The Milkman's Kashmiri Wife


"One time while in school, I let it grow a little bit. Yes, it was brown, silky and curly. And it looked good; but my mother made me shave it. In our village, all the girls shave their pussies."

We both went to the bathroom, and Yasmeen first washed my cock very lovingly and then her pussy by inserting her fingers inside. We dried ourselves and walked naked to the kitchen, and drank some warm milk.

"My God! Saheb, I have never ever walked naked; not even in my own bedroom. You are a magic man; see what you have done to me."

"Well, it's the magic of pussy licking that has made you so relaxed. I will lick it again for a long time and make you cum well. Yasmeen, have you had multiple orgasms?"

"What are multiple orgasms, saheb?"

"Yasmeen, multiple orgasms are a series of regular orgasms that you experience in rapid succession. After one orgasm, the feeling subsides partially and then builds up again and you have another orgasm just as good and strong as the first. As the second orgasm dies down, the third one is on its way, builds up and you have a third good orgasm. As long as I keep stimulating you non-stop, by licking your pussy or fucking you hard, the orgasms will keep on coming. Some women have four, five, six orgasms one after the other and then rest for a while. Then they start all over again."

"Oh wow! Sounds exciting! Gopal fucks me about twice a month, and sometimes ejaculates prematurely. This leaves me frustrated and unsatisfied. I satisfy myself by masturbating using my fingers, a banana or some other smooth vegetables."

"Yasmeen, from now on, I will lick your pussy and fuck you regularly. We can do it here when no one is around, or at your house when Gopal is away."

"Saheb, you are handsome and for months I wanted you to fuck me, but was afraid."

I laughed, "Same here, Yasmeen. I used to masturbate thinking of you and shoot my semen all over the bathroom floor."

She laughed, "I like to see that. I have never seen a man masturbate and the semen shoot out. How does it shoot out? Will you show me?"

"I can show you right now. You can masturbate me, make me cum, and see it shoot out."

"No, no, no! You can show me that when I have my period and I can't fuck you. And I promise I will suck you off too. Now I want you to lick me again and fuck me. I want you to shoot your cum inside me. You got me all excited by this ‘multiple orgasms' talk. I want to experience that. And after that I promise, I will give you something that will drive you crazy and you will never forget."

I liked the idea of her jerking me off and sucking me when she had her period and she couldn't fuck. Yasmeen was not just beautiful, she was a smart girl too.

We took some milk cream with us and went back to the bedroom. I turned on the stereo to some soft instrumental music, she lay on the bed, and we both kissed. I played with her big firm boobs and teased her hard nipples and then sucked them. Then I poured a little cream on her nipples, watch it run down her boobs and quickly licked it. Yasmeen found this outlandish, and covered her face with her hands.

I poured some more on her tummy and again licked it all up, and then proceeded to her temple of love. She put her legs together and the cream formed a nice puddle right at her pussy mound. I stuck my tongue in there and licked it all dry as she squirmed, wriggled, giggled and moaned. She parted her legs and I started to run my tongue up and down and also from side to side punctuated by her loud moans. Licking her smooth white pussy covered with cream, was a very arousing and exciting experience for us both.

"Oh, Saheb! This is great! So lovely!" ("Bahut majaa hai saheb!") She moaned as I licked her wet pussy. Now I was drinking cream mixed with her delicious pussy juices. I was in heaven!

I took her swollen clitoris in my mouth and sucked it gently, with an in and out motion.

Yasmeen screamed, "Uuuuuuuuiiiiiiiiiii… Bhagwan! Ooooooohhhhhhhhh…! Ooooooohhhhhhhhh…! Saheb, this feels great, keep doing it, more, more." ("Saheb, yeh bahut aacha hai, aur karo, aur karo.") And she started to move her pelvis and fuck my face.

The stereo was playing Ravel's "Bolero" and Yasmeen was getting hornier and hornier.

She cried, "Ooooohhhhh…! Ooooohhhhh mere saheb! Oh! Oh! Lick faster saheb. Uuuuuuuuiiiiiiiiiii… Bhagwan! Ooooooohhhhhhhhh…! Uuuuunnnnnhhhhh…! I'm cumming! I'm cuuummmmmiiiinnnggggg…!" ("Zor se karo saheb!") And with a strong upward jerk, she squirted her pussy juices right into my mouth.

