tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThe Mind of a Wayne Head Ch. 03

The Mind of a Wayne Head Ch. 03


"AUGH!" I lash out and look over to see what disrespectful idiot just violated my temple.

"Sorry but that fat ass was screamin' fa me to take action... I had no choice, ya dig." The rude culprit arrogantly said in an accent not native to Houston.

In astonishment I instantly rescind my thoughts once my vision focuses in... "Lil Wayne gets a pass to slap this ass any time it calls him." I openly offer to the man I've been dreaming and lusting over all day.

"Can I skate wit' ya and shoot the shit?" His question floats out of his mouth and sounds like music to my ears.

"What kind of fan would I be to turn that down?"

"Oh so you're a fan... and a hot guhl at that!"

He looks back and the gleaming shine from his Diamond smile feels like a magnet to my very presence. Black Tom Ford frames hide his eyes. While extensively long, strong locks sway across his white crew neck Rich Gang tee. The shirt perfectly cuffs his gallery of art body and laps over khaki cargos. On his skateboard rests red and black Sceptre kicks by Supra. He's wearing his very own brand. How many people can you say that about? He takes his right foot off the board to kick back and slams into the curb. The force sends him in the air stumbling to not collapse. A nearby tree catches his fall.

"Fuck! Excuse me but my coordination is off when I'm sober and--" He affirms himself straight and veers his eyes into mines, "... I was caught off guard. You got that twin beauty. You look good from the back AND the front, ya heard me!"

I extenuate my lips and cheese until my cheeks say no more. "Before you initially blessed my presence I was heading to my car to spark some. My Mary is your Mary. You are welcome to join!" Please say yes, please say yes, I wish to myself.

"See I knew that ass was callin' me fa a reason. You already know the time of day."

I rejoiced at every word he sent my way.

"My Mercedes Sprinter is parked by Hoffeinz. We can zoot up in there." I was new to campus but knew exactly where that was at. The Hoffeinz Pavillion is basically for basketball games, graduation, and other ceremonies.

"Okay but I gotta get it outta my car first."

Good thing I brought my sack otherwise this could have been a once in a lifetime opportunity I would regretfully miss. I quickly guided him to the car in anticipation of what would happen next. In what seems like forever we finally arrive at my car.

"You know I can actually drive us over there if you're cool with that."

He appears to take a second's thought. {Kanye shrugs} "Ya bruh! This Houston heat roasts a nigga. Fuck. I can't even think straight!"

OMG this day can't get any better. I get to have Lil Wayne's body touching the interior of my ride. I'm going to loathe in the essence he leaves behind once we depart. We get in the car and I get ready to start the engine.

"Mmm I was hopin' you didn't have some Reggie Bush but that pack is playing loud and screaming kush."

"No sir!" I reach in my center console and pull out the sack of Mr. Nice Guy. "I don't fux with Reggie eitha. I know that's not on your Mary diet. This is some Mr. Nice Guy Kush though."

"Aaah I've heard of that strain. Well Gucci, my new hot guhl gonna show me what it's all about."

I giggle away my blushing. "Oh so you've never had it. Well it is real smooth."

I put the key in the ignition to hurry and air out our hot bodies. The radio blasts on and 'Romance' off of his 'I Am Not A Human Being II" compilation rushes out of the speakers. He reaches to turn it down. "I'm impressed. You gettin' all the caramel brownie points. Damn I'm going to need somethin' to eat afta I get the munchies." {Lil Wayne laugh} With his fingers still on the volume dial he turns up his musical creation, full blast! I pull out of the parking spot and see a couple of students walking through the cars to cross to the next aisle. One looked over and while walking past takes a double look.

"Bro, that's Weezy!" The passing student appeared to say to his friend while pointing.

I keep the vehicle in motion and he gives them a head nod. "Was up bruh?!" He says behind the half-tinted glass. He reclines the seat to where only his forehead can be seen through the window. I turn right, out of the parking lot toward Cullen. The Hoffeinz Pavillion is parallel to the stadium lot so I know I should see it in a matter of meters. Wayne relaxes and jams his shit. I make a left at the light and immediately see his tricked out Black on Chrome Mercedes Sprinter parked up ahead to my left. I retreat to the nearest parking lot, across from it, and luckily find a spot on prime real estate. It is located right at the corner facing the street. We get out of the car and he hops right back on his skateboard. He swiftly kick, pushes across the street. As we approach the sprinter, the door automatically opens.

"How did it do that," I inquire.

