tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThe Mind of a Wayne Head Ch. 01

The Mind of a Wayne Head Ch. 01


Driving to my first day of college I pull out my Diamond picturesque Bic lighter and spark my blunt filled with Mr. Nice Guy Kush. I'm anxiously nervous for my arrival to the University of Houston. Will I like my classes? What will the workload be like? Will I meet my future husband here? So many thoughts drive my mind as I drive this car toward my next journey. The smoke is thick yet the taste is smooth and subtle, hence the name. Now I probably shouldn't be smoking before my first day of going back to school in what feels like forever. But I'm a grown ass woman about grown ass things. I do as I please. As Mary begins to enter my system my body commences exhuming with warmth, eyes start to feel heavy, and my anxiety quickly takes the nearest exit. I start to get a tingle in my 'cudda that goes up my spine. Mary is one fire bad bitch that can do me as she wishes. I don't consider myself gay but with the way she fucking up my insides right now, mixed with my high level of morning hormones; she and any of her friends can get it. Something about Mary Jane can take a plain day and turn it into a blissful adventure. Every time I blow it's like lust in the air. The cupid blunt slowly burns because it was rolled to perfection. If it isn't a Garcia y Vega 'rillo then it just isn't too many other things. I exit the freeway and notice that after about10 minutes the blunt is only halfway done. I'm zooted and feeling lovely. And now my perspective is cloudy, senses feeling giddy, and my pussy wet off contact. I ash it out, wrap it up in a baggie, and put it away for my drive home. The anguish from my lack of sexual fulfillment at this moment has me feeling like I'm going to be floating around in my horniness all day. Unfortunately I don't have anyone to satisfy my lust for a meaty dick when I leave school. Looks like I'll be spending my evening re-acquainting myself with... myself!

I roam around the parking lot near the stadium looking for a spot. It feels like 30 minutes have gone by but really only 10 by the time I'm able to park. Goodness how about they invest some money in parking because this is ridiculous. Looks like too many students and not enough spaces. Where they do that at? Once I step out of my car I stretch and take a deep inhale. The air for some reason smells like Mr. Nice Guy. But then again, I did just hop out of Kush-filled sauna. I start walking to my first class, Psychology. I have all my classes labeled on a map. I get ready to cross the street from the parking lot and realize I left my iPhone, Andy Warhol satchel, and my schedule all in the car. Maybe this is the reason why I shouldn't have chosen to smoke before class. Shaking my head, I turn back around and start the trek back to my car. I have about 20 minutes before class starts and it took me a whole 10 just to walk this far. This is going to be a long day.

I finally make my way back to the campus. I ran all--well let me not lie to myself. I ran half the way back here and the energy I exerted, expended some of the Mary out of my system. I slip on my white and red Beats by Dr. Dre headphones and find a quaint bench where I can quickly gather my thoughts and find my class. Good thing I have a printed map handy because it is hot and this campus is massive. I could have wandered around endlessly while perspiring and baking in this sweltering heat. It's so hot I can't even sit on this bench without my bare thighs' feeling like an iron is pressed up against them. If I anticipated sitting outside I wouldn't have worn coochie cutters today. But the first impression leaves a lasting impression so any hot guy I pass; I want him to visually take in my entire rump ass. I dressed it up with my Ralph Lauren Blue Label white & black collared polo over the white and black Space Jams. Yeah I'm looking spiffy! With some White on Black Tinted Gucci shades on my eyes I know I look good and so does this damn heat that keeps radiating off of me.

As I peer at the map I begin wondering which buildings the sexy Lil Wayne once blessed with his presence when he attended my school. He's the only famous semi-alumni that I know of. I know he only took classes at UH for a brief moment. But just knowing that I possibly have or will walk on the same ground the man I fantasize about day in and day out, is enlightening. Hell, since I'm going down memory lane I might as well listen to my Tunechi Lee playlist while I make this treacherous walk. It doesn't appear to be that far and after re-glancing at my schedule I see that I actually still have another 30 minutes before it starts. But with this sun beating on me like a slave, this walk seems never-ending. By this time the sun has fried what little high I have left and I just want to be in some cool air. Damn back to Soberville. It is a hot, sticky, barely breezy day and many squirrels squirm around as they play. It's actually a calming walk in between classes to be engulfed in such a serene atmosphere while jamming the hype, clever words of Lil Wayne. Something about his words can capture you and take you on a ride, like a flying dragon spitting fire on all the shitty rappers. I could jam his music profusely. I keep all of his new music in constant rotation for at least three months or until, that is... he drops something new.

