, urethra and rectal worms merged together. The female breast worms and male nipple worms remained as they were. The new worms were capable of adjusting their bodies to meet the physical makeup of their targets. A third worm had evolved that combined the attributes of the new worms. It would target Hermaphrodites. This worm could also transform females into Hermaphrodites. An unexpected effect of the new worms were their ability to bond with their targets. They would always return to the colony to pass on information and fluids that it had accumulated.

3.02 Mira:

Mira, 24, was raped and beaten on her way back to her apartment. The scars on and in her body have healed but not in her mind. Despite help from her friends she is becoming a recluse and her job is in jeopardy.

It was a typical evening for Mira. The three additional locks on the door were were in place, she had bathed, eaten a light dinner and was sitting in the recliner listening to her stereo. The tranquilizer prescribed by her Doctor was taking effect. The worm had been watching Mira's routine for three days now and decided it was time to pull her out of her depression. It would make its move the following evening. The worm knew Mira showered before going to work and had a bath in the evening before eating. This was her way of 'washing' the effects of the rape from her body.

3.03 Mira, Preparation:

Just before Mira returned home from work, the worm entered the bathroom and secreted a colorless and odorless depilatory which covered the entire bottom of the bathtub. It would be activated when the waters were turned 'on'. Included was a skin absorbing aphrodisiac. Mira walked into her apartment, bolted the door and spent the next half hour or so, tidying up the rooms and then picked out the frozen dinner she would microwave. She then went into her bathroom and turned on water to a relaxing warmness. While the tub was filling, she undressed and turned down the bed. She returned to the bathroom, took her sedatives and stepped into the tub. She laid back, relaxed as the soothing waters encased her body.

In about a minute, a sigh escaped her lips and a wonderful warmth seeped into body as the mild aphrodisiac began to take effect. At the same time, light tingling sensations spread onto her arms thighs and legs. The worm watched as Mira closed her eyes, her mind savoring the effects of its secreted chemicals. In a few more moments, the sigh turned louder as the tingling sensations changed to exquisite 'popping' sensations. Her legs instinctively bent and spread apart as the hair on her sex and inner thighs were targeted. Her mind suddenly 'informed' her that something was happening. She opened her eyes and looked down between her spread thighs and saw that all her pubic hair had disappeared. With a gasp, Mira quickly stood up and looked at her nakedness in the bathroom's full length mirror. She trembled when she saw the hair below her shoulders were gone and for a few seconds the trauma of her assault returned to her mind. The feelings soon faded away and the worm saw a smile fill Mira's face when she gazed at her hairless labia. Deep down, she had always wanted to go beyond the normal bikini treatment to the 'full Monty' and now she knew what it was like to see and feel her hairless sex. Mira looked down and swirled her feet in the tub's water as if looking for something that had done this to her.

She stepped out and began drying herself off, her hands used the towel to explore her hairless labia and thighs. The mild aphrodisiac caused small moans to escape her lips as her arousal slowly came to the surface. It was a small step, but a turning point in Mira's return to normalcy. Thanks to worm's chemicals, Mira did not question 'how' or 'why' this had happened. She liked the sight and feel of her new nakedness so much, she did not put on her nightgown and went into the kitchen to cook her dinner. Soon she was sitting on her sectional eating and watching her TV. For the first time her mind was filled with thoughts of how she was prior to her sexual assault. She loved the sensations that were slowly trickling back into her breasts, nipples, clitoris and vagina. When she finished eating, she put the dishes into the dishwasher and for the first time in months, decided to rest on her bed, watching her TV. After putting two pillows against the headboard she lay back against them and watched her favorite program, Dancing with the Stars.

3.04 Mira, Worm Introduction:

The worm watched Mira as she relaxed on the bed. In a few minutes it saw her hands move to breasts and nipples. The right hand slipped down to her inner thighs where she rediscovered her clitoris and labia. When the worm saw Mira bend her legs and spread her thighs apart, it moved silently and unnoticeably toward the junction of her thighs. It touched the ankle of her right foot and secreted a chemical that caused a feeling of euphoria and sereneness to flood her mind. Mira's hands fell to her sides and the long, thick worm slipped onto her abdomen and curled itself just below her neck with a wonderful 'purring' and pulsing action. Mira saw and felt the coiled mass on her chest and there was no fear or nervousness. Her hands moved up from the bed and began to massage the pulsing surface of the worm and a long sigh escaped her open mouth as delicious sensations radiated downward to her nipples, clitoris and vagina. The worm curled around her hands and slipped downward toward her right breast and the sigh turned into a moan when the worm's sucking 'mouth' descended onto the tingling nipple.


