The Mind Flip


IT was a weekend like any other, in the city in the north of England. Rain poured in sheets down the basement windows of the flat I shared with my friend Joe, breaking up the shapes of the buildings on the opposite side of the road like a kaleidoscope, and I sat indoors, slouched in front of the computer behind my locked bedroom door, browsing for porn. I was supposed to be finding a job, having graduated some months before, but there was only so much of that I could do before being inevitably sucked into masturbation, and now I was lost in it again, jacking off to pictures of gorgeous women getting ploughed by strapping men.

I could spend a couple of hours like this a day, if not more, and more than once my mind had strayed to the thought of what it would be like to be in the girls' position, helpless, moaning as I was thrust into by a giant cock and filled with a man's seed. But I had never thought that I was gay, let alone that I was a woman trapped in a man's body. These fantasies were always firmly inside my head and abandoned in a white sticky mess, flying out of my own cock and onto my belly.

I had fantasised about something similar for years. In fact, once or twice, I had made my fantasy more specific, and imagined being taken by my roomie, a six-foot hunk who always scored more easily than I did. I had my fair share of sexual partners, but he had had scores of women, many our mutual friends, and always had a good looking girlfriend on the go.

I felt jealous of him, but also of the girls he'd bring home... what wouldn't I give, I thought, staring at the video on my PC screen and watching another blonde hotty being rammed, to be in their position. Somehow to swap bodies with them, even for a night, even for a couple of hours, and to feel pursued, wanted, and finally to feel the exquisite pleasure of being used and fucked by a pussy-hungry man...

IT was that thought, once again, that made me come, more than the porn on my screen. And it was Joe's face that filled my mind as the white liquid spurted onto my jeans. Dammit, I'd have to change again. I shut down the video and rose to go find some tissues to clean myself up, feeling ashamed of my fantasy, yet elated. I wanted it to come true more than I ever had before, but I knew it was impossible.

Later that day, I was still feeling down, about my own sick thoughts as much as the fact I still hadn't got so much as an interview, and to try and take my mind of things I decided to go for a walk in the northern part of the city, where there were streets of antique shops, junk emporia and charity shops, selling all kinds of rubbish.

IT was a habit of mine to spend any extra cash in these shops, on worthless nick-nacks that lined the walls of my room, waiting for the day I would have a flat or a house to furnish all of my own. Recent purchases included miscellaneous brass items, a vintage microscope in its original case, but with the lenses all missing, and a box of lead soldiers that now gathered dust under my double bed.

There was always room for more, though I was more discerning these days than I had once been -- no room for the really useless stuff, only the things that really jumped out at me. I had a fixation on vintage fittings, jars, scientific equipment, militaria. No more candlestick holders for me.

This time, I walked along in the drizzle for some time, before I saw a shop that looked promising. It was one I hadn't been into before, and in the window there stood a frayed-looking stuffed raven, an ancient army dress-uniform, and all manner of paintings, barometers, and so on.

I thought I'd be bound to find something in there. Inside the door, a little bell rang, announcing my entrance to the owner. The shop was dark, warm, and humid; a parrot paced up and down on the perch in its little cage behind a tall mahogany counter, and whistled at me. "Hello!" It said. "Hello," I answered back, feeling rather silly. "Don't mind me."

Silently, as though I was in a museum, I browsed the shelves of discarded items, flicking through the old maps and pictures. Hundreds of novelty thimbles were stacked in a case, and battered crockery. In one back room, I found a display of jewellery, probably all paste or glass. But one stone there seemed to beckon me towards it, nestled in a box of brass necklaces and beads.

I went over and picked up the heavy item in my hand: a thick diamond, in what was certainly a setting of real gold. I nearly put it down again, deciding that it was too rich for my blood, but on a whim -- noticing the careless way it was thrust in with the other cheap jewellery -- I took it back to the front counter with a couple of other, cheaper pieces.

"How much for these three?" I asked the man now stood behind the desk, reading a newspaper through half-moon glasses, over which he now looked at me.

"A fiver, mate."

Certain I was onto something, I quickly handed over the note and stuffed the jewels into my pocket before he could examine them more closely, and nearly ran from the shop. Outside it was still raining. I ducked under an arch and took out my new purchase.

