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The Mile High Club


During times when my wife and I have had to be separated by business assignments we like to swap fantasy stories to keep each other titillated and ready for action when we do reconnect. This story is a fantasy I wrote for her several years ago and damned if she didn't make this happen almost exactly as I wrote it almost two years earlier. She remembered the fantasy story and had the good fortune to be in the situation described and to her credit, she made it happen and then told me all the details.

For those who may not have read about my wife before she is 5' 4" tall, weighs about 120 and has 39 DD breasts on a petite frame. She has dark hair, deep brown eyes and a very shapely but slender frame. She is normally a very proper Southern lady but when she turns loose her slutty side, she is unbelievably sexy. Here is our story.


After a long but necessary trip to the west coast for two days of meetings, your schedule required you to take the redeye from Los Angeles back to Atlanta. Your week has been long and you are tired. The only good news is that you were able to treat yourself to a business class seat. As you arrive at LAX you move to the Delta gates like a robot, simply going through the motions as you are eager to get on the plane and sleep. It is already late and you hate the thought of losing three hours on the clock, not to mention being able to sleep on the plane.

After you check in with the front desk and confirm your seat "up front" you sit down to wait with a magazine and book that you bought just for the trip. Sitting in your seat you glance around the terminal and become aware of a man staring at you. He is sitting in the gate area and seems very intent watching you even after you look up.

He is handsome and well-groomed and he is dressed casually in a Hawaiian shirt and cream colored linen pants. He appears to be about 6'2" tall from what you can tell. He is wearing loafers with no socks. He has dark hair, dark eyes and a mustache. He is tanned and looks relaxed and successful. He is carrying an elegant leather briefcase and acts like he is reading a newspaper. He is, however, staring at you intently. He is nice looking so it does not bother you.

You demurely push your silk skirt down slightly although this act is somewhat academic since your skirt barely reaches your knees even when you are standing. You lower your eyes and return to your magazine but you are aware that he continues to stare directly at you.

Soon the flight is called and people begin moving to the gate. It appears the plane will not be anywhere near full. In fact, there are very few people on the flight. As you move past the check in point, you notice that the man who was staring at you is lingering in the waiting area but still watching your every move.

As you settle in to your leather seat, 3A, you grab a blanket and pillow and begin to settle in to your space noticing the collection of people who are boarding the plane. There is almost no one in business class, which does not bother you at all. That means better service for you.

As you notice that the flow of people entering the plane seems to have ended you wonder where the good looking man has disappeared to. You return to your reading and put it out of your mind, for now. In moments you become aware of movement and look up to see the man who was staring at you. He moves into the aisle and looks at you and smiles. He looks down at you and says, "I believe I am in seat 3B. Must be my lucky day."

You smile demurely and respond by saying, "Yes it is."

He sits down next to you and says, "Hello, my name is Frank."

You extend your hand and reply, "Mine is Mary Margaret but my friends call me Maggie."He settles in to his seat as you continue to read your magazine. The flight attendant comes to your seats and asks if the two of you would like a drink. She obviously thinks you are traveling together. You ask for a Mimosa and Frank asks for a scotch on the rocks.

When the drinks are delivered Frank raises his glass in a toast and says, "Here's to a fun flight." You smile and raise your glass to your lips. Maybe this redeye won't be so bad after all. Frank seems very interested in what you are reading and continues to sip his drink while you appear to have no interest in anything but your magazine. However, his incessant stare is somewhat unnerving to you as you squirm in your seat knowing that he is still watching you intently. As you close your magazine you look at him and say, "So, Frank, what do you do for a living?" He smiles and tells you he produces porno. You smile as he tells you that he is just kidding. He is a doctor and on his way to explore the possibility of moving to Atlanta and going to work at Emory Hospital.

Soon you settle into a lovely discussion. He is engaging and has a good sense of humor. Once the flight is airborne you have a glass of wine while he has another scotch. Conversation flows easily as dinner is served. Frank seems extremely interested in you and you warm to his charm and smile. He is also intelligent and funny. Once dinner is concluded you decide to have one more glass of wine. The conversation turns personal and you begin to reveal more about yourselves as the conversation continues. Frank is touching your arm and making very personal gestures as the evening goes on.

You decide to go to the toilet before going to sleep. You ask him to excuse you for a moment and as you move past him you brush your breasts up against his torso sending a shiver down your spine. Your nipples became instantly hard as you move into the aisle.

You move to the rest room and do your business. You take a few extra moments to make sure that your knee length silk skirt is properly smoothed and your cotton blouse is unbuttoned showing just the right amount of cleavage to your braless breasts. Finally, a little lipstick and a touch of fragrance and you are ready to return to your seat with your panties in your purse.

As you move past Frank again, you intentionally brush against him with your breasts, lingering just a moment as you do. You can hardly believe you are actually making advances on him. This is not like you but you slide coyly into your seat and pass your actions off to the effects of the wine. Frank excuses himself as he moves to the toilet. When he returns he is smiling and as he slips into his seat you are aware that he has two blankets with him. He offers one to you and you spread it over your lap using the blanket you already have to cover your torso. Frank spreads his blanket over his lap smiling at you as he does. It is dark and quiet on the plane.

You close your eyes and relax. Soon you feel Frank's hand moving under your blanket. No words are spoken as he brings his fingers to the nipple of your right breast. It is already hard and Frank has no trouble making it even harder in his expert fingers. As you warm to his touch and move closer to him, his fingers find the buttons on your blouse. He quickly unbuttons your blouse exposing your breasts. He kneads the flesh and tweaks the nipples and you feel the tingle deep inside your vagina.

