tagBDSMThe Millers Ch. 12

The Millers Ch. 12


Wow, I can't believe I lost it like that. I flat out knocked Kayla out with one open handed fist to the side of her pretty little head. I could almost picture the cartoon birdies flying around her head in a circle as she lay there out cold. I used some chloroform to keep her out. I had to act fast but in my mind I had practiced this over and over again.

Made my phone call to my accomplice and awaited his arrival. I packed her stuff as quickly as I could leaving not a sock behind. I printed up the note that Robby would find upon his return telling him that she had had enough and had left him for someone way more worthy of her love and hot body.

My stuff was also packed and loaded into my car. I didn't think that Kayla would need it anytime soon plus I missed driving my car.

My accomplice arrived and backed into the garage and I closed the door. We loaded the bitch into the trunk ensuring her hands and feet were tied and mouth secured in case she woke up. The adrenaline I felt was as if we were on one of those murder mystery shows except without the murder of course. I mean I hate her and all but that would be too much. Besides she needed to feel what I felt for the last six months.

I locked up the house, note left for Robby by her and another one left by me. Kayla's note telling him she was leaving him and not to bother trying to find her. My note letting him know that I had decided my next step as I started my new life not being a slave/submissive. I wished him well and told him I loved him.

Fast forward a month ahead. . .

Kayla woke up, head aching a bit due to hunger pangs she was still getting used to. Only five more pounds before he will let me eat she thought to herself. Why did I ever do that to her? She wondered. Her body was still getting used to her new surroundings and new diet. Pale as a ghost due to lack of sunlight, once powerful and tight body now surviving off of it's muscle for seven more days before she gets to have food again she hopes.

She looked at the wall and saw her reflection. . . she had no choice except to see her reflection as the walls were mirrored floor to ceiling. Her hair was starting to grow back, not knowing what the hell happened to her long brown locks of beautiful hair she once donned. GI Jane look was still a good one for her. She would continue to work out once she was again allowed to eat food necessary to help her with her workouts.

She was finally getting used to her new "friends" Carl and three other of the grandpa gang. These are her new "handlers." She was struggling a bit with her new surroundings though. Once having a full wardrobe with nice clothes now relegated to a fresh oversized tee shirt once a week. At least she had soap and wash clothes and toothpaste and brush to keep her somewhat dignified. The grandpa's didn't want to be fucking and getting head from a nasty skank so they made sure she had the basics.

Her holding pen was slightly more comfortable than the ones that Ciara was kept in. At least this one had a toilet and sink as well as a mattress that Kayla could reach at the end of her 12 foot chain that tethered her ankle to her "bedroom" prison that she would very possibly spend the next 11 months in as no one knew she was missing.

Master Carl had shown her the contract she signed although she swears she doesn't remember signing it. Only 11 more months of servitude to the Grandpa Brigade she thought to herself as she fought back the tears. "Fuck those tears" she had flashbacks of all the horrible things she had said or did to Ciara.

After three weeks it was starting to set in that Robby wasn't coming for her. He knew the grandpas and still didn't come to her rescue. Why didn't he come looking for her? She wondered.

Kayla was now going to find out what it is like to have no freedom. She would learn to love the grandpas as they treated Ciara pretty well. Most of them just old perverts who like to get their rocks off once in awhile.

Meanwhile on the South side of the state Robby was into his new life with his new lover. Ever since his parents had divorced he had been in close contact with his Mom and they were living together enjoying each others minds, bodies and souls. There is something about the bond between a Mother and her first born especially if it's a Son.

Ciara also found her only true love. Just as there is nothing like the love between a Mother and her Son, likewise there is equally nothing like the love between a Father and his precious Daughter. Ciara and her Father were living as lovers just as Robby and his Mommy were. Parents were both fixed so no cyclops kids would be part of this unconventional family.

Fast forward ahead five more months and Carl receives an email from an unknown address giving him the plan on how to spring Kayla from her prison without him and the gang getting caught. An eye for an eye Ciara thought to herself.

Hard lessons learned. Follow up by Ciara found out that Kayla had indeed returned to her hometown and was settling in as a college student.

Ciara and her daddy traveled the country in an RV seeing all there was to see. They became nudists and spent time at nudist resorts with like minded families who share a special kind of love for each other.

The End

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