tagIncest/TabooThe MILFaholic Pt. 02

The MILFaholic Pt. 02


As Jed Thomas strolled into work, his after-sex glow was evident for everyone to see and he proudly considered how good his life was now.

Away from the toxic influence of his father, and into the bed of his mother, coupled with a promotion at work, had left him feeling on top of the world.

His youthful stamina coupled with his mum's wild experience had culminated in an almost constant stream of fucking, blowjobs and going down on his mum.

He greeted and joked with a few of his colleagues absent-mindedly, reminiscing about the wild pounding he had given his mum just that morning.

He had woken with intense morning wood and had immediately slipped his fingers inside his mum, who was curled up next to him. She woke soon after, a wild look in her eyes, and pulled Jed on top of her as her wet pussy quickly took Jed's cock to the hilt.

She urged him on, yelling dirty talk at him as Jed pumped his hips as fast as he could, pinning one of his mum's leg over his shoulder to allow even deeper penetration.

It hadn't lasted more than a few minutes, but they both came hard, staring into each other's eyes and breathing heavily.

He was jolted back to reality as his mates loudly proclaimed drinks were on him that night.

Jed grinned and got to work.

However, Jed and his mum didn't just fuck. They enjoyed spending time together and he would often travel across the city to meet her for dinner after work.

They would go for walks, work out at the gym together, and have drinks with their friends too. Their friends didn't know they were related of course, and if they found the age gap strange they did not think to mention it.

It had been over three months since Jed had spent the night in his mum's bed for the first time, and he had since learnt to tell when she was horny.

And it was as he finished his workout that he caught his mum's eye, and recognised the look in her eyes. She was horny as hell, and he saw her eyes dart down his body to his tight gym shorts, and the noticeable bulge at the front.

She smirked, dismounted her bike, and gathered her things.

As they started their 5-minute walk home, she pressed herself against him and Jed pulled her face to his and, despite being in public, gave his mum a hot, passionate kiss. His tongue probed her mouth and his hands groped her ass, wrapped tightly in a pair of yoga pants.

"Enough baby, I need a fucking so bad. Let's go!" his mum whispered in his ear.

Jed didn't need telling twice. He grabbed his mum's hand and hurried off.

When they finally stumbled through the door of the apartment, Jed's mum sank to the floor.

"I can't wait anymore baby! Fuck me on the floor like the dirty whore I am!!" she moaned.

Jed was used to his mum play-acting as a slut, and played along.

He tore off his shirt, whipped off his shorts and shoes, and helped pull down his mum's yoga pants and thong in one go.

She pushed him on to his back and straddled him. Reaching around to grab his rock-hard, aching erection, Jed's mum bit her lip, lifted herself up, and sank down onto his cock.

"OHHHHHH FUCK YESSSSS!" she moaned immediately.

"Ride my cock you slut. Ride your son's massive cock, I want you to cum all over it." Jed said as he reached up to squeeze her amazing tits as they jiggled above his head, as his sexy mum frantically rode his cock.

"Baby, I'm gonna cum! Oh fuck I'm gonna cum!" she cried, and her hips started to jerk as a huge orgasm washed over her.

She slumped forward, exhausted, and pressed her lips to his.

Jed, however, still had plenty to go.

He flipped his mum over, locked his arms under her legs and pinned them so they raised up in the air. His mum's lower back was off the ground, her pussy completely open and exposed, and Jed rammed his cock inside of her.

She cried out, eyes screwed shut, and begged Jed to fuck her some more.

Jed immediately started pistoning in and out of his mum, showing absolutely no tenderness in the fucking he was giving her.

Sweat poured off him and his muscles bulged from the workout. His mum's eyes opened and lustily admired his body.

"You own this pussy baby! Fuck my pussy!" she screamed at him.

"Take this cock like the whore you are!" Jed spat back, and he managed to keep up the relentless fucking he was giving his mum for another minute, before his balls started rumbling.

He pulled out, got to his feet and started pumping his cock furiously, aiming it straight at his mum's excited face, as she got to her knees.

"Give me that cum baby! All over me!" she screeched, eyes locked on the tip of his cock.

She stuck her tongue out, gripped her breasts in her hands and closed her eyes as Jed groaned and shot load after sticky load over her face and tits.

Jed loved seeing his mum covered in his cum, and proudly admired his work as his mum scooped cum off her double D tits and sexily licked her fingers clean.