By the time I get to class, in the Agnes Arnold Hall, I see I'm 20 minutes early. I peek open the large oak wooden double-door to see if anyone is in there already. A few people are scattered across the large auditorium sized classroom. There is no stage but open space towards the front of the room and a whiteboard for when the Professor lectures. There is a birch wood podium and projector hanging from the tall, deep ceiling. This is a very large class. Looks like the seats can accommodate over 400 students. This elates me because I virtually have the leisure to select any seat I want. I know I'm one that tends to not pay attention plus I don't want the Professor calling on me so wherever I sit it's got to be somewhere in the back. Well I'll just do it like I do at the movies and sit at the back, in the middle, so I can have a perfect holistic view of the class... and the cuties more importantly! Matter of fact, let me not forget to do a cutie count while I finish letting Wayne rape my ears and I get snug in my seat. Class is always interesting with some eye candy to look at.

I take a seat in the auburn clothed theater seat and gaze upon the students as they walk in. People of different races and nationalities enter and I wonder if I will see a familiar face. Being a native from Houston, I know of a handful of other people from my high school that went here and then some. Besides, the world is just too small. You never know who you're going to walk into, even in a large city like Houston. While scoping the class scene I see a light skin, green eyed student with sandy brown curly hair walk into the class. My eyes stalk him to his seat in anticipation that he may look my way and decide to sit by me. He strolls all the way down to the third row by the inside aisle. Now, either this is his favorite subject; he has bad eye sight, or really wants to concentrate in this class. There are over 30 rows and he chooses to sit all the way in the front! Well at least he's smart and if not, he's a hard worker. Lusting at this cutie's masculine beauty while listening to Lil Wayne's 'She Will', re-ignites that sexual flame in me. With Wayne's sexy voice in my ear and with this eye candy handy I can feel my pleasure bells ringing down below. I can give it to anyone, anytime to this song! The empowering beat and melodic words just make me want to get freaky and lose my mind in the world of sex. Ooh sing it Wayne:

"I like my girl thick, not just kinda fine.
Eat her 'til she cry, call it wine and dine."

Yes you can wine and dine on me anytime!

With only five minutes to go until my 10 AM class starts, students begin flooding through the doors. I see a lot of cheerful faces among a sea of varying races. They're pouring in so robust it's hard for me to keep up with my cutie count. So far I'm only at a possible two. In next to no time this class is filled to the core. So full that people are sitting in the back... on the floor! There must be over 425 students in here. I pause my Tunechi Lee playlist, remove my Beats and get ready for class as I see a distinguished male step up to the podium. "Class, I am one of your TA's for this semester. Unfortunately Professor Carter is running a little late. He shall arrive in about 15 minutes so until then you can talk amongst yourselves." Whelp I'll take this time to get as cozy as possible in this cramped seat. To my left is a heavy-set freckled ginger. She has a Diet Coke on her extendable writing desk with a bag of BBQ Lays in hand. And to my right, luckily is an empty seat so I can swivel my way right to maximize my personal space.

I take in the new atmosphere and begin pondering. So my professor's name is Professor Carter... How sexy? But it would be hellified sexier if THE Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. was my teacher. I know he could teach me some things, oh yes I know he can. From his seductive domineering word play to his many baby mammas and appearance in Super Head aka Karrine Stefan's tell-all book, CONFESSIONS OF A VIDEO VIXEN, I know he can put it down. And even if he couldn't, my lust and deep infatuation for him would cause me to believe that he could! I slip back on my Beats headphones so I can allow the vibrations of Wayne's undeniable sexy charisma to take me away for these next 15 minutes. The next song on his playlist that runs is a new single he is featured on called 'All The Time' by Jeremih ft. Natasha Mosley and the oh so panty wetter Lil Wayne himself. I feel like the song takes the words right out of my mouth...

"I could fuck you all the tiiiiiiiiiiiimmmeee."

With words like:

"Pussy for breakfast, that's how I start my day.

My dick is a pen it's written all over her face."

I want to be his breakfast, lunch, dinner, and every snack in between. Just like he said in his rendition to 'No Lie':

"Man I'm shit faced and yo bitch facin', she high too.

