tagHumor & SatireThe Miller's Daughter

The Miller's Daughter

byLady Malachite©

Once there was a miller who, like most men of his time period, was prone to view his wife and daughter as property, and so the womenfolk of his household, free-spirited though they were, felt themselves to be objects for his amusement. It was also important for this man that his incredibly sexy daughter, Maria, be a virgin, as if the lining that kept her vagina from use was a commodity to sell as he chose. So, despite much temptation and his daughter's dismay, the miller never once touched his beautiful and pious daughter but instead tied her to the bed while his wife and him had kinky sex all night in various positions and with various perverse contraptions.

As the miller grew older and his stamina grew less and less, he found himself unable to keep up with the work of running the mill after sleepless nights of kinky sex. His womenfolk had little education except as sex slaves. So, little by little, his family fell into poverty.

Fortunately, as a small child, Maria had found a book of sex magic hidden behind the cabinet that held her father's sex toys, and had become quite a fine sorceress, practicing her various magic spells quietly as her parents busied themselves at night.

On the day of her eighteenth birthday Maria sat under the large apple tree, eating a ripe, juicy apple what was to be her nourishment for the day, her long black hair tied in a knot at the back of her head. She nibbled at her breakfast as she tried to find a spell that would save her family from starvation. As she sat, she played with her tight little nipples, rubbing them first clockwise and then counterclockwise, with quick little motions and then with long protracted ones, until she became quite lost in the sensation. She awoke to find the world around her hazy, as though a dense fog had settled around the property while she had been sleeping.

Suddenly, out of the haze, a tall woman with very large breasts and red ringlets of hair that cascaded down to her ankles approached her and bent down, slowly lapping the juice that issued forth from Maria's virgin hole. The pleasure was so intense that Maria could hardly stand it, but at the same time, she couldn't stand for it to stop.

"You summoned me from Hell to make a bargain with you," the red-haired figure said, stopping to look at Maria from between her legs. "If you allow me to continue pleasuring you, the bargain will be sealed and your wish will be granted. Do you want me to continue?"

"Oh, for God's sake, yes!" Maria gasped, parting her legs even further. "I think I'll die if you stop!" The red-haired figure cringed when Maria spoke the name of God, but recovered quickly and returned her tongue to the miller's daughter's pussy. The woman was very skilled at eating pussy and Maria quickly orgasmed, writhing on the grass below the apple-tree, a puddle of juices running temptingly down her inner thighs and leaving a golden stain on the grass. The red-haired woman removed her head from between Maria's sopping wet legs, her mouth completely filled with the younger woman's juices and kissed Maria on the lips, opening her mouth slightly and pushing the contents down Maria's throat, who moaned slightly, savoring the taste. The red-haired woman smiled, the ringlets of her hair dancing in the sunlight.

"As long as you can keep that golden grass safe, your family will be rich and your house will be full of all the minced pies and delicious food you could wish for. But when the grass dies, I'm going to cart you off to Hell to be my sex slave, and you will have to service me and all my minions for all eternity!"

"Oh, I don't want to go to Hell, even if I can eat all the pussy and suck all the cock in the world!" Maria cried. "I have been a pious woman all my life! What would my father think? He's raised me to be such a good little girl!"

"And that's why you'll make such a good sex slave," the woman laughed, tossing her red curls seductively. "I intend to make you want me, one way or another. But for your family's sake, I suggest you tend to that grass a little longer." She pinched Maria's cute little bottom and then disappeared into a cloud of black smoke, leaving behind no trace that she had ever existed.

"This is not good!" Maria exclaimed, straightening her skirt, her sopping wet pussy still sensitive to the touch. "That woman must have been the Devil, and I just sold myself to her, body and soul, for nothing more than money!" And then she began to cry and her tears landed on the golden grass. Maria was afraid the bitterness of her tears would kill the grass and send her to Hell, and so, though the she was still very dismayed, she walked home, rubbing her legs together to try to control her burning pussy.

When she opened the door, her mother ran to her and hugged her, taking in her spoiled dress and sensitive nipples.

"Dearest child, when you left me to sweep outside, the house was barren and there wasn't any food to eat, and suddenly, everywhere I look, freshly baked meat pie! It is a miracle! God has blessed up for your piety!"