"Keyless entry. I have an app on my iPhone that picks up the signal of the door when I'm like within 5 feet and unlocks it."

"Dope. I need that."

I step up and instantly melt in comfort. I could live in this thing. There is seating for at least eight people. The black ostrich leather and platinum seats are luxuriously laid. Two along the right side appear to rotate and recline. The rest in the back look like they can transform into a bed. "This is really spacious. You could fit a bed in here."

"Actually the seats in the back transform to a bed." He confirms my assumptions.

At least a 40" inch sized flat screen TV is framed into the left wall of the vehicle. Close to it, behind the driver's seat is a mini bar. There are TVs in the headrests and on the side panels in the back are touch screen computers. The top of the jaw dropping ride is immersed in a beautiful mural of the galaxy, out trimmed in red LED lights that run throughout the interior.

"Have a seat, wherever."

I take his direction and mosey to the far back. I relax in what feels like memory foam seats. From my close view now, I can see speakers on the side of each headrest. This thing is plushed out, but why empty?

"Can I ask you a question?" I mustered myself to inquire.

"I ain't got no worries. Blast away!"

"Well I know celebrities usually roll with an entourage and I know YMCMB rolls deep. So why are you by yourself?"

He sits down next to me, leans back and the seat turns into a recliner with a kick up leg rest. "Well I ain't come here alone. I came with a few of my camp. One is out on a hunt for Mary and Molly while the others are hunting for that putty tat."

"Oh okay."

"I was headed back to my sprinter to take a power nap cuz I been up 2 days but you crossed my line of vision and woke me up into next week, ya dig. Now I'm sitting here with... I'm sorry I don't even know your name."

"Diamond!" I confidently announced.

He removes his shades, encompasses my right hand into his, kisses it and looks me in the eyes. "Diamond..." He let my name linger on his tongue like the swirl of some fine wine meeting each of his taste buds. "No wonder you shine so bright. That's fitting. So you're a man's best friend then. Well I'm gonna make you Wayne's best friend. That's, if you don't mind Miss Diamond."

My jaw drops in amazement at his statement. Today was just turning out to be too good. First I get out of my first class early, on account of my steamy daydream. Oh shit, class! I think to myself. Oh well fuck it! This is Lil 'mutherfuckin' Wayne. Anyhow so then I have the best daydream ever. I wake up to find out Lil Wayne himself is in my near vicinity. I ran into him, okay maybe the other way around. But every minute since then just seems to get better and better! He pushes a button under his seat and a smoker's stash box pops out. It is complete with a grinder, selection of pipes, g pens, papers, bogey blunts, Garcia y Vega's, and a lighter. He points to a 3 x 5 inch rectangular compartment. "This is where the weed would go if I had some, damn I miss Mary."

"Well if yo people can't find any I can put you down with my connect before you depart Houston."

"Gucci. And if that nigga can't find a plug then he's fired. Hell that's what I hired him for so if he can't do that task then he ain't doing his job. I don't like ta waste money and I sho as hell don't play about my weed... I mean needs. "

"Cool. I know you're Mister seven grams in a blunt but us regular folk gotta get it how we live. So I only have about two g's left but we can roll it all up."

"No worries Ma, I got ya when he bring some."

Oh so that means hopefully I should be in his presence longer than just a quick tote of Mother Nature. I put the sack in his hand like I'm entrusting him with my life. "I'll let you have the honors."

"I don't usually roll, unless I'm poppin' a pill, ya heard me."

"Well you should do it more often, it's such a good stress reliever. Rollin' a blunt is like pre-cum to a good orgasm."

"Is that right? In that case, that nigga may really be out of a job."

Lil Wayne broke down all of Mr. Nice Guy in his red 3.5" chromium grinder in 20 seconds, broke down his bogey blunt in 10, and stuffed and sealed Mother Nature's gift in 30. He deserves a Guinness world record for this one minute feat. For him to have retired from rolling blunts it's clear that when he left his work was put into the Hall of Fame. I would commend him myself but I don't want to come off as a newbie roller especially since I've been trying to up my rank in rolling skills. Once the blunt is lit, white thick smoke begins to cloud the Sprinter. An overcast of clouds wavers in the air a couple feet off the ground. He rolled it to perfection, even better than me, and began smoking it like this was a solo session and only passing it to himself. I finally get the blunt when it's almost halfway done. With anybody else I would've assumed the role of weed police and put a stop to this. But this is Lil Wayne, I can take that L. I hit the smooth Mr. Nice Guy and watch as he ties up his dreads. The crisp tee cuffs his arms tight and stretches out when his biceps flex. Mmm sexy! After hitting the blunt a handful of times the ashes have scarcely collected on the end.