"This isn't over, Jed. Come into the shower in a few minutes, I want round 2." She said, and made her way to the bathroom. Jed watched her walk, loving the way her ass bounced up and down as she walked.

Jed downed a glass of water, gathered up their sweaty gym clothes and threw them in the laundry.

Then he made his way into the bathroom, and watched through the shower glass as his mum soaped her tits, rubbed her slim fingers along her clit, and moaned softly.

Jed opened the door and stepped inside, water immediately running down his muscles, accentuating them and driving his mum wild with lust.

She leapt into his arms and Jed pressed her against the wall.

The warm water enveloped them in a cocoon of warmth as they locked lips, his mum's hands cradling his face.

"Fuck me against the wall, but please cum inside me this time baby! I want to feel your seed in me!" his mum whispered in his ear.

Jed lowered her slowly until the head of his raging cock pressed against his mum's pussy lips.

She inhaled sharply, and Jed shrugged his hips forward. His cock surged inside his mum once again and his mum wrapped her arms around his neck, pressed her lips to his, and moaned into his mouth as Jed started bouncing her up and down on his cock.

His muscles ached but pure lust drove him on, as the sexy woman in his arms urged him on.

He felt his mum's pussy pulsing around his cock and knew she was about to cum.


When her orgasm subsided, Jed gave in to his aching muscles. He pulled his cock out of his mum's amazing pussy, and lowered her to the floor.

His mum immediately spun away and pressed her hands against the wall.

She looked over her shoulder at him and said, "put it back in baby! Don't make me wait!"

Jed obliged and in a flash, he was stuffing his dick back in his mum, gripping her waist, and slamming her bubbly ass against his six pack.

"OH-OH-OH-OH-OH" his mum cried out with each thrust, her eyes screwed shut.

A loud crack echoed around the bathroom as Jed slapped his mum's ass, a red hand print immediately showing up.

"You like getting spanked? You like being my bitch?" Jed spat at his mum.

"Do whatever you want to me baby! I'm yours! Now fucking cum in my pussy! I want it so bad!" she replied desperately.

That sent Jed over the edge, and with an extra hard thrust, he started cumming inside his mum's pussy.

He threw his head back, groaned loudly and lost himself in a haze of pleasure.

His mum turned around and fell into his arms, before kissing him tenderly and getting out to dry herself.

Jed turned the water to cold and let it run over him for a minute before finishing his wash and drying off.

He walked into the bedroom naked, and the view greeting him caused his cock to spring to a full erection.

His mum lay on the bed in sexy red lingerie, her smoky eye shadow makeup done perfectly.

Her tits were straining against the lace bra and her thong accentuated her amazing ass.

She also had thigh-high stockings on which Jed had a weakness for.

As Jed stared in awe, his mum beckoned him over with a lazy curl of her finger.

Jed crawled onto the bed and lowered his face between his mum's legs.

She let out a moan in anticipation of the pleasure that was about to wash over her, and softly placed her hands on the back of Jed's head.

Jed kissed and licked his mum's inner thighs, teasing her for a minute, before peeling his mum's thong to one side and inhaling her sweet scent.

He could feel the heat radiating from her pussy already, and licked his lips to prepare himself for the tongue lashing he was about to give his mum.

As soon as Jed's tongue touched his mum's shaved pussy, she jolted, her hands gripped his head tighter, and she cried out.

Jed immediately started his tried and tested 'figure 8' method, and soon his finger was sliding in and out of his mum's dripping pussy while his tongue roamed over her clit.

Jed's mum was screaming out in pleasure. She loved it when her son licked her pussy, and this afternoon was a particularly electric moment.

Her hips were grinding on his face, her eyes screwed shut, and her toes curled.

After another two minutes she came hard, seeing stars and losing herself in a haze of pure pleasure.

Jed held on to his mum as her hips bucked wildly, and managed to maintain a steady rhythm with his tongue on her clit and two fingers up her pussy.

He surfaced, and licked his cum-soaked lips happily. His mum grabbed his hands and pulled his fingers to her mouth, where she sucked them clean seductively.

She was not done with him yet, and gently pulled him on top of her.

Jed kissed his mother tenderly, their tongues extending out, and they both started grinding their hips together, dry fucking.

Jed lowered his lips to his mum's tits, and licked and sucked them softly.

His mum wrapped her legs around him and started grinding her pussy against his chest.