"Oh, if only that were so!" the daughter cried. "I have made a pact with the Devil! I sold her my body to satisfy her lust!"

"Dear child, what is the harm of that?" the mother said, holding her close. "Through your sacrifice you have saved your family from starvation. And there must be a way to reverse your contract with the Devil."

"Oh, only if there was!" Maria cried. "She told me that she would cart me away to Hell the moment the golden grass beneath the tree faded. And surely, even the hardiest grass in the world wouldn't survive a winter here."

"Then you must pray," the mother said. "Ask God not to hold you to such a bargain. Surely, such a sacrifice for so pure a cause cannot be punishable in the eyes of the Lord! Take heart, Maria."

"We need to protect that golden grass!" Maria exclaimed.

"The Lord will provide, Maria. Make yourself holy in his eyes, and no deal with the Devil can touch you. You must keep yourself clean. Avoid touching yourself between the legs or with lustful intent. Live a righteous life, Maria! Fear the Lord and he will provide!" her mother said, digging greedily into a meat pie.

"Yes, Mother," Maria replied, puffing up her chest bravely, and though her pussy burned with desire like never before, she set her mind to other things.

At her mother's urging, the family built a little altar behind their cottage, where Maria would spend her day kneeing in prayer, dressed in delicate white dresses. She washed herself three times a day, taking great care to make sure the more sensitive parts of her anatomy were as clean as possible at all times, while touching them as little as possible in the process, and forcefully banishing any lustful thoughts from her mind while she was washing. Her book of magic spells was once again hidden behind the cabinet, so as to keep her from temptation.

Every night, as she slept with her parents, tied up in their only family bed, and heard the sound of their lovemaking, she would moan, her hips thrusting uncontrollably against her bindings. This made Maria very self-conscious, and she did everything she could to stop it. She put pillows behind her back so that her body wouldn't have room to move against her restraints. She tried thinking of other things, of Hell and the fate that would meet her there if she didn't behave the way her mother wanted her to, but that only served to make her even more desperate.

Every morning, she would eat just enough meat pie that her stomach wouldn't growl while she prayed at the altar. She didn't want God to think of her as a glutton. When winter came, Maria put a tarp over the grass to protect it from the cold, but still the Devil smiled at her and told her that she would have her in due time. The Devil pinched the nipples of the daughter's supple breasts while she spoke to her, making Maria squirm with forbidden desire and press her legs together tightly. She knew that the Devil was right, she could not hold back forever.

Then one night, demons snuck into the miller's cottage and made their way to the place where Maria slept to try to have their way with her. Maria was sleeping fitfully, her mind tormented by kinky dreams. The fiends had just hiked up her cotton nightgown and had their hot cocks at the entrance of her sopping wet and devilishly egger pussy, ready to test her long-fought virginity, when Maria woke up with a start and chanted a prayer that banished them.

"That was close!" Maria said, wiping her brow on the pillow, for her hands were restrained. "The Devil must be getting desperate!" From that moment on, she was extra careful. When she woke up the next morning, she asked her sex-worn father to make her a golden chastity belt. The thought aroused him quite a bit, and his limp body sprung into action. He worked all day, melting down the golden coils that filled the chests of the house while his pious daughter knelt in prayer, trying to ignore the raging fire in her loins. This was very hard because her heels, animated by a will more powerful than her own, seemed to always find their way underneath her pussy, which caused her to moan in pleasure.

Maria was so relieved when her father appeared at the altar, carrying her new chastity belt, that she nearly came on the spot. Smiling guiltily, she stepped closer to her father, her pussy overflowing with juices which ran down her legs. Her father gasped, his cock nearly leaping out of his pants, and he was so tempted by the juices that so liberally sprung from the crotch of his only child, that he began to lick them all up. He started at his daughter's ankle, and when she shuddered from the touch, he almost spilled his load. When his tongue traveled up her leg, she barely had the power to struggle, and when she felt the dampness of his tongue touch her clit, she moaned and writhed uncontrollably. And try though she might to suppress the incredible orgasm that overtook her, she felt its warmth course through her body, making her dizzy and weak at the knees. Her father pulled away from her, looking embarrassed, and Maria rushed off to the river in tears to bathe her despoiled pussy.