I licked and sucked her pussy dry, and drank every drop of her warm sweet tasting pussy juice. Her entire pussy, labia, inner lips, and clitoris were quite engorged, swollen and looked reddish from my sucking and massaging. I continued gently licking her pussy lips and clitoris and Yasmeen's moans grew louder. She was well on her way to her second orgasm.

"This is great! So lovely! Saheb, saheb, keep going saheb! Don't stop!" ("Yeh bahut majaa hai saheb! Saheb, aur karo, aur karo!")

I continued my licking giving her full strokes that started from the area just below her vagina all the way to the tip of her clitoris where I lingered a little longer. Yasmeen was delirious with pleasure.

"Faster, saheb! Faster, I'm getting another one! Keep going! Don't stop! Don't stop!"

I licked her pussy faster and faster and felt her hands on my head, grinding her pussy against my head as she fucked my face. I felt her pussy muscles spasm; I concentrated on her clit, trapped it firmly between my lips, and sucked it in and out of my mouth.

Yasmeen screamed, "Uuuuuuuiiiiiiiiiiii… Bhagwaaaaann…! Uuuuunnnnnhhhhh…! I'm cumming! I'm cuuummmmmiiiinnnggggg…! Ooooooohhhhhhhhh saheb!" squeezed her pussy and squirted her juices on my tongue and into my mouth.

I swallowed all her pussy juices, a large amount this time, and slowed down a little, but didn't stop my licking. I licked her pussy gently at a slower pace to build up her passion.

Yasmeen looked at me, patted my head and said, "That was great! Two in a row! How wonderful! You are a magic man, saheb."

I smiled, continued licking her pussy, and traced patterns all over her pussy. She was getting ready for her third orgasm. She looked at me and said, "Go a little slower. I'm feeling nice; I want it for a long time. This feels so much better than fucking!"

Wow! This was great! Yasmeen was now fully into getting her pussy licked.

I slowed down and gently licked her outer labia all around, placed my tongue right in between her inner lips and licked her vaginal entrance. I rolled my tongue into a U-shape and tongue fucked her. She loved it and she started her pelvic movements. I licked her pussy gently for over ten minutes and then her movements got faster. Her body jerked and her pussy muscles spasmmed. She was about to orgasm. I licked her harder and faster and stayed on her blood engorged reddish clit.

Yasmeen screamed, "Uuuuuuuiiiiiiiiiiii… Bhagwaaannnn…! Uuuuunnnnnhhhhh…! I'm cuuummmmmiiiinnnggggg…! Don't stop! Don't stop!" I licked faster and again swallowed all her pussy sweet juices.

"Saheb, now I know what multiple orgasms are! Wow! They are terrific! Come, let's go and wash up."

We went to the bathroom together, and she washed my pre-cum covered cock. We went back to the bedroom.

Yasmeen commanded, "Lie down saheb. Now, let me show you what I can do."

She picked up the cup of cream, pulled my foreskin down completely, and poured some cream on the bulbous head of my reddish, erect cock. She giggled and licked the reddish head dripping with white cream. Then she did it again.

Yasmeen circled the base of my cock firmly with her hand. She gently licked my glans with her tongue and got it nice and wet. She started to lick up and down the length of my cock shaft. It felt great. She kissed and licked all around my cock, my inner thighs, and my testicles. She slowly licked up my shaft back towards my glans. Again she used her tongue to lick around the glans, especially on the split on the underside of my glans. She played with my testicles with her other hand, giving them an occasional gentle squeeze and a teasing lick.

She took the mushroom head of my cock, put it in her mouth, played with her tongue on it for a while, and then took the entire length of my cock in her mouth, choked, giggled, and then started to go up and down on the shaft. She loved the reddish head, licked it, and fucked it with her lips.

"Wow! Yasmeen, this is terrific! Darling, where did you learn to do this so well?"

"My husband makes me do this once in a while; but he has never licked my pussy. Until today, I didn't even know that men licked pussy! It's so lovely!"

"Yasmeen, this is so wonderful."

"Enjoy, saheb! You gave me so much pleasure; now it is your turn to enjoy. Do men get multiple orgasms?"

She was serious. I laughed, "I don't think so, sweetheart, even though I have read about the subject. It may be a woman's exclusive pleasure."