My number 1 F-A-N, you know what that means... Fuck All Night!"

Fuckin' right Wayne.

"Fuck this pussy!" Oops, did I just let that slip out loud? His words have me fully charged in the moment. I turn left to the ginger next to me to see if she heard me and her face is deep in her bag of chips, trying to lick up every crumb. The people in front of me didn't turn around. Looks like I was able to escape that brief peril of embarrassment. I clamber my face in my arms and rest my head on my desk while Wayne finishes enticing my sound canal. Wondering how long it's going to take Professor Carter to show up, I allow the real Professor Carter to enlighten me on the proper way a real man eats pussy.

The ravaging, irresistible 'Pussy Monster' comes on. And who can tell it better than the pussy monster himself, Tunechi. He says:

"I got pussy comin' to me, pussy comin' to me, pussyyyyyy.
Show me dat pussy and imma show you where to put it.
You know I could make it rain, wit ma hurricane tongue.
Like lala, la, lala, la, lala, la, lala, la, lala, lala, lalala, la.
Imagine if I did dat with your pearl on ma tongue, HA!"

Oh I can imagine that alright and I can surely show you where to put it. I let my mind do more exploring and envision that I'm stepping into my History of New Orleans Music class taught by Professor Dwayne Carter Jr. at YMCMB University. I've fancied having a career in the music industry since... forever! This is my first semester and I've already selected my major as Music Production and I'm doubling it up with an Audio Engineer one to expand my skill sets. I want to become a mogul in the music industry, like the female version of Diddy, but on another level. Diamond Mind Entertainment would become a powerhouse for talent outside the realm of normalcy. Walking into the jet like classroom I see swivel theater seats that recline and include a pop up desk with iPod/iPhone docking station attached. The whole decor of class is bright red with hints of white, black, and silver. I take a seat in the chair in the middle of the cock pit and as I do, the space creeps in and class begins. "Welcome to my class Diamond!" Ooh he knows my name already. How flattering, well maybe that's because this is my daydream so I'm the captain of this fantasy.

With only me in the class Professor Carter locks eyes on me and proceeds with his greeting. My chair rotates into a lock position and glides forward, three feet away from his red tinted glass desk that looks like its teetering on a Libra scale, yet secure. On one scale lies a stack of money, gold, and diamonds, while the other is weighed down with weed, a medley of pills, shrooms, and Promethazine. He sits in a chrome and ostrich leather massage seat and kicks his feet up. From head to toe he is dressed in a Trukfit SnapBack, camo blazer over a black and white YMCMB tee that sits atop some Trukfit board shorts and tall white and black Huf socks tucked in Adidas Camo Teddy Bear Jeremy Scott Edition sneaks.

"This semester I'm going to be your captain and take you on a jet setting trip through the history of music in my hometown, the city of New Orleans, ya dig. Now I assume you already know a lot about me, so please stand up and properly introduce yourself Diamond."

I rise to the occasion with no hesitation and as my legs elongate behind the desk my mini skirt rises up to where you can see more skin then cloth. Once I fully stand I notice his low, red eyes veer down to my birth canal. If my pussy had eyes right now they would probably be having a stare contest with his. "Well Professor Carter --"

"Call me Tunechi."

"Okay Tunechi, as you already know my name is Diamond. I strive to exude brightness in life by infectiously sharing my positive energy. Which brings me to why I'm so passionate about becoming a music producer. I want to give all of the Diamond in a Rough's a chance to really flourish and prosper. But frankly the main reason I selected this particular class is because of YOU. I'll admit, I'm a huge fan of your work but more so a fan of you as a person."

"Word? Well don't stop explaining now."

"I fell in love with your music and once I became a Wayne Head—," I began to press on.

"Watch how ya use your words."

Baffled by his sharp interjection, I continued my spill. "...I had a new outlook on you as a person. You are individually unique. You don't have to follow a trend to be cool because in a way you help to set the trends. Now forgive me for my honesty. But the way you carry yourself with not a care in the world, all the while knowing you have it in the palm of your hands is a major turn on. I once thought you were not physically appealing but somehow you became very sexy to me. Your charisma and how you put it down in your music speaks volumes over a pretty boy. Your confidence is highly heard over the airwaves and felt. And really it's your confidence that made me take a second look at you. In your album 'The Carter', at the end of your first single 'Bring it Back' you said:

"I'm the best rapper alive, since the best rapper retired."