She came back hours later, her crotch rubbed raw from the cleaning that was never quite enough to make her feel clean. After she prayed at the altar for a while, making sure to ask God forgiveness for the sin of incest and desire, she returned to her father, in bed with his wife, who was lying on her back with her legs spread apart by the miller who was slamming his cock in and out off her at amazing speed, and asked him to please place her in her chastity belt. She had to wait while her parents finished fucking. Her mother moaned loudly while her father grunted. When her father reached climax, her mother squealed in pleasure and thrashed her hips so that cum squirted out of her pussy and landed on her daughter's face and lips. Maria touched the white substance on her face with total terror and disbelief. She rushed straight back to the river to wash the sticky substance from her body. Then she spent the night in prayer.

In the morning she touched no food, and though her stomach growled and her pussy drooled, she would give herself no relief. Two prayer-filled, sleepless nights later, she stole into her parents' cottage and carefully slipped the chastity belt into place. The cold of the metal felt good against the skin of her burning pussy, and she rushed back to the river for yet another ritual cleaning. From that moment on, no matter how much her crotch flamed, no evil demon or careless father could drive her to sin, and for a time that eased her heart, though it did nothing to ease the burning.

The weather became colder and colder, until the snow that fell to the ground grew into great piles and it became difficult to leave the house. But still, Maria set out in her white dress and cut through the ice to bathe in the frozen river. And still, she trudged up to the altar to kneel in prayer, taking great care to avoid sitting on her heels.

Maria awoke one night with a sudden shock, and though there were no demons trying to use her burning body for pleasure, she could not make herself become easy. Her breath tore from her in great rugged gasps and the world burned red around her. In a panic she rushed from the house in her night clothes, her chastity belt rubbing against her sopping wet crotch as she ran. When she got to the apple-tree, she crumpled to the ground and began to weep, because the golden grass, buried under the tarp and an inch of snow, was now brown and withered. Her sorrow overtook her as she continued to cry, grieving over her lost life and freedom. All her sacrifice had been for naught. She could no longer be holy and pure, she was the Devil's property.

She felt a warm hand on her shoulder and saw the Devil standing over her, her hair pinned elegantly on top of her head, leaving a little red coil that kissed her face seductively. Maria continued to cry as the Devil, wearing a corset and man's pants, stood silent, still touching her. This continued for several minutes, as though by continuing to sob Maria could somehow change her pitiable fate. Finally, it was the Devil that broke the silence.

"I don't see the point of torturing yourself the way you have been these last months," the red-haired woman said, her voice full of amusement. Her breasts, exposed by the corset she was wearing, were heaving seductively as she spoke. "After all the pleasure I tried to show you, the gold, the minced pies, the hot sex with well-endowed demons, you still wish to abandon your passion for piety. You really are a pervert!"

"Please, if you have any mercy, let me go. I'll become a pauper, live on nothing more than charity! I need to live a holy life. I need to be free from the temptation of Hell! Please, how can I abandon everything I've been taught to believe? Please, I know I made a bargain with you, no matter how unwittingly, but please don't ask me to keep it!"

"Just go," the Devil said, waving her hand lazily. "Be a pauper. Live on charity. Be miserable for your holiness." So Maria ran as fast as her skinny legs could carry her. But before she was out of earshot, the Devil called to her. "But you cannot escape me! You will want me sooner or later."

Maria walked all day in her night clothes, her bare feet frozen by the snow, until night fell and she could go no further. Then she came to a castle surrounded by a royal garden, and by the shimmering of the moon she saw that trees covered with beautiful fruits grew in it. But she could not enter, for the garden was surrounded by water. But then, out of the middle of the water, a blond figure with a beautiful golden glow rose, naked and dripping temptingly with water.

"Please, I'm dying of hunger and cold. Won't you please let me in, and let me eat of the trees in the garden and sleep on the floor of the kitchen?" begged Maria. The very sexy woman shrugged.