She was building to another orgasm, and Jed couldn't take it anymore. He needed his cock in her again, even though it had been less than 30 minutes since the last fuck.

He brought his face back level with his mum's, pressed his lips to hers and rolled them both over so she was now on top.

Jed's mum immediately raised herself up, reached behind her, and brought Jed's raging erection to her soaking pussy.

The two lovers locked eyes and Jed reached up to play with her tits as his mum slowly sank down onto his cock.

She paused, enjoying the sensation of her pussy being filled, and slowly raised herself back up.

Jed sat up, so that he could wrap his arms around his mum and kiss her while she rode him.

They both moaned softly into each other's mouths as his mum slowly rode him, her silky pussy sliding up and down his cock.

Soon his mum was breathing heavily, pushed him onto his back, and increased the tempo of her riding.

Jed never failed to be amazed at the site of his mum riding his cock, he absolutely loved it.

Everything from her hair down to her ass drove him wild with lust.

Finally, his mum exploded in yet another orgasm, her hips moving in every direction as her pussy spasmed around his cock.

She slumped forward, exhausted.

Jed pulled his cock out, and gently moved his mum onto her side, facing away from him.

She tucked her legs up near her chest, and Jed moved in behind her, so that they were spooning.

Then, he re-inserted his cock.

His mum moaned dreamily, happy to have his massive cock back inside her.

Jed needed to cum, his balls were aching after the fore-play.

He started pistoning his cock in and out of his mum, the sensual riding replaced by a hard pounding.

He reached around between his mum's legs and started rubbing her clit.

"Ohhhh Jed!! You're going to make me cum again!!" his mum had snapped out of her woozy state and was intent on cumming again.

It took him about 30 seconds before he let loose what felt like a litre of cum into his mum's pussy, and as he came, his mum's pussy started spasming again, and she came with him.

They rode out their respective orgasms together, Jed holding his mum close, before he pulled his limp cock from his mum.

Jed smiled and held his mum tightly, and they both drifted off to sleep.

The two of them woke an hour or so later, absolutely famished.

Jed's mum rolled off his chest and sat up.

"Wanna go for dinner, hun?" she asked sleepily.

Jed rubbed his eyes and said "sure, mum. Where did you have in mind?".

"How about we grab some fish and chips and eat at the beach?" his mum suggested, getting out of bed and putting on a pair of jeans.

"Sounds good to me!" Jed said.

They both got changed and left the house, taking the 10-minute walk to the beach-side fish and chips place. Once they got their food, they found a nice spot together on a quiet stretch of beach further down from the main stretch and settled down on a blanket.

They wolfed down the food, not saying much to one another.

Once the food was finished, Jed's mum rested her head on his shoulder and they cuddled for a few minutes, before Jed turned his head so that his lips brushed his mum's.

She smiled, and they kissed slowly.

After a minute or so, Jed's mum rolled onto her back and pulled Jed on top of her.

The kissing became more intense and she spread her legs so that Jed could grind his crotch against hers.

They started getting into it before Jed remembered where they were.

He pulled away from his mum and sat up, looking around.

A few people were scattered along the beach, but he glanced behind them and noticed the sand dunes.

"C'mon, follow me..." He grinned as he formulated his plan.

Jed got to his feet and dragged is mum towards the dunes.

The sun was beginning to set, casting the dunes in patches of shadow. Jed and his mum settled back down behind a large dune so that they were sheltered from the eyes of strangers walking along the beach.

They resumed their embrace on the blanket, and before long his mum forced his shirt up over his head and discarded it onto the sand next to them. Both her shirt and bra swiftly joined it.

Jed's heart was pounding, the thrill of a public fuck turning him on even more, and he could tell his mum was feeling the same way.

Her jeans were unbuttoned and Jed had his hands inside her undies, stroking her pussy while she was on top of him. She was soaking wet already, and the heat coming off her pussy was unreal.

After 2 minutes of intense foreplay, neither of them could wait any longer.

Jed's mum rolled off and began tugging off her jeans.

Jed whipped off his shorts and undies in one go and rubbed his erect cock.

Mother and son were now naked on the beach together, the evening breeze not cooling the intense passion they felt at that moment.

Jed moved on top of his mum and positioned his cock at the entrance to her pussy.

His mum wrapped her legs around his calves, pulled him down onto her and kissed him hard.

Jed shrugged his hips and his cock surged inside his mum.

