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The Military Wife


I washed my vibrator off and stuck it inside my panty drawer thinking to myself I didn't sign up for this shit. How am I a married woman with three small children and still have the need for a vibrator? Simple. My husband, JD, is in the military, the Air Force to be exact, and he is gone quite a bit. Seems like he is only here long enough to get me pregnant before he is gone again. Don't get me wrong, I love my husband. To death, actually. But I do not enjoy spending countless nights alone. When we are together we really enjoy each other. We have good company, good conversation, and the best sex ever. And while he is gone, we do send pictures, and do some webcam activities, but ain't nothing like the real thing. I am in my early thirties, and I am in my sexual peak! I should be doing it on a regular, not twice in a damn year!

On top of the fact that he is gone quite often, we are stationed here in the middle of nowhere Arizona. Of all places, Arizona. I didn't even know black people lived here. It has really been an adjustment, and this has been the toughest year of our five year marriage. JD got promoted this year, and now he flies quite often. I know this is his dream, and he promised me that after this we could go back farther south where we come from, and that he would be here to help me with these three children we have, but it is still tough. We have two boys, James, Jr. age 5, Mikey, age 3, and one girl, Kia, age 2. So three small children, no dick, living in bumfuck nowhere—something's gotta give! I just was unaware how soon that something was.

The couple that moved into the house across the street was another military, young, black couple like we were. I had been meaning to go over and introduce myself. I see that they had some children, but they were older than my kids. They seemed friendly enough, we always spoke if we passed each other. At this point, I needed to build some type of friendship to keep my sanity. I dressed in my Saturday best, a jogging suit, and picked up the basket I bought from the grocery store the other day to welcome them and introduce myself and the kids. The kids were already ready so we all went out and crossed the street.

I rang the doorbell, holding the basket and Kia at the same time, fussing at James and Mikey to get out of the couple's plants. A child opened the door; he looked to be about 10. I introduced myself and he invited us in and called his mother from the kitchen.

"Hi. My name is Andrea. I live across the street; these are my babies, James, Mikey and Kia. I wanted to introduce myself and welcome you into the neighborhood."

The woman looked at me and smiled. She was a nice looking woman. She had long hair, brown skinned, nice shape, was a little on the thick side but still was shapely, a beautiful smile, and big brown eyes with long lashes. Two dimples adorned her round face, and her demeanor was so pleasant it seemed like I already knew here.

"Hey! I'm Connie. That little rascal that opened the door is my son Tim, and my other son TJ is outside in the back. Let me see these beautiful babies you have."

Before I knew it, we were talking like old friends. She and her husband had been married for eight years, together fifteen. Her husband, Teddy, also flew often leaving her alone. Her oldest son, TJ, was 13 and the youngest Tim, was eleven. She said tried to make a home everywhere she went because it was hard being away from all your family and friends. They had only been in Arizona four months, and he currently was on a six-month deployment. That was shorter than my husband's deployment; he was on a nine-month one. My boys had instantly taking a liking to Tim, while my baby entertained Connie in between our bits of conversation. Neither of us was currently working, and so we made plans for Sunday dinner the next day.

Once I got back home, I realized I enjoyed the outing and the adult conversation. The only thing about Connie that was different was she was very touchy-feely. She touched my hand when she laughed, and she stroked my face and complimented me on my looks, she grabbed my arm when we walked into another room, and she fingered my hair more than once. I wasn't used to that type of behavior, but some people are like that so I let it slide. I looked forward to Sunday dinner.


Over the next few weeks, Connie and I had grown close. Our children enjoyed each other, and late nights we would drink wine and talk about our lives, our men, our children, the military life, everything. She was quickly becoming one of my best girlfriends. Tonight was no different from how it had been the past couple of weeks. We were at her house this weekend (we alternated); the kids were upstairs in Tim's bedroom watching Shrek Forever. Connie and I were downstairs in the den, drinking wine when she bought the topic of sex up.

"Sometimes Andrea, I get so frustrated. It is hard not having your man here to fuck you. I get tired of doing myself. I need some release!"

"Girl, who are you telling? You think I don't know? It is one thing when you don't have a man, but a whole nother thing when you have a man and you can't get none! It's like, why am I married? I love my husband, and would never go to another man, but it is really becoming a struggle! Here I am in the middle of nowhere, with nothing to do but think about my husband fucking me from the back, grabbing my hair, and smacking my ass! I need release too! At least Teddy will be home in two months. JD won't be back for another five months!"

Connie nodded her head in agreement, and looked at me with a look I couldn't describe. It was as if she was contemplating saying something, and decided to go for it. She stared at me hard before she made her next statement.

"Well, maybe we could help each other out until our husbands come back."

"What?" What the hell kind of statement is that? Is she offering for us to do each other?

"Desperate times call for desperate measures. And, don't knock it until you've tried it. I guarantee you will enjoy it. It's just that I have been dealing with this military life for awhile, and it is the only way I can cope. A woman I met while we were stationed in Hawaii turned me on to it, and I swear, it keeps my sanity! It is just a sex thing, and when our husbands come home, we can stop. But the sex is very enjoyable, it is almost as good at being with Teddy. Almost. I know I just dropped a bomb on you. Just give it some thought. You don't have to answer now. If you decide not to do it, then we go on as usual. But I hope for your sake and mine that you give me a chance."

And with that she changed the subject and kept going like she didn't just ask me to lick her pussy! I was stunned at first, then flattered, then embarrassed, and then confused. I decided to end the night and went home. Later, as I rode my vibrator I imagined Connie flickering her tongue over my breast and grabbing my ass. I came so hard it scared me. I started thinking her tongue on my clit would feel a lot better than this vibrator, and her tongue on my nipples would feel better than my fingers, her hands gripping my ass would feel better than me trying to slap my own ass. The thought of her on me made me stroke my pussy to orgasm again. But, I was very nervous about the act actually going down. I knew that I would never tell her it was okay. Connie seemed to know that, because she didn't ask the next time. She took it.