"Honestly, this castle's not really mine," she confided. "I'm the Nymph Queen. I'm just visiting. The ladies of the palace are having an orgy, so they invited me and my nymphs and satyrs to make the celebration a little more festive. I felt something really horny outside the castle while I was fucking three satyrs with cocks the size of tree trunks and orally pleasuring one of the king's lovely sisters, and so I just had to steal away to get a look at it." She gave Maria a quick look-over, taking in at once the white night gown and the chastity belt beneath it. "It was you, wasn't it? You look a little frigid."

"Oh, please, won't you help me? I am freezing and starving!"

"I could use my sway over the king's mother to find you a job in the kitchen, but this castle doesn't really need any more frigid people. I mean, the king is frigid enough. We had to kick him out of the castle before we could have our orgy. I think his mother said she really wanted a cloak made out of dragon skin or something ridiculous like that. It will take months before he realizes there's no such thing as dragons and comes home, and by that time the castle will be orgied out already."

"Oh, please, you seem like such a kind and generous person! You must know much of charity and compassion. I'm a hard worker, though completely unskilled in anything but prayer, there must be some use of me that you could make!"

"Go down on me for three hours straight and I'll consider it," the Nymph Queen said, pointing her beautiful pussy at the miller's daughter.

"I beg your pardon?" Maria gasped, completely taken aback as juices dripped out of the nymph's juicy pussy.

"Go down on me for three hours straight and I'll consider asking the queen to find you a job in the kitchens."

"What do you mean 'go down on you?'" Maria gasped, her eyes never leaving the naked crotch of the Nymph Queen.

"Oh, man, you are frigid!" the naked woman laughed, splashing in the pool in her excitement. "I want you to pleasure me with your tongue," she explained, plunging a finger into her damp pussy and removing it, examining the film of fluid on her fingers, before returning them between her legs to rub little circles around her clit. Maria's crotch began to burn as she watched the Nymph Queen pleasuring herself, so immune to the eyes of God that watched in heaven.

"I can't do that!" Maria said, even though she still couldn't get her eyes off the nymph's beautiful pussy. "I'm a pious woman!"

"Oh, I think you could manage," the Nymph Queen said smugly. "I know myself to be quite agreeable down there. No one has ever been sorry to have to lick my pussy!"

"By the eyes of God are watching us!" Maria cried.

"Well then, let's give him a good show!" the nymph said, wrapping her legs firmly around Maria's head so that the miller's daughter was barely able to breathe. "Now lick!" Maria was so horny and so hungry that she ravished the nymph queen's pussy, licking and sucking and using her jaw, drinking the juices that flowed freely from the nymph's pussy as though they were the elixir of life. Perhaps they were, because as she continued to suck and nibble, Maria found herself feeling much warmer and happier than she could remember being for a long time, ever since she sat under that apple-tree months ago making her sinister contract with the Devil. The three hours were up before Maria even noticed them. Her jaw was quite sore and her face glistened with the Nymph Queen's juices, but Maria didn't notice that either.

"Damn, you're good at eating pussy!" the Nymph Queen exclaimed, breathing heavily. "I'd better be careful, or you'll be after my job soon enough!"

"Please, just get me into the castle," Maria said, holding her breasts to stay off the cold. "All I need is a warm place by the fire and I shall be fine. I don't want to be any Nymph Queen or sex slave or anything of the kind. I am a pious woman!"

"Of course you are!"the Nymph Queen laughed, and taking her by the arm she, led Maria into the castle.

Everywhere Maria looked in the main hall, nymphs were chatting while they danced merrily, sucked and fucked satyr cock and played with the women of the palace. Maria thought the orgy was both very exciting and very sinful, even though she would force herself to look down at the floor (which was being thoroughly fucked on anyway) while the Nymph Queen pushed her across the room, to where the king's mother stood, being pleasured by two nymphs at once, while a satyr fed his massive cock into her mouth.

The Nymph Queen waited until the satyr came, spilling his seed into the older woman's mouth, and the Queen Mother swallowed the three or four mouthfuls he had produced before she felt it proper to address her. When she did, she spoke in such terms that it made Maria blush.

"This young woman here is the best pussy eater I've ever met and that's saying quite a lot," the Nymph Queen laughed, fondling the king's mother's breast while she continued to speak. "You really ought to hire her to work in the kitchens, I'm sure she would be a big help to the staff there."

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