"Saheb, you want this for a long time? Or do you want to cum quickly?"

"Yasmeen, you are doing this so well; yes, I want it for a long time. I want it to last forever." I laughed and Yasmeen giggled.

Yasmeen took my cock out, "Saheb, please don't make me laugh when I am doing this."

"OK darling, I'll try not to cum too quickly. However, you are so beautiful, and your lips feel so good around my cock, I don't know how long I will last."

"OK saheb, I will go a little slower. Just tell me when you want me to go faster."

She resumed licking my glans and then moved to the underside of my cock just below the head. She licked the underside of my cock, stroked the shaft with one hand, and gently caressed my balls with the other hand. She kept licking the underside until she saw a dew drop of pre-cum form at the tip. She smiled and licked it.

"A little salty, but I like this taste," she said.

She continued to lick the top of my glans. She took the entire glans between her lips and into her mouth. I felt her tongue circle all around and caress the entire head. Then she started to suck my cock head. It felt great and I was surprised to feel the head get bigger. She felt it too and started to suck harder and take my cock deeper into her mouth. Her lips were firmly down my shaft and I wondered how much more she could take it down her throat.

"Yasmeen, darling, do you know how to ‘deep throat'?"

"Of course, saheb. I will keep that for later when you are ready to cum. I was fantasizing about you, and practiced using a banana. Sometimes when I am tired, I do that for Gopal when I want him to cum quickly, so that I can go to sleep."

"Well, do it slow for now. You are so beautiful, Yasmeen."

She resumed licking the shaft and the head, and caressing my balls with her other hand, teasing me with a little licking occasionally. Yasmeen was so good at this, that in about six minutes I felt my tension mount as I moaned softly.

"OK darling, now try the deep throat technique."

Yasmeen nodded and took my entire cock into her mouth until her lips were around the base of my cock. Oh my God! The feeling and pleasure were sensational! I could feel my glans hit the back of her throat. She withdrew my cock, licked the glans and repeated the maneuver.

"Oh, honey, this is terrific! Oh my God! Yasmeen, you are incredible!"

She continued her deep throating movements and gave me about eight rapid deep strokes. I felt my testicles rise upwards, and knew that I would ejaculate within seconds. She continued her deep throating. I was in heaven! My cock became stiffer and I started jerking my body. Yasmeen felt my cock enlarge and stiffen, saw my balls rise upwards, and knew all the signs of a man about to ejaculate. She got more and more excited, stroked my cock with her lips faster and faster, moaned "Uuummmhhh! Uuummmhhh! Uuuuuummmmmhhhh…!" and became very aroused.

I screamed, "Yasmeen! Yasmeen! I'm cumming! Yasmeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnn…! Ooooooohhhhhhhhh… Yasmeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnn…!" and I shot my sperm in several strong spurts deep into her mouth, all of it going straight down her throat.

She climaxed during my ejaculation and squeezed my cock.

She screamed, "Uuuuunnnnnhhhhh…!" and had an orgasm when she felt my pulsating ejaculation and my cum stream hit the back of her throat. She sucked harder and faster during my entire ejaculation and swallowed every drop of my semen. After I finished ejaculating, she continued her sucking movements for a while until I told her to stop.

She looked at me, "I like to do this for you. I just love to suck your cock. You have given me so much pleasure; I will be the best girl that you ever had in your life."

"Saheb, this is the first time in my life that I had an orgasm while sucking cock. And saheb, how come your cock milk is sweet and not salty?" ("Saheb, aapka lund ka dhooth khara nahin; thoda meeta hain; kaisa? ")

I replied, "Yasmeen, baby, I ate some pineapple yesterday, in preparation for you. Therefore my semen tastes good." ("Yasmeen bheti, khal mein pineapple khaya; isee leye mera dhooth thoda meeta hain.")

We lay down, held each other, kissed, and rested. Yasmeen would never forget this experience! She was still horny and wanted more. She was no longer shy.

She ran her fingers through my hair and requested me, "Saheb, please fuck me one more time. Then I will go home." ("Saheb, mujhe aur ek dafa chodo. Phir mei ghar jaoongi.")

"OK darling, we already tried missionary and cowgirl; let's try another position. Do you like doggy?"

"I don't know any other positions, saheb. What position is doggy?"

"It's the way animals have sex; you have seen dogs do it haven't you?"

