tagFetishThe Milk Maid Ch. 01

The Milk Maid Ch. 01


Chapter 1: Growing

I awoke with a heavy feeling on my chest. Rubbing the sleep from my eyes I looked down to see that I must have grown another cup size this week. The doctor tapped on my cage, "Morning sweetie, it's Monday, time for measurements and hormones."

I groaned, I hated the injections and the first night of each week was always the most painful. I slowly crept to my feet and waited for the doctor to open the cage. He was gentle with me and stroked my hair, kissing me on the cheek before allowing me fifteen minutes to shower and clean myself up.

In the bathroom I examined myself in the mirror, my long blonde hair reached my waist, perhaps the doctor would let me cut it soon. I was slender, I had a tiny frame which made my chest look even bigger. I'd been an A cup when I met the doctor, embarrassed and shy about my flat chest. In the weeks since he'd adopted me I'd grown easily up to a D cup and was now sure I'd be an E cup. My breasts felt fuller and heavier, I liked to hold them in my hands and feel the weight of them.

In the shower I washed my hair and shaved my legs, underarms and pubic hair. The doctor preferred my pussy to be completely shaved and I liked to make him happy. I massaged my breasts and rubbed my clit, feeling the heat rise inside me, building closer and closer to orgasm until the buzzer sounded and I knew it was time to get out and dry myself.

Feeling robbed of my orgasm I dried my body and rubbed the excess water from my hair. The doctor knocked and entered, he was carrying his medical bag and wore a huge grin on his face.

I knew the procedure, I stood facing him with my arms raised above my head, presenting my breasts to him. He cupped them, weighing them mentally in his hands, he rubbed his thumbs over my nipples and I closed my eyes soaking up the pleasure.

Next it was time for measuring; he wrapped the tape measure around me, firstly under my breasts and then over them. "F cups" he declared. I smiled in jubilation, I was even bigger than I thought.

"My little porn star," he chuckled. "How many men would love to get their hands on these?"

"A lot of men," I answered. "But only you are allowed to see them and touch them."

"Good girl," he purred, continuing to rub them.

I stayed in position whilst the doctor prepared the hormone injections, carefully filling up the syringes with the required doses.

"This time next week your breasts should be so big and heavy that you'll prefer to crawl around on all fours rather than stand."

I sighed and closed my eyes again, the pleasure that these words gave me was immense. I pictured myself on my hands and knees with the big swinging breasts hanging beneath me. I hardly noticed the little pinch of the needle penetrating my left breast. I focused my mind on the beautiful mental image I had captured and listened to the doctor's soothing voice.

"This time next week you will begin to lactate, you will be a step closer to becoming my little pet cow."

I almost reached orgasm again, the thought was just too sexy, too much of a turn on. I wanted to be his cow so much. I would be the newest addition to his farm.

I felt the second little pinch as he injected my other breast. Tonight my breasts would be painful, I'd barely sleep from the growing pains but for now I could relax. The doctor always gave me an hour of gentle breast massage after injections.

We walked out of the bathroom into the doctor's bedroom, this was the only time I was allowed in here, the rest of the time I slept in my cage.

"Lie down my sweet."

I did as he requested, I lay on my back, my big firm breasts pointing the ceiling, not flopping to the sides at all. The doctor took my hand in his and slid it down over my belly to my clean, shaved pussy. These last few weeks I'd been allowed to rub myself as he massaged my breasts. I was wet already, my juices had began to flow the second he had told me I was an F cup. As he massaged me I fantasized about becoming his cow, about the day I'd get to wear a bell around my neck. Every time the doctor referred to my breasts as udders I would shiver with excitement.

The pleasure was building, I took my time not wanting to reach climax too soon. I listened to the doctor's voice, listed to the sexy words like 'udders', 'milk', 'lactating' and 'cow' and felt his firm hands kneed at my flesh. I couldn't hold it much longer, I was panting faster and faster. I opened my eyes to stare straight into the doctor's.

"Come." He whispered. And I did.

I'd exploded with ecstasy, my insides pulsating and contracting, juices leaking out of my pussy onto the bed.

Embarrassed I looked up to the doctor once more, but he just smiled before kissing me on the lips. "Change the sheets."

* * *

That night was awful, the pain in my breasts was horrific, it seemed the bigger they got the worse the pain was after injections. Like typical growing pains that all girls get but so much worse. More exaggerated. It was as if I could feel the cells dividing and multiplying, like I could feel the skin stretching and the milk ducts preparing themselves.

* * *

When morning came and the doctor arrived with breakfast I tried to stand but I was so exhausted and my breasts felt so heavy I simply rolled over and crawled to the door. Looking up the doctor seemed elated.

"My little cow," he beamed. "Look at how those udders hang beneath you."

I looked like he asked and was amazed, they were growing so rapidly now, they were swaying beneath me and I'd never felt sexier. Instinctively I crawled to the doctor and reached for his crotch, I wanted to please him, to feel him grow hard in my mouth but he pulled away instantly.

"Not yet sweetie, not until you join the farm, then you will pleasure me and do all the sexual favours I ask of you. You're not ready yet, but soon."

He placed the breakfast tray on the floor. Resigned, I looked down at it, the glass of water was now replaced by a water bowl. I was expected to slurp it up like an animal, I guessed that any other girl would be horrified, that I should feel oppressed and degraded but I didn't, this meant I was doing good, now I was on all fours I'd never walk upright again. I lowered my head and began to lap up the water, my udders resting on the cold floor, my nipples rock hard.

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