This one line brought so much controversy because the only Lil Wayne that the world really knew of, was just another member of the Hot Boys and Cash Money Millionaires. I laughed at how cocky you came off but little did everyone know, you were speaking the truth. Heck, you ARE the truth. To me I felt like as soon as you said that and rightfully claimed your spot as the best, your career took off and you made plenty of people eat their words... even me! You spoke it into existence. You have so much respect from other peers in the music industry and that speaks for the hundreds, if not more, features that you have done that expand from Hip Hop/Rap, R&B, Pop, Rock, and beyond. You are a man of many talents and I am just honored to be in your presence."

"Thank you. That was a gratifying introduction. I dig that, ya heard me. I didn't know it would become about me but I can't complain. 'I ain't go no worries' that you'll do just fine in this class. Now take your skirt off," Tunechi boldly demands!

His last statement has me shell shocked. Isn't this class and I'm supposed to be learning? Hmm but this is Lil Wayne like the real deal Holyfield live in effect. I'm frozen in dismay at his abrupt instructions.

"See one thing about this class is that you must pay attention," he continued. "I noticed in your intro you said I made you eat your words. And today I'm not going to lecture since it's the first day. Let's use today to learn about each other so this class can be a smoking breeze, ya dig." He took a moment to pause, licked his lips and eye scanned my body. "PUSSY!" He rashly states.

"Huh?" He had me at hello but now I'm thinking this nigga has Tourettes Syndrome or something.

"Well I made you eat your words, so now I WANT to do the same."

I pondered like this was one of those infamous Lil Wayne metaphors that took time deciphering. Once I realized why he blurted out 'pussy' it hit me like a fully charged vibrator to my g spot. I elatedly grin from ear to ear as I drop my skirt to my ankles. My trimmed fat pussy remains clothed in a black and red laced thong.

"Ooh nice, I see ya came prepared," Tunechi commends.

"You only live once, so it's a must I stay ready."

"Hmm not only are ya headstrong but your body makes me want to pounce on you like a hungry Lion. Mmm you so damn hot I want to be the air to your fire."

"Do as you please, Tunechi baby. Class isn't over yet and I would love to know you better... All of you!"

I step from around my desk and slow pace forward. I take a seat on his desk and spin around on my voluptuous ass so I can get up close and personal. I scoot towards him so my glistened pussy lips can easily be seen and reached. I plant my feet on his spread out knees and he wheels the chair closer so now his face is eye to eye with my chest. Tunechi extends my legs over his shoulders, kneels his head down and begins stamping his kisses on my inner thigh. He slides his hands under my ass and start squeezing like each cheek is a stress ball. As he gets closer and closer to my Nila, I turn his hat backwards so nothing obscures his view. With hands clawing in my golden hiney it feels like I'm getting a deep tissue massage. When he kisses his way up to the outside of my doors he goes skating with his tongue, does an ollie and licks down my inner left thigh. The trail follows up to my right one and all around the area not protected by garments.

He lifts his head up sharply. "You're like the Thanksgiving I neva had and I'm ready ta feast. Now excuse me while I give ya your first lesson of the semester. I'm gonna teach you how a real man eats pussy, ya dig. Take lots of notes."

"I told you I stay ready. I got this. I'm going to ace this class."

He buries his head back into my lap and uses his Diamond grilled teeth to zestfully remove my thong. His teeth clench tightly onto my laced cloth as he travels it all the way from its home to the floor. Then Tunechi reaffirms his palms with my ass and lifts me up so he can position me closer to him. He places my pussy right in his face, front and center, so now my legs hang down across his back. My thunder thighs support his neck like a neck brace.

"Ooh ya look wet for days. I could eat you all year."

"Well you are the teacher and this is your class. So teach me about why they call you the Pussy Monster."

"Good student." He chuckles. "Pardon my manners," Tunechi says after removing his hat. His dreads are braided to the back and longer than the length of my legs draping across it. He dives in... all the way in! He licks my mustering juices up and down with his tongue fully expanded. My pearl becomes an oyster with his lustrous licking on my open canvas. As he begins sucking on my clit he lets go with his right hand and continues holding me up with his left. He then effervescently inserts his index and middle finger into my pussy and ass respectively... At the same damn time! It feels so invigorating I have to scream out. He turned me into a bowling ball, while dining on my pearl lane.

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