She giggled, "Oh, now I know. OK let's try it."

I asked her to come to the edge of the bed and go down on her hands and knees, with her butt slightly raised up. She giggled, moved over, and quickly got the idea.

Her pussy was still wet from her orgasm during cock sucking and swallowing. I stood on the floor, poised my cock at her partially open pussy lips and entered her with one swift movement and gave her a few rapid in and out strokes.

"Aaaaaahhhhhh…!" she exclaimed "This is great! I didn't even know about this position. The women in our Kashmir village don't talk about such things."

"Now darling Yasmeen, it is your turn to tell me how you want it; fast or slow?"

"Saheb, I want multiple orgasms again. I don't care if my pussy is sore tomorrow. If Gopal wants sex, I will suck him off. Now just fuck me. Fuck me good and hard."

I thought to myself ‘If she wants multiple orgasms, I'll give her multiple orgasms' and continued thrusting into her hot, tight pussy. I adjusted the depth of my strokes such that my bulbous mushroom glans would provide direct stimulation to her G-Spot. She felt the tremendous increase in her level of pleasure, but did not know why.

She cried, "Ooooooohhhhhhhhh…! Saheb, you are going to kill me with your stiff cock!"

I was very aroused by all her moans and cries of pleasure, and fucked her harder and faster. My cock began to hurt a little bit, but since this was our first time together, I was determined to give her a good hard fucking that she will always remember. I reached over and squeezed her boobs with one hand, and massaged her erect penis-like clitoris with the other hand. My cock going in and out of her pussy, the G-Spot stimulation, and my clit massage was too much for her.

In five minutes, Yasmeen cried, "Uuuuuuuiiiiiiiiiiii… Bhagwaaannnn…! Mohan saheb, my rajah! Don't stop! Uuuuunnnnnhhhhh…! I'm cuuummmmmiiiinnnggggg…!"

I slowed down my pace a little bit, but continued to fuck her. We kept going for another couple of minutes and I felt her tension mount. She turned around and looked at me.

"Saheb, keep going. Keep going. I'm getting another one. Oh Bhagwaaannnn…! Bhagwaaannnn…!" and had her second orgasm.

I asked her "Yasmeen, you want more baby?"

"Yes, yes. Just fuck me. Just one more, pleeeeeeeezzzzz…"

Yasmeen enjoyed every minute of this hard fucking, and I wondered how much more she wanted. For that matter, I was concerned as to how long I would last!

After a couple of minutes more of this hard pounding, she screamed, "Fuck me harder! Harder darling! Oh Bhagwaaannnn…! I'm cumming! Fuck mmmmmeeeeeeeeeee…! I'm cuuummmmmiiiinnnggggg…!"

Her pussy tightened on my cock, and held it in a vise like grip. Her pussy muscles spasmmed a few times, and once again, I felt the rush of her hot cum on my cock. I held her tightly and fucked her with some very fast strokes. My body jerked, and my cock enlarged and stiffened.

I screamed, "Oh God! Yasmeen! Fuck me baby! Fuck me harder! Oh Yasmeen…! Yasmeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnn…! Yasmeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnn…!" and shot my semen deep into her burning cunt. I continued to stroke her for another minute and then pulled my cock out. Yasmeen instinctively grabbed it, licked the head and put my cock in her mouth right down to the hilt. She pulled it out of her mouth and gave it some rapid licks.

"Saheb, now what do you think of Kashmiri girls?"

"If they are all like you, it must be paradise. You are the best, my darling."

We washed up, put our clothes back on, and I kissed Yasmeen before she went home.

Milk delivery will never be the same!

Yasmeen and I continued our amorous activities, sometimes at her house while her husband was away, and sometimes at Monica's house when everyone was away. She let her pussy hair grow. As expected, it turned into a glorious, silky, copper-colored, luxurious bush. One day, she neatly trimmed it around the sides, shaped the top like butterfly wings and showed it to me. My excitement was so great that when I fucked her, I ejaculated within three minutes during my first shot. My second shot lasted for more than fifteen minutes.

We continued our activities with some interesting group episodes (watch for the sequel involving Yasmeen, Monica and some girls at the pen factory) for a few more years until my graduation from engineering college, after which I moved to the big city of Mumbai and had new experiences. I miss Yasmeen very much!

End of this episode.

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