Now that you are getting hot and horny you move your hand under his blanket and find his hardness through the fabric of his pants. His cock feels hard as steel and you slowly move your hand up and down its length. It feels good in your hand. Frank moves his hand smoothly under the blanket and slowly pulls your skirt up in a bunch at the top of your legs. He discovers you have on no panties and his fingers find your clitoris. You struggle to maintain your composure and try not to cry out knowing that you are moments away from cuming. He stimulates you expertly and soon you cum, moaning into his shoulder. As he feels the heat and wetness he slips his finger deep into your vagina. You spread your legs wider to allow him deeper entry knowing that you need to cum again soon. Your hand squeezes his hard cock as you feel it grow even larger in your hand. Soon you are cuming again on his finger and gushing hot, wet liquid onto his fingers. He slowly withdraws his hand and moves his fingers out from under the blanket and into his mouth. He sucks the love juice off his finger while staring deep into your eyes. You both know what you want now.

He smiles and asks if you are a member of the Mile High Club. You grin and say, "No, I have never had the pleasure." He tells you that there are several restrooms in the rear and he suggests that you move to the rear of the plane and find the first available stall on the left. He tells you to lock the door and he will knock twice softly and you should then open the door.

You smooth your skirt and remove the blanket. You kiss him lightly on the lips and push your breasts into him as you move past him and down the aisle to the rear of the plane. Everyone is sleeping and there is no sign of a flight attendant. You move into the restroom as planned and you wait. You unbutton your blouse and pull your skirt up around your waist. You sit on the toilet and wait. Within moments there is a light knock on the door. You reach up and open it.

Frank steps into the toilet and locks the door behind him. He turns and kisses you deeply while grabbing your exposed breast and finding the already hard nipple. You grab his cock through his pants and stroke it and squeeze it. The hardness feels wonderful.

After several minutes of kissing he gently pushes you down to the toilet. You sit and reach for his zipper. He unbuckles his pants and you pull them down. He is not wearing underwear. You look up and smile at him. He says, "I took them off when I went to the toilet earlier." As you grab the base of his enormous cock you smile and stroke it gently. As you move your lips to the large head of his cock you smile up at him. You take him in your mouth and slide your lips all the way to the base of his cock. He rolls his head back and closes his eyes as your expert mouth lathers his cock. Soon you are sliding up and down in a furious rhythm. His cock grows in your mouth and you want to make him cum. He reaches for your breast and begins to roll your nipples between his fingers. You are stroking the full length at least nine inches of his cock with your hand following your lips up and down, up and down, urging him to cum.

He gently moves your head off his cock and tells you that he wants to cum inside you. He raises you to a standing position and plants a deep kiss on your wet lips. He moves you to the lavatory and you sit on the sink area while pulling your skirt up. You plant your bare feet on the opposite wall of the restroom spreading them wide to allow full access. Your ass is on the edge of the lavatory and your legs are high in the air. Frank cannot resist kneeling down and finding your vagina with his mouth. He sticks his tongue deep into your vagina and you cum loudly and violently on his mouth gushing hot fluid as you do.

You pull his head up and tell him to fuck you now. He grabs the base of his cock and begins pushing the head into your vagina. His cock is large and thick and it feels good as it slides into you. The close quarters in the toilet coupled with the fact that there are people just outside the door makes you horny. It feels sexy and hot and you urge him on by pushing against his cock. He slides the full and thick 9 inches deep into you and it feels wonderful.

Frank slides in and out slowly at first driving you crazy with desire. He pushes hard and drives deep into you and soon you are cuming on his cock. You look down to see his pubic hair meshed against your dark public hair. You gush wetly onto him and push hard. He stands on his toes so he can go deeper and he pushes into you with all his power. It feels good as his cock goes even deeper. You know you have not had your last climax.

He leans down and nibbles gently on your nipple. You moan and lean back into the mirror. Somewhere in your mind you wonder if people can hear you. Do they even know what you are doing? Every sound seems like it is amplified in the small lavatory. Frank begins to grunt and moan and drive deeply into you with all 9 inches. You push back wanting him to cum inside you now. He whispers in your ear. "Cum with me, come on Sexy Lady, cum with me now."

You respond by willing your body to cum again. You whisper back into his ear. "Now, Frank. Cum in me right now." You grab his nipples and squeeze them tightly.

He drives deep into you and you can feel every muscle in his body tighten and tense as his hot, white sperm splashes inside you. And you can feel every drop as you gush wetly onto his cock. He squirts into you over and over whispering that he is still cuming in you. And your climax seems to last forever, blended with his own magnificent orgasm. You are both completely lost in the passion and pleasure of the moment.

Finally, he stands up straight and slowly removes his softening cock. You open your eyes and smile saying, "Wow, that was pretty intense. Does this mean I now belong to the Mile High Club?" He grins sexily and says, "I think we went way higher than a mile, but, yea, I think we are now members of that exclusive club."

You laugh and tell him you can't wait to tell your husband. He smiles as he buckles his belt and asks if you are really going to tell your husband. Yes, you tell him, you wouldn't think of not telling him.

"Won't he be jealous?"

You smile and say, "Are you kidding? He'll love this story."

As you return to your seat you can see that no one seems to know or care that you and Frank have been doing in the back of the plane. You settle in to your seat and tell him that you are going to take a little nap. He tells you he will wake you for breakfast. As you close your eyes you think of me coming to the airport to pick you up early in the morning. You can't wait to tell me you have joined the Mile High Club.

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