It shone in the moist evening air. I untangled the gold chain from the other bits of crap and hung my prize about my neck, leaving it to hang on top of my coat before stuffing it down into my shirt. Who knew where it had been -- but I knew I needed it close to my skin. My heart beat perceptably faster as I let it brush my chest, but after a few seconds it subsided, and I savoured the weight of it. Deciding I couldn't hang around there forever, and feeling quite light headed at my coup, I left the arch and set off for home.

It was a long walk, nearly an hour, from the northern part of the city, and as I walked through the miserable weather my thoughts left the pendant and turned back to my earlier fantasies. I was confused by what I felt: was it wrong, or not, to think of Joe or another man making love to me, in the guise of a woman? What did it mean? Would I even make a good woman? I wasn't tall or muscular like Joe, but I certainly wasn't petite or feminine either. I do yoga, but I'm not all that fit, and I prefer to keep a beard -- crossdressing wasn't even an option. I'd stick to being straight.

Nearing our house, I spotted Joe's girlfriend crossing the road a few hundred meters ahead of me. She was talking on the phone and hadn't spotted me. I admired her perfect body, her wavy blonde hair, her cute little bubble-ass pushing out against the material of her little shorts. The thought popped into my head as it had many times before, "God, I wish I could fuck her..." and then, shortly followed, "and fuck, I wish I could be her, and get fucked by Joe..."

Barely had I bitten my lip at the arousal the thoughts brought me, than there was a deafening, rushing sound like a plane crashing, and bright lights flashed before my eyes. I thought I was having an epileptic fit, or something, in the middle of the road... what the hell was going on? I felt myself falling forward and then hit something, like a bus had driven into me, but instead of blacking out, I suddenly came to, and discovered a voice talking in my ear.

"Sam? Sam? Are you there?" I couldn't place the source of the noise for a second, until I turned my head and found my hand holding a pink smartphone up to my face. I stopped walking and gaped, wondering first where the phone had come from, and then what had happened to my hand.

The nails, which had been clipped short a moment ago, were manicured and longer, and my fingers were slender, browner than before. I wiggled my thumb to confirm it was still mine, and the phone clicked as whoever was on the other end decided that I'd lost signal and couldn't hear her. Sam? That wasn't even my name, that was Joe's....

For the second time in a few moments, I felt like a bus had hit me. I looked down at myself: a generous pair of breasts hung down below my face, barely covered by a cute little tank top, and below my legs were bare between a tiny denim miniskirt and a pair of brown boots; a whisp of blonde hair had fallen across my right eye. Oh fuck. I was Sam. I was in Sam's body. I was Samantha. What the hell.

I must have looked in shock, as I drew stares from passers-by, standing stock still and gazing at my own navel. It took me a minute to start breathing normally, and then to notice that the pendant hung around my neck, nestling in the crevice between my tits. No way was that a coincidence. This had to be magic, or some kind of weird alien technology. I couldn't panic. I had to think what to do next -- I couldn't stay where I was all day. Maybe it would reverse soon, but I had to think in case it didn't. I was now a girl, and not just any girl, but Joe's current, gorgeous girlfriend, Sam.

All thoughts of practical action left my mind as the thoughts of what this entitled me to swept in, sending tingles through my -- Sam's -- body. I felt my (our?) nipples harden and a warm, wanting feeling in my pussy. God, my pussy. I had to touch it, see it...

Without any more thought I strode on in the direction Sam had been heading -- straight towards our flat. Two minutes later I was there, and searching in my little shoulder handbag, found the key. I slipped it deep into the lock, and let myself in, and then, my voice cracking, I called out.


There was a noise from the bedrooms downstairs. Was he expecting me? MY heart was in my mouth. Joe soon stuck his head above the railings, and, grinning, came up to meet me.

"hey babe," he said, holding me to him, "how's it going?"

I didn't say any more, just thrust my mouth onto his, and moaned as he returned the kiss, locking tongues with me, letting me explore him. I pressed my breasts into him, and slipped my hands down the back of his trousers. IT was a minute or so before I broke away.

"Fuck, Joe... I need you to fuck me, right now... please fuck me!" He laughed at my earnestness, kneading my buttocks with his hands. It felt divine.

"haha, slow down, babe!" he raised a hand to my cheek, "what about dinner? And Kay will be back any minute."

I startled at the mention of my own name, but was too straight-up horny to care.

"That never bothered you before..." I crooned, thinking back to all the times I had jerked off to the sound of Joe and Sam fucking on the other side of the thin wall that divided our rooms. "Please? Joe? I need you inside me!"