He stifled her cry of pleasure with his mouth and she sucked on his tongue as he sawed his cock in and out of his mum's drenched pussy.

They were both lost in a mist of lust and pleasure, drowning out the world around them as they focussed on the intense need between their legs.

His mum came hard and loud, not bothering to remain quiet anymore as she cried out for the world to hear.

Jed pulled out, flipped his mum over onto all fours in front of him, and shoved his cock back inside her pussy.

Her head shot back, and Jed grabbed a fistful of her hair as her ass smacked into his abs over and over as she took his ruthless pounding.

"UGGHH- UGGHH- UGGHH- OH GOD JED I FUCKING LOVE YOUUUU" his mum cried out suddenly.

Jed felt a rumbling in his balls.

He smacked his mum's ass sharply, making her cry out again.

Finally, on Bondi beach, hidden amongst the sand dunes, Jed Thomas gave his mum an extra hard thrust and started cumming inside her pussy.

It was 20 seconds of pure ecstasy for him, as his head fell backwards and he stared up at the heavens while he filled his mum's pussy with his cum.

They both collapsed onto the towel, panting, sweating, and in his mum's case, overflowing with cum.

Remembering where they were, the two incestuous but extremely satisfied couple got dressed and emerged from the dunes.

A few people gave them knowing looks, but the two of them couldn't care less.

It was the most intense sex they had ever had, but Jed's cock was soon craving more.

They had their arms around each other as they strolled home, both smiling happily to themselves.

"That was incredible, hun." His mum said quietly.

Jed pulled her into a hug and whispered in her ear "I need you again. I'm hooked on your pussy, mum."

His mum never refused a good fucking, and this time was no different. Her eyes burned with a desire matching his own.

They hurried back to the apartment, and as his mum closed the door behind them, he gently pushed her against the door and pulled down her jeans.

He kissed her neck and pulled down his shorts hurriedly as his mum urged him on.

His cock explored between her legs and felt the wetness of her pussy that was a mix of both their cum.

Jed raised his mum up slightly and slowly pushed his cock into her for the fifth time that day.

His mum was squashed between Jed and the door, and she started breathing heavily as Jed surged in and out of her slowly.

It was slow, hard fucking and both Jed and his mum breathed dirty talk at each other in between thrusts.

"Baby, I want you to fuck me in the ass." His mum said quietly after a few minutes.

Jed's eyes lit up, and he pulled his cock out of his mum's pussy.

She turned around and sank to her knees, sucking his cock clean and making it extra wet for the tight space it was about to enter.

After a minute she was satisfied with her work, and seeing the look of anticipation on Jed's face, she got to her feet and braced herself against the door again.

Jed had fucked his mum up the butt twice before, but it was still a thrill for the young man.

He pressed his cock against his mum's asshole and rocked it back and forth slowly.

His mum bit her lip and muffled a cry.

Jed turned her head and brought their lips together as his cock finally slithered into his mum's butt and they both moaned softly.

Jed slowly but surely started fucking his mum again, who in turn started feeling less pain and more pleasure.

She had only fucked one or two guys bigger than Jed, but neither of them had gone up her ass.

However, she was soon building another orgasm as she lost herself in the submissive position up against the door with her muscly son manhandling her and fucking her up the ass.

"OH. MY. GOD. OH. MY. GOD." She moaned repeatedly, as Jed reached an intense tempo of pounding.

His mum's tight asshole was giving Jed all the right feelings and his cock was soon ready for another cum.

"I'm gonna fill your ass with my seed!" Jed grunted as he felt his orgasm reach boiling point.

Jed let out a primal roar as his cock exploded inside his mum, who in turn cried out and moaned over and over as she came too.

Jed pulled out and staggered backwards, collapsing onto the couch. He was exhausted.

His mum looked over at him lovingly before gingerly walking to the bathroom to shower.

Later that night, as they cuddled in bed, Jed and his mum reminisced about the sex they had had that day.

The thrill they had both felt pushing their relationship even further into the taboo was such a rush. Even though they still drove each other crazy with lust, both mother and son wanted more.

Jed's eyes suddenly lit up.

"Did I ever tell you about my step-mum...?" he asked his mum, a sexy image forming in his head.

To be continued.

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This was hot!

I was wondering what happened to step-mum?

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Chapter 3!

Dude I fucking love this
So hott!!
When's chapter 3 coming??
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Oh Yes

loving this story, don't stop now please.

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See above.

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