tagInterracial LoveThe Midnight Tease

The Midnight Tease


There was nothing I loved more than driving my girlfriend Ava wild with sexual desire. The feeling of her nails clawing my back when I fucked her hard, or hearing my name escape her lips in a seductive moan...there was nothing that could top moments like that. Whenever we were intimate I became obsessed: a man obsessed with fucking his woman until her body was completely spent and shivering in my arms from her multiple orgasms. It didn't hurt either that Ava was by far the sexiest woman I had ever laid eyes on. She had a sensuous hourglass figure, a flat tummy, chestnut brown skin, long legs, and a headful of jet black curly hair.

It was on one Saturday evening that Ava and I were lying together in bed. Her back was facing me and I held her close to my body in a tender fashion. It was a balmy summer's night and thanks to the warmer weather we started wearing less and less clothing to bed. I was dressed in a pair of black boxer shorts while Ava wore a blood red pajama top and a pair of sexy black panties. Having Ava so closely pressed against me was already making my body stir with need, and then she began to grind her ass against my crotch. I thought Ava was asleep, but her slow grinding and wiggling against me showed how incorrect I was. The more she moved against me the harder my cock was becoming. I let my hand move over the smooth curve of her hip while I placed a soft kiss behind her ear.

"You enjoy doing that don't you?" I whispered in her ear as I continued to caress her skin. "Teasing me like this knowing that it'll turn me on?"

A soft giggle escaped Ava's lips and she sighed with pleasure when I gently bit her earlobe. "I have no idea what you're talking about," she replied in a playful whisper.

"Mentirosa," said a sly voice in my head. "But it's okay...two can play at this game."

"Tú sabes que haces a mí," I purred into her ear. "Y cómo te deseo todos los días." I kissed Ava's neck tenderly as my fingers slipped between her legs and inside her panties. A devious smile appeared on my lips as I said," I love how you're always ready for me..."

A moist heat greeted my fingers as I teased Ava's pussy, and her soft moan was music to my ears.

"Solamente para ti Enrique," she whispered seductively. "No one gets me like this except you."

Hearing her say that made my cock throb painfully. I had to take her, to make her mine...but only when the time was right.

"Lay on your belly Ava," I growled into her ear. "I want to eat that sweet pussy of yours."

She did as I commanded and raised her hips so I could peel her panties off her plump backside and down her sexy legs. I tossed them aside and marveled momentarily at the sight before me. Ava's pussy was glistening with anticipation, and I couldn't wait to taste her. My tongue slid along the wet slit of her womanhood and I could hear Ava moaning softly against the pillows. I moved slowly at first, letting my tongue glide along her netherlips so I could savor her sweet taste. Her moans were soft at first, but when my tongue moved to her clit I noticed a definite change in volume. My tongue began to rapidly flick at her clit with no chance of slowing down, and Ava's soft moans grew louder.

"Fuck Enrique, tu lengua...me encanta," Ava;'s words were dripping with desire and my cock continued to throb in need of her. I captured her clit between my lips and I began to suckle her swollen nub. I loved how she was lost in the sensations rushing through her, and once I began to hum against her Ava cried out in desire.

"Enrique...Enrique..." she managed to say. "Please give it to me, please!"

I knew what she wanted, but I ignored her pleas. She wouldn't get my cock until she was over the edge with need. I continued to tease her womanhood with my tongue and lips while she moaned sweetly and cried out my name in desire. My hands gripped her round ass and I smacked it playfully, loving how Ava was absolutely driven wild with sexual lust. Her body began to tense up, but my tongue would not stop fucking her pussy. My tongue was relentless against her clit, and it wasn't long before Ava cried out due to her climax. Her sweet juices coated my tongue and I lovingly licked her pussy clean while savoring her sweet taste.

I removed my boxers and placed a pillow underneath Ava's abdomen. Her body was shivering from her orgasm, her breathing was heavy, and in the midst of her shuddering Ava stripped out of her tank top and lazily cast it aside. I ascended up her body, leaving a trail of soft kisses on her back in my wake.

"Enrique, por favor...give it to me."

Ava's words were dripping with need, and I smirked before licking the side of her neck while the tip of my cock rubbed against the opening of her hot pussy.

"What is it that you want Ava?" I whispered in her ear. "Quiero oirte decirlo."

Ava turned her head slightly so that I could see her side profile. Her eyes were cloudy with lust, and in a sensual voice she purred," I want your cock buried deep inside my pussy...and I want you to fuck me until I cum."

Our lips met for a sultry kiss just as my cock slid inside of her. Ava moaned from my member stretching her, and the tight grip her pussy had on my cock was the greatest feeling imaginable. I wanted Ava to feel every inch of my member, and my initial thrusts were slow and deep. Ava's lustful moans filled my ears before she whispered," More Enrique...give me more..."

"More what?" I asked in a sly voice.

"Your cock," she managed to say in between her moans. "Don't make love to me tonight. I need you to fuck me...I need it so much."

Ava's words triggered something in my mind and my body. My only goal in that moment was to grant Ava's wish until she screamed my name in ecstasy. The thought took over my entire being, and after I turned Ava onto her back I took a moment to look at her. She was an erotic angel, and a seductive glare was in her eyes as she looked up at me. I wasted no time and slid deep inside her once more. That sweet moan of hers was heavenly and I wanted to hear more of her wonderful melody. I pulled out slightly only to thrust deep inside her once more, and the look of unadulterated lust on her face made me crave her more. As my thrusts got more urgent and harder, Ava in turn continued to moan and cry out as waves of pleasure surged through her. Her tight pussy squeezed around my cock mercilessly, and I growled from how wet she felt around me. Her sharp nails dug into my back and my arms, and the slight pain of her clawing me only enhanced the pleasure that I was already feeling.

My thrusting never let up, and Ava's body began to tense up. Her nails ran along my skin, and I gently bit down on her neck just to add to her pleasure. Her breathing grew shorter and then her climax hit her at full tilt. Her hot juices coated my cock while her pussy clenched me even tighter than before, and she cried my name out to the very heavens above. Despite her orgasm I continue to thrust inside of her until I too came just moments after she did. My cock erupted inside of her, and I moaned from the feel of my own climax as well as her pussy still being wrapped tightly around my member. As I slowly pulled out of her Ava's body continued to shiver, and I kissed her lips passionately before having her curl up in my arms. She laid on her side in my arms and I moved a strand of her hair away from her face. She looked absolutely breathtaking in her afterglow, and while her eyes were still clouded with lust, she gave me a sweet smile. She placed another tender kiss on my lips before relaxing in my arms, and we soon fell into a deep sleep while holding one another close.

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