It was a Monday, mid morning. My children were in school and daycare. Connie came by the house like normal. Her boys were also at school. We usually hit up the stores on Mondays, Target, Wal-Mart, Grocery, etc. She came in the door; I was in the kitchen eating a yogurt.

"Hey girl. You ready?"

"Almost, let me finish my breakfast." I turned to face her. She looked fabulous as usual. She had on a long maxi sundress and flip-flops. I had on a baby tee and some jogging pants. I leaned back on the counter, Connie was looking at me like she desired me. It was scary and a turn on all at once. I looked her in the eyes, and before I could break it, she came closer to me.

"Stop fighting me Andrea." She was right in my face now and the next thing I knew she was kissing me gently on the lips.

"No," came out my mouth very, very weakly. I didn't want her to stop, yet I felt that this was wrong. But my body betrayed me. She rubbed her hands gently down my side. Then she slid them up my shirt. I moaned when her fingers went underneath my bra and pinched my nipples. What could I do when she pulled my shirt over my head, removed my bra, and put her full mouth on my titties? What could I do other than grab her head and encourage her to continue? I put no resistance up when she slightly opened my legs with her leg. I damned near screamed when her hand traveled down my stomach into my jogging pants, into my panties, into my wet pussy. I no longer had control over myself. So there was nothing I could do when her finger began stroking my stiff clit, softly, gently. Nothing I could do other than grind my pussy onto her finger. Nothing I could do but open my legs a little more so that her fingers could explore all of me. Nothing I could do but enjoy the sensation of my ass jiggling as I rode her finger. My body had a mind of it's own, and my mind was letting my body take over. Connie looked me in the eyes, and I felt the orgasm tearing through my body starting at my toes. I began to grind hard, fast, as her finger stroked me at the same pace, bringing a river of juices out of my body. She smacked my jiggling ass once, twice, and I came hard. I came so hard I was screaming gibberish, rocking on her finger, with my whole body shaking.

Connie covered my mouth with hers. We kissed with such passion and intensity, that my body, which was calming down from the orgasm, was beginning to heat up again. Without saying a word, she guided me to my bedroom. I removed my pants and panties, as she took off her dress and underclothes. Her body was beautiful. I have always appreciated woman's bodies because we endure so much. We lay down on the bed, kissing, touching. I felt free. I felt like whatever I wanted I would get. I knew I would be completely satisfied when this was over. That is an awesome feeling. Connie opened my legs and situated herself in between them. Our pussies touching each other. She began to rock herself slowly, grinding herself against me. Her clit was swollen, showing her excitement. Any hesitations I had completely left me after the orgasm I had from tribbing our clits. I was very unaware of how rewarding this position was. The wetness between us was such a turn on, that I came fast, hard, and first. After my orgasm, I enjoyed watching the look of ecstasy on Connie's face as she grinded her pussy with purpose until her whole body shook and she was screaming my name.

Did I tell you how free I felt? I really felt good, I mean I felt great. I felt liberated; I had so much release from months of celibacy. I fell into rhythm like I had been doing this all the while. Connie lay me on my back and licked my pussy until my legs went straight, my back arched, my hands gripped the back of her head, and my orgasm sent shock waves through my body, causing me to just scream incoherently. I lay on my back and let Connie ride my face like a horse. I had never ate a pussy before in my life, but I knew what I liked so I applied that to her. Obviously it worked, before I knew it she was bucking like a bronco, grinding so hard I could hardly breathe! She came with such fierceness I fingered my own self and came right with her. She collapsed beside me and we both dozed off, SATISFIED.

I awoke to Connie stroking my clit with her tongue. I was lying on my stomach, and I just opened my legs and let her have this pussy. I grinded into her like I was riding a dick, as she rubbed her hands up and down my legs and across my ass. I turned my head and looked into the mirror on my dresser. What a beautiful sight; two gorgeous women enjoying each other! And with that, I released a river or cum, shaking uncontrollably. The afternoon continued with us tribbing, licking, sucking, stroking, fingering, and playing with vibrators. We would have a session, fall asleep, wake up and start again. It was well after 4p.m. when we decided to call it quits. We had to get back to normal before the kids came home.


Over the next two months, Connie and I got our share of each other! I enjoyed her friendship while the children were around, and I savored her body every time we were alone. Then her husband, Teddy, came home. Our sexcapades were cut down significantly, but Connie always made time to get this pussy to orgasm. Sometimes we had quick fingering sessions, other times we had full-blown sessions. She made sure I was good until my husband came back, three months after hers. Even after he came back, we continued to see each other. We had a standing appointment on Wednesday, our husbands were at work and they thought we were doing a spa day. We were doing each other in a hotel across town. Our husbands quickly became good friends, and we enjoyed many evenings together with and without the kids. Life in bumfuck Arizona was good, turning out way better than I thought it would be. So when the next family moved into the neighborhood, Connie and I decided to go and welcome them. We went over there with the basket we carefully and thoughtfully put together. We knocked on the door and was greeted by a very pretty young woman. She looked to be in her twenties; nice, full, round breasts, creamy caramel skin, round ass on shapely legs, and a cropped curly natural. Her mouth was full, and her eyes had a sleepy look to them. I looked her up and down then looked at Connie with a conspiring grin. Someone to add to our sexcapades? The thought of her was so nice, I felt myself tingling inside. When I looked at her again and realized she was smiling the same conspiring grin we had, I knew it wouldn't be long. A threesome would soon be in effect, and at the thought of it, I opened my mouth and introduced myself.

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