"This is real easy on a nigga throat. Well I'm sure there are things that are easier, but ya get my drift." He insinuates while wiping the corners of his lips with his two fingers. He looks like the munchies are coming upon him. After that comment I pass him back the blunt and it receives five more hits before coming back around. I follow suit and make sure to puff the magic dragon as much as possible before handing it back. Heck, with the way he smokes I may never see it again. Lil Wayne turns towards me and looks at my intently. His demeanor makes me feel like prey and I'm what's for dinner.

"Thank you Miss Diamond you put a nice spin on my day. I dunno what else to say. Ya looked out for a nigga and you don't even have my telephone figgas. I mean I was goin' on a mission, ya heard me, 'til something beautiful came across my line of vision. Now my day is brighta cuz I found the most precious jewel and I jus might wanna make her a rida'."

It's like he got high and everything he said became a rhyme. In awe by his words directed towards me I fish for a response in my head and I catch nothing. So much that I realize I'm high and what would have been a moment's thought turned into a dead long silence.

"Forgive me. I'm high and still a little star struck," I apologetically admit.

"I guess that makes both of us. Your luster illuminates more than the stars. I just came back from mars and I'm feeling Diamond struck. For once my mind ain't even on the bucks." {Lil Wayne laugh}

The gleam in his eyes with his bright smile is new to me. The Lil Wayne I'm used to seeing in pictures or on TV hardly smiles long enough to take a mental picture. In fact now that I think if it... he smiles it's just never a naked smile. He always has shades over his eyes and behinds a man's eyes lies the keys to their soul. When he smiles he looks like a different man, a man I would become even more infatuated with. His smiles so uplifting and appealing that I can freeze frame this shot of him and glance at it all day. I don't know what all he sees in me compared to the millions of women he has come across but shiiiiit... I'll run with it! I'm eating his words up like it's my last meal. If he just said all of this to run game on me; call me the MVP... Most Valuable Pussy, that is. Just to hear my name ring out of his mouth touches me in all the right spots. Hell, just by being the man behind the name gets an all exclusive pass to my goodies. So he wants to be flirty... Hell I can do the same plus more.

"It's very shocking to meet someone like you. Ironically since I been on campus today, you have been running a marathon in my mind. My subconscious must have manifested you into my life." I turned to him and spoke out.

"I dig dat. Hmm so what else you wanna manifest?"

I hope he knows what he's getting himself into, I chuckle at myself, asking these sort of questions. I grab his crotch and without a seconds thought, put claims on my wish list. "...THIS dick, in my mouth... now! I need you to truk ya new hot guhl." I demand.

"Fuckin' right, I heard that mama. My kinda woman. She go for what she want which makes her ahead of her class. Let me find out you bout that life and tryna get a degree in dickology. I'll become the best teacher ya ever had."

I respond with my mouth and drop to my knees while he unwraps my gift. Nothing like an extra early Christmas present to invoke the spirit with joy. He stands up, put his legs together and his cargos swiftly fall to the floor. I become eye to eye with his crotch and peel his Polo boxer briefs off like tearing the wrapping paper off of a gift. His semi hard chocolate bar is bold and beautiful. I waste no time sucking on the head of his almond joy and massaging the shaft to get the blood robustly pumping. "Ooh your chocolate tastes so good I feel like a kid in the Willy Wonka factory."

"Yeaaaa, you're free to explore this factory, ya heard me," Lil Wayne adds.

I suck on the head intently and swirl my tongue around his opening. I want to feel every bit of his dick hit every angle of my mouth... and this is just the beginning. His chocolate bar went from a puddy to a hard cocked fudge bar in little time. It became extra thick and grew to about 6-7 inches. I remove it from my mouth and admire it's beauty. I feel like I just hit the Texas lottery holding his dick in my hands. Hmm I wonder how much it would be if I cut it off and sold it? I sound like I'm turning into a crazy fan. Let me stop!

"Can I see how many licks it takes to get to the center of your creamy lifesaver?"

"By all means, do you!"

"Okay then... Stand up I want you to fuck my mouth da--."