I really did; it was more than a desire, it was a raging need to have something filling my newly acquired pussy. I looked seductively into his eyes, pouting a little in what I hoped was a sexy way, hoping he would not sense anything unusual, that someone else had stolen his girlfriend's body.

I needn't have worried. I could feel his dick alert and pressing into me. His eyes met mine for a moment, and then he lifted me off my feet. He kissed me hungrily as I wrapped my slim legs around his waist, and he carried me down the stairs, treading carefully so as not to slip and fall. We turned the corner into his room, and he threw me onto the bed, barely waiting to kick the door shut behind us.

"Dammit, Sam, there's something even more totally fucking hot about you today. And I don't care what it is."

I could barely believe what was happening, as he leapt on me and began to kiss and lick down my neck, nibbling the lobe of my ear, and slipping his hands beneath my tank top. Letting out a little moan as the feelings overtook me, I pulled up the bottom of it, as if to say, please get these clothes off me.

Silently he obeyed, pulling the material up, over my head, as I lifted my back slightly to ease its passage, and then slipped his hand behind to the catch of my black lacy bra. I pulled that off myself, and Joe fell to sucking and licking my nipples, now flicking them lightly with his tongue, now circling the areolas, now biting, as I responded to every touch of his mouth by squirming and moaning.

I begged him. "Please, Joe, I'm so wet... I need you inside..." and it was true. Whatever I knew about women and foreplay, all I knew now was that somehow I was wet, dripping wet, and aching for something to fill my void. I had never felt like this before, as a man, never needed release so much. The licks and pinches continued to drive me wild, and I clawed my best friend's chest, trying desperately to get a hold of the tops of his jeans.

Frantic, I caught the top button and tried to shift it, but Joe stopped, grinned, pulled back, and undid them himself, dropping his jeans and pants to the floor and revealing his huge cock, erect and dripping precum, waiting to enter me. I tried to find and pull down my panties, but he did that for me too. His bare, hairy legs rested against my knee-boots as he leaned over me again and looked into my eyes, as though he could sense who was really in there.

"..Please!" I whispered, my voice cracking. And with that he took my waist with one hand, and with the other lifted the edge of my little skirt and guided himself to my opening, thrusting his length inside.

I gasped as I felt his penis dig deep into my tight, wet cunt, biting my lip and grabbing the sheets as he began to build up a rhythm, rubbing inside me and sending icicles of pleasure along my spine with each grunt and thrust. I had no idea how big he was, or how tight Sam was. I writhed, the excitement doubled by the knowledge that I was inside Sam's head. No, I thought through the haze of pleasure, I was Sam. I was a girl, and my guy was boning me, taking pleasure in my sex.

Thrilled, I reached up and pulled Joe's face down onto mine, he not even missing a beat in his frantic thrusting. I tried to kiss him, but I was lost in the feelings growing and spreading from my pussy. I was mesmerised by the sight, looking down my slender body, of his thighs pumping and slapping against my buttocks, as I wrapped my legs around his waist to draw him further in. My toecaps dug into his back. And then, before I knew it, I could feel the wave rising, like drowning or suffocating, but in a good way.

"Oh fuck... Joe..... I'm.... coming!" I moaned, barely getting the words out. "Me too..." he grinned down at me, and I could feel him pick up the pace, slamming inside me faster than ever. Then I felt his cock throb, like it was bursting, as the cum sprayed inside me, and it sent me over the edge too. We came together, moaning in unison, his hard body collapsing on top of mine...

And all of a sudden I was back in my own body, slouched in front of our TV. I wondered for a moment how I had got home, whether the last twenty minutes had all been some kind of odd dream or hallucination, but it had all been so intense I knew something had happened. I thought back, and found I could remember following Sam down the road to our flat, and letting myself in a few minutes later, hearing the sound of fucking from downstairs, and put on the TV to drown out the noise.

Yet I could also clearly remember every pump and hard thrust of Joe's cock in my tight pussy, in Sam's tight pussy. As I sat gaping at the bizarre, hot experience I had just had, Sam and Joe came up the stairs, visibly flustered and smiling like kids who got the candy.

I realised with horror as they entered the room that my pants were tenting, and I quickly crossed my legs and threw a cushion over the bulge as they came into the room and greeted me, their cheeks red with excitement and pleasure. Neither of them knew anything unusual had happened.

What. The. Fuck.

I touched the jewel around my neck, and thanked the god or gods who had sent me such a thing. The power to realise my greatest fantasies, without consequence. But, would it work again?

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