In a few moments the worm lifted its head and slipped over to her left breast and paid homage to the eager left nipple. At the same time, the end of the worm curled around her right breast with a pleasurable massaging and kneading action. Mira closed her eyes, cooing and mewing as the worm pushed all the traumatic memories from her mind. The worm's purring and pulsing thickness slipped away from her breasts and slithered down across her abdomen and onto her inner right thigh. It then slipped inward toward her labia. Its open 'mouth' widened and Mira could feel a warm moist breath bathe her labia and then an incredible suckling sensations gripped the folds as the 'mouth' moved onto her sex. Internal cilia nubs pushed the folds further apart and Mira gasped in joy as the 'mouth' caressed and teased her clasping inner lips. At the top of the 'mouth' a small cylinder like tube formed and Mira's hips bucked and jerked as the 'throat' suckled its way onto her engorged clitoris.


Mira's hands shot downward and began massaging the wonderful mass that was giving her body so much pleasure. Her dazed mind was trying to tell her that 'this is the way it used to be'.

3.05 Mira, Worm, First mating:

Mira was jolted out of her euphoric daze when she felt a pulsing thickness nestle into her clasping inner lips and nudge against the opening to her vagina. As the exquisite pressure built her eager opening stretched excitedly over the advancing head and Mira moaned as unbelievable sensations exploded within her as the twisting ribs teased and tantalized the sensitive lining of her vaginal walls.

"Ohhhhhh!! Godddddd!! Yes!! Yes!! Yes!!"

As the worm slithered inward, it's head began circling the spasming passage as though it was looking for something. Suddenly, Mira arched upward and her hips began franticly grinding her enflamed sex onto worm's thick body. It had found her elusive 'G' spot and Mira screeched ecstatically as the excited tissues exploded with of joy.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Godddddddddddddddd!!"

The worm's flexing thickness was now 3.00" into Mira's vaginal passage and began secreting a chemical that enhanced the sexual nerve endings of her 'G' spot back to her vaginal opening, including her excited inner lips. Her mind was flooded with new and intense waves of pleasure as her spasming vaginal sheath gripped and clenched around her partially embedded 'Lover'. Her arousal vaulted and she moaned in joy as the ecstatic sensations rippled throughout her enflamed sex. As the worm slipped inward, so did the number of the expanding and contracting ribs. Mira wailed in joy as her vaginal muscles rippled in sync with the ribs. The suckling clitoral 'mouth' made her organ of joy feel as though it was going to explode.


The worm slipped back to the clasping inner lips and then twisted its way forward, sparking Mira's sweet spot again and again. Her mind was flooded with intense waves of pleasure as her vaginal walls gripped and clenched around her partially embedded 'Lover'. Her arousal vaulted and she moaned in joy as the ecstatic sensations rippled throughout her enflamed sex. As the worm slipped inward, so did the number of the expanding and contracting ribs. Mira moaned loudly her vaginal muscles rippled in sync with the ribs. The suckling clitoral 'throat' made her organ of joy feel as though it was going to explode.


The loving worm now sunk deeper into Mira's enflamed passage. It twisted and turned as it explored the excited sheath. Soon its eight inches of warm pulsing thickness made Mira's mind reel with its ecstatic fullness. Mira was thrown into a sexual frenzy. Her engorged clitoris jerked and throbbed as orgasmic tingles exploded outward from it.

"Uhh!! Uhh!! Uhh!!"

Suddenly thousands of tiny cilia-like fingers pushed outward from the body of the worm and started massaging and caressing Mira's enflamed vaginal walls. Mira squealed with joy as jolts of ecstasy shot across her sex. The clitoral massager now began to push Mira toward her orgasmic trip point. Its suctioning 'lips' and 'throat' began deep sucking strokes along the entire length of her mini erection-like organ. The excruciating, ecstatic sensations gripped her throbbing, swollen folds and clenching vagina. All the sensations melded together and Mira bucked and thrashed onto the worm's deep stroking phallic.

Her joyful wail's echoed around the bedroom.


Suddenly, the worm lunged inward and stopped. It swelled to a full three inches inside Mira's enflamed vagina. Her mind went into an ecstatic freeze when she felt her 'Lover' begin a series deep jerks and flexes. Mira was at her orgasmic trip point and her spasming vaginal muscles could feel the deep pulses surging upward through the worm's massive phallic.

The worm unleashed forceful torrents of its thick ejaculant which gushed and jettisoned into her seething passage and she groaned as her spasming vaginal sheath ecstatically ballooned. Her own orgasm was unleashed and her vagina went into deep convulsions, and her organ of joy exploded as her body unleashed its first all consuming climatic orgasm. Mira screamed as the orgasmic waves hit her. Her hands fisted tightly and her toes curled. Her legs kicked out in a wide 'V' and began kicking franticly in the air.


Mira's body went into orgasmic overload and she lost consciousness for a few seconds. When she recovered, her body was still in the throes of orgasmic aftershocks. The worm was still twisting and lunging. Her body quickly rode another orgasmic wave which again pushed her toward her orgasmic trip point. Her hands fisted tightly, her toes curled and her eyes rolled back into her head as her second orgasm exploded across her bucking and convulsing body.


Mira lost consciousness and her jerking body slumped back onto the bed. In about thirty seconds she recovered and long moans were heard as the fulfilling aftershocks rippled across her body. As she came down from her multi-orgasmic highs she felt her wonderful 'Lover' still throbbing within her spasming vagina. She reached down and began massaging the worm's thick purring mass.

She whispered,

"Thank you .. thank you ..!!"

The worm slowly withdrew from her stretched and clenching sheath accompanied by a loud slurping sound.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Slowlyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!"

Torrents of vaginal fluids and ejaculant gushed past the gaping entrance into the worm's feasting 'mouth'. It withdrew from her satisfied sex and slipped upward onto abdomen and came to rest on her chest above her breasts. Mira smiled and her hands massaged the worm's slick surface.

The 'old' Mira had returned and she hummed a tune as she got off the bed and walked toward the shower, her hands cradling her 'Lover'. Mira stepped into the warm, flowing waters and soon soft sighs and moans were heard. In a few minutes a flushed Mira returned to the bedroom.

3.06 Mira, Worm, Second Mating:

As she walked toward the bed, the worm curled itself around her thigh with its head being massaged by Mira's inner thighs. The worm's head formed again into a sucking 'mouth' and slipped over Mira's swelling folds. The internal cilia nubs pushed slipped between the folds and the 'mouth' like cylinder suckled its way onto her rigid clitoris. Mira gasped at the sudden and ecstatic contact and she crumpled onto her knees. As the worm intensified its assault, she crawled toward the bed and grasped the edge for support. She was about to pull herself up when the worm slipped between her swollen folds and deliciously traced the wet sensitive opening to her vagina. Her engorged clitoris throbbed within the stroking 'throat'.


A stunned and dazed Mira laid her head on the edge of the bed gasping and panting. As the 'mouth' slipped deeper between her flared sex, she instinctively spread her knees and thighs wide apart and pushed her folds against the massaging mass and squealed with joy as the worm's clitoral 'mouth' suckled on her aching, organ of joy. Her hips began grinding her enflamed sex against the devouring 'mouths'.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Yessssssssssssssss!!"

Once again Mira felt the worm's wonderful thickness nestle into her clasping inner lips. She didn't move, she couldn't move. Her hands gripped the bed, her kneeling body tensed and her eyes were tightly shut as her mind tried to will the worm's glorious phallus to penetrate her enflamed womanhood.

With an almost incoherent plea,

"Oh! Please now!! Now!! Please ... Now ..."

Her 'Lover' obliged her frantic plea. In one fluid motion, the thick head nudged past the eager lips and slid slowly inward. A loud hiss of ecstasy escaped Mira's wide open mouth as the full length of the worm's twisting phallic slipped deeply into her steamy and lubricated sheath. Mira felt the most incredible stretching of her vagina and a wonderful sense of fullness. She gurgled and drooled as the worm's organ slipped inward, inch by glorious inch. In a few seconds, Mira felt the gates to her womb flare open to receive her long, thick 'Lover'.

"Oh Sweet Jesus .. Ahhhhhhhhhhh!! Yessssssss .. I love it ...!!"

Mira felt The worm slowly slide its thickness outward and then slip all the way inward. Then it withdrew part way, flexed, wiggled and then again plunge deeply back into the depths of her sexual being. The worm adjusted its entry between her wide spread thighs. The angle of its penetration changed and the head was now pressed against the lower part of her vagina. It started a back and forth dragging motion until .. something electric bolted throughout Mira's body. An intense jolt of pure pleasure and joy surged through her labia and across her loins. The worm had searched for and found her ecstatic 'G' spot. The worm flexed again and again and Mira screeched in ecstasy.


The worm now started a methodical rhythm to its massive thrusts. Sometimes sliding all the way in, filling her completely, once, twice, three times, before pulling back and sparking her sweet spot again and again. Mira gasped and groaned, unable to fully catch her breath. She lewdly thrust back and ground hips in ecstatic circles. Her vaginal muscles desperately clenched around the worm's flexing thickness in a desperate attempt not to break the ecstatic connection. She cooed and gurgled as the worm's undulating thickness plundered her spasming vaginal sheath. The worm's strokes were now all inward and full outward. Mira's mind and body was being saturated with ecstatic waves of joy and ecstasy. Again that wonderful suckling tube intensified its deep sucking of her enflamed clitoris. Mira lifted her head and squealed with joy.


Her body began lunging rearward onto the worm's thrusting phallus with a sense new urgency and her fists tightened their grip on the edge of the bed. Low guttural moans escaped from Mira's mouth as her orgasmic wave built higher and higher.

"Faster .. Faster .. Deeper .. Oh .. Oh .. Goddddd!!"

Mira's hips became blurred as she thrusted her enflamed sex back onto the worm's incredible phallic. Suddenly her 'Lover' lunged inward and froze. Mira could feel the massive head enter her cervix and then thicken. Her eyes flew wide open when she felt her vagina muscles clamp around engorged phallic as it swelled and pulsed. A deep throb in her spasming womanhood was accompanied by an upward surge of the worm's hardness between her spread legs. She felt an ecstatic flood of a warm, liquid pressure boil and gush into her cervix and sheath. her breath came in deep pants as her body started convulsing with her climatic orgasm.

The sensations were mind ripping, she gasped and moaned, her hips swung madly around the worm's erupting phallic. The worm withdrew and stroked back inward, unleashing another torrent of hot thick ejaculant. The delicious sensations spread explosively throughout her ecstatic body. Mira's mind and body was thrown into a sexual frenzy.

Her orgasmic scream echoed throughout the room. Bright colors swam in her vision as she spasmed and shook. Every cell vibrated with ecstasy and her body shook uncontrollably. It went on and on, as the worm continued to forcefully thrust and ejaculate into her enraged sex.

Mira wailed in orgasmic ecstasy.


The orgasmic rush to her mind blended seamlessly with her convulsing vagina. She drew in deep heaving breaths which were matched by only by the worm's massive pulses and throbs. A second total body orgasm was unleashed and Mira's ecstatic wail again echoed across the room.


The intense orgasmic sensations that saturated her mind and body now overloaded her sensory systems and she lost consciousness with her shoulders resting on the edge of the bed. The worm secreted a chemical that was absorbed by her vaginal walls which changed her sexual preference to bisexual. Mira slowly recovered and her body continued to spasm and shake with delicious aftershocks. Mira moaned again as the wonderful fullness slipped out of her reluctant and clenching vagina with a loud slurping sound.


Mira slowly turned around so she sat on the floor with her back resting against the bed. She cooed as the worm began cleaning her labia and thighs. When finished it slipped onto her folded hands and she brought her purring 'Lover' so rested on her breasts. Mira was exhausted and knew she need some rest. She stood up on weak legs and climbed into the bed. The worm continued to purr against her neck as she fell into a deep and satisfied sleep.

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