He stood up quicker than I could finish my statement and hit me with his one-eyed willy in the eye. I take his strong pole and beat it across my face like I'm in a slap boxing match with his dick. He presses his palms at the roof of the Sprinter for support. I take in his dick inch by inch into my sloppy wet mouth. He begins fucking my mouth slow... H-Town style. Or shall I say that "slow motion fa me " N.O. style. I relax my jaw muscles and open my throat wide so I can feel him all throughout my bear trap. He places his hand behind my head to pull our counterparts together full force. Tunechi switches it up and begins fucking my face with vigilance like I just committed a crime. With both hands behind my back I keep my composure through the earthquake he endures on my mouth and keep it moving. I wasn't stopping until he had the very best of me and until his hurricane showered on my body.

"Damn Ma. Hold up." He says while catching his bearings and sitting down. "You're gonna make me release all my soldiers and the war has yet to begin. I'm ready to feel that pussy then I wanna dine on ya buffet ."

I didn't let that stop me. So I slow it down a bit for him and lick his Popsicle dick... Up, down, and all around. I spread open his legs and effervescently trickle my fingertips down his inner thigh as I rotate my head under his dick and begin sucking on his balls. With both balls lounging in my cheek pockets I flick my tongue on his Perineum for that extra kick of pleasure.

"Oooooh I like how you do dat there," Lil Wayne cries out.

I lock my jaw around his masterpiece and continue massaging his balls and Perineum with my fingers. I take long, slow strokes of his dick in my mouth.

"Ughhh my soldiers are lining up and preparing for war." Tunechi screams out in anticipation.

"Oh Tune, baby, I'm all ready. Lay them on me," I plead.

I return to handless dick diving and begin taking off my clothes. I want him to place his soldiers all over my campus. I quickly unclothe everything but my shirt because I didn't want to break my form. "It's time," he screams out in pleasure. I swing my head back, remove my final pieces of clothing, and lay on the floor. "Ready, aim, FIRE!! Aughhhhhh!" His body tenses up as he releases his army all over me. I look like a bathing ape... showering in Lil Wayne's ever flowing juices. He sprays them on me like maneuvering a water hose. By the time he has finished his orgasmic relief, I have cum dripping all over me. From head to toe I'm covered in his love pudding and loving it. He gave me a facial with tears of joy, a pearl necklace, beaded belt, and a garter belt. Like my own personal Weezy Spa and shopping spree. He lays across the back seats and stretches out."Woooh I need anotha blunt." He expresses in exasperation of drained energy.

I hear a deep voice approaching the sprinter. [Rick Ross grunt] "Ungh!" A tap on the door seconds later and I turn to see if Lil Wayne will get the door but he's knocked the hell out. With cum now splattered all over my body I get up to wake him. As I did I heard the door creep open.

"Tunechi, bra you in there?"

I hide behind one of the seats because I am still naked and very much wet. A big dark figure steps into the Sprinter. The vehicle rocks a bit and Lil Wayne sprints right up... dick out and all.

"Oh shit!" He exclaims and quickly retreats in the back of the seat behind me. The feel of his warm body all over makes me want to back this thing up. Fuck whose watching, I just want every part of him in me. "Uh what's happenin' slime?"

"Ungh! Oh my bad. I was in town and heard yo ass was up here so I brought Molly and Mary to the party." Rick Ross says.

"Aite big dog, imma fuck wit ya in a minute I gotta finish my own party right now, ya dig. Imma get at ya when we ready for to hop on."

Hop on? Aww fuck, I done got myself stuck in Waynes World and now this nigga thinks the whole team gets a ride. Hmm but I wouldn't mind letting Rozay "c-c-cock my legs and hit me from the back." Rick Ross steps back down the steps and each time he makes that relentless grunting sound, "Ungh, Ungh!" I hear it so much it sounds like its beginning to echo. Everything immediately fades to black.


When I come too I'm in class and everyone is leaving. The ginger next to me is struggling to get out of her seat. "Class is over but you didn't miss much," she politely relays to me. "The Professor just briefly introduced his course cuz he got a surprise visit from one of his old students... Some so-called famous rapper named Little Wayne."

So-called? What rock has she been living under? But more so why do I feel like this is déjà vu. I ponder deep. Something is not right and now I feel all kinds of confused. So if I'm still in class that means when I thought I woke up I was really still asleep. And if my steamy daydream turned into an actual dream then what happened when I woke up? Or did I really wake up at all? Did I really just let Lil Wayne blow my brains out or is some trippy dream shit going on? Whatever it is I don't have time to find out. If this is real then that means I didn't really meet Lil Wayne. Ugh my quest continues to make my dreams come true. I rush out of class in search of Lil Wayne, the pussy monster, so I could really really put it on him. I race out of the auditorium like classroom trying to